The Parallel

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Chapter 3

Sid sat on the bed for a few seconds thinking this over and took a sigh out as she came out to Sydney who was wiping her face in the bathroom.

“She can't come.”

“W-what?” Sydney said as she turned her sore eyes away from the mirror to her alternate self and saw Sid's disdain. “Why can't she?”

“With me here? Why do you think...” Sid just uttered. Sydney just laughed awkwardly as she wiped her face with a towel and continued.

“I can just tell her your my cousin.”

“I can't believe you...” Sid just muttered under her breath astonished. Sydney refreshed her face looking back confused at the blue haired girl. Sid just growled, “You were so willing to just off yourself before, but one simple text message makes you want to stay. You should want to live for you. Not for some girl.”

“Shut up, Sid.” Sydney only mumbled, her eyes still hurting from the earlier tears, and she shoved past her, going to her room to get changed into more appealing clothes.

Sid sighed in frustration but also hurt... hurt at the fact that Kylie had sent that text. Why had she sent it? In all the other universes Kylie never returned love, so why this one? Why this Sydney...?

It almost made her stomach sink with anger and resentment, but she would not let it show. She had to ignore these feelings and just focus on protecting herself.

In Sydney's room, the brunette had just got changed into a skirt and singlet and had picked up her phone again to look at the message, a goofy smile on her face.

Her eyes shined with tears of joy and she bit her lip with a nervous gleam as she put her phone in her pocket and came out of her room, only to see Sid in the hall, leaning against the wall. Sydney's smile lowered and she just stomped past her not wanting to hear anymore of her other self's “highest” opinions. Sid just sighed out a groan and followed the brunette into the living room, Sydney sitting down and going on her phone as she skimmed through Facebook.

Sid couldn't believe this. A little more concern could be shown for her own state of worries but Sydney was so self involved, Sid had just had enough of this.

“Maybe I should've let you kill yourself.”

Sydney paused her movements and looked up slowly to Sid who just glared at her in anger. Sydney only looked with still eyes at her and uttered back weakly. “You don't mean that.”

“Yeah... maybe I do.”

“Maybe you're just bad like the other me's.” Sydney said back in quiet upset words from this, Sid only rolled her eyes. The blue haired girl felt a buzz in her pocket and placed her hand in it, leaving the room as she pulled out her own silver phone and pressed a button. A hologram popped out of the device as it showed a different version of herself's profile. Her phone's robotic voice told her.

“Sydney Phillips 1.007 has been destroyed.”

“Shit...” Sid whispered to herself as she looked at the girl's profile, seeing static ripples shimmer through the hologram. She swallowed nervously as she pressed off the holographic display and looked down to her watch to see the time say one o clock. Kylie would be here in thirty minutes.

Sid dug her hands back into her pocket, pulling out little surveillance tabs and placed them around the house and outside on the Phillips' property. Once she had done this she came back in and pressed another button on her utility watch, syncing up all the tabs as they spread little detecting invisible lasers out and around the area.

She took a heavy breath out and went back to the living room, going over to Sydney's laptop and turning it on as she sat on an armchair and just typed up stuff, recording her findings and clarifications.

“What type of reality are you from...?”

Sid paused for a second as she heard Sydney ask this cautiously. the blue haired girl glanced her eyes up at her with a stilted mouth.

“A similar one to this.”

“Then how come you have all this futuristic technology?” Sydney asked warily, and Sid just smirked. She closed the lid of the laptop and looked at her counter part, replying simply.

“I know everything every other Sydney knows. Some of us live in worlds that are much more advanced than mine and yours are. I hopped into one a couple of months ago and got the equipment I needed to survive. To be honest... you and I are living like animals, compared to most other universes.”

“And how do you hop from one world to another?” Sydney asked mystified and Sid just grumbled a little annoyed. She didn't want to give a low down on everything, especially not to a Sydney she particularly envied, but just sighed and said quietly.

“I see through the illusion. I use my mind to see a different world that is around me and just step into it. There's quantum particles everywhere that allow every possibility. And when I want to see a new universe all I have to do is get into the same thought pattern as the particles to see it.”

