The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 1 of 3

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Chapter 2: Strange Evolutions


My father, Martin Kishi, started this company in his garage before he ever met my mother. Now he is one of the four wealthiest businessmen in the city of lunar. His company deals in humanitarian aid, new technology and various restaurant chains as well as energy distribution such as the emerging fusion energy generators.

He funded the company's humanitarian ward of his business because he as a child grew up in the poor side of Technogopolis, Maine.

When he had gone and learned all he could, he struggled and eventually he started a prominent business and when it got strong enough he moved to lunar city and set up shop… soon becoming one of the highest corporate company's in the world.

He had just finished a meeting with Mason industries about a proposal in becoming a manufacturer in a new design of Stunning gun.

Which was a non-lethal weapon developed by Mason Eckhart, C.E.O and inventor of Mason industries, a gun that tracks its targets with incredible accuracy, and deploy a stunning charge of electricity which rendered its target unconscious.

My father was impressed; he had heard how that weapon had revolutionised crime fighting in the "city of the future" but was disappointed at the fact he couldn't convince the council of lunar city to use it on their streets, they always insisted they had it under control and that if they advanced, it would cause chaos in the form of escalation.

Maybe they were right, but martin just wished those words weren't fueled by the opinions of his rival Dorian finch's business in weapons development.

Dorian finch, a callous man whose influence in the council was with the usual corporate "kiss their butts" routine that seemed to work for the pompous city council.

He insisted that escalation would occur if the "guns of tomorrow" were used in lunar, but in my father's opinion it was more of a right wing attitude to keep things the way they are as the way it's supposed to be…traditionalism.

A traditionalism that keeps criminals running lose and owning the city streets.

He sighed, why it is that all the good decisions are always laced with bad ones….and the bad ones were always chosen over the good decisions.

The criminal element had half the city, all under the now becoming known criminal kingpin called the brain of crime.

The council always deterred that there was ever a single criminal mastermind controlling all crime in the city, but word of mouth still got around. Whoever the brain of crime was…he wanted to be known!

My father was passing by the cubicles in the programing office but noticed his employees were looking at the TV screen in worry.

He tapped on of his employees Robert on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Robert, what's going on?" my father asked.

"there's been some terrible accident in the Far side's entrance, a semi collided with a tanker truck and nearly flattened a Chevy coupe, kind of looks like the one your daughter drives…the crash apparently caused the truck to exploded killing the drivers and sprayed some kind of toxic liquid everywhere…that's what the news people said" Robert explained the new report, then yelled "hey can you turn it up!?"

One of the employees watching the news broadcast turned up the volume.

"what was believed to be an unfortunate accident has been revealed to been caused by a truck jacking gone horribly wrong by members of the night skull gang who were trying to rob the truck of its at first believed to be electronics load, which was really a chemical container. They caused a twenty seven vehicle pileup in lower half of the Far side of the city" the news reporter spoke.

"Hey wasn't your daughters and son driving in the far side?" asked my father's secretary to my father.

My father instinctively felt something was wrong; he began to call my sister Rachel's phone…only to be forwarded to her answering machine…because he didn't know, her cell had been left in the car crash.

"Mr. Kishi? Isn't that your daughters car?" a female desk clerk asked worried, pointing to a video of the smash Coupe being driven away by a tow truck.

My father then realised it was his daughters car.

He listened to the newscast, "the crash caused a chemical spill from the damaged tank of the tanker truck injuring one victim who is now in critical condition in Lunar General. Another fine example of the high count in victims due to the crime waves that slam our city every day, it brings to question for some people of lunar…how long before this goes too far? Oh…we've just received word that the one in critical condition is the son of the billionaire Martin Kishi, and so far the hospital has refused to comment…"

My father took off running, dialing my mother on his phone as he did… frightened to death for my life.

"Get me a reading!" the lead doctor ordered.

"Heart rate 123 and rising, he's not calming down!" the nurse replied.

"Give him another sedative!" the lead doctor ordered.

"We can't, his body can't take anymore!" the assisting doctor yelled.

"We've tried draining the stuff out of his blood, that didn't work, we've tried sedatives and that didn't work either, I don't care how hopeless this seems I refuse to give up on this patient, apply the ice bags, maybe we can slow his heart down by freezing him" the lead doctor ordered.

A nurse nearby read my vital readings on the machines, "Doctor…I think we're losing him"

In that brief moment, I opened my eyes, I felt compelled to look to my left.

I saw them, my mother, my father, and my sisters…through the glass, looking at me.


Then, it happened.

