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Building A Future... TOGETHER

Later that night, Jordan sat in bed with her legs stretched across Kurt’s lap. She was doing her best not to grimace as Kurt moved and massaged her sore limbs. Though they had suffered no specific injury, weeks of bed rest had left them weak and prone to blood clots if not properly exercised. As Kurt went through the movements yet again, Jordan allowed her mind to wander, scarcely aware that he was talking to her.

“So everything looked good from your last ultrasound. Dr. Scott called this afternoon. No blood clots, now we just need to keep it that way until you get going with therapy.”


“And the sky was purple today.”

“That’s nice…”

“And I thought we could drive to Vegas tomorrow and get married!”

“If that’s what you want… OW!”

Jordan was pulled back into the conversation when Kurt dropped her left leg on the bed! It hadn’t really hurt her but she was shocked by the sudden rough treatment. Kurt had been nothing but gentle with her since the day they met, something she had at times found infuriating. She glared at him, rubbing her own leg though they both knew she wasn’t hurt.

“What’s going on?” He asked, arms crossed.

“You tell me! Why did you do that?”

“Because you haven’t heard a word I’ve said in the last ten minutes. What’s wrong?” She kept her attention focused on her uninjured leg until Kurt reached out in his annoyingly gentle manner and gripped her chin. “You can talk to me love, you know that.”

She sighed shakily before deciding to unload all her doubts and fears. She knew he could take it, would take it willingly if it made her feel better. He held her hand as she spoke, rubbing his fingers over hers reassuringly, listening intently.

“It’s too much.” She stated bluntly, then barreled forward when Kurt just stared at her expectantly. “It’s ALL too much: my injuries, Julio’s… death, the engagement, my job, Taylor, Nona and the rest of the team. I don’t know where to start with any of it.”

Kurt nodded calmly, considering her statement. He thoughtfully raised her right hand in his and placed a small kiss over the band on her ring finger, a band that belonged to his grandmother. When she had bequeathed it to him, she told him he would know instantly when he met the girl worthy of wearing it.

“Well,” he began slowly. “This,” he placed another kiss to the ring, “is a symbol of how much I love you not a bribe to force you into marrying me. I don’t want to pressure you. There is no hurry to get married as long as that’s what you want?”

“Of course. Yes, Kurt I want that more than anything but not like this…” She gestured towards her injured body. He smiled broadly, leaning over to kiss her.

“Then that’s where we start.” He replied when he pulled back. “We get you back on your feet so you can be a proper “Bridezilla”!” She laughed quietly at his joke.


“I know love. I know you’re scared that you won’t get back to where you were but that’s okay! I love you and I will take you anyway I can get you. But if it bothers you that much, then I will do everything in my power to help you get where you need to be.”

“Thank you. You don’t know what that means to me… I love you too, so much…”

He smiled and kissed her again, making up for all the times he had wished to do so in the hospital but was barely allowed to hold her hand. The kiss began to intensify and Kurt had to pull away with concerted effort knowing Jordan wasn’t ready for anything more. He was saved from his lust by a light knock on the door.

“Come in.” He called, even as he laughed at the way Jordan was still blushing from their kiss. Taylor opened the door with one hand over her eyes as though she were interrupting something. Kurt rolled his eyes as Jordan laughed. “We’re decent Taylor.”

She dropped her hand but kept her eyes squeezed shut for a few seconds longer before peeking cautiously at the two. When she was satisfied the coast was clear, she bounded over to the bed and plopped down, laying her head contentedly in Jordan’s lap.

“I’m glad you’re home!”

She smiled up at Jordan as the two fell into quiet conversation. The older girl stroked her hair softly asking about her day and other motherly concerns. Kurt sat back watching the two, silently thankful for his little family. He hoped he and Jordan would have children of their own some day but for the moment, Taylor was more than enough of a parenting challenge. Kurt watched the band on Jordan’s finger sparkle each time it caught the light and he recalled distinctly the night he had put it there.

Jordan had been in the hospital for over a week at that point, Kurt sleeping by her side every night. She hadn’t opened her eyes in all that time, never acknowledging his presence or the staff’s. Nona had been splitting her time between fretting over Jordan and worrying about Julio. When he succumbed to his infection, she then had the sad task of fretting over Jordan and planning his service. Within a few hours, the infection that claimed Legend sent her temperature soaring and almost insured that she would never wake up. He had sat in his stiff hospital chair, pulled as close to her bed as he could manage and told her everything on his heart and mind. The ring had been in his pocket for months, waiting for the right moment to reclaim his love.

“I know you can hear me love. I know you kept fighting because Nona asked you to…

For all of us. But if this is too much…if it’s too hard to go on…I understand…”

He pulled the ring from his pocket, slipping it on her finger with ease. He’d had it sized just a month after they’d met, having always known she would be the only woman to wear it. Raising her hand to his lips, he kissed it gently before continuing.

“You are my world, love. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, all I ever could want. I admire your heroism, your strength and heart. And if we … if we can’t be together in this life, know I will spend the rest of my days waiting for the time when I can hold you again.”

He fell asleep that night with his head in her lap, her hand draped limply over his shoulders. Three days later, Jordan had opened her eyes, disoriented and staring quizzically at the mysterious ring. When Kurt had tried to explain it to her she had just smiled and informed him, in her now trademark scratchy voice, “I heard you.” He couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her at that moment; ignoring the angry looks her nurses gave. Despite the bandages, bruises, and tubes, she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him.

Kurt watched the two women a little longer before he excused himself, not wanting either to see him with tears in his eyes. They barely noticed, so engaged in their conversation, Taylor filling in Jordan on nearly three weeks of high school gossip. Jordan for her part listened like each story was more important than the last. She really was an excellent mother, mistakes or not. She loved Taylor unconditionally, appreciated how much Kurt tried with her child. Both of them had little to no experience with children before Taylor, save for the occasional and at times trying babysitting gig with Hendrix. Kurt knew this was just the beginning of their legacy, whether Jordan ever put on Firebird’s uniform again or not. He believed she was leaning firmly towards not, as she hadn’t mentioned returning to the team once before that night. Either way, there was much more story to be written and he couldn’t wait for them to write it together.

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