Model 10

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Chapter 5

The poor watched as the van drove away.

"Was it worth it?" One of the poor asked a woman.

The woman had dirty, tangled blonde hair. Her face was naturally skinny, but dirt covered up most of it. However, the dirt caused her piercing blue eyes pop even more. She was wearing torn up military clothes that she had taken off of the rich military.

"Excuse me?" She asked as she turned around and faced the person who had asked the question.

"Was it worth it, you know, to have one of our men pretend to be one of theirs only to collect information before he was ordered to be a suicide bomber?"

"Look, I was told that a Creator was in that van along with a Model. I wanted to act and take down some of the most powerful people."

"And as we can see your plan worked wonderfully! Several of our men are dead and the Creator, probably with the Model, are gone."

The girl opened her mouth to say something but was cut off as she heard someone yell at her.

"Amber!" She walked towards one of the many holes in the destroyed building and peered down onto the street. The person that had called her name was hovering over Ten. Their fingers were on her pulse. "This one is still alive."

Amber furrowed her eyebrows together in confusion when she saw it was a girl, who looked to be around sixteen.

"Why is there a girl?" Amber asked.

"Do you think she was a Model?"

"I don't think so, she doesn't have any robotic parts."

"We should take her back to base and see if she knows anything," Amber said. Amber pulled a pair of cuffs out of her backpack and cuffed Ten's hands together behind her back. The cuffs were designed no have to room to move the hands apart so the cuffs were connected tightly together.

One person grabbed her arms and another grabbed her legs. They lifted her off the ground and started to carry her back to base.

They had no cars because the majority of the cars were destroyed or they had no gas to put in the cars that weren't. They tried to never too far away from the base just in case they became outnumbered, today was the exception.

As they made it to the outskirts of the city Ten suddenly moved. Her body tensed and slightly convulsed as a shock of electricity shot through her body. The men who were carrying her dropped her on the ground in shock of her sudden movement.

"What was that," Amber asked.

"I don't know, she just... moved," one of the men said.

"Well, pick her up. The sun is about to go down," Amber said as she started to walk. The men picked up Ten again and started to walk. Being out at dark was a bad idea because there were other poor bases. They would constantly fight to try and gain the other bases material.

Ten's body convulsed as another electric shock coursed through her body. She sat up as she breathed out heavily. A cold sweat had formed on her face from being shocked so many times. Her body felt numb and sore at the same time. She looked around and saw that she was in a pitch black room.

She seemed to be laying on a metal bed. She was so focused on where she was she didn't even notice the handcuffs on her.

"Are you ok?" She heard a male voice ask. She turned her head in the direction of the voice. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness and she saw a person sitting in a chair in the room.

The person looked at her and saw that her eyes were glowing a bright blue. He turned on the lights and watched as her eyes slightly dimmed in the light.

"So you are a Model," he mumbled to himself. At that moment Ten noticed that her hands were handcuffed behind her back. "Seriously though, are you ok?" He asked again.

In a second Ten had snapped the cuffs in half. He slightly jumped back. Ten stood up from the bed and looked at him.

His face, along with the rest of his body, was very tan from having to be out in the sun all the time. His eyes were a light hazel brown and seemed to make his face even tanner. He had a skinny face from not being able to eat a lot which caused him to have a fairly sharp jawline. He was wearing a torn up military suit that Ten recognized as the military suits that the people in her Center had. He was also wearing a military helmet that only allowed a small strand of dark brown hair to be shown. The strand of hair stuck to his forehead from the sweat.

"Where am I?" She took a step towards him and felt as the leg that had the bullet in it slightly falter. Her arm that her Creator had cut into was throbbing.

He stood up from his chair as he placed his hand on a pistol that was stationed at his hip. She felt as the dried blood itched against her skin.

"I'll tell you what you want if you just sit back down," the man said in a calm voice. Ten reluctantly limped back to the bed and sat down. His hand moved away from the pistol.

"Where am I?" Ten asked again, this time more sternly.

"You're at one of the poor bases."

"What's your name, Pig?" Ten asked.

"First of all, I take offense to that name so I'm going to give you mine. My name is Blake."