I convulsed so hard my bonds broke as the chemical finally took effect in my bloodstream. It had been coursing through my veins, trying to stabilize and cause a re-action to a certain gene. A new gene that I had no idea even existed in my D.N.A before. When it finally found it, it took a while before the reaction took place but now that it had begun, the gene absorbed the properties of the chemical transforming it into something else, something that could survive in my body and not harm it… a different form of the chemical that I had been immersed in. the gene had caused the chemical to start bonding with my bloods D.N.A, as well as affecting other of these new genes in my body until the reaction was finished…and I was forever, changed.

But all this was happening inside my blood and body, outside when the chemical had finished its course I collapsed to the bed.

The EKG registered a flat line.

The doctors struggle to revive me while my family looked on, hoping I would be brought back to life.

Then they saw the lead doctor break away in defeat and heard him say, "I'm calling it…he's gone"

I'm glad I didn't see the look on my sister's face then.

Although maybe I should have, might have made things easier for me when the final event came.

But since when has anything in life been easy?

My sister, my mother, my father…they mourned my "passing" for a good ten minutes… couldn't believe I was dead.

Until suddenly

"Wait…hold on a second, just a second, I've got a pulse!" one of the nurses cried in joy, "and it's still beating!"

"I don't believe it!" the doctor said in amazement, looking at the readings "he's coming back"

"Pulse stable, heart rate stable…no signs of any fatal injuries sustained…he's alright" the lead doctor said thankfully at what he was seeing, he turned to my family who was looking through the windows perplexed, "he's going to be alright"

My family whooped in joy, my mother switched from tears of sadness to tears of joy.

Rachel and Mariko stopped cheering when the doctor moved away revealing me on the gurney.

My family froze at the sight of my hair…it had been bleached snowy chalk white.

I stayed that way, unconscious, for two days straight.

When I awoke, I got the usual "glad you're not dead" family greetings. I wish I could tell you more but you see, I can't really remember it all that much, I was still dazed from my "back from death" experience.

I had to tell you, I was a little concerned about my hair. It was now permanently chalk white.

A thirteen year old kid with white hair, can you imagine all the stuff I had to deal with when I went to school again.

On a side note, my accident galvanised my father into taking a crusade against how things were being mishandled in crime fighting and began a campaign to put into effect the kind of crime fighting equipment and training that the police of Technogopolis had.

Of course he met opposition by the city council that refused to acknowledge the pleas of one billionaire on account of an accident caused by crime on his son, so my father began recruiting followers.

Soon the "make lunar city safe, make the crime fighting system up to date" movement was born.

At least that's what the title on that days newspaper read, when I was walking with my sisters to school as I had been doing for about a twelve weeks now,

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with me at the time, save my hair.

I may have been going to school, but it was mostly against my will. I know you probably think every twelve year old says that about school. Well, every twelve year old doesn't have rich parents, one whose launched a controversial effort to make lunar safe by improving its crime fighters, whose already considered a small shrimp, a geek and an under-class "commoner" born from rich blood or some other BS from those snobs that bully me…and on top of everything, make fun of my hair.

White head.

Snow head.

Eraser head.

The list has more but I don't feel like writing them in this journal.

Now as it should be told that on this day walking with my sisters to school, at the point where we reached the high school…my junior high school was down from it.

When Mariko kissed me goodbye on the forehead… I watched her turn to walk to her school, and then saw her freeze and also I heard her sigh in disgust.

Rachel and I turned to see who see was referring to.

That was when I saw him… the teenage delinquent that would be behind much of my coming of being the monster against evil and criminals as the brain of crime was.

"He's such a pervert" Mariko sighed in disgust, "spent yesterday trying to keep him from putting his hands on my backside in gym…I've got to make a transfer"

"Well…at least you managed to keep him off with warnings, I had to beat him with a stick" Rachel muttered in mutual disgust, "and I'm a sophomore, he's a freshman!"

I was young at the time, I couldn't really have understood what Rachel and Mariko were so angry about, and I mean didn't know ...hey, I hadn't gone through sex-ed yet.

But I could tell that whatever this boy had done, it just couldn't be good.

Now I did tell you, I was always picked on by bullies in the school. The worst of which was "barker and brawn" the names given to the junior high schools worst bullies, Don Dearing and John Eckhart. But with my near accident death and my bleached hair they got worse.

Mart was more accepting of my hair, although he did admit he found it weird…but in a good way.

It had been almost a month since my accident when I started to noticed something strange.

The first was the nightmare… it was the night fourteen days before the day my life was destroyed, I was at home…sleeping in my bed.

Now for some reason unknown to me at the time…I felt, I don't know how to really describe it…but almost awake, while I slept and when I got up late at night…I didn't feel half as tired as I should have been feeling as I slept…. But I still slept.

But this night, this night was different.

