The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 1 of 3

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Chapter 8: The Brain Of Crime Strikes!

The next day, thanks to the evidence I gave the D.A, blackie was going to be sent to the be executed by lethal injection, and the corrupt cop had been put under probation and inquiry… well 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

I watched the news on T.V in the hospital room with Rachel, who was now awake.

Nothing was said about any vigilante bringing blackie to justice, not that I cared… I wasn't doing this for the media.

I was doing this for my family, and my job wasn't over… but that job was for when it was needed… right now as Kagae Kishi, I needed to be there for my family.

Rachel was still devastated over what had happened, but she managed to try and buck up and try and look on the bright side, she was alive and she was glad I was alive too. She thought I was going to die when she saw blackie shoot me in the chest.

If she knew I was saved by a super powered blood that held a healing factor, I don't think she wouldn't find my miracle survival as miraculous, I sure didn't.

Rachel loved me so much, would she still if she knew it was my fault she was like this?

"I'm glad they found that monster, now he can burn in the place he belongs" Rachel scowled at the T.V screen, and then she saw my face, my sadness.

"Kagae?" she asked me.

"Rachel…I'm sorry, what you are like now…. It's my fault" I said, trying to fight back tears.

"Kagae, it wasn't your fault… why would you think I would blame you" Rachel asked in disbelief, putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Because I blame myself, I hate myself for that night… Rachel I have…" I was going to tell her everything, like I did Mariko, maybe she would hate me for it… but I would have deserved it, but then she grabbed me and embraced me in a hug.

"Stop blaming yourself, you didn't kill our sister, and you didn't maim and rape me… it was that man and he alone did all that… I will not let you blame yourself for this" Rachel said as she hugged me.

"You've been here recuperating Rachel; I have been scared too… I've been having nightmares of that night and attacks of grief; I don't think I will ever lose it… I think its forever" I said embracing her back.

"And I will never walk without a chair or have a child, I'm just as scarred" Rachel assured.

"Oh no… not as much" I thought.

"But you have me, and the family… we'll help each other get through this. Like Mariko said "family is there for us, even in the darkest storms"

"I miss her, so much" I cried… dam, could never control my tears when it came to Mariko.

"I miss her too" Rachel assured, stroking my hair like she did when I was small.

The door to Rachel's hospital room opened, but instead of the doctor, (my parents were busy with dad running the company and mom as a lawyer who was persecuting Blackie alongside Salvador hardy) in came to my surprise Jeremy.

He had in his hands sunflowers, Rachel's favorite flowers.

Even though I still had anger at him for not doing the right thing, I understood he did it because he had no choice… but he needed to stay out of the way.

The Brain of crime was mine, and no one else was going to go against him.

Because I was the only one who could fight him without getting shot and killed by a bullet.

My cousin was liable to get just that if he kept going after the brain as I knew now he was trying to do.

"Oh…" he said, seeing the tears on our faces, hugging each other comfortingly brother and sister like, "I'm sorry, I'll come back latter"

"Jeremy!" Rachel said sternly, "Turn around and get in this group hug"

With an awkward smile Jeremy joined the hug.

I couldn't help but notice that I could hear Jeremy's heart rate going at a rate that meant he was really worried about something.

I took this moment to take a look at his memories by touching his hand with my index finger.

I saw it all; about two minutes after my cousin had gotten confirmation on Blackie's fate he got into a big jam.

When he was leaving the office to visit Rachel, down in the underground parking lot of the LCPD building, he was almost in his car when he was pulled out and found himself in a fight with four of the Night skulls gang members, headed by the corrupt cop I dealt with last night… Derek Lensher.

"You cost me my job Jeremy, I know you told that freak show where we were going to be doing the boss's business at. You're lucky the boss doesn't want you dead. However your wife and child are a different story"

"MARIE" Jeremy froze in shock, long enough for a Night Skull to deck him and then they pulled him to the ground and pinned him to the asphalt floor of the underground parking lot.

Derek Lensher chuckled sinisterly, kneeling down so my cousin Jeremy could see him.

