Model 10

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Chapter 9

Amber rushed to the main entrance and found one of her spies waiting for her. It was Dan.

"I don't have much time," he said quickly. "Creator Ten has sent all of his guards to look for Model Ten. Don't let any of your people leave. And most importantly do not try to understand Model Ten. She's more dangerous than she looks and the only person who can stop her from killing is her Creator. If I were you I would allow me to call her Creator and tell him I found her."

"Sorry, but I can't let that poor girl go. She's been brainwashed and hurt. Maybe I can snap her out of it and help her."

"Amber, you don't want to find out what's happened to her. I've been there from the beginning when you put me there. It's not just the electrocution it's-" he was cut off as his radio sounded.

Boys, it's starting to get dark. Report back to the Center before the Pigs come out.

"I have to go," he said as he ran out of the door. Amber opened her mouth to ask him more questions but he was gone. She didn't understand why this spy was invested in Ten so much.

Amber sighed out of frustration as she walked back to Ten's room. Dozens of thoughts raced through her head on what Dan had just told her.

She made it back to Ten's room. Blake had his hand on Ten's shoulder and he seemed to be stopping her from leaving the room.

"Sorry, but no," Blake said to Ten.

"What's going on here?" Amber asked.

"She wants to go and train," Blake said.

"Train, what do you mean train?" Amber asked.

"I mean fight and practice," Ten said. "Now let me through!" Ten said in a stern voice. A knife appeared in her hand. Amber quickly grabbed the back of Blake's shirt and pulled him back.

"Before we make any decisions that we might regret-"

"I'm not going to regret-"

"I was talking to Blake," Amber said. Blake threw his hands up in the air. "But who will you be fighting when you train?"

"I can animate people for me to train with," Ten said. Amber shrugged.

"Then we should allow her to train," Amber said. She didn't want any more of her people's bodies to continue to pile up. Dan's warning was still fresh in her head as well.

Ten slightly moved anxiously. She didn't like breaking the perfect schedule that the Creator had set up for her. She had to continue to do what he told her to do, even if he wasn't there. Besides, she needed more time to think on a way to get out of this place without being followed. She also needed to regain all of her strength as well figure out which direction to go. Ten was brought out of thoughts as Amber spoke.

"Follow me," Amber started to walk out of the room with Blake. Ten didn't move. She wanted to move but something felt like it was missing.

Blake turned around.

"You coming?" He asked.

"Yes... I don't- can't..." She trailed off as she stumbled over her words. Amber thought back to the video. She remembered the Creator placing his hand on the back of her neck and guiding her to stand and walk a few feet.

Amber hesitantly walked behind Ten and placed her hand on the back of Ten's neck. She gently pushed Ten forward and Ten easily walked.

"So how come you ran out of here the other day and now you need to be guided?" Amber asked.

"I... I don't know..." Ten trailed off as she tried to think of the reason.

Amber guided Ten down a few more hallways until they reached a set of double doors. Blake opened the doors and held them open for Ten and Amber to walk through.

Ten looked around the room. The room was circular and there was a viewing box that overlooked the arena. The glass in front of the box was gone and dirt covered the walls. It reminded Ten of the arena in her Center. There were a few people in the arena sparing with each other.

Amber released her grip on Ten's neck.

"We'll be up in the viewing box if you need anything. Until then have fun," Amber said as she and Blake walked out of the room.

Ten pressed her tattoo and a screen appeared in front of her. She selected the animated people. The screen disappeared. Her hands balled up into fists as she looked around her.

Arms wrapped around her from behind and a person appeared in front of her. She jumped up as she kicked the person in front of her in the face. Her feet landed on the ground. She jumped up again and quickly flipped over the person who was holding her. She landed behind him. Before he could react she grabbed his head and snapped his neck.

More enemies appeared around her. She jumped up and placed each of her legs on either of his shoulders. She locked her ankles together. She sat up as she felt them falling backward. Her lower back hit the ground and she continued to roll backward. She turned her body around and released her legs. She rolled onto her knees and punched the guy in the throat. The punch was so hard the guy evaporated.

She quickly stood up and watched as the person she killed re-appeared. Altogether there were five animations. She started to fight them again.

Amber and Blake looked at each other before they looked at the time again. Ten had been fighting for ten hours straight and she was just now showing signs of tiredness and the numbers were proving to be too much for her.

Ten was thrown against the wall. She landed on the floor and was soon kicked in the face. One of the people grabbed her neck and slammed her against the wall. She kicked in his direction but before she could make contact another one of the animations grabbed her legs. She grabbed the persons arms that were grasping her throat and tried to pry them off, but it was no use.

She breathed in deeply as his grip tightened around her throat.

Amber and Blake stood up and made there way down to Ten, not knowing if the animations would stop. As soon as they made it down there all the animations disappeared. Ten dropped to the ground as she coughed and tried to get air back into her lungs.

Blake knelt down beside Ten and placed his hand on her back. Ten pressed her forehead to the ground as she began to shake.

"I can continue. I can continue. I'm sorry sir for faltering. I can continue," Ten said.

"Ten," Blake said. Ten looked up at him as she realized where she was. "You just fought for ten hours straight. I think that's good enough." Ten shook her head.

"No, it's not. I should be able to fight for days without getting tired."

"Well, for today that's good enough." Ten hesitantly nodded as she tried to understand what had just been said to her. Blake placed his hand on the back of her neck and she stood up. Blake guided her out of the room. "So what do you do now?" Blake asked.