This night I felt a spark, no…that's not right…a surge!

I felt a surge, an invisible surge pass through the house…felt by myself only. And in my tired mind, the surge that passed over caused a vision of my room to appear…but it was crackling with purple energy and transparent…with a dark violet background filling the walls, the floors…everything.

But there where also glowing bright purple areas, glowing live with some kind of energy that felt…familiar.

But soon after seeing this negative of reality, my vision was changed into a whooshing view of lunar city…which came to a stop where the surge had occurred…the inside of warehouse on the south docks…in the company of the Night skulls and their leader Heir Totenkopf.

He was facing his night skull crew, the way a general would if he was addressing his own army.

"my skulls…tonight, I bring you all here in our place of refuge, here in the docks of the far side of the island chunk of the "Far side" as the city calls this place…because a great injustice has been done to our organization…two of our brothers have been killed…." Heir Totenkopf paused dramatically as he listened to his followers mumble is shared rage, he had intimidated them all at their individual initiations very well…they knew to respect him very well, "no…no we don't have the Lynx or the Red death gang to blame for this, our friends were taken down by a bomb planted in the very vehicle that I had our brother snatch for me to send a message to the so called brain of crime…the same brain of crime who is muscling us gangs out of the city that is ours and placing our services under his thumb for a fifty percent cut…well I said no in my own way to this nobody…and he thought he had the gall to kill two of my men to keep me from stealing his property, while its traveling in my own territory…well now is the time to rise up against the brain and kill him…I know who he is brothers, and he will die…"

Heir Totenkopf was interrupted by a laugh from behind him in the shadows of the warehouse.

I saw it, and still today…I can hear the screams of Heir Totenkopf as he was dragged by an unseen force into the shadows.

His men reactively ran to his defense in the shadows, the searched among the darkness trying to find him.

They and I in the vision could hear what happened, but only I and I alone could see what was happening in the shadows.

It looked…it looked like heir Totenkopf was being strangled by a living shadow.

That's the best I could describe it, it was a ghostly shape.

But it was black, and just as ghostly as its figure…I could see through it.

"What are you man…what do you want?" Heir Totenkopf asked the living shadow.

With black glowing eyes the spectre answered, with a dark raspy voice "you cost me money skull boy…" in a flash of an eye, out from what was the living shadows own hand appeared a knife, "and I'm taking it out of your life insurance"

It was quick; it was fast…the screams didn't last long.

But when they did, the night skulls froze, poised for when and where the mystery intruder would appear.

Suddenly all lights in the warehouse turned on, every night skull was blinded for a second as their eyes adjusted to the sudden increase in light in the warehouse.

The all stared aghast at what the saw, there was a man cloaked in black with a hooded Trenchcoat held over his face, but underneath the hood…red eyes burned through at the night skulls gang members in the room…and beside the sinister spectre was the bloodied form of the former leader Heir Totenkopf.

The spectre took in his audience's shock, ad laughed evilly.

"he crossed me and paid the price… swear allegiance to me…the brain of crime…" he brandished his ghost like blade out from seemingly the darkness of his cloak, "or join him in the long lineup at S.T peters!"

Without hesitation each and every one of the night skulls cheered, "The Brain, the brain, the brain"

The brain of crime grinned; he began to walk forward as if the address his newest edition to his criminal empire he paused, and then looked back in my direction.

In my dream I froze, filled with fear…this monster had seen me.

"Who's there!" he called to me.

I was so scarred I began to wake up, reality fading back into my bedroom…but not before I heard these two sentences.

"It's too bad you killed him boss, I was looking forward to it myself" sounded a familiar voice.

" Lensher, every day since I plucked you from juvenile hall for the murder of your parents and gave you this new name and you became one of my best drug traffickers at that high school one thing has been for certain…you can't plan, nor can you kill" the brain said to a unknown person behind him.

From another place sounded another voice, one of malice, and insanity almost "yeah, drugs is all your good at you lame junkie womanizing pervert…me, I'm the one good at the killing…thanks for letting me do it boss, your magic trick worked well…but me personally, I prefer the black haired ladies!"

"I know you do blackie, that's why you have earned that name…" the brains voice faded away as I woke up screaming.

My screams brought my sisters and my mother to my aid…not my father, he was working late.

The assured me it was just a dream, but know I now…it wasn't.

If I had just taken what I had seen seriously, the names…god, the names would have probably helped if I remembered them before that night.

Well…that "nightmare" wasn't the first sign that something was out of place with me.

It was two or four months later when the major changes began to spring forward.

During that time I began to feel, I don't know…more, energetic…so energetic that I only slept half the night, the next morning waking at full health and energy.