"Don't worry she's safe for now… but if you don't co-operate with the boss's orders she won't be… heh heh blackie will assure that" Derek said taking a big whiff of his cigar and blowing it in Jeremy's face.

"What do you want?" Jeremy asked, in defeat.

"the boss wants you to take a task force to the industrial district to a known front operations for our rival gang the Red Deaths, and take them down… do that and I'll tell you where the boss has your family, because he wants you to take down blackie after… he's become a liability now. The boss don't like anyone who fails him when he goes through so much money to fund what they do"

"When?" Jeremy sighed in defiance.

"12:00 P: M noon sharp and don't be late, they'll be gone if you are and then your wife and child die" Derek said laughing, "were done here boys. Let's go get our pay"

The memory ended, Jeremy didn't see it, but I was scowling. Threatening my family again…. BIG MISTAKE!


Blackie had to admit he was relieved that the armoured van delivering him to the death chamber, turned out to be one of the Brains false armoured trucks for such an occasion.

He had been told the boss wanted him to come up with the clothes he had on the night he was attacked.

Why he didn't know why, nor did he know why the boss had been manufacturing vats and canisters full of purple gas and liquid something in this secret area under his corporate backyard.

He had no idea what the brain of crime; Mr. Dorian Finch was up to with this stuff that was supposedly the same stuff that was being transported by that truck during that unfortunate accident that doused the Kishi kid… unfortunate being the kid lived.

Most times he had seen that stuff land on someone it either killed them or poisoned them then killed them.

He bet that in the stuff in those vats down below, if someone fell in them… it would be bye, bye in ten seconds.

He wouldn't mind doing that to the brain, he may like killing girls as the black alley cat murderer but in reality he wanted power, respect, like the brain wanted… if he had to slice some gizzards, he would do it.

He entered the brains room, it was dark, but he knew the boss was there… he could smell his cigar smoke.

"You called me boss?" blackie asked.

"I saved your worthless hide blackie for two reasons and two reasons only I didn't let you go to the death chamber like I should have… well three, you can't find good lackeys as crazy and bloodthirsty as you, but first I want you to hand me your clothes from last night… toss them on the desk"

Blackie tossed the bag containing his last night clothes in the direction of the Brains voice.

"Now… my job for you, I'm sending a supply of my "special weapon" down to the Red Deaths, as a pact of truce to Empress Beatrice" The brain explained.

"But really you're going to use it against her and her gang right?" Blackie asked, interested.

"only two notches below my intelligence Blackie, amazing… that's right, I have… something special in mind for them and the shipment… once its delivered, come back here… I've arranged for you to have some fun with a certain cop and his family"

Blackie grinning evilly left the room to do his task.

In the background, unseen, Dorian Finch, The Brain of crime was busy looking through a microscope… in the dark!?

Trust me; I didn't understand why he was doing this meeting in the dark at the time either.

He was looking at blackie's shirt, coat and pants, as well as his knife.

He was looking through a specially designed microscopic lens designed to enhance and mark out a specific chemical compound.

A compound he found to be all over blackie's shirt.

A compound of the mutagenic chemical that he had manufactured and kept in total secrecy until he could perfect it, unfortunately the batch he had succeed in had been lost in an accident.

He then took in consideration the story blackie told of a shadowy figure with supernatural powers…like a ghost, or a spectre.

He pondered on the connection, and when his mind came up with one… he grinned evilly.

"One more player on the chess board and the king still stands powerful… to the knight"

He then began coming up with plans.


This whole attack was against Jeremy's better judgement. He had to lie to the commissioner that he had received an anonymous tip that the red Deaths were planning on engaging in a gang war with their rivals The Night skulls in the city park at nighttime. He also lied about how he had been told, how he had been revealed the location of the gathering forces, one in the upper west side and the other here… in the Far side's outer rim.

He figured there was more to this attack than what was told by him by Derek Lensher, and if he wanted his family safe… he was going to have to play this game.

But being a good poker player, Jeremy planned on seeing if he could find a loophole in this disaster that could work to his benefit.

The Attack squad awaited orders from their leader, soon the order was given: take them down.

