The Parallel

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Chapter 2

Colours of blue, grey and navy fluttered in her mind as Sydney slept in silence on her bed. The warmth had sunk deep into her pale skin, and while the sun shone outside, a cloud came and stole its light.

Sydney stirred in the shadows that had suddenly came over her and shivered there as in her subconscious she knew the light was diminishing fast... not just the sun's, but her soul's.

Away in the shed Sid had only just awakened in the darkness of the metal building. She blinked her eyes weakly as she licked her dry lips and stretched her arms, tiredly.

She looked with sleepy eyes over to her hologram screen and stiffened when she saw that bleep that was on it.

She pushed the blankets off her as she got up and sat on the stool, clicking a few things with her computer mouse on the screen and just read the data in silence.

“This is not good...” she muttered to herself with no emotion, looking at her watch to see the time say twelve. She swallowed nervously as she hesitantly got out her phone and dialled a number within seconds.

Sydney was still in deep sleep- her only release as she curled into the blankets and only clenched her eyes when she heard her phone buzz on the night stand.

“Mmph...” she muffled out, opening her eyes slowly. She turned around on her mattress and looked quietly to her mobile that was vibrating on the table beside her. She took one deep breath out and picked it up, looking at the number that was foreign.

She answered it in a few seconds and muffled out, “Hello...?”

“Sydney, it's me. Sid.”

“Go away...” Sydney just uttered in slight pain. Sid just chuckled barely at this pitiful response, answering back.

“No... that is not going to happen.”

“What do you want?”

“I need food.” the blue haired girl replied back, and looked out the stained window of the shed to the house, seeing Laura and Paul eating breakfast at the table in the dining room. “Your parents will be leaving in half an hour to the city. When they do, I'm coming in.”

“How do you know that?”

“I know everything you do.”
“But how-?”

Before Sydney could ask again the line went dead, and she sighed as she sat up on her bed and looked at the time on her phone, seeing it say 12:15.

She could hear the chugging of a train and barely pulled back her curtains as she looked out her window, the vehicle climbing up the slope in the distance.

“Just a little longer.” she whispered biting her lip as she watched the train's smoke leave its chimney, and she closed her eyes weakly in pain as she sat there, ache in her core, on the warm bed.

She got up after a few more minutes and went to the living room to see her parents preparing themselves for a drive to the city.

“Will you be okay, Sydney, while we're gone?” Laura asked in concern as she slung her handbag over her shoulder, and Sydney nodded with barely any energy.

“Yeah... I'll be fine, mum.”

“We'll see you later, dear.” Paul said as he hugged his daughter and he and his wife left the house in a few minutes more. Sydney only stood in the living room, still feeling the warmth from her father's embrace and eventually just sat down at the dinner table, looking at nothing.

She heard a knock on the door a few minutes later and shut her eyes again in pain as she breathed slowly through her nose before answering the door and saw her twin self come in in a haste. Sid raided her kitchen cupboards and refrigerator for something to eat.

“Didn't you bring any food with you?” Sydney asked the blue haired girl as Sid got out chicken pieces and white bread, and Sid just laughed shaking her head.

No. I didn't have time and I can't travel anywhere in the multiverse now to get anything anyway.”


“The police put a tracker on the leaps to different verses... so... I'm stuck.”

Sydney just nodded her head with barely any movement and watched as Sid made herself a chicken, mayonnaise sandwich.

“So what are you gonna do here?”

“Hopefully survive.” Sid said back with a serious voice and looked at the pair of scissors next to Sydney, saying to her, “Hand me those.”

“What...?” Sydney asked back confused and picked up the scissors, holding them forward. “These?”



“So I can cut my hair.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I need to throw them off my trail. I need to change my look.”

Sydney looked at Sid's long blue hair and swallowed nervously as she just looked down to the ground before nodding back in response and handing the girl the scissors.

Once Sid had finished eating her sandwich she stood inside Sydney's small room and cut her hair short in front of the mirror. It wasn't much later when her blue locks fell to the ground and she looked at the boyish haircut she had given herself.

Sydney watched from the open door as her alternate self donned a new look completely. Sydney's blue eyes gazed down to the ground as she chewed her lip quietly waiting for her other self to say something.

“So. Why were you gonna do it?”

She glanced up at Sid as the short blue haired girl looked at herself in the mirror at different angles, and Sydney said back slowly.


“Kill yourself... over some stupid girl.”

“I loved her... and she... rejected me and I just can't ever be happy without her loving me back.”

“Chhhh...” Sid smirked at this as she looked with mocking eyes at the brunette. She said back almost pitying. “That is such a pathetic reason.”

“If you really know me, then you would understand that it isn't.”

“No. I wouldn't. Because yeah, I know you. But I know all the other Sydneys too, and you're the only good one left that hasn't killed herself yet”


“All the other 'good' yous have all killed themselves from between the ages of twelve to sixteen. The ones that haven't have all been cold and emotionless and well... bad.”