I went to the doctor after telling my parents about it, but when the doctor heard of my nightmares he diagnosed it as insomnia.


It was during the second year of high school, around the final four months of the year that the big changes began to appear.

I had just avoided contact with Brawn and Barker in the hallway. I was on my way to my mathematics final, and thanks to the timely intervention of Marty Osmond I made it to class while he headed on towards his finals.

"See you at lunch Kagae, I have some…really good news to tell you" my friend waved as he walked down the halls to his finals.

I waved back smiling… and then entered the final room…my smile faded away in an instant.

There, in the seat behind mine…was brawn!

I was frozen in shock and disbelief, how the heck could someone like brawn get into a math final.

I soon found out as I saw him give a punching gesture to a nearby math wizard, Sean I believe his name was a small acquaintance of mine…smarter than me in math. Good kid, but unfortunately…he was prone to fear of bullying like I was.

Brawn saw me entering the finals room, and I could feel his eyes bore right into my skull as I sat in my seat in front of him.

I thought in my head "god…if you want me to live through this final, give me a sign!"

I was about to start the test when I noticed her, in front of me… the most popular girl in the whole school… Darcy Williams.

With her dyed blue hair, her attractive features…she was definitely one who would make even spoken for boys take a glance.

I had to admit, I was one of her admirers.

Although even then I knew it wasn't meant to be… besides… I'm not sure a normal human could have been able to live forever with what I am….what I can do.

Either way, when the test began I prepared myself for the bullying that would surely come afterward.

Brawn and barker, dimwits though they may have been…managed to fool the school system into thinking they actually studied by providing copied versions of cheats provided by their "circle" of nerds to pass classes without learning anything.

Knowledge was useless to them; all that mattered was their fathers money, their social lifestyle they would inherit when they came to age…and as I would find out sooner than latter…they had other "wants" that they needed their fathers money in order to satisfy their desires.

Wants that I soon found out later was being distributed by the brain of crime in my junior high and my sisters high school illegally.

I looked down at the test, and I will tell you I was nervous.

Being out of commission due to my accident I was a little out of my study zone, I had half a mind to skip the final…but I couldn't, unlike my enemies I cared about the future, my future.

So I swallowed, prayed and decided to take it like I man.

I began writing the test.

But as I wrote I began to notice the questions were coming easily.

Not just easily, reflexively.

I had barely made it through the book when I noticed that my memory was different know…almost photographic.

I could see the answers in my head; I could sense the right answers to the question.

It was like…I don't know, like flexing a muscle…the answers to the questions on the tests came like wildfire!

I wasn't even paying attention until I reached the last question.

I starred at the test book in amazement, I looked around at the others who were busy writing away, pounding at their heads…or trying to keep their heads from exploding either or!

I couldn't believe it; I had finished the test before anyone else…even the other "nerds" who were smarter than me.

Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I pretended to keep working…but unknowingly my math teacher Mr. Filby, stout man with raid hair and a mustache noticed my freeze of hesitation…he got up and walked over to me.

"you know Kagae" he whispered to me, holding a calculator in his hand "if you are having trouble because of your accident I can understand if you would need a little help and so would the school board…do you need this?" he asked me referring to the calculator in his hand.

I chuckled nervously, "no…no I don't think I do"

"Well…okay…" Mr. Filby nodded acknowledging my decision; turned towards his desk "but if you decide to change your mind… just let me…" he saw my test paper, "what on earth" he asked askance.

"Uh sir I can explain" I began.

"You've only gone about two pages my boy?" he asked me, "are you sure you don't need a calculator.

"No sir I don't…those are the last pages" I answered.

"The last pages of the test?" Mr. Filby asked askance.

"Y…yes sir" I answered reluctantly.

"But Kagae…it hasn't even been four minutes! That's a 200 question final!" Mr. Filby said in disbelief, "you're good but this I have to confirm for myself" and he picked up my test heading for the test machine.

Now in the old days kids could cheat on their tests, but now due to modern day technology test readers could pick up evidence of cheating due to differences in the pressure points on the paper provided by the pencils as they were used to mark their answers.

I protested, not wanting the class or the bullies to know what I feared the test might say about my scores …about what I feared would make my life worse.

I was stupid and naïve to think that that would be what made my life worse!

But Mr. Filby was deaf to my voice at that second.

I watched as he placed my final in the marking machine, and then I watched as his face turned from confusion to disbelief.

"Kagae…you passed…" he said, in shock, "with record scores but, your side equations for the math questions, their two grades higher than you should be ready for…and their correct, every one of your equations!"

I was stunned, the class was stunned…everyone was looking at me.

Even Darcy Williams was looking at me surprised, but to my bigger surprise…she smiled and gave me thumbs up.

