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The Damage Is Done

“Nona? Is it really you? You don’t remember what happened?” Jordan needed answers NOW, she might not get the chance later as it seemed like the DPD wanted them BOTH in custody at this point. Nona shook her head distractedly, as if trying to clear some invisible cobwebs.

“I don’t know what I remember! I dreamed that we… fought…and I hurt you…so bad.” She stared at Jordan with eyes brimming with tears. “I guess it wasn’t a dream… Then, nothing until I woke up in an alley sick to my stomach.”

“How did you find me?”

“It’s all over T.V.! I can’t let you throw your life away for something I did. I love you, I know I never said it enough…” Nona looked as if she was going to say more but her attention was pulled in another direction. All around her officers had crept closer, looking to contain her. Jordan could see her sister tensing; she was going to attack.

“Nona, wait…”

“I can’t undo what I’ve done, find him and make him pay… for all of us!”

Nona slammed her fist into the ground and everything went haywire! All the police cruisers began to crumple in on themselves as Nona increased their gravity ten-fold. Then she raised her other hand and the surrounding officers began to panic as their feet left the ground and they began to float away. Jordan struggled fruitlessly against her bonds, the emotional distress of the situation having taken what little strength she had left. To her horror, one officer maintained his balance enough to fire on Nona! The bullet clipped her left thigh and she went down on one knee, losing her concentration. The screeching sound of metal and falling bodies was deafening as the officers came crashing down, some on top of the ruined cruisers!

“No!” Jordan began to struggle harder as the few officers who were left standing began to advance on her injured sister.

Nona lurched to her feet and managed to throw a few ruined cruisers around as she beat a hasty retreat. Jordan knew she had to help her but the restraints were too strong!

The officers flanking Jordan had left to pursue Nona, obviously feeling confident she couldn’t escape. She felt a presence behind her; looking over her shoulder she was shocked to see Kurt with keys in hand.

“What are you doing?! Get out of here before they see you!” Kurt ignored her and began the arduous task of unlocking nearly a dozen locks on her manacles. “Kurt!”

“Love, this takes a lot of concentration so if we could just fight later, that would be great?” He huffed back at her in an exasperated tone, trying to figure out which key fit which manacle as quickly as possible.

“It’s the big, black one” a voice behind him spoke up. They both turned with shocked faces to see Vasquez hurrying towards them with her own set of keys. She knelt down and began unlocking the cuffs around Jordan’s ankles. Noting their surprised expressions, she gave them a shrug. “She needs you, and those rookies are gonna shoot first and ask questions later. I learned along time ago to stay outta family disputes.”

The last manacle fell away and Jordan sprang to her feet, planting a quick kiss on Kurt’s surprised face. He continued to look shocked as he gave her a comm to contact the others.

“In case I don’t get the chance later….” She explained quietly then turned to Vasquez.

“Thank you … and sorry!”

“Sorry for wha-“ Vasquez didn’t get to finish her statement as both she and Kurt were thrown across the street by a fiery blast when Jordan took off into the air!

Nona was tiring quickly, blood pouring out of her leg with every step. She had managed to evade the officers for the moment but knew she couldn’t keep it up. She would bleed out long before that. Snatching her belt off quickly, she wrapped it tightly around her leg above the wound, unable to hold back tears as she pulled it ever tighter. She didn’t realize her eyes were closed until she felt a gentle hand touch her leg and they shot open!


“Shhh! It’s okay. Put your arm over my shoulder.”

She did as she was told and the sisters winced as Jordan tried to support both their weight. She managed to get them fully upright and Nona was able to hobble along, helping keep some of the burden off her sister.

“We need help. Where are the others?” Nona asked.

“I know!” Jordan replied in a harsher tone than she intended. “I’m sorry…” She shifted her weight and freed a hand to tap the comm in her ear. “Quickstrike, Mayan…”

“What about me?” came a youthful reply. Jordan swore under her breath, not really all that surprised by the response.

“Vixen?!” She shouted back. “What the hell-“ She was cut off mid-sentence.

“No time! Where are you guys?”

“I don’t want to say in case this line isn’t secure. Can you read my GPS signal?”

“Yes! Got you, be there in 60.” Another voice cut in. Quickstrike! Her “60” was an actual minute which meant they were all but saved! The victory was short lived as they turned a corner and ran directly into three startled officers.

“Shit!” Nona exclaimed as Jordan pushed her down to throw up a hasty firewall as they began firing on them.

Nona hit the ground hard and quickly began to increase the officer’s density, dragging them to their knees. So focused were they on the task at hand, neither woman saw another group of officers flank them from the left.

“Stop right there!” One of them shouted. Nona was the first to act and stood in front of her sister just in time. She tried to increase her density enough to protect them both but her reaction was slowed by her previous injury. The two bullets tore into her back and came out the other side barely missing a startled Jordan. She crumpled helplessly in her sister’s arms. Reacting on pure instinct, Jordan unleashed a vicious wave of fire, disintegrating everything in its path and sending the police fleeing for their lives!

“Nona…” She gently stroked her sister’s face trying to get a reaction. Her eyes flicked open but only for a moment. With a determined look, Jordan pulled her sister against her and used all the strength she had left to take off towards the only place nearby that could save her!

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