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End The Human Race Or Save Them? Surprised Selene was sent stumbling backwards. When she regained her focus and balance, she read the words aloud, "Everything is about to change." End the human race or save them? I was given this choice many times. I have the ability to manipulate time and now I wish I had the ability to turn back time. Rebellions broke out around colonized space, but these weren't your ordinary rebellions. The forces we were up against were fast, strong, smart and killing machines. The end is coming and it's time for me to make the executive decision. Time is ticking, but I guess when you're like me, time is on your side.

Scifi / Adventure
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A Messgae For Me

Everyday followed the same pattern for Selene, but today was an exception. Selene maneuvered her way through the infinite crowds of her home city, Searapace. There were people of all ages. The young and innocent, the stressed-out parents, the ones nearing death’s doors and the ones thinking how life is unfair and cruel. The noise level was loud enough to give you permanent hearing loss as people shouted over one another. Selene made her way towards the entrance of the over-crowded tube shuttle station. Hundreds of commuters lining up, standing outside the entrance barrier. The barrier flashing green indicates the commuters that they are to enter. The red indicating that you aren’t to be inside until you pay the fee. Selene sprints to reach one of the lines before more well-dressed commuters of Searapace showed up for the morning rush hour.

The waits were tremendously irritating and extensive. Bodies forming single file lines that stretched through the sparkling white sidewalks of the city. Scented flowers in the air mixed with cleaning solution. The alcohol in the solution burning the nose hairs inside your nose and filling your nose with a burning sensation of a fire inside. The shimmering glass tube shuttles speeding in and out of the station nimbly. Selene flashed her student ID card in front of the sleek black scan protruding from the side of the building. A second passes before the transparent red barrier blocking the entrance turned to a bright lime green. She places a foot through the barrier and walks through onto the shiny marble flooring with obsidian black veins. As soon as Selene passes through the now green barrier, the barrier then quickly changed back to the deep cherry red colour it was before, stopping any others to pass through.

The platform of the station was no better than the lines outside the station. Bodies of all sizes squeezed onto the platform. Men in formal business suits carrying briefcases with a firm face. Women in pantsuits or tight skirts while balancing on one-inch heels and holding purses in one hand. Teens with audio buds in their ears, eyes fixated on their tap screens and their thumbs flicking around the keyboard, sending comms to one another. And children clinging to the arms of their guardian with a bright smile on their small innocent faces and a gleams of happiness in their eyes.

A few agonizing minutes later for Selene, the transparent, shimmering glass shuttle tube came floating into the station before coming to a halt in front of the eager passengers awaiting the doors of the shuttle to open. As soon as the glass doors slid open, a wave of passengers filed off the glass tube. The wave of passengers died down as soon as most of the commuters had loaded off. As the last few people filed off, the eager passengers on the platforms, surged into the long stretching glass tube. There was no orderly fashion, only people pushing and shoving one another to find a good space on the shuttle.

Selene quickly dodged the bodies and managed to squeeze past people. Her reflexes were lighting sharp and quick, it was as if time was moving slower for her. It seemed that the passing bodies were walking in slow motion. She managed to squeeze her tall frame through the doors just as they were sliding to a close. She received a clear view of the station outside through the transparent glass doors.

The tube shuttle hovered slowly out of the station before accelerating to a fast pace of 100 km/h. The tube shuttle bolted through the city. It passed the white office buildings that reached towards the heavens, high rise condominiums, floating restaurants, small business shops and other hover transports. Through the glimmering transparent glass door, you could see the city was bustling with life. The shining and sparkly hover transports flashed a bright light in your eyes if you starred at a specific spot. The city was a starch white with glass buildings and the occasional green foliage of trees planted on the sidewalks. It was a high-end city and the best place you could live in. Education was the best and your lifestyle was filled with expensive and high tech gadgets. High-end clothing brands, fancy dining every day, clean streets, the best jobs and high-end technology and transportation. As the tube shuttle passed by a sparkling office high rise, she caught a glimpse of her reflection. Crystal blue eyes, pale fair skin and obsidian coloured hair flowing down to her waist, small little ringlets occupying the tips of her hair, stared back at her.

The tube shuttle passed over one of the scattered bright green parks of the large. It was filled with healthy vibrant trees, children and pets running around the great lawn, couples sitting on picnic blankets under the shadows of trees and a water fountain in the middle of the park, squirting sparkling clear blue water high into the air. Selene focused her eyes on the tiny cluster of trees in the park. Beneath the tree’s shadow, there was a figure. The person stepped into a sliver of sunlight that managed to escape through the thick foliage of the trees. The ray of sunlight lit up a portion of the figure’s face. The figure was staring at her through the shadows. It’s eyes never leaving Selene. One stunning chocolate brown eye was all Selene managed to get a glimpse at before the tube shuttle sped off away from the park and out of view.