"No one in the whole school has gotten a score like this, not since warren wainwrights, the billionaire inventor in 1989!" Mr. Filby said, holding his hand to his head trying to make sense out of how a grade 9 student could have learned something that could be learned only in grade 11 and above!

The class found Mr. Filby's reactions hilarious, and began laughing.

I was almost too embarrassed and confused that I barely noticed the next phase of the strangeness that was happening to me.

I sensed it from behind me, something that I knew in the back of my mind as something I had to duck to avoid.

So reflexively I ducked, and as I did a water balloon flew over my head missing me…but hitting Darcy Williams in the back…splashing her with water.

Darcy after recovering from the shock of water soaking her from behind, and the class suddenly going silent, turned with a death stare at who had thrown the water balloon.

Barker stared back with a "oops" look on his face, everyone in the class, Darcy included knew that his real target with the water balloon was me…not Darcy!

But she was still ticked!

Before I knew it, Barker was taken away to the principal's office to finish his exam in the principle office for throwing water balloons at the blue haired girl in front of me… Darcy Williams.

Mr. Filby returned soon after and gave a warning to brawn that if he pulled any stunts he would follow his brother soon after.

I was never bothered for the rest of the final.

I looked up to the sky… "Thanks!" I sighed in relief.

Then came lunchtime in the cafeteria the next day where the next of the strangeness occurred.

I was sitting in my usual place, curious why Marty hadn't shown up to great me.

I began to chow down on my pudding when suddenly my food was knocked from my hand.

The hand that had knocked it away belonged to brawn, with barker smirking behind him.

"That's for what you did to my brother, if I wasn't in such a good mood today Kishi…you would be enjoying your lunch from the bottom of the trash bin receptacle!"

I had given up on defending myself years ago, it just lead to knuckle sandwiches and their father accusing me of being a liar like he believed my father was…among other things he thought of my family that were not true!

But that didn't stop me from sneering at them when they turned around and walked away…laughing.

"Jerks!" I muttered as I reached under my breath as brawn and barker left me to pick up my food trays contents, laughing their hearts out.

I noticed my chocolate pudding was underneath the table, I reached under the table and when my hand touched the shadow cast by the cafeteria table I was sitting at I felt that strange feeling I felt that night I saw the "photo" negative of the city in that nightmare, I reached for the pudding but felt something warm, hot and grainy rocks…not plastic or cup like.

I looked under the table, and noticed my pudding was still there under the table.

But I was shocked when I saw that my hand was gone.

It wasn't cut off or anything it was just gone…like vanished.

I could still feel my hand though.

I pressed my arm further into the table's shadow, and my arm disappeared as it crossed it.

I could still feel the grainy rocks; strange…they almost felt plant like.

As I pressed forward with my arm into the shadows, my arm stopped…like it had hit a dead end…like whatever it had gone through wasn't big enough for me at the other end.

Suddenly I heard the screams of the cheerleaders who were at the lunch line on the other side in front of me…followed by similar screams by the lunch ladies.

I look up…and turned white… I couldn't believe it.

There was my hand, coming up from under the kernel corn!

I pulled my arm out and the hand in the corn shot back down into the corn disappearing, my hand came out from the shadow where it had vanished and with it a pile of kernel corn that flew from my hand over my head…and all over brawn and barker!

I quickly and silently escaped the lunch room, before those two even noticed me….or at least I wish I had.

"Kishi!" barker yelled.

They had seen me leave the cafeteria, and now they wanted revenge.

I was so terrified I didn't noticed the trash can in front of me.

Before I knew it I had hit the sides of the trash can and bowled right over into the trash can, darkness enveloped me, but instead of hitting the bottom of the can to be welcomed by all the unwanted leftovers from the school's student bodies lunches…I kept on falling, I didn't fall far…soon afterward I shot out somewhere in the daylight.

I landed on hard gravel rock, and after I recovered from the shock.

I looked up from the gravel to see where I had landed.

I was surprised to see I had somehow ended up on the rooftops of the school!

I looked behind me to see where I had popped out from; it was the shadows cast from the ventilation vent?

Curious I ventured back to the shadows of the bottom of the vent.

I placed my hand through, it went through but I could still see it…nothing had changed…my hand was normal.

I pulled it out, and tried again…this time I was thinking about the trash can…and this time, my hand vanished.

Consumed by curiosity I lunged into the shadow, and before I knew it my head was sticking out of the trash can…and right out at barkers death sight!

"THERE HE IS IN THE TRASH CAN!" he screamed for his brother.

