The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 1 of 3

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Chapter 6: The Brain Of Crime

Suffice it to say the city didn't really mourn for the Deering's passing; their cruel, ruthless nature had earned them the ire of half the city.

Most who attended the funeral were clients who were glad to be freed of Mr. Deering's ruthless rent regime.

He had a reputation for throwing out those who couldn't pay their rent, now you would say that's normal for a bill collector.

But when the date to collect rent is Friday, you don't come calling on a Wednesday with a threatening ultimatum… pay now or get out of my property.

A good percentage of people living in the slums of the far side are people who lost their homes to Mr. Deering and went there under the Night skulls "protection" out of desperation due to the council's very negative say in matters of the destitute.

But even though a horrible man and his legacy were gone, so was a great woman as well.

It was a waste that so many lives had been lost to one mind behind the cities dark force of crime.

And the Deering's …despite their fate done by their own hands by their fraternizations with the brain of crimes drug trade…I still remained adamant in bringing the brain to justice…for all he had done.

I heard him order that murderer Blackie nelson to back away during Rachel's rape as he wanted me and my sister Rachel alive, and I saw him disguised on the rooftop.

Now I knew who he was, the masked figure was the brain of crime.

But the attacker…the murderer of my sister Mariko, the rapist of my other sister Rachel…I didn't know who HE was.

But I would!

I vowed to find him, whoever he was…and deliver him to justice.

Him and His boss… they will both pay for what they did


My cousin Jeremy Markson, a cop was part of a group looking into the brain of crimes case.

But I knew that they wouldn't find him, no one knew who the brain of crime was or even if he existed.

But since the explosion my cousin became adamant in finding the brain of crime.

The explosion.

The only funeral out of that explosion in the alleyway that I attended was Mrs. Darby's.

I won't write about it, as I have seen enough death that I don't wish to reflect on it, the pain is too much I try to do what she said and move on and learn from the departed…but it is hard to not dwell on the past and hate the true causes of those two deaths…The brain of crime and his criminal empire.

It had been two weeks since the funeral that I thought about what Mariko and Mrs. Darby had said to me, and I made a promise to them…I would never be that naive and powerless again.

I HATED ALL CRIMINALs, AND THE EVIL THAT SPAWNS THEM… so I began the path down to becoming what I had to be if I was going to become a force of anti-darkness set lose upon crime.

I was training to use my powers, but I was also training to understand what I was now and what I had to be, what purpose I had in the world as a super powered person.

What good could my dark powers do?

My training had taken place during the night while everyone was sleeping, since I could draw a little energy from the darkness due to my powers ties to the shadow realm… I could cheat the human need for sleep!

But it wasn't a perfected power, I could only draw enough energy to make me stay awake for only 10 hours then my body afterward entered a state of sleep that I called recharge, where my powers save for my healing factor and my dark energy absorption abilities shut down and my absorption abilities rejuvenated my body's natural energy until mourning time…a second wind if you will.

I had noticed that as I trained I got stronger and by sometime after exercising my powers, some evolutionary "jumps" occurred.

Kind of like leveling up on a video game, where after fighting a while your character gets new powers.

My first one gave me my shadow blast, the next one gave me my shadow walk ability, then came my "second wind" ability as I called it, then my dark sense, able to sense danger and evil. And since my mindset was hell-bent against evil, well…to give an example, I would flare up in anger at the sight of whorehouses, but over time I managed to control that power and keep those angry thoughts in my head unless need be. But after the dark sense power was attained that's when they stopped coming as easily to me, new shadow powers that is.

Then when I began to train these new abilities came again, but not after much training both mentally and physically.

In my spare time I spent reading up on detective work, law studies, criminology.

I studied human behavior and swordsman ship.

I studied various studies to help me prepare for my fight against crime.

I had decided to try and deal with the criminal who threatened my family, orchestrated my sisters Rape and the others death, my family's blackmail and my teacher's death by hiding behind a wall of protection by operating outside of the long arm of the law.

To combat that I planned on attacking him outside the law as well, fight fire with fire.

But despite my preparation nothing could have prepared me for my next power granting that day of Mrs. Darby's funeral.

I was accompanied by my friend Marty, and his girlfriend Darcy Williams.

Unlike the other popular girls she liked me, and not because I was her boyfriend's best friend. If your recall earlier in my entries the girl who was running to get Marty when I was cornered by brawn and barker…that was her.