The tube shuttle flew through the city, stopping at each station along the way before reaching Selene’s destination, Searapace Secondary School. The tube shuttle slowed to a halt in front of the station. The high school was just on the other side of the station and was about to be filled by the students of Searapace High. The tube shuttle came to a slowing halt in front of the platform. The doors once again slide open, but the platform was not crowded with people awaiting the shuttle, it was instead empty. As soon as the doors slid open, all the students attending the high school flooded out of the shuttle and onto the marble-floored platform. Selene was one of the first ones to exit the shuttle. She jogged out onto the platform, glad to be out of the shuttle with hundreds of bodies smashed into the shuttle. Selene quickly made her way out off the platform and up the glass lift to the second floor of the station. From there she sprinted into the glass walkway connecting the high school and the station.

As she reached the end of the walkway, she slowed her pace into a moderate walking speed. She reached for the doors and pulled open the glass doors till it was wide enough for her to comfortably walk through without anything snagging on her bag or clothes. Selene walked through the door and into the high school.

The building was massive. It was so large that any new student would be sure to get lost in the hallways. The reason that this school was so massive in size was to accommodate the growing amount of students that it was receiving. Many students throughout the city strive to get accepted into this school as it had the highest ranking and the best education in the city. It was a well-known school and many people dream of getting into this school. Luckily for Selene, her parents have an extensive amount of money lying around. Though she never really knew what her parents did for a living. All she knew is that their job required them to travel for extended periods of time. She never really cared about what they did. But when her parents were away, she was entrusted in the care of her sweet and loving nanny, Pamala Okane. She was young for this type of profession. She had curly hazelnut hair, almond shaped brown eyes and small thin lips. She had olive coloured skin and was standing at a height of 5′7".

Selene weaved herself into the crowd. Time started to slow down in the eyes of Selene. She felt as if she was floating on a cloud, light and nimble. She dodged the limbs and bodies of other students and she raced towards her small locker on the other end of the hallway. Arms were moving slowly towards, about to make an impact on her stomach but she quickly dodged them. The arms were not intentional but it would have hurt none the less if she hadn’t dodged it in time. She quickly dashed through the crowd with ease as she ducked to avoid accidental swings of the arm. After her reflexes were put to the test in the hallway crawling with students, she finally reached her tiny 30x30cm standard locker. She punched in her PIN number. As she entered the last number, the door swung open to reveal only her schedule hanging on the door, her year planner, her satchel, her tablet screen, stylus and a few slip-on finger keys. She grabbed her satchel containing her main learning tools such as eyes specs, screens and her favourite pair of finger keys. After slinging the satchel over her shoulder, Selene grabbed everything else in her locker, excluding the schedule, and shoved them all into her black satchel. Selene slammed shut her locker door and heard the lock make a clicking noise, signalling that the locker was now firmly shut.

Selene carefully walked with the crowd, not bothering to dodge the bodies of other pupils.

“Selene!” her best friend shouted at her.

Selene swung her head around, looking for the source of the sound. In the middle of the crowd, a slender brown hand was waiving around, a head jumping in and out of view. Bouncy brown curly hair bouncing up and down on Silvia’s shoulders. Selene stopped in her tracks and spun to face her eager best friend.

“Silv, hey!” Selene slung her sack over her shoulder more, securing it in place. “How was your vacation?”

Silvia bound over to Selene and wrapped her arms around Selene, “OMG! There were so many cute boys in the hotel.”

“Alright,” Selene said as she rolled her eyes and continued walking towards her classroom. “I don’t need to know the details of every cute boy you met on your trip to the Seven Beach Wonders.”

“Aww, come on, your no fun, you despise all the boys you come across and reject all the ones that ask you out or flirt with you.” Silvia shot back.

“That’s because boys show off too much and they’re always so arrogant. It gets so annoying how they always talk about themselves.” Selene wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“Hey! I’m right here you know! Not cool.” Aiden cut in, hurt in his voice.

Selene and Silvia directed their heads to where Aiden was.

“Oh my gosh Aiden, you should know that you aren’t one of those people, otherwise I wouldn’t have become friends with you.”

“I know, haven’t you ever heard of sarcasm?” Aiden fired back.

“Of course she hasn’t, she takes everything too seriously,” Sasha said as she came out of the crowd.

“I am not! By the way, Sasha, what time in history did you do for your Interstellar History Paper?”

“Oh, umm, I think I did it about the first colonization of another solar system.”

“Well did you finish the paper?”

“No... why?”

“It’s due today,” Selene said as a matter of factly.

“Wait—WHAT! That was due today?!” Sasha shouted.

“Yeah, weren’t you paying attention, last class? He told us last week.”

Sasha’s cheeks lit up with a glowing red, “Well, I-I umm, I was...” she stumbled, “but umm, I well, the-there was a ... there was a really cute guy sitting in front of me and I couldn’t help but stare at him.”

