Model 10

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Chapter 8

Blake and Amber watched as Ten moved on the bed. Her hips went into the air along with her legs. Her head, upper, and feet were on the bed. Her hands clenched into fists as her muscles tensed. She fell back onto the bed with a thud.

Blake looked at her forearm, the vein in it was bulging and grey. The veins in her hands had already turned grey. Amber and Blake started to talk again, trying to figure out how to help Ten. Suddenly an idea hit Amber.

"I'm going to go watch those videos to see if they can help," Amber said as she walked out of the room.

She walked into the computer room and saw the IT guy organizing the videos into separate files. He looked up from the computer.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey, Jeff I need to watch another video."

"Take your pick."

"Is there one involving her nervous system and how they work?"

"Um... yes." He clicked on the file and another video appeared on the screen. He got up from his chair and walked out of the room. He had already had to watch all the videos and he couldn't stomach to re-watch them. Amber sat down in the chair. She hesitantly reached her hand down to the keyboard and pressed play.

The camera moved up and down as the guard ran down the hallway. He opened a door and ran into a room. Once the camera stopped moving it focused on Ten.

She was strapped into the chair again. Tears were streaming down her face as she breathed heavily. Every breath she took forced a small whimper to come out of her mouth.

"Again," the Creator's voice rang out. The needles near her head shot electricity into her. Her mid-section rose up from the chair as she screamed. More tears streamed down her face. After a few seconds of her convulsing and screaming the electricity turned off.

She fell back into the chair as she continued to breathe heavily. The Designer walked up to Ten and cut open her arm. The lines were now an electric blue color and lightning was latching onto her vein.

"It's finally working," the Designer said as she healed Ten's arm. The Designer undid the restraints on Ten. Ten fell out of the chair and onto the ground. She whimpered as she hit it. She placed her hands on the ground and managed to position herself on her knees. Before she could move a hand gently grabbed her chin and tilted her face up.

It was the Creator. He bent down to where he was her level. Using his thumb he wipes away the tears on her face.

"I'm proud of you for going through that," he said in a calm voice.

"Anything to help you, sir," her voice was hoarse and came out in a whisper.

"If I were you I would wait a few minutes to make sure her system doesn't fail," the Designer said. The Creator nodded as he sat down on the ground. He laid his back against the chair. Looking over at Ten he saw that she was still sitting on her knees. She was shaking and whether it was in fear or from all the shocks she received he couldn't tell but he needed to be sure that she was completely loyal to him.

"Are you scared of me?" He asked. She suddenly looked up at him and a small amount of shock crossed her face.

"Of course not, sir. After all what kind of a Model would I be if I was scared of my Creator?" She asked. She was more so asking herself the question instead of him.

The Creator simply shrugged at her question. He looked over at her and saw that she was still shaking. He leaned off of the chair and took off his black top coat. He placed his coat on her back.

He pulled her closer to him as he wrapped the coat around her more. Her back was resting on his side. He placed his arm on her shoulder that was against the chair and his hand grabbed her chin. He tilted her head back until the side of her face was in front of his.

"What kind of a Creator would I be if I didn't take care of my Model?" He asked. His grip on her chin tightened slightly.

"I wouldn't know, Sir," Ten responded. He nodded before he moved her head forward. He rested her head on his shoulder, however, his hand didn't move from her chin.

"Don't ever forget that," he said in a stern voice.

"I won't, sir."

The Creator felt as her body continued to shake slightly. The Designer bent down and cut open Ten's arm. She looked at the nerves again before she closed the arm up again.

"She looks good but I would recommend sending her in tomorrow," the Designer said. The Creator nodded before he placed his hand on the back of her neck. He stood up before he guided her to stand. He slightly pushed her forward until she was infront of him. He picked Ten up and carried her out of the room.

Amber's hand pressed the pause button. She placed her hand over her mouth. The difference between the two videos was shocking to her. In the first video, it seemed like Ten was still fighting to regain her memories. In the second video, Ten had seemed to have lost all of her free will.

She thought for a moment on what had caused Ten's system to work. Then she thought back to every experiment she had seen being performed on her. All of the shocks were concentrated. The one she had given Ten earlier wasn't and the change probably had caused her system to try and adjust to the change but failed.

Amber quickly ran out of the room and into Ten's room. When she arrived she saw that Ten was still knocked out. A cold sweat had formed on her face. Her body jerked up again.

"I think I figured it out. There has to be a concentrated shock into her head." Blake looked down at Ten before he nodded. Amber pulled two of the metal balls out of her pocket. She placed one on each side of her head. She pressed the button. Ten's body arched up again. After a few seconds, Amber stopped the shock.

She watched Ten's forearm went back to normal. She administered another shock. After a few seconds, she stopped the shock. She saw the Ten's hands went back to normal. All that was left were her fingers. Amber hesitantly pressed the button again.

She turned it off. As soon as the shock stopped Ten's eyes opened and she breathed in deeply. She sat up and backed up until her back hit the wall. Blake rushed to her.

"Hey, hey, you're ok. You're safe," he said in a calm voice.

"No, I'm not," Ten said.

"Why?" Blake asked.

"Because I'm not with my Creator. I have to be with him. You should have let me stay out there."

"Why? So you could be killed and sold for money?" Blake asked. Ten remained silent for a few seconds.

"Why did you go after me? What do you want from me?" Ten asked in a stern voice.

"We don't want anything from you, except to help you," Amber said in a sympathetic voice.

"Then why did you electrocute me and try to stop me from leaving?"

"Because we knew what it was like out there and we didn't want anything to happen to you. It's a miracle you survived that fall." Ten faintly laughed an airy laugh.

"The only person who cares about me is my Creator. Besides Models can't be killed." Both Blake and Amber's eyebrows furrowed together.

"What do you mean you can't be killed?" Blake asked.

"Our Creator's always make something within us that heals us. For me it's electricity." Ten opened up the hole in her shirt where the metal rod had gone through her side. There was only dried blood around the area, there wasn't even a scar. "So thank you for protecting me from being killed," Ten said sarcastically and upset. She was still slightly too weak to fight them the way she wanted to.

"What... what do you mean your Creator is the only person who cares about you?"

"He made me, he modified me, he gave me a good life. His entire routine is focused on making sure I'm the best Model there is."

"You keep on saying that he made you. What do you mean by that?" Blake asked.

"I mean exactly that; he made me." Amber opened her mouth to say something but someone burst into the room.

"Amber, one of our spies is here." Amber quickly ran out of the room. If one of her spies was here something was wrong.

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