The squad entered the building, guns at the ready.

They knew the Red Death and their leader's tactics, no prisoners.

Two minutes passed, and Jeremy waited anxiously for the outcome.

Suddenly from up on the rooftops came a familiar voice, a voice that frightened Jeremy.

"Here's a package for ya…PIGS!"

When it hit the ground, Jeremy remembered it from his time served in Afghanistan.

"GRENADE, GET DOWN!" he screamed.

A huge explosion engulfed the squad car on the left side of the street, and as soon as Jeremy and his fellow cops ducked for cover behind their vehicles, gun fire erupted from the rooftops.

Jeremy brandishing his gun from its holster looked up past the Ensuring Gunfight to see up on the rooftop, were the Night skulls, and Blackie nelson… the supposedly on his way to the death chamber serial killer… laughing his butt of brandishing his favorite old time machine gun.

"Holy, Holey Pigs batman! Holy, Holey Pigs batman! Ha ha ha" he laughed evilly.


The Strike team busted down the doors of the main Cargo area of the warehouse, the place that intelligence had told them The RED DEATH gang would be.

They entered the area, but found nothing but a bunch of crates with electrical locks on them.

Suddenly from up from the second floor loading crane floor came the voice of Madame RED, leader of the RED DEATH gang.

"Well, well…what have we here comrades?" she asked her men.

"Kosaks!" her men all screamed in union, behind their masks. With a wave of their red cloaks they all drew their guns and aimed at the strike team.

The strike team aimed as well, creating a Mexican standoff situation.

"the brain seems to have betrayed us my fellow comrades, after we deal with this flock of sheep… we'll go and murder that Kosak for this betrayal… first he pays us very little for a simple snatch and grab, and now he tries to downsize us permanently…pft, men"

"Put down your weapons and surrender" the strike leader ordered.

"you're in no position to make demands, although I have to admit" Madame red snickered, "you are quite the looker, I think I'll keep your corpse after the Red rain has washed over you and your strike force"

Suddenly the P.A system of the warehouse turned on, which surprised both parties since this warehouse was gutted and abandoned.

"Good day Madame RED, strike team alpha" spoke the voice of the brain of crime, Dorian Finch.

"You Betraying Cossack, I'll get you for this" Madame RED screamed at the intercoms.

"Today you are all going to play a part in an experiment of mine for a new weapon, a weapon I must say… is the best I have ever built… goodbye" the brain said laughing.

Suddenly the crates in the room exploded, flooding the whole room from top to bottom with a purple gas.

While outside, during the gun fight.

Jeremy watched as one of his fellow cops Maria was taken down by a bullet in the shoulder.

Ducking bellow fire, he crawled over to her and pulled her to safety.

Blackie, the man he had to kill in order to free his family, was up on the rafters trying to kill him and his boys in blue.

He now knew the brain planned on murdering him here, and then blackie and then his family… and there was nothing he could do about it.

Everyone who could fight was pinned down, and by the time the attack squad found out what was happening they could all be dead.

They needed help…. And that help just arrived.

One of the gun wielding goons from the top of the water tower of the building blackie and the hit men were firing on suddenly had a hand of steel grip his gun and bend the barrel.

He looked to his side to see the red eyes of the shadow knight.

Before he could react, one punch, one punch of steel hit his jaw knocking him out.

Blackie and the gunmen heard the sound of one gun not firing from above and they looked up.

The gun men were shocked, Blackie was terrified.

"SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM!" he screamed.

Like clockwork the goons fired upon me, and in a swift moment I turned into my living shadow form and jumped from the tower to the ground below.

The bullets phased through my body, as long as I stayed a shadow…it would stay that way.

At least that's as much as I knew about what my powers could do.

No time for doubting yourself Kagae, you doubt yourself you'll open yourself up to failure and then the cops and Jeremy a dead.

Before I hit the ground, I created a sphere of miasmic energy and threw it to the ground below.

It erupted in a flash when it hit the ground, creating a smoke screen if you will of a purple smoke type mist.