Selene’s face dropped. A look of disappointment on her face. Her sleek and perfectly trimmed eyebrows raised up in question.

“Really?” Was all Selene could muster up, a frown on her face and disappointment laced in her voice.

“I’m sorry!” Sasha whined, “He was just so cute and I couldn’t help but stare at his luscious locks of golden hair.”

“When are you going to learn that boys all the boys here are dumb and incompetent?”

“Well, how would you know anything about them? You’ve never been on a date, you’ve never had a boyfriend and you’ve never once tried to engage with a boy before.”

“Actually, I have. See, brown-haired and average Aiden here is a boy and I was the one who became friends with him first.” Selene pointed out.

“Yeah, but he’s... just Aiden! There’s nothing special about him.”

In the background, Aiden and Silvia watch the conversation play out and when Sasha replied with the things about Aiden, a look of mock hurt flashed across his face.

“Hey!” Aiden protested, “I am special, I’m the smartest one here.”

“No one cares Aiden, shut up!” Both Selene and Sasha shout at him and continue their endless bickering about boys.

“I’m going to pretend as if that didn’t sting a bit,” Aiden muttered to himself.

Silvia draped an arm around his shoulders, “Don’t worry Aiden, I’m sure they don’t mean it. You know how competitive those two are.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Good, now let’s hurry up and get to Interstellar History, these two are drawing up too much attention.”

Selene and Sasha bickered most of the way to their class, not caring about anyone else.

“The boys in this school are dumb. All they care about is their looks and it looks to me as if they should be doing that because all the girls in this school only care about boy’s hotness.” Selene screamed outraged.

A look of shock and embarrassment washed over Sasha’s face. A light dusting of pink on her cheeks.

“That’s right, you should be ashamed of yourself. You only care about how people look, not for who they are on the inside.”

“Hot guys are so hot though! How could you complain if you had a boyfriend with a hot bod?”

“You could complain if they don’t give a damn about you. They only care about what’s on the outside as well. Chances are you’ll end up as his sex toy, only using you.” Selene’s fury was rising by the second, blood pounding in her ears.

“Sex toy?! Is that all you think guys do? Use girls as toys, playing with their feelings? Well, I’ll have you know that I’ve dated many boys before, and not one of them has ever tried to make a move on me before!” Sasha retorted back in anger.

“So how is it that every relationship you’ve ever been in, has ended with you sleeping with a guy? If they didn’t make a move on you then it must be you that started making moves on them.” Sasha gasped and recoiled at Selene’s comeback, “You know what, I take what I said back.”

“Thank you, see, now you realize that I’m right—”

“Hold on, you didn’t let me finish. I take back what I said about boys using girls as sex toys, I should be saying both genders, boys and girls included, use the opposite sex as toys!” Selene ended.

Behind the bickering pair, Silvia and Aiden watch intently and so did many other students in the hall. The more this argument rambled on, the more attention Selene and Sasha gained. Silvia was getting worried that one of the faculty members would come out and whisk the two girls away.

“What do we do?” Silvia whispered to Aiden worried, fear knotting in her stomach.

“I don’t know, but if this stretches on for another minute, a teacher is bound to notice the commotion and yelling from the hallway.

The two bystanders were silent, both waiting for the other to interject and break up the dispute between the two girls in the hallway.

Silvia made the bold decision and cautiously walked over to Selene, whose head was held high and pride, confidence and determination. She slowly raised a shaking finger to tap the angered girl’s shoulder. She gave a light tap. If Selene has felt it, she gave no recognition to the fact that Silvia was there. Silvia raised her trembling finger once again, but this time used more force when poking her angered friend, careful not to be standing too close.

Through gritted teeth, Selene responded to Silvia’s tap, “What?” She said harshly.

“Stop this, you know this is pointless right?”

“Pointless? Please, this isn’t pointless, this is about the independence and the rights of women. We are always looked down as the lesser of men, but women are just as strong as men and maybe even stronger because we’ve put up with all of their beatings for centuries. What Sasha is displaying is just what men want, for women to be weak and under them. She’s feeding them and empowering them. It’s not right. This is why women are lesser because we don’t stand up for ourselves.”

“I get that, but if this continues on, a teacher is going to come by sooner or later and notice this commotion. When they do, you’ll be sent to the principal’s office and you’ll get in trouble. Do you really want that?”

Selene was silent. No one dared make a sound. No one could tell what would happen next. Silence and tension filled the area. The two girls locked in an intense staring contest.

Selene opened her to speak but just as she was, the warning bell went off. The bell echoed through the silent hallway, startling everyone. It cut through the silence. As the bell ended. Everyone peeled their eyes off the two girls in the hallway. The normal flow of hallway traffic resumed. Students rushed towards there classes so they wouldn’t be late.