I will write however, that some of the people attending the funeral blamed me for her death.

Saying I was a crime magnet.

Some did it out of grief; some downright believed that I had a hand in her death.

I just ignored them, they weren't there, they didn't see what happened…and even if I did plead my case they wouldn't believe me.

Heck I barely made it through the trial regarding her murder without being indicted for it by a half prejudiced jury that believed that this increased crime rate was because of my dad's movement for a better crime fighting force in lunar which was still going on even without him…heh, hate the creator and not the followers right?

I was standing outside the church; I had had enough of moronic people accusing me of killing their friend, their daughter, their sister… I had enough to deal with already.

It was then that I really noticed Marty's car, not like I didn't before…it was a corvette after all. But this time it was filled with suitcases.

Curiously I peeked inside the convertible, and saw two plane tickets…scholarships for two to Oxford, Great Britain.

I put the pieces together, nodding as I did as I realized what was going on.

I also knew that Marty was standing right behind me, and with my super powered hearing could hear his and Darcy Williams's heartbeats.

It was of worry.

He was worried about my reaction to finding out he was going to college, a shared dream by all three of us that for me had been shattered by my being unrightfully expelled.

Marty knew how much I wanted to go, that's why he was worried…he thought I would be angry and resentful at him and Darcy.

"I'm sorry Kagae" Marty began, 'I was going to tell you sooner but then all of this happened and I didn't want to hurt you even further…"

"No…don't." I stopped him, "don't be sad about anything. There's been enough of that around here lately. This is something to be happy about. You're going to the college you dreamed of. You're going to a different country with a better class of people than the ones in lunar. It's your dream, go for it" I said smiling.

"Are you just saying that or do you really mean it?" Marty asked me askance.

"I'm telling you as a friend, go for it" I said smiling, I then hugged Marty "good luck pal"

"Man I wish you was coming with us" Marty said returning the hug.

I felt Darcy's hand fall on my shoulders, she was smiling her sly smile at me "we both do, but the luggage load took up your seat" she said sarcastically.

Smirking I hugged her as well "I'll miss you too Darcy Williams"

I broke away, trying not to show my sadness for the departure of my only best friend.

I was happy for them, really…but I couldn't help but feel I had lost one more piece of my life. I had lost so many others.

I still remember watching those two board their plane for England, Marty gave me one last look for a long time before I would meet him again, he asked me "hey, can you handle yourself?"

I grinned, "Yeah, don't worry about me. I have plans for my future".

I remember that as I watched as the plane took off, my best friend flying away from this dark city to a bright future in one of the best colleges in the world… I took out the sketch I had made regarding my vigilante costume.

I thought in my head, "and my future, lies with using my gifts for the cause they should have been used for: elimination of evil!" a scowl of my hatred for criminals arising on my face.

I left the airport; heading to the taxis to call a ride to the hospital to visit my comatose sister…something inside me told me that she might awake today.

And lately my gut had always been right, so I believed it.

I began to lift my arm to call a taxi when I heard the familiar voice of someone I didn't expect to be there at the airport.

"Kagae Kishi… what a surprise to see you here" it was Dorian finch.

"Same here" I said solemnly.

"What brings you here?" he asked business man like to me, I felt a surge of darkness emanating from him…a surge that felt somehow familiar.

Curious I decided to investigate; I also wondered why he was here anyway.

"I'm sorry to hear about your teacher, I heard she was a remarkable woman" Dorian said sadly.

"Yeah she was…so was my sister" I said curtly, "what do you want? You think I'm not curious that my father's biggest rival and naysayer, part of the stupid council's money pool, he is right here because he's concerned about MY losses and wants to offer condolences?"

Dorian just chuckled simple, "no… I am just concerned about your family that's all and business man to another businessman's son I decided to give a favor to said son…plus I was here to make sure a shipment came in here on time, it's very important for one of my projects"

"More weapons?" I asked snidely.

"No…something that will change the city…for the better" Dorian said smiling with pride, and I could almost swear he said "and everything else…"

He then noticed my strange look, and said dismissing his previous actions "but mostly I'm here to offer you a chance to help your family and to get you home safely…"

"Safely…why?" I asked confused.

"Because…" Dorian finch responded, "I know who the brain of crime is, and the brain knows you know want his head!"