"Usually a progression test or update."

"Which means..?" Blake asked.

"Which means a highly concentrated electroshock is admitted into me or a wire is placed into my system so I may receive updates on my system."

"No, you're not doing that."

"Why?" Ten asked defensively.

"Does it cause you pain?" Blake asked.

"Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with anything."

"That has to do with everything. You shouldn't do something if it causes you pain," Blake said dumbfounded. He didn't understand why she wanted to do it.

"My Creator does it to me to improve me. It's for my own benefit. I'm willing to go through pain if that means making my Creator happy as well as being able to protect him."

"What is your deal with this guy?"

"He made me. What kind of a Model would I be if I didn't please the person who made me." Blake sighed.

"Look, Ten he didn-" he was cut off as Amber spoke.

"Ten, do you remember that Blake was the one who found you when you left?" Amber asked. Not only was she changing the subject but this question had been playing her mind for some time.

A look of confusion crossed her face.

"No, I figured that I passed out and was found then."

"Ten..." Blake trailed off. "You watched me find you. You tried to move away from me. You looked me in the eyes."

"I... I don't remember any of that."

Amber looked at Blake and Blake looked at her. A look of concern crossed both of their faces as they tried to figure out what to do or say next.

"You should take a shower and get all that blood off of you," Amber said.

Ten froze and Blake almost ran into her.

"I can give you some of my clothes to change into while yours are being washed," Amber said. Ten still remained frozen. "Or you can shower in your clothes. Whichever you prefer." Amber watched as Ten's breathing slightly picked up.

"Are you ok?" Amber asked.

"Yeah..." Ten trailed off.

"Do you not want to take a shower?"

"No, I do..." Ten trailed off again. She sounded like she was in a daze. She suddenly looked up at Amber. "Let's go."

Blake hesitantly pushed Ten forward as they continued to walk.

Dozens of thoughts raced through Amber's mind about what had just occurred. She didn't understand why Ten reacted the way she did to taking a shower. She almost seemed somewhat scared of the thought.

They finally made it to the showers. Luckily at this time of day, everyone was working so no one was in there.

"Do you know how to work a shower?" Amber asked. There was a short moment of silence as Ten stared off into space.


"If it's ok with you we'll leave you alone?" Ten only nodded her head. Blake let go of her neck and walked out of the room with Amber.

"Why did you ask her those questions about whether or not she remembered something?" Blake asked.

"Her Creator is swiping her memory." Blake opened his mouth to ask something but Amber interveined before he could. "She has those tests every day. She forgot something that happened yesterday. If he does that to her every day then she doesn't remember her life before. He's taking away her memories by frying her brain to make her more acceptable to her situation."

Blake breathed in deeply. Just the thought of her memory being wiped and her actually wanting to go through it made him sick.

"If that's the case then why don't we tell her that she wasn't made?"

"She's more powerful and dangerous than us. I don't know how she'll react if we tell her. We need to slowly break it to her." Blake nodded as they continued to talk.

Ten stared at the handle to turn on the water. She reached up and shaky hand and laid her hand on the handle. She breathed out deeply, she didn't know why she was reacting this was to a shower.

Pushing the handle down cold water came out of the shower head. As the icy cold water ran over her she saw images flash through her head. A hand was holding the collar of her shirt and was forcing her into icy water. It felt like her brain was erupting as these images broke to the surface.

She fell down on her knees as each of her hands grasped her head. A horrific scream erupted from her throat as she placed her forehead on the floor. The water was still running over her. Her breathing became faster as she slightly rocked back and forth. Another scream sounded from her.

Hands were quickly on her back and the water was turned off.

"Ten?" Blake asked concerned. Ten continued to rock back and forth.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm yours. You're always kind to me. I'm sorry," she said in a shaky and yet soft voice.

"Ten?" Blake said a bit louder. Ten continued to rock back and forth and repeat what she had said. Blake quickly looked up at Amber. "What do I do?" He said quickly.

"I don't know," she said fast as well. Blake's mind began to race as he thought of anything that would calm her down. Something clicked in his mind.

"In those videos what did her Creator do after he would electrocute her?"

"He would hold her close to him." Amber started to think through all the videos she had seen, trying to think of more.

Blake quickly wrapped his arm around Ten and pulled her closer to him. She was shaking and her complexion was very pale. He placed Ten on his lap and the back of her head naturally rested on his shoulder. Her hands were in her lap and they twitched as her fingers moved. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was still heavy. Blake wrapped his arm around her waist in an effort to get her arms to stop convulsing.

"What else did he do?" Blake said, seeing that it wasn't working.

"He would grab her chin and ask her question or say something to her."

Blake hesitantly reached up the arm that was wrapped around her waist and gently grabbed her chin. Her breathing automatically slowed.


"Yes, sir," Ten immediately responded. Her eyes opened. Amber saw that instead of her eyes being blue they were now grey.

Blake thought of something to say.

"You're asleep right now and you're having a nightmare. I want you to relax."

"Yes, sir." Her eyes closed again. She stopped shaking and her breathing slowed even more. The arms and fingers that were twitching stopped and her head fell back.

Blake and Amber both sighed in relief.

"Let's take her back to her room," Amber said as she braced both of her hands against the wall and breathed out heavily. Blake stood up with Ten in his arms.

"Can you please go get a blanket and towel for her?" Blake asked. Amber only nodded before Blake walked out of the room.

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