Model 10

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Chapter 7

She sprinted out into the darkness. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness as she veered off to the right and headed towards two destroyed buildings. She knew from up there she would be able to see more clearly and would hopefully be able to find a Center. However, those two buildings were too close to the base she was at.

As she ran past the building she saw lights moving behind her as people ran after her. She pushed her body to go even faster and soon the lights were barely able to be seen.

She ran into one of the holes in a building. Looking at the stairs she saw that a few of them were destroyed and crumbling. She looked at the ceiling and saw that the majority of the concrete was gone, leaving metal rods in its place.

She jumped up and grabbed the rods. Kicking her feet up they wrapped around the rods. She started to move to the second floor. Once there she swung her feet down and onto the second floor. She arched her back upwards and straightened out her arms, forming a bridge. She bent her arms before she pushed off. Once she pushed off she was standing completely upright. She looked at the other set of stairs and saw that they were more intact.

She climbed them as fast as she could and soon she was at the top of the building. Looking out at the city she took it in for the first time.

There wasn't one building that wasn't destroyed. Holes covered the building and ruble made up the streets. There were big craters scattered throughout the area and the surrounding buildings were covered in blackness. The only thing that wasn't covered in black on the bottom of the buildings were outlines of people.

The only clean thing she could see were bullet casings scattered all over the ground. Bodies laced the streets, however, all of their positions had been taken.

Before she could take in any more of the city or start to look for Centers she heard a clicking noise behind her. She turned around and saw an automatic gun pointed at her face. A rugged looking man was holding the gun and about five other rugged looking men were standing behind him.

"Why are you in our territory?" The man questioned. Ten stayed silent as she thought of a game plan. He looked at her electric blue eyes. "She's a Model. Boys, we can sell this one for a lot." Ten watched as his finger moved onto the trigger.

She quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun and moved it to the side of her face right as he fired it. She kicked him in the stomach and the gun flew out of both of their hands. It landed near the edge of the building. Ten kneed him in the face, forcing him upright again. She jumped up and wrapped both of her legs around the man's head and she locked her ankles together.

She was in a sitting position. She quickly leaned back. Placing her hands on the ground her ankles locked around the back of his head. She used the momentum to pull him forward. Right before he reached her she slightly twisted and unlocked her ankles.

He flipped over her and out of the building. Ten heard him before there was a thudding sound. Ten kick-flipped up before she spin-kicked another man in the head. Another man pulled out a gun and fired it. The bullet went into Ten's shoulder. He fired the gun again, but Ten had grabbed it. As the gun fired Ten moved it to the side and a bullet shot into the other man's knee. He crumbled to the ground as he screamed in pain.

She twisted and moved the arm in the opposite direction. The man's arm that was holding the gun twisted all the way around as a cracking noise rang out. Ten pulled the gun out of his grasp and fired the gun at the man's head. He fell over as a steady stream of blood came out of his head. Before she could aim the gun again she was tackled by another one of the men.

They slid towards the edge of the building. He punched her in the face. She placed both of her feet on his chest and pushed off as hard as she could. The man flew through the air before he landed on his upper back and rolled across the ground. Before she could move she was kicked in the face. The kick was so hard she was forced out of the hole in the building. Before she had a chance to fall she quickly grabbed onto a metal rod that was sticking out on the outside of the building.

She swung slightly as the wind picked up. She was about three feet away from the building. The remaining men walked to the edge of the building and looked down at her.

They all looked like they were deciding what to do. Ten could feel the nerves in her arms starting to give out as her fingers began to turn numb. Her arm twitched, loosening her grip. It was also draining her of all of her energy and she could feel her eyes growing heavier. Her weapons system had already failed and now her body was, there was no way she could fight the remaining men.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw the lights get closer and closer. She couldn't go back to their base. Ten breathed out deeply. She quickly swung her legs up and felt as her feet landed on the building. She shoved off the metal rod and pushed her entire body onto the floor. As she slid past their legs she grabbed the gun that was near the edge.

She turned around as she positioned her body in a stance where her right knee was on the ground and her left foot was on the ground. She fired at the man in the middle as the other men ran. She turned and faced the man on her left. She fired the gun and he dropped to the ground, dead.

She turned to the man and the right and fired. Two bullets shot into the man's shoulder and the side of the chest before she ran out of bullets.