I froze, did he really?

"Who…who is he?" I asked.

"I'll tell you on the way Kagae, the brain has eyes and ears and doesn't like to be known." Dorian pressed.

In that regrettable moment, I defied my gut feeling and got in Dorian Finch's limo.

Biggest mistake of my life, and it most certainly was not the last.

As I entered I secretly turn on my memory tape recorder, if he had information on the brain…I had to have evidence to be used…evidence I could get to Jeremy at the police if I could.

Dorian didn't talk much during the drive; it was only when we were over the Stamford Bridge leading into lunar city that he talked.

"So tell me, what you already know about the brain so far is?" he asked businessman like.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked suspiciously, "why would you care?"

"Well because he is the one behind lunar's juggernaut of a crime wave. The city has suffered enough and the council…" Dorian explained.

"Can't do a dang thing about it" I finished for him.

"No Kagae…they WONT do anything about it" Dorian added sadly.

"What?" I asked shocked, but in a way not surprised at the knowledge that came after my question.

"The council doesn't want to end the crime wave, they just say they do. The refuse to up the crime fighting under the fear of escalation, but in truth…they just want to let this crime wave go on for as long as they can allow it to cleanse the city of the "unnecessary rabble" that live in its arteries." Dorian explained.

"The "Unnecessary rabble" would be?" I don't understand…" I said acting confused.

"Idealists, the poor, cops that they can't buy, D.A's that won't turn a blind eye for them so their profits don't get lowered. What I'm telling you Kagae is the council won't do anything about the crime wave because they are allowing it as long as they get paid. And since all crime in this city is being managed by one man, the brain of crime, they get their under the table money by him…they ship the guns, he buys them gives them to the criminal gangs under his employ: the night skulls and the Red death gang, and he takes a share of their profits for himself and gives the rest to the councils greedy hands, add a circle to that plan and there is the cause for the brains crime wave…the city's weak, and its run by corrupt bureaucrats Kagae… but out of all the brains attacks no one has been in the same area they were happening twice or seen the brain except for you" Dorian added smartly.

"How did you know?" I asked narrowing my eyes.

"Gossip runs through the city and business world like a plague Kagae, and besides…why would I be interested if I wasn't keen on stopping a serious problem?" Dorian said chuckling.

"Yeah, I saw him…at least I think I did, guy like him…could have been a lackey pretending to be the brain so he'd be protected" I said, telling him what I knew.

"Very good Kagae, trying to become a detective someday are yah?" Dorian joked.

"so the brain….he ordered my sister Rachel's rape and Mariko and my deaths to shock my father into withdrawing his anti-crime movement as it would have gathered too many followers and would have forced the council to improve…and based on what you've told me if it be true…that didn't sit well with the brain."

"Figures, it figures he would do something so bold…what with your ties with the police force by way of family, but what good is that ties. Everything in this city is owned by the brain and the people are bereft about it all" Dorian scoffed sympathetically.

"And the police force of lunar, the courts, and the lawmen of the city, What about them…?" I asked questionably, then narrowed my eyes "some of them are bought off, aren't they?"

"Half on the brains payroll, including your cousin Jeremy…." He noticed my shock and then added smiling sinisterly, "who do you think it was that I had pull all of The far sides Patrolling force into handling the riot in The beach front park, so that no one would hear you and your sisters screams?"

I froze, taking in what he had said.

"That's right Kagae…" Dorian grinned devilishly, "I am the brain of crime."

Of course, how could I have been so blind!

"And you're going to kill me right? Like you did Mariko" I asked, the rage building inside me…getting ready for his attempted murder which was obviously why he had me get in this limo for…eliminate a potential witness that could identify him…especially with this confession he just gave me.

Good thing I kept that recorder on me, and had it running…got all of this on tape…now all I had to do was get out of this alive.

"no Kagae…I planned on having you seriously hurt that night along with the rest of your sisters as part of my "ultimatum" to your father, But someone on my payroll paid my hitman, the black alley cat murderer off for you and Mariko to be shot instead. Part of a personal vendetta this "copper" had on your family. It wasn't part of my plan…but, I have to admit it was good…" grinning at me he added "wasn't it a good show to behold Kagae?"

Right at that moment I snapped.

I lunged at Dorian with murder in my mind, but before I laid a hand on him he punched me back into my seat.