"Who is that guy!?" Jeremy could hear one of his fellow boys in blue ask one of their partners.

"I don't know, but he's kicking those jerks butts!" he heard another say.

"What do we do?" asked another.

"Help him out!" Jeremy screamed.

Each of his men drew their guns and took shots at the gun men whenever they could see them in the mist up above.

One fell, then two, then five.

The silhouette of the mystery vigilante soon was the only thing standing in the mist that soon was clearing.

When the smoke cleared, the vigilante was there standing, holding blackie's face in his palm… doing some kind of interrogation technique or something.

But Jeremy could see I wasn't in shadow form, I was in normal form.

He now saw the true image of the shadow he saw last night, a man wearing a metal mask with a scowl on its face, with glowing red eyes, a black Trenchcoat, a katana, a gun and a wide brimmed slouch hat.

He also saw that I was too busy searching blackie's twisted memories for the whereabouts of the brains hideout and wasn't noticing the one goon who has regained consciousness and had also regained his gun.

In my normal form I could be shot, but my healing factor could save me… although I doubted at the time it could from a bullet to the head.

Jeremy took his shot, and the goon was down.

Seeing what he had done, I looked down to the street bellow at him… nodding in thanks.

I continued to probe blackie's mind, skipping his dark memories of the murders, mostly in fear of that triggering another moral choice problem for me again… and I saw something, something about this location.

Then I saw what the brain really wanted to happen here!

I dropped blackie and waved my arms frantically, my dark voice screaming "GET AWAY! GET AWAY FROM THE BUILDING; GET THEM OUT OF THE BUILDING!"

Suddenly the building exploded with gas erupting from the various entry points of the warehouse.

Gas that was eerily the same as mine!

"ALPHA TEAM, ALPHA TEAM COME IN" Jeremy screamed into his walkie- talky.

I then realized while I was trying to tell my cousin and his team about the buildings sinister trap, blackie had taken this moment of distraction to escape down the buildings fire escape.

Cursing losing him, I decided it didn't matter… I knew his secrets; I knew where the brain was and where Jeremy's family was!

I jumped down from the rafters in shadow form, just in case I might be shot by one of the cops. The gas coming out of the building was similar in design to my miasmic powers!

They might have thought I did this, and despite that thought I had to save the strike team… and get to bottom of this gas.

As soon as I was climbing up the stairs to the loading area of the building I found I could breathe the stuff easily, it wasn't toxic… but familiar.

Then I realized why.

It was the same stuff as my own powers; I could feel it as I entered the loading room. It was the same stuff, by weaponized as something else!

I broke into the cargo area to see a sight that socked even me.

The RED DEATH gang and the Strike force were strewn around the area… unconscious. Their faces skin where colored greyish blue and their blood veins were colored black.

At that moment the loudspeakers system came on again.

"I knew you would show up, couldn't let your cousin die huh?" said the voice of the brain.

"DORIAN FINCH!" I growled, angry at the realization that somehow he knew who I was.

"I have to admit that when my precious mutagen was lost to the sewers I was worried I would have to start from scratch and would never know the power I could gain from it" The brain sighed.

Power I could gain from it?

Was the brain using the stuff that made me superhuman on himself as well?

Like a kind of designer drug, no… something inside me told me it was more than that.

"But when you were washed by the mutagen I call liquid miasmic, you gained powers from it like it was intended to do… to a certain type of human. This stuff is toxic to all but that type of people, acts like a super acid. But as I found, it can be used in many other ways…like what I did to these pieces of the chessboard I have just added to my side…" the brain chuckled, "oh yeah, I think you should know that I know it was you who beat blackie last night… I look forward to killing you, Kagae"

"I don't know who this Kagae is, but if he's someone ELSE you've wronged… "I lied, "he will be someone else who will receive justice when I find you!" I glared at the speakers.

"hmm…" the brains voice said, and I could tell right then and there…I had managed to fool him with my shadow knight voice, I felt pride in that accomplishment "the Kishi boy or some poor soul who got caught in the mutagen tank explosion or maybe some stupid homeless wretch living in the sewers the exact time the mutagen washed away forever into the drains of lunar. No matter who or what you are shadow knight I will find out, but not today. Today…Let's see how strong you are… try and save all these meat sacks in two seconds before the bombs explode!" the brain challenged.