“And what are you?”

Sid smirked as she looked at her brunette alternate self and replied. “It makes me the only other one to say no to the knife and look for answers other than expecting some girl or guy to be it.”

“You just don't understand.” Sydney just said with tears in her eyes, and Sid just shook her head in response, answering.

“No, I'm just the only one that understands all too well.”

“Shut up...” Sydney only cried, streams of tears running down her cheeks and she left her room to leave the house, but Sid grabbed her arm and held it behind Sydney's back. The brunette yelped in pain as Sid had her in a police hold, and Sydney begged.

“Just let me die... please just let me end this.”

“This pain will cease, Sydney... just give it time.”
“It will never go away.” Sydney just cried back. Sid only rolled her eyes aggravated as she pushed Sydney onto a chair in the dining room and left the girl as she went to lock the front door so neither could leave and head to those tracks.

“Don't you want death too?!” Sydney cried as Sid came back in, the keys being placed on the table. Sid only sighed as she looked at the brunette girl and muttered.

“NO. I want to live, Sydney!” she glared at the girl, and Sydney moved back on her seat afraid at the yell. “I want to see the stars come out every night! I want to see my loved ones still alive! I want to be back in my own reality but must importantly I want what you have!”

Sydney looked at her, the brunette just trembling on the seat as Sid yelled.

“I want a life! Because for the last four months I have been running for mine.”

“And what makes you say they won't kill me? Huh?” Sydney just shouted back, and Sid growled aggravated as she replied.

“Because they just won't. They have fifty million Sydney's to get through. It'll take them at least a hundred years to find us and as long as I don't jump anymore, we should be fine.”

“Is that the truth or are you just lying to me?”

“It's the best possibility I can come up with.” Sid said honestly. Sydney just lowered her eyebrows glaring at her, in hate.

“I want to die.”

“Don't you see how selfish you are being with that!?” Sid shouted at her in anger, Sydney having tears well back in her eyes as she said.

“I just want to die...”

“Sydney, I will tell you one thing.” Sid said exasperated as she pressed her hands on Sydney's chair's arm rest and closed her eyes, hating she was going to say this. “In all the other timelines with you and Kylie, you two never got together... ever.”

Sydney only had tears balling in the corners of her eyes as she heard this and said back in pain. “I know... but if I can't have her... what's the point? Tell me please.”

“The point is to see you don't need someone to be happy. You've got to make yourself happy first.”

“Shut up...” Sydney just uttered and pushed Sid away. She walked to her room and got back into bed, her eyes shutting as tears streamed down her cheeks and dampened the sheets.

Sid sighed in annoyance in the living room as she knew she had kept Sydney safe this time but halted as she felt a tear in the universe. She ran quickly to the bedroom, seeing Sydney with the scissors in her hands and about to stab herself in the neck.

“Sydney, don't!” she shouted and jumped on the bed pulling them out of her hands, and Sydney just cried as she begged.

“Why won't you let me go! Why!”

“Stop it!” Sid yelled at her and slapped her in the face. Sydney only stumbled back on the bed as she looked at Sid, shocked.

Sid gave an angry grunt as she placed the scissors on the night stand and glared at her alternate self as Sydney looked back in fear at her.

“Kylie is not worth this! I know you love her but please, get a grip!”

Sydney only hid under the blankets as she cried and Sid just exhaled out a heavy breath, but tried to hold back her aggravation when she heard the phone beep and picked it up seeing a text from...


She bit her lip as she saw Kylie's name and looked at the message, reading it in her head in silence, as it said.

Sydney, I'm so sorry... I just... I think you just shocked me with what you said... but... but I love you too. I'm coming over in an hour.

Sid couldn't believe this response... the first time in any of the universes. Sydney only cried under the heavy blankets.

“Who was it...?”

Sid looked at her and just came clean within minutes, saying, “Kylie.”

Sydney threw the blankets off her as she looked in agony at Sid and had to ask. “What did she say?”

“She said...” Sid said quietly, still not believing this, “That she loves you.”

Sydney seemed to become completely frozen when she heard this and looked at Sid, tears in her eyes as she said with so much joy.

“She d-did?”


“She loves... me?” Sydney stuttered, tears running down her cheeks uncontrollably and Sid only closed her eyes nodding her head again. Sydney lunged forward and hugged her as she cried in so many happy tears, and all Sid could think of was how one misstep could ruin this all.

“She'll be here in an hour.”

Sydney opened her clenched eyes in shock as she let go of Sid and said back in horror.

“An h-hour?!”

Sid nodded her head and Sydney tumbled out of her bed as she ran to the bathroom to wash her crying puffy eyes. All Sid could think was.

Please let this end well.

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