It wasn't a normal punch …no…it was almost, superhuman.

Before I could think about more on the subject, Dorian punched me again, and again, and again.

Then he pinned me to my seat with his foot on my chest and grabbed me by the throat, chocking me.

"You think you can do anything to stop me, that you have anything, any power against me? I don't know who was more pathetic, you father and his efforts to fight crime or you and yours!" he leaned in closer his grip tightening.

"I own this city kid and the law enforcement in it, there may be brave souls here like D.A Salvador hardy but everyman has his weakness and when my hitman comes out of jail due to no evidence against him, I'll use the D.A's own weakness against him and make him work with my system of control for as long as I want the system to work before I launch my new project. But you…you Kagae, have survived all my attacks, on you or your being in the wrong place at the wrong time…and you want vengeance…heck maybe even justice, a dream that doesn't exist in the real world. You think you are strong with no weakness, but you have a weakness too... and you live with them every day. I should shoot you in the head right now, but that would only eliminate your own pain… your own death doesn't matter to you as much as it should. But your mother, who goes to Bloomindales for her hair appointment… BANG, your father coming out of his office, BANG…people like you who have family, people they care about and have everything to lose… they are weak twigs that can be broken by a simple thought and action. I'm the sharp trimming blade and you and your family are twigs of my spruce tree, twigs that I can snap with no repercussion… but I'm a businessman so I'll tell you this. You breathe a word of what I told you to anyone, and your mother will be my first target and then everyone else. And don't get any balls and take this to the press or the grand courts or fight me with your fathers money, your Kagae Kishi…one rich boy in a world of privilege and you think that you, a normal person, a rich one yes but still normal… can make a difference in fighting death, crime, and murdering and all that other crap you hate? Well sorry Kagae, those things you hate give me and people like me and our clients a lot of money, and those good people happen to buy all that stuff you hate too because they love the debauchery.

People aren't as good as you think, why do good people do this…because they love it.

Money and vice is power and those with the money have all the power, so long as crime is profitable and everyone's carnal desires run rampant for more at the right price for anything, vice, prostitution, guns, murder, slavery…anything like that can be bought for the right price…so people will pay for it with cash, Murdering, Thievery…anything necessary to get what particular Sins, vices that they've let themselves get addicted to with no one to force them to indulge themselves in.

anyone like that …which is a good amount of people in the world… can be bought, and people who can't be bought will remain always having ties to something or someone that can be taken from them by people like me… and can be intimidated into doing anything to keep their loved ones safe…by people like me.

Crime will always reign free, as it always will…because no one wants to do anything about it, because in this day and age, what you hate a long time ago? It was once seen as evil, taboo, and degrading. Now it is universally seen as fun, right, appropriate and profitable…and with society's acceptance crime goes free more than it does getting stopped.

You want to know why society chooses to accept crime today.

It's because their more worried about threats from outside their country than within…they're more afraid of some eastern terrorist blowing up another airplane than normal criminals inside the country.

But then there are people like you who either plan to, or do…take the law in their own hands… or want to become vigilantes.

You know why people really become vigilantes?

Because no one is dumb enough to try and stop the bad guys, unless they are nobody. Someone nobody in crime knows who they are, and vigilantes, but no one can hide their identity in this world of the world wide web and twitter for god's sake…people can find out who they are…and that's why they don't make no difference when they do try and make one. Because if they even try to make a difference and stop the bad people in the world… like I told you…vigilantes and do-gooders or lawmen get cocky and they lose everything.

Just like everyone else who tries to stop the criminal juggernaut.

Cops try and beat corruption and crime and get gunned down…and a rich guy's daughters gets shot and raped for his idealism. This world doesn't need heroes or big shot rich boys trying to make the world a better place, you know why? Because if it did, people like me wouldn't own an entire city now would they? Now, GET OUT OF HERE!"

Dorian kicked me in the chest sending me flying out the side door of his limo out into the rain drenched dirt of my family's mansions front drive.

"remember Kagae, You tell, and I'll make sure you lose everything that you still have…just as I did with your father losing his sense of safety for his family, and the Deering's their pathetic lives for stiffing me on their sons not paying for the drugs they trafficked without giving me a share of the profit. I keep my threats, and you Kagae…had better believe my word. You can't do anything against me, a rich man's son… with no evidence against me…" he pulled out in his hand… in it was my tape recorder!