"Why am I here?" He opened his mouth to answer her but the door opened.

Amber along with a few other guards came into the room. All of their weapons were drawn and were pointed at Ten. Ten quickly moved. She selected her knives. Within an instant, one of the men dropped to the ground with a knife going through his open eye.

Amber fired her weapon at Ten. Ten quickly jumped onto the wall and bent her knees. She pushed off the wall with all of her force, her shoulders connected with the ground. She placed both of her hands flat on the ground next to her head and did a kick-up move. Once she was up she grabbed Blake. She placed her knife on his throat as her other hand grabbed the front of his helmet and forced his head back.

"Put your weapons down or I'll kill the Pig."

"Again, I take offense to that," Blake said. Amber and the other people slowly laid their weapons down on the ground. They stood back up.

Ten felt as her arm, that the Creator had cut, started to twitch and move. She felt as fresh blood rolled out of the cut, down her arm, and onto the ground.

"You're hurt, let us help you," Amber said.

"Why would you want to help me?"

"I'm not going to lie, I have no idea."

"Wow, thank you, Amber for increasing my chances of getting my throat slit," Blake said. Ten's arm twitched, even more, she needed to fix her nerves.

She shoved Blake away from her so hard Amber and the other people had to catch him. Ten, with the knife still in her hand, pointed to them.

"Do you have a small hook?" She asked.

"No, but we have tweezers," Amber said. Ten motioned her hand for Amber to go get them. Amber walked out of the room and Ten sat down on the bed. Her back was against the wall. Both of her legs were on the bed and her injured arm was resting on her knee.

Amber walked back into the room. She gently tossed the tweezers to Ten. Ten caught them with her free hand.

"Pig and girl Pig, come here," Ten commanded. Blake and Amber hesitantly walked towards her. "If you try anything I can shove my knife into your head before you can even blink," Ten said. They both nodded. Ten placed her arm on the bed. "Hold it down," Ten said.

Blake grabbed her wrist and hand and Amber grabbed her upper arm. Ten took the tweezers and parted the muscle and skin more. Both Blake's and Amber's eyes widened as they saw the blue electricity in her arm.

Ten breathed out heavily as she took the tweezers and grabbed the blue electricity. She moved it onto her vein. Her arm twitched and convulsed and Amber and Blake struggled to keep her arm stable.

Ten leaned her head back against the wall as she felt tears spring up in her eyes. She missed feeling the Creator's fabric against her face to help distract her from this.

Her arm finally stopped convulsing. She took the knife and placed it on her arm. The knife, though it didn't have electricity visible in it, it still had electricity. She pulled the knife away and her arm had completely healed. Both Amber and Blake let go of her arm in slight shock.

"Hold this open," she said as she pointed to Blake. She pointed down to the bullet wound in her leg. He hesitantly placed two fingers, one of each hand, into the bullet wound. He slightly pried open the wound and Ten placed the tweezers into it. The wound was so deep the tweezers had to almost go completely in the wound.

After a few seconds, she pulled the bullet out of her leg. She held the bullet between two fingers and flicked it with her free hand. The bullet shot into the wall near Amber. Blake stepped back as Ten healed her leg.

Ten stood up again. She started to walk out of the room. Amber stepped in front of her.

"Where are you going?" Amber asked.

"I'm leaving," Ten said as slightly raised her knife.

"Sorry, but you're not." Amber let a small metal ball fall out of her hand and hit the floor. She pressed a button on a small remote that was in her pocket. The ball shot electricity into the ground.

Ten tensed as the electricity coursed through her body. She saw images flash before her eyes of the Creator doing this to her in the chair. Her legs grew week and she fell on the ground, still convulsing. Amber pressed the button and the electricity shut off.

Ten was laying on the floor, slightly convulsing and whimpering.

"Why didn't you do that when she had a knife pressed to my throat?" Blake asked.

"Because I grabbed it when I got the tweezers."

"And how come we didn't get electrocuted?"

"We're wearing rubber shoes. She isn't wearing any shoes," Amber pointed out.

A man walked into the room.

"Miss, we have the info." Amber walked out of the room to go see what her undercover guard had retreeved. He died for this, hopefully it was worth it.

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