In fear I ducked again into the shadows of the can but this time there was nowhere to come out at, I looked up waiting for my doom as Brawn looked into the trash bin…although this time I noticed that the area around me was just like that photo negative I saw in my nightmare.

Everything was dark purple, crackling with energy…like some kind of cross between dream and nightmare!

Even barker was purple and crackling with energy!

I looked down and saw my body had become glowing with the energy.

It was like I was on fire, but perfectly fine at the same time!

I then heard barker outside the trash can chastising his brother.

"What are you talking about?" I could hear barker chastise his brother as he picked up the trash can and show his brother the contents, "the trash isn't even in here with the rest of the trash! You've been diving into the stuff again haven't you…you know that's supposed to be sold not used by us!"

"Hey what the brai…" brawn stopped and corrected himself, "the boss doesn't know can't hurt him, he's just street trash, were the wealthy elite…he can't touch us"

"Stuff?" I asked myself, did they mean drugs…and brai…who is brai? Was he or she some kind of drug dealer?

I waited until they had left before I began to try and think about what was happening.

They couldn't see me…like I wasn't there!

Maybe I really wasn't there!

Maybe this dark, sub-space is a type of hyperspace…the negative to the positive of the world accessed by shadows…and maybe, that's what the energy I saw was…shadows.

I was looking at a type of shadow hyperspace, so although I was still in the trash can in…I needed a name for this subspace that I could access…so I dubbed it the shadow realm, considering that's how you…I…could access it and it seemed reasonable…as I was saying I was still In the trash can, but since I was here in the shadow realm, below normal space…they couldn't see me.

But why was it I could only warp before, and when I tried again I only ended up here instead of the roof.

It must have been the thought of the roof that did it, because before I knew it I was catapulted out of the shadow realm, out from the shadow of the ventilation duct and onto the roof…this time on my back.

"Okay…weird…and obviously whatever that was… it needs some work!" I said as I struggled to get up, I had landed kind of hard… "Especially on the landing part of this thing! Ai yi yi! That's a bruise!"

I contemplated on what had happened when I went to get my things from my locker and head for home…when I got there I saw there was a note on my locker.

I smiled, knowing it was from my friend Marty.

"I see the mail system we worked up still works" I said to myself as I opened the note.

It wasn't much to read; it said "sorry I couldn't be there for lunch…something happened. I'll tell you all about it Monday at lunch"

On the bus ride home I contemplated on what had occurred. I thought about what could possibly be happening to me. But despite all my objections to the obvious being so outlandish…the outlandish seemed to be the cold hard facts of my case.

I had superpowers!

Heightened intelligence, radar like sense warning me of danger like Spiderman, and now…the ability to "walk" with shadows!

It had to have been that strange chemical from the accident, it did something to me.

And although I was scared, part of me was thrilled.

"Not going to catch much sleep tonight" I remarked as I thought about exploring my powers.

When I got home I waited until night to do my tests and it was late at night when everyone was asleep… that I got out of bed and I began experimenting.

I grabbed my flashlight, locked my door and then entered my clothes closet with my flashlight in order to make some shadows.

After a few hours I learned something about my new teleportation ability.

I found could only move forward and back in this strange…subspace if a destination was thought up in my mind.

If I entered the subspace from the shadows of my flashlight hitting the clothes of my closet I could not move anywhere from the closets location in subspace, unless I thought of somewhere like the kitchen and then like that I could warp to that location.

The first time was not a good success, I ended up sliding…no not sliding, shooting out of the panty cabinet downstairs in the mansion kitchen.

I gave a small "whoa!", as I slid across the tiled floor at a great speed and into the living room, disappearing into the shadows of my mother's piano bench.

If I had been there a couple more seconds I would have heard my sister Mariko's small shriek of shock as she entered the dark kitchen.

She had gotten out of bed for a late night snack, and hadn't put the light on yet before I shot past her in her hazy half asleep view in the darkened kitchen.

She turned the light on to see what had just scarred her half to death, but she saw nothing and found nothing.

After reflecting on it she realized she had recognized the scream.

"Kagae?" she asked to the vacant kitchen.

At this moment I shot out from the shadows underneath my bed, crashing back into my closet, sprawled face first against the wall.

Now I landed hard, and it was painful.

I landed back on my back, recovering from the crash…looking up at my celling saying to the world "this isn't funny!"

Two hours into this I soon began to gain some control over the shadow walking ability as I came to call it.

Also I began to notice another change, my body wasn't getting tired…and it didn't get tired till at least 3:00 in the morning, then it stopped and I was dead asleep…and in the mourning though I went to bed at 3 AM, I was refreshed like I had slept the whole night.

Maybe my metabolism is altered, or I draw energy from darkness…either way, I never could sleep like normal humans again from that day forward.