The man ran at her and tackled her to the ground. They struggled and rolled until Ten felt her back leave the floor. She rolled off the edge of the building. Before she had a chance to fall she latched onto the man's arm. He reached out and grabbed the side of the building to keep from being pulled over.

He grunted as he managed to position his feet beneath him. He quickly pulled out his knife and before he had a chance to cut her the floor beneath him broke. They both fell.

As they fell Ten quickly grabbed the knife out of his hand and slit his throat. She grabbed him and positioned him underneath her. She knew the fall wouldn't kill her but she wanted to minimize the damage as much as she could. Right as she did so they hit the ground.

She groaned in pain as she rolled off of his lifeless body. She stood up as she winced. She grabbed her side with her hand. She felt something metal in her flesh she looked down and saw part of a broken metal rod going through her side.

She dropped to her knees and placed her shirt in her mouth. She grabbed the rod and started to pull it out but she couldn't help the scream that erupted from her throat. She watched as a flashlight turned in her direction. She grasped the rod tightly in her hand, it was her only weapon. She scooted back and placed herself behind the bodies that had been thrown off the building.

The lights came to her area. They walked past her. Right as they did so her fingers and hands went completely numb. Her arm started to twitch. The rod dropped to the ground, making a loud sound. One of the lights shined on her. She knew there was nothing she could anymore, her feet were starting to go as well.

The person with the light bent down to her and she saw the face, it was Blake. His face was full of shock and horror.

"Amber!" Blake screamed. The scream echoed throughout Ten's head. "I need help, I found her!..." He screamed. The voice faded out in her head. The last thing she felt was a stream of blood running out of her nose before her world went black.


The Creator sat in his room on the bed. They had managed to arrive at Creator Nine's Center and Creator Ten had been freaking out ever since. The guards had had to drag him to his room and sedate him just to get him to calm down.

Now, he sat on his bed with his watch pulled up with the area around where they were attacked on a map.

"Guard!" He yelled. A guard rushed into his room. The gaurd had fairly long smoke colored hair. A few wrinkles rested on his face. A name was stitched into his uniform; Dan.

The Creator had a red area that he had marked on his screen. "This was the area where we were attacked. I want you to grab a group of your men and try to find out where she was taken. If you find anything report back to me because if you find Model Ten she will kill you. I need to be there in order to calm her. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," the guard said as he nodded his head before he walked out of his room.

The Creator sighed as he ran his hands through his tangled, messy hair. He looked around the room he had been given. It was so bland it made him want to puke. He stood up from the small twin sized bed and walked out of the room. There was no lock system like he had back at his Center and the building was smaller than his. The tech in this building was a few years older than the tech in his.

Creator Ten turned a corner and ran into two people. He looked down and saw it was Creator Nine and Model Nine. Creator Nine had bleach blonde hair that was slicked to one side of his head. He had piercing blue eyes as well as a relatively pale complexion.

"We were just coming to check on you," Creator Nine said.

"Were you now?" Creator Ten said. His voice was scratchy and rough.

"Yes, we were. Losing a Model must be tough. I couldn't imagine losing my Model," he said as he looked down at his Model.

Model Nine was a guy that looked to be around twenty. He had two metal eyes. The eyes were red and the area around it was metal. However, that was the only robotic feature on him.

"Well, I can assure you that Model Ten will be joining me soon."

"While I hope that's the case I wouldn't rely on it too much. Those Pigs will sell anything they can get their hands on." As he spoke a small smirk became evident on his face.

Creator Ten slightly chuckled as he bit the inside of his gum. He reached into his pocket and grasped a small metal needle that was connected to a metal ball. He quickly threw it into Model Nine. Electricity shot through the needle and into Model Nine. Nine fell on the ground as he convulsed and screamed.

Before Creator Nine could react Creator Ten placed both of his hands on the side and back of Creator Nine's head. He slammed his head into the wall beside him. Creator Nine fell to the floor as blood started to gush out of his nose.

"Guard!" Creator Ten yelled. The same guard that was in his room before ran down the hallway and to him, ignoring the two bodies on the floor. "Find her now!" The Creator yelled as he slammed his hand into the wall.

The guard quickly ran off down the wall as he spoke quickly into his radio. The Creator sighed as he pulled up the map on his watch again.

I want every last one of those Pigs dead!

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