Sasha was the first to break the stare. She glared at Selene before flipping her long curly brown hair over her shoulder and shutting away from the scene, head held high.

Selene, Silvia and Aiden watched her strut away towards Interstellar History. Selene spun around to face Aiden and Silvia. Her face showed no emotion which worried Silvia and Aiden, not knowing if she would make an outburst or reply calmly.

“Well? What are you standing around for, we still have class!” Selene turned around again and walked in the direction of her first class of the day.

Silvia and Aiden shared a look at each other and jogged to catch up to Selene.

“Sorry about mentioning you earlier Aiden. I didn’t mean to say those things about you. You aren’t average and you’re a wonderful person.” Selene apologized.

“Well actually, some of the things Sasha said were true. You can be a butt head sometimes—,”

Selene’s attention drifted off from her two friends to the hallway. She managed to stir so much attention with her argument. But what she said was true. Women like Sasha empowered men. Women never stand up for themselves, that’s why women are such easy targets for men. As she scanned the mass of people, she noticed a boy, standing in the middle of the crowd, students parting away from him. They didn’t give him any attention as he stood still. Selene scanned the boy. He had curly brown hair and warm chocolate brown eyes. His eyes fixated on Selene, his gaze never wavering from her. He was wearing a sleek black skin suit, looking flexible soft to the touch. A matching belt of small gadgets hung on his hips. Some of the gadgets, Selene had recognized like the space messenger, the navigator and the hologram displayer. The rest of the small trinkets were a mystery to Selene.

As their eyes connected with one another, the mysterious boy turned around and walked casually into the sea of students. Selene debates whether to go after the boy but rules not to. She then turned her attention back to Silvia and Aiden. When she turned to face them, she found that they were still talking, but not at the same pace they were before. They were talking strangely talking slowly, very slowly. She then looked around at the other students in the hallway. All their actions were sluggish and slow. They looked as if they were in a movie where the characters were running in slow motion towards one another. She turned back to look at the mysterious boy that caught her attention just a few seconds ago. He was still easily walking through the crowd. Like the others, he wasn’t slow or sluggish, but quite the opposite. He was walking at a normal pace, slowly making his way towards the end of the hallway.

Selene made the executive decision to follow the mysterious boy. She quickly walked through the crowd, twisting around the bodies while keeping a constant eye on the boy. When the boy made it to the end of the hallway, he turned his head to look back at Selene. Once he did, he turned back around and grabbed a hold of the silver metal substance of the doorknob leading to one of the classrooms. He twisted open the door, looked back at Selene one last time before disappearing into the classroom, closing the door after entering.

As the boy disappeared into the classroom, Selene quickened her pace and at some point, she broke out into a jog. She quickly reached the door. As she neared, she slowed and came to a halt in front of the door. Selene debated whether she should go in or whether she should continue on to her class. Selene placed a hesitant hand on the doorknob. Finally, after a lengthy debate with herself, she twisted the knob, gently opening the door, poking her head into the classroom before pulling the door wide enough for her to slip in. She closed the door quietly after her. She scanned the room for the mysterious boy, but he was nowhere to be found. She walked deeper into the classroom, scanning the windows and all other possible exits. None of the exits were open or slightly ajar, they were sealed shut. There wasn’t any sign that the boy had even entered the classroom.

Selene looked around the room confused out of her mind. She wondered how the boy could’ve escaped the room. She then considered if she was going insane. Selene ran her slender hand through her long hair, pacing around the classroom, her eyebrows scrunched together. What happened to the boy, she had no idea. She set her hands down on one of the desks and stared down at the desk. Situated on the desk, was a smooth black box. It was 1 cm in height, the length was 5 cm and was in the shape of a square. Selene had seen this type of box before. It was one of the newest models of the hologram messenger. A hologram messenger allows you to record, send or display hologram messages. Selene was always up to date on the newest brands of technology, so she knew exactly how to work it.

Without hesitation, she tapped the top of the smooth metal surface once. The box flickered to life, light blue flashing lights appeared in the air and on the box. Ranges of blue dots hovered in the air. One of the dots was flashing repeatedly. Selene instantly knew what that button was. She tapped the flashing blue dot lightly which opened up to the inbox.

Inside the inbox was one new file that had yet to be opened. Hesitantly, she tapped on the un-opened file. Instantly, the file popped opened. Big letters, the same colour as the dots before, filled the air above the hologram messenger. The size of the sudden letters surprised Selene and sent her stumbling backwards. When she regained her focus and balance, she read the words aloud.

“Everything is about to change.” The message read.

The blue letters flickering on and off for a second before reappearing back in the same place as before. Selene had no idea what it meant or if this message was a joke but she knew that what she was looking at was real. She stared at the words, reading them over and over again in her head.

Everything is about to change...

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