My eyes narrowed in shock


I waved my coat charging it with my energy.


My cloak enveloped the fallen.


Jeremy watched in shock as the warehouse that held the red death gang and the strike force go up in flames!

He breathed in relief when the mystery vigilante appeared in front the exploded building alongside the strike team and RED DEATH gang.

But he then saw the faces of the strike team's unconscious bodies; at least he hoped they were unconscious!

The mystery vigilante then grabbed Jeremy, and said "we need to talk!"

Jeremy's team watched as he vanished with the mystery vigilante.

Marie, while having her wounds dressed by one of the team members grabbed her Squat phone.

"Officer Marie Delmont reporting gunfight in the far side, Old Warehouse on Spring Street… RED DEATH territory… multiple injuries… massive poisoning of strike team and The RED DEATH gang members alike… possible abduction of officer by a vigilante, I repeat… need assistance!"

I heard, I heard everything… figures, they probably thought the purple smoke was from me.

But no, my powers don't do that to people… or maybe they didn't yet.

But right now my sisters murderer was getting away about to upgrade himself to being my cousin's family's killer.

No way was I letting Margret and little "Kassie" be killed by that maniac, but I knew nothing would stop my cousin Jeremy from marching into hells gate alone if I told him where his wife and child were… but I also knew he would be instrumental in bringing down the brain… if I could prove to him that Dorian Finch was behind this gassing.

I released him from my grasp; instinctively he drew his gun and aimed it at me… even though he knew it probably would do nothing against me.

"you're going to try and gas me for being on the brains payroll… go ahead do it, but know you will do it to a man whose trying to atone for the blood on his hands" Jeremy said to me.

As shadow knight I shook my head, "that wasn't me. It was the brain. I know all about your dealings with the brain… I know you did it out of love for your family. I also know your family's in danger… I further more I also know where they are going to be!"

"What? Why…why do you care about MY problems, my family?" Jeremy asked.

"I am anti darkness incarnate; I hate all evil that is done to good people. I want the brain for what was done to your family, and now… for what he's done to the strike team!" I said growling, "I refuse to let blackie kill another family's child or daughter! If you and I work together, we can get them out without any un-pleasantry's and expose the brain for good!" I said dangling the bait of the offer.

"Where are they?" Jeremy asked taking my offer… made sense because I was the only one who he knew could lead him to his family.

"The brain moves them from one factory to another in the city… but this time he's moved them to the place where he's manufacturing the gas and something worse… something I fear might be more dangerous than I believe" I was referring to the mutagen that gave me my powers, and created this gas.

"He will move them there in four hours… wait for me before you barge in detective" I said.

"Wait where are you going!" demanded Jeremy.

"Interrogation" I answered.

"Oh no, you're staying here with me until my family is safe and then you're going to jail, vigilantism is against the law" Jeremy ordered.

"In a city that abuses that law? I'm not breaking the law… I'm following the law that isn't being used… you don't believe I'm necessary to defeat the criminals that own this city… then you really don't deserve my help!" I lied of course, I wanted to help him and was going to, but he had to get the message straight!

After a while, Jeremy relented and let his gun down.

"You could at least tell me how to get out of this dark room we are both in" Jeremy said regarding where I had taken him.

"It's a janitor's closet in the men's room of the cross town subway system… the doors right behind you" I said disappearing into the shadow realm.

I nearly laughed out loud when my cousin opened the door behind him in the darkness to see that it was indeed a janitor's closet to the men's room of the cross town subway station.

I then looked around at the city's energy counterpart in the shadow realm, I was looking for a single evil signature, a single dark aura… and I found him.

Partying on his pay received by the brain for his services in the gassing trap, Derek Lensher, corrupt cop, man who never learned his lesson was going to get his punishment in the T and T casino and nightclub in the Neon district's Sin Avenue…. Courtesy of the shadow knight.

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