I watched in agony as he took the tape out at shredded it and tossed it at my feet with the recorder in the rain and the mud.

"Keep your mouth shut… or I'll make you the loneliest rich orphan in lunar city… watching the rest of your family die…Think about it!" Dorian said giving me his ultimatum.

I starred glaring at Dorian's limo as it speeds away down the driveway.

My family wasn't home, so they couldn't have seen what had transpired.

My face was burning with anger.

But I wasn't just mad at Dorian, I was mad at myself.

I had him… I had found out everything…and I just made things worse instead of better.

I went into the mansion.

My rain soaked jeans soaking the carpet floor, lightning crashing outside the windows of my family's mansion.

I entered my room, locked the door and in that moment I went berserk.

Pure, UN-restrained, mad at the world berserk!

I opened my closet, tore my clothes from the hanger and tossed them to the floor. Threw my top mattress of my bed over the side and in that second I began pounding my fist in the floor. Then I clutched my head in frustration.

"Stupid…stupid…stupid" I growled at myself, "You knew there was something wrong with him and you still got in the limo…now you can't do anything! You now know who he is and you can't do anything!…no, no…no…calm down…" I stammered trying to keep my sanity upon the shock of the revelation that I had met the man who had helped murder my sister and placed my family under his thumb, from finding out Jeremy had a hand in this as he was on the brains payroll like the council was…and that as Kagae Kishi, despite my strength and powers I was still powerless to stop the brain and avenge my sister.

Still powerless to free my family from the brains clutches.

"No…no… wait a moment…" I calmed down, falling against the wall in exhaustion, I was glad no one was home…no way would I want them to have heard all of that, seen all of this, "no…he's right…I can't do anything, not as Kagae Kishi…everyone knows me, even my enemy…scratch that, my enemies know who I am. I don't have just ONE enemy anymore, and I can't fight them with my powers as Kagae Kishi…not with that threat against my family on me now if I do…but, wait…but…as someone else….if I were someone else as I fought them, someone unknown, someone with an unknown identity… someone the brain doesn't know…a vigilante with an unknown identity… an unknown variable.

"Wait…The brain doesn't know about my powers!" I reminded myself, "he thinks I'll attack him with my father's money or my fists…if I appear in a different persona…a persona designed to fool and confuse the criminal element…and make them fear this, phantom, then they'll look for him and not poor ,tortured, weak, helpless rich boy Kagae Kishi…two different ego's!

That's the key!

If I appear as someone else with my powers, revealed to the underworld of lunar, someone with no other identity or records…then I can fight him!

No one knows I have dark superpowers, powers that can be used against darkness…anti darkness…I like the sound of that.

An alter ego of anti-darkness, a knight of the night… a living shadow!

I could keep their attention on that persona and its exploits, and not me… and my family, no one would know that Kagae and…whatever I'll call myself was the same person.

Because as this persona I'll be stronger, faster, smarter…and ready, ready to wage war on crime and prove that there is still good in this city and the world, and that it has had enough with Evil!

While as Kagae Kishi, I'll be weak…normal…no one would be the wiser!

While as that persona I could be my super powered self…mysterious, fast, stealthy…and with a serious penchant for justice and retribution against all crime…something that all criminals would fear…the ultimate antithesis of evil.

And since I could very well tell what was evil, smell evil…heck, I could even sense evil… than maybe I could use my hatred for evil and my shadow powers to really become a force of anti-darkness.

But what, what would I be…what would I call myself…. And how would I appear…WHAT!? HOW?!

I asked that question to the void of the stormy night sky outside, stumped.

I didn't really expect an answer because I was asking rhetorically.

But … As If to answer my question, the storm outside blew open my windows, and the gusts of winds caught my comic collection given to me by Mr. Maypole.

Two comics in particular fell from the pile, pushed by the wind to the ground in front of me.

I starred at them, perplexed…could it really be that simple?

The two comics in question were ones about the shadow and batman.

With the one shadow comics cover, was the vigilante scourge of the underworld leaping through the air avoiding gun fire from the 1930's mobsters drawing his dual 45s, his shadowy ink like trenchcoat and blood red scarf mask flowing supernatural. All the while the while he was laughing sinisterly at their futile attempts to kill him, because as he put it "crime does not pay"

The batman comic had a shadowy silhouette of a clock towers gargoyle, with the dark knight prowled on it like a human bat, eyeing the city of Gotham for any criminals, crime, Supervillian's, or any force of darkness that dared strike the people of this city because he swore long ago that no one would ever go through what he had again…losing his parents, his family again!