Through more experimenting, I discovered on Saturday afternoon that I could use my own shadow to shadow walk as well, turning it into the portals I could create with shadows to warp with.

Then on Sunday another new power emerged, it happened when I was with my family on a Sunday picnic in the outer cities' Grand Bay view park.

Nice place, it had a great view of Lunar bay.

I had a lot of memories that I'm very fond of that occurred in that park.

It was when I accidentally threw my Frisbee too high and struck a nearby hornets' nest that my new power emerged.

As I ran for safety from the angry hornets and their stingers I felt a wave of energy flow over me and then I saw the hornets pass right through me.

I guess their tiny brains couldn't register me anymore so the retreated back to their hive.

I was perplexed why I had been sparred an awful stinging, when I suddenly looked down and saw my hand.

I had become transparent, ghost like…no, shadow like!

I looked down at the rest of my body, I was amazed.

I had become a living shadow.

I could become solid darkness, or intangible like a ghost.

And with more experimenting I found like most of my other powers that dealt with shadows …it was just simply think what you want you powers to do…and they will do.

If I wanted to become shadow form, I became shadow form.

I was amazed, exited… at least at first. But then I began to worry about what would happen if people or kids at school found out…specifically the bullies. I know I was just a young kid and kids can understandably be credible in their fears. But looking back now, it was my naivety and my easy to become afraid of being bullied or hurt because I was now different, and my knowing people always fear and hate what's different that is probably what lead me to the worst decision of my life when my powers were revealed to a person I cared about.

It was Monday the next day that it happened.

I was in school in the cafeteria.

I was waiting for my friend Marty to show up so I could talk to him about the good news he had for me.

I wasn't really paying attention when Darcy Williams walked by my table, her foot caught the top of a puddle of spilled chocolate milk on the floor and she slipped.

It was instinctive, combined with my radar sense… in a fluid motion I turned around and caught Darcy Williams, before I grabbed her lunch tray with my other hand and her books with my foot like a hook.

"Wow… you should be on the school's sports teams with reflexes like that Kagae" she said at me amazed at what I had done, "thank you"

"You're welcome…Darcy right?" I asked her.

"That's right…I'm in your science and math class…I was the girl in front of you who got water ballooned" she said with a smirk.

"Yeah…about that…" I stammered.

"Don't worry about it…um…" she motioned towards my arm which was still wrapped around her waist holding her, "you can let go now, I'm fine"

"That you are" I muttered.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing!" I said abruptly, I was turning red embarrassed.

"Mind if I sit with you?" Darcy asked me.

I was taken aback for a moment, the most popular and prettiest girl in school wanted to sit with me, the white haired nerd of the school?

"You can go ahead…but I warn you if you do you'll kiss your social life goodbye!" I shook my head in dismay at my standing in the school.

"Yeah well…" Darcy shrugged as she sat down in front of me, "I was never one to judge classmates for their positions on the so called social ladder. Were all kids, rich maybe, but were still kids. I kind of made myself known for that opinion when one of the first things I did when I got here was set up a group of fellow students who wanted to help the destitute of lunar"

"Yeah I remember…the school council closed it down didn't they" I asked, "Said it was a failed attempt"

"Yeah well…" Darcy sighed in frustration, "that's what they say. The truth is they were forced by the city council with budget cuts if they let my program go on. Dirtbags… most days I don't think they really care about the city in the whole but the city that is the rich and powerful only. Its thinking like that that leads to the gangs, drugs, crime, serial killers, incompetent or untrained police that leads to crime waves, gang wars and accidents like yours becoming instead of terrible, it instead becomes commonplace…like the weather. It shouldn't be like this, it's wrong."

She then stopped, and then looked at me and I could see on her face…she was embarrassed by what she had said.

"OH...Kagae I'm sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect. Your still recovering from your accident, and your cousin is a cop isn't he" she began to apologize.

I shook my head, "no…no…you're right and I agree with you"

"You do?" she asked askance.

"Yeah…I believe that there is something wrong with this city…and the best way for it to get better is to start to make some much needed changes. I see it every day, all the homeless people…not just in the far side. There are certain types of criminals that are a threat to the city's self-security of its inhabitants. Here's an example. You ever hear of the black alley cat murderer?" I asked.

"Makes me glad I am a natural brunet under this dyed blue hair" Darcy nodded.

"Well…there's a criminal that hasn't been found in two years... he has a high body count of my cousin Jeremy told me that if there were some changes and improvements made, like they are in Technogopolis. Then crime would be an issue that would have percent down to 20 instead of 89 out of 100 it is here. My father agreed, but my accident was spurred him into getting the movement going. There was a problem, the city had to sit up and take notice. And so far my father's getting a lot of people on his side, even the new district attorneys on his side." I told her.

