Model 10

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Chapter 6

Amber walked down the old, dirty hallway as she headed towards the computer room. They only had one working computer and it was old, very old.

She walked into the room and saw a man sitting at the computer, a flash drive was in the side computer. A black and white image was on the screen, it was slightly blurry.

“What do we have?” Amber asked.

“Nothing good. I think it’s the Model.” Amber looked at the screen and saw Ten strapped to a chair with a leather strap in her mouth.

“Yeah...” Amber trailed off as she looked Ten. She didn’t understand what they were doing to her. Reaching out a hand she hit the space button to play the video.

The camera slightly moved up and down as the guard it was attached to breathed. Despite that, it was still focused on Ten. Ten looked a few years younger then she did now.

Ten whimpered in pain and fear as the electricity stopped twitching her muscles. The Creator was sitting in a chair. One of his legs was placed over his other. His ankle was resting on his knee and his leg was completely horizontal.

The Designer looked at her computer screen. After a few seconds, she walked to Ten. She took a scalpel and cut into Ten’s arm. Ten whimpered in pain and bit down more on the leather strap.

The Designer looked at the new nervous system that they had given Ten a few years ago, but still wasn’t working properly. The nerves were grey and a slightly faded blue. The Designer sighed as she healed Ten’s arm.

“Well?” The Creator asked. The Designer turned around and looked at him.

“Still not functioning properly.” The Creator sighed.

“Let’s try the mental test.” The Designer removed the strap from Ten’s mouth. The area on the side of Ten’s mouth was dry and cracked and she was still breathing heavily.

“What’s your purpose?” The Creator asked.

“T-to serve and... and p-protect you.” Ten found it extremely hard to think and talk. It felt like her brain was shifting in her head and her body was shutting down.

“What’s your name?”

“I don’t kn-” she suddenly stopped. “M-Model Ten.” The name felt like it wasn’t her name but she knew it was because the Creator had told her many times that it was.

“Who is your family?”

“...Y-you’re my...” Ten trailed off for a second. “Family... A-Am...” She trailed off. The Creator, in one swift movement, grabbed his chair and threw it across the room.

Ten whimpered as it smashed into various things across the room. The Creator sighed before he visibly calmed down. He walked up to Ten, who was slightly shaking in fear. He reached up his hand and cupped her face, she visibly realized.

"Forgive me, I'm not mad at you but rather the test results," he said in a calm voice.

"I-I..." she trailed off as she whimpered.

"Does it hurt to talk?"

"Y-yes... sir," she said as she winced. Despite the immense amount of pain she answered him, knowing it was the respectable thing to do. At least that is what he had taught her.

"Then don't speak," he made his voice kind and sympathetic. Ten nodded, gratefully. He removed his hand from her face. "I don't think she can take anymore, but we'll continue this tomorrow," the Creator said as undid the restraints around Ten's wrists.

Ten leaned forward, despite having a backrest, she wanted to get out of that chair. The Creator caught her limp body and slightly held her closer to him. She was shaking but knowing the Creator had her caused her to relax. He picked her up and walked out of the room.

A hand reached up in front of the camera before he turned it off.

Amber pressed the space bar to pause the video before more could play. She stepped back in slight horror and shock.

"They're... they..." Amber trailed off. She was in too much of a shock to say anything. She knew that what the Model's went through to become a Model wasn't pleasant but she never imagined that it was that extent. "I'm going to go talk to her." Amber walked out of the room and to Ten's room.

She walked into the room and saw Blake sitting in the chair. Ten was sitting on the ground on her knees. Her hands were on the floor and she was breathing heavily out of her nose. However, it looked like she was waiting for something.

"What is she doing?" Amber asked Blake.

"I don't know," Blake said as he shrugged. "After the shock, you gave her she hasn't moved since."

"What are you doing?" Amber asked Ten.

"...Waiting for the Creator."

"Do you know where you are?"

She looked up at Blake and Amber. Amber noticed that she was slightly shaking and a faint cold sweat had formed on her face. Snapping out of the daze she was in she got off of her knees and stood up.

Her vision became blurry and she felt as her muscles started to fail. She fell forward and Blake quickly caught her. He quickly carried her to the bed as Amber stood beside him.

"What's happening to her?" Blake asked.

"How would I know?" Amber responded.

Ten's head rolled to the side, facing them.

"It's just..." She stopped as she winced. "A side effect."

"A side effect of what?" Blake asked.

"The electrocution."

Ten breathed out deeply and winced again. Her fist clenched and unclenched. She closed her eyes as she breathed out again. She reopened her eyes and they were a piercing blue. Fighting through the pain she sat up.

"Do you need anything, like food or water?" Blake asked.

"I don't eat or drink."

"I understand that our food sucks but you have to eat something."

"My Creator designed me to not require food or water."

Both Amber and Blake looked at each other and a small look of concern crossed their faces. Amber opened her mouth to say something. Ten, using the fact that they were both sidetracked, selected her knives and slashed both of them. The knife cut Amber's upper arm and hip and Blakes' thigh and forearm. She quickly stood up from the bed and selected her levitating shoes.

She quickly zoomed out of the room. She moved so fast that as soon as she was out the door only then did she hear Blake and Amber faintly scream in pain. She rushed down the hallway.

Suddenly her shoes and knives flickered before they disappeared. Ten fell on the floor as she started to roll and tumble on the ground multiple times. As she was rolling she placed both of her hands on the ground and pushed off. She twisted and turned in the air until she was completely horizontal. She arched her back and forced her legs down more.

She landed on her feet and she started to run. Looking down at her tattoo she saw that it was a dark blue, her nervous system was shutting down. However, that didn't matter to her. All she knew was that she needed to get back to her Creator.

She turned down another hallway and saw a set of double doors. She pushed them opened, expecting to be met with the outside, however, she was met with even more Pigs.

They were all in what looked like a giant wreck hall with multiple tables along with various other games. She was on a balcony that wrapped around the entire room. Below her was the wreck room. Multiple people were in the room. Some were eating what looked like slop while others were playing pool, darts, or cards. The room had many double doors throughout the room. She looked around a room, trying to find an exit.

Her eyes landed on a set of doors that had two guards stationed at it. She quickly, and easily, jumped over the railing. Her feet collided with a table that was stationed beneath her. The people at the table looked up at her in slight horror. But as soon as their eyes landed on her she ran out of their sight.

She jumped off the table and landed on the floor. She shoved past people as she sprinted towards the doors. Right before she reached them a voice rang out.

"Don't let her leave, but don't kill her!" It was Amber's voice.

The guards let go of their guns and grabbed their batons. Before they could even take a swing at her she jumped into the air. She turned her body horizontally as she reached the height where each of the guards' heads was. Her foot connected with the guard that was behind her in the face and neck. Her fist connected with the guard in front of her in the face.

They both flew back from the force and she landed on her feet. She slid up the metal latch on the door and sprinted out of the building and into the darkness of the night.

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