Kind of a mutual feeling between the comic character and me there, because despite my want for vengeance on the brain of crime…I felt compelled to use my powers to instead eliminate evil wherever I found it, and return the pain that was used by criminals to put pain on innocent people like Mariko back at the criminals!

And like them, I was going to find out who was behind the conspiracy to shoot Mariko…and to take the brain of crime down and any criminals I could.

But to do that I had to investigate my traitorous cousin and the brain of crime and then when I have what I need… well, Jeremy's still family so he won't get what even half of what I plan to do to the brain of crime.

Seeing those comics, and thinking of their methods, Dark, stealthy, (the shadow) but I refused to kill because killing is evil unto itself (batman)…my philosophy of crime fighting was born…and so was my alter ego.

It was how I saw how criminals like brain should be treated…punished, but never would I kill…rough them up…but not kill.

However I thought if it was someone unredeemable like blackie nelson…maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing!

That I knew would be my biggest moral challenge, facing blackie…my sister's killer!

And also, how I would handle criminals like him in the future!

While thinking these thoughts an image came inside my head, an image…of a costume.

Getting a pencil and paper I drew the image in my head and when I was done found that I myself was impressed with the resulting sketch.

The costume alone without my shadow powers could hide my true identity, perfectly.

Thinking to myself, that the brain may think he has me beat by telling me everything under the threat of killing my family if I talk, but you see…that was his biggest mistake…I know his secret…he doesn't know mine…and I'm coming for him!

"I have use for you, but first you…I need a name, and…" I looked at my hand, healing from the brains attack on me in the limo, scowling at it "I need to get myself ready!"

Right now, I stop remembering, writing and continue my training.

Yes, that right for the first part of this journal entry, I have been writing about my origins up to this moment, the day my best friend left for happiness.

All of which you had read before, was just me reflecting on my past…getting ready for the future.

It was all memories of everything before up to this point in time, that I now really take off with the story, because after this entry I will become the shadow knight and any readers who still care can now know that this is where I decided once and for all, to become the shadow knight… and take the battle to the brain and end the crime wave, and deliver my family and the city from the grip of the crime lord and rectify any hurt he has done…if I can.

Yes that's right; you've been reading the journal of the shadow knight: the scourge of the underworld….and this is where one life, my life… begins anew again.

You've all read my motivation, now I am getting ready to become the shadow knight.

My plan is to get Blackie nelson first, when he gets out…and he will due to lack of evidence. The brain covers his lackeys tracks well… he is going to go after black haired girls again…I'm guessing the D.A's daughter like the brain hinted at in the limo.

And when he goes to attack Clarice like he did me and my sisters, and do to her like he did Rachel…I will be there hunting him!

Right now I am here in my sister's graveyard, training in the abandoned caretaker's cottage.

No one comes this far out here, or as much here at all to the graveyards.

But this is where my sister is buried; if I'm going to train to avenge her death and Rachel's rape…it might as well be where she was.

Besides, I felt at home being around here…it was like I could feel her presence inside me.

Guiding me.

I will not write in journal again, until I have succeeded. If I fail, at least out of all of lunar…I was the sole person who decided not to wait on a corrupt law system and enforcement, and decided to do what these "serve and protect" cops and "were for the people" city council should have done a long time ago…used the law to get society's riff-raff who abuse it and feast on the peoples sheep like fear of them and their societies understanding and cynical belief in "what can one person do, let alone hundreds against criminals, crime cannot be eliminated"

Maybe their right, maybe crime can't be eliminated…but it sure as heck can be reduced.

Those monsters crossed the line three times with me, Rachel, Mariko, and Mrs. Darby. Those where the pains they gave me, and my powers inside me are screaming to be used…and my tortured mind can still hear the screams of my sisters that night, as well as the wails of those in the city thirsty for deliverance and justice.

I close this chapter with this message, "if I failed…then I failed trying, which is more than I can say for most of lunar. The only way bad people get away with their evil in this world is when the good guys don't do anything…and by god, I sure as heck am going to show them what happens when you break the camel's back…he comes at you, biting and braying!"

End of line….for now.

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