"well…well just have to wait and see wont we?" smiled Darcy, "but that's up to the adults to deal with the problems of the crime fighting and justice system of the city…as kids what can we do, but do what we can to change the world the best way we can, like fund fundraising programs till we become adults and then it's our turn if we decided to become lawyers, politicians…whatever."

"What do you plan on doing?" I asked her, "after high school?"

"Go to college, become a member of the U.N… or maybe just raise a family" she nodded dreamily at her dreams playing by in her head.

"Oh really, which college?" I asked her.

"Oxford" Darcy replied.

"No way…just like me and…" I began.

"Kagae Kishi? You sly old dog! Are you trying to steal my girl?" Marty asked grinning slyly at me, while wrapping an arm around Darcy's shoulders, she smiled at him.

It wasn't a friendly smile like she did with me; no…it was as I realized a smile laced with infatuation expressions.

It was a look that Marty returned to Darcy, smiling… and then I realized to my dismay that this was what Marty wanted to tell me about, he had finally got himself a girlfriend.

Although I was happy for him I was a little dismayed.

No girl in my entire school ever talked to me or wanted anything to do with geeky, glasses wearing, white haired nerdy Kagae Kishi, and this talk with Darcy was the longest conversation I had ever had with the opposite sex.

I will confess in my journal entry here, I had hoped that I had found my first girlfriend in Darcy.

But I soon got over it, and smiled knowingly at the oblivious couple.

They just, well…they clicked together.

Marty was the first to come back to reality and talk to me.

"Oh…I'm sorry Kagae, this is…" he began introducing his new girlfriend to me.

"Darcy Williams, yes we've met. Congratulations" I nodded.

"Excuse me?" asked Marty.

"Well it's kind of obvious, she's what you wanted to tell me about" I motioned to Darcy with my eyes, and back to Marty smiling slyly, "good job!" I complemented.

Darcy turned red embarrassed, she covered her mouth with her hand, trying to fruitlessly to hide her embarrassed smile.

Marty on the other hand rolled his eyes, "man Kagae. I just can't keep anything from you can I?"

"Well you know I'm kind of a detective" I returned.

"Amateur Kagae, amateur detective" Marty reminded me.

"Hey…" I faked mock hurt, "I don't remember you complaining when I helped you find your missing gym back for football practice…where it was again? In Maria Hollings back seat of her coupe Deville?"

"Maria's coupe Deville?" Darcy looked at Marty with a raised eyebrow.

"Kagae" Marty said sternly.

"Kagae, I think you and I are going to have to talk later about your various "detective" jobs for Marty here?" Darcy said not releasing her inquisitive look at her boyfriend Marty.

"He's kidding Dacry" Marty said motioning Darcy towards me, she looked and she notice my smirk…then realized what I had done.

"Very funny!" she punched my left arm, but she began laughing along with Marty and I.

"I'm sorry…" Marty said as he laughed, "It takes a while to understand Kagae's eccentric antics. He likes being a detective and playing games with people who are his friends"

"Nothing with any malice intended mind you" I defended myself, "but I also like puzzles and mysteries"

"Well here's a mystery for you to solve Kagae… why is the school line up so long?" Marty challenged.

"That's no challenge… usually the line is normal. But that's because students get tired from time to time having the same usual selections when the regular changes are one every two months which is like a half year to some hungry students at lunch time. This causes them to go buy lunches at somewhere in the inner city before the get to school. But on this particular day…it just happens to be pizza day, hence the long line up" I looked up from my puzzle solving and seeing Marty's look on his face I realized he was just joking.

"See what I mean… he's a funny guy in both senses"

Darcy chuckled.

Realizing I had fallen for a rhetorical question, I sighed smiling, "checkmate for you mate, I'll get you next time…the next burn will be mine"

It had been like that for a good three months before school began to end. Darcy had been accepted fully into my circle of friends.

She was great, she was kind, smart…and she knew how to stand up for people.

She could actually drive away brawn and barker!

I know she could, I saw her do it.

It was in the middle of month two, they had caught me and tried to pound me…and I had no way to shadow walk unless I wanted the whole school to know I was a superhuman.

She just walked up, and…I don't know it happened so fast… but I think I heard her threaten brawn with the whole school finding out about the incident with him being in the situation of going into the wrong gym change room to change!

He backed off.

But the next time I wasn't so lucky.

The time after that… well, that was the day I made the worst mistake surrounding my powers.

The day I grew afraid of them and refused to learn how to control them or use them anymore!

The day one person, found out about my powers.

My dear sister, Mariko.

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