“I read a book about this when I was twelve.” Sydney said with a small smile on her face and Sid just looked at her silently with no expression. “I find it kind of out there... though now-”

“That same book I picked up for a second time a year ago.” Sid interrupted and Sydney halted her talking as she listened to the other her speak, “I was pretty down... I wanted an escape and to see if there was any universe where I got her-”

Sydney's ears perked up when she heard Sid nearly say something of importance, but the blue haired girl stopped herself. She cleared her throat and continued nervously, “Where I wasn't in pain... And at that moment my mind expanded and I knew everything... all different versions of me, all trials and errors, and I just moved slightly on my bed and saw a version of myself hanging in the closet.”

Sydney swallowed as she listened to this in fear and Sid only closed her eyes, muttering.

“I had gone into a universe where a version of me had killed herself... a tear where I had gone two directions. Suicide or enlightenment. And when I returned back to my own universe I found a letter on my bed. I opened it and it said 'give us you or we will take them'.”

Sid took a deep gulp as she remembered the moment when she had made a foolish decision, and she just had to laugh at her mistake, tears nearly fallen from her still eyes.

“I thought the letter was a joke... something random and started to use my new power to jump between worlds, knowing everything but needing to see it first hand. And when I did come back to my own world a few weeks later... everyone I cared for, was dead. Yet I was still alive.”

Sid just clenched her fists as she thought of this, angry tears in her eyes, and Sydney watched her worriedly. Sid just had tears stream down her sharp cheeks, and she said in hate of it all.

“I was alive yet people who had done nothing were all dead. And so I ran. And kept running ever since.”

There was no sound after this as Sid sat on the arm chair and closed her eyelids, water leaking out her eyes as she couldn't control the stream of tears that were flowing from them, and Sydney just looked in panic at her. The pale brunette girl asked in fear.

“But it wasn't your fault...”

“I learnt that they could only track me when I hopped.” she opened her blue eyes and looked at Sydney, her own eyes looking at Sid, afraid. “So I have to stay here... until I die. One more hop and I'm caught.”

“Okay...” Sydney said worriedly. The door bell could be heard dinging a split second later. Sid stiffened as she knew who it was and quickly lifted up the lid of the laptop, continuing in utter uselessness to write her findings.

Sydney got up in a hurry and ran to the door. She peered through the eye piece and saw Kylie on the other side, Sydney beaming widely at this sight and unlocked her door. Kylie fell into her arms the minute the door was opened. The dark girl hugged her, and Sydney paused for a second before returning the embrace.

“I can't believe it took me so long to see.” Kylie said to her friend before letting go slightly and looking into Sydney's blue eyes, “That my life would be nothing without you in it.”

“My life wouldn't be anything without you, either.” Sydney just said in tears, and Kylie stroked the pale girl's face. Sydney felt her stomach become so alive with butterflies and singing unicorns and saw Kylie pull her into a small kiss that lasted a few seconds before the dark girl moved away.

“I'm sorry, Sydney... you just. It was such a shock but I knew after a few days I loved you, too. I'm sorry it just took so long.”
“It doesn't matter anymore.” Sydney said to her and pulled her into another hug, and Kylie just gave a small laugh at this. All Sydney could think to herself as she wrapped her arms around Kylie was, she loves me... she actually l-loves me.

Once they let go of each other Sydney pulled Kylie towards her room so they could be alone in privacy, but Kylie heard a creak in the living room and let go of Sydney's hand, curious.


Sydney's voice was barely noticed by Kylie as the dark girl peered into the living room. She saw a blue haired girl sitting with a laptop on a chair.

“Who's this?” Kylie asked with an intrigued laugh, and Sydney came into the room nervously after her. Sid didn't want to gaze up at Kylie... didn't want to have her heart hurt at just seeing her. She stared deeper into the screen, mumbling in a low voice.

“Sydney's cousin.”

“No way!” Kylie laughed as she sat down on the lounge a little away, interested in this development and looked at Sydney then back at Sid. “She looks just like you, Sydney!”

“Only a l-little bit.” Sydney said back nervously to Kylie and sat down beside her best friend, trying to get her to leave but knew it would be quite the task with Kylie.

Sid looked up at Kylie for a brief second, seeing the brown eyes look at her curiously and cleared her throat, getting up and leaving the room with the laptop.

Kylie smirked out a short laugh as she said with a grin to Sydney. “She's not very sociable.”

“She's just very shy.” Sydney said in a nervous voice, and Kylie only chuckled.

“I swear she looks like your twin!”

“Well she isn't, so let's not worry about her anymore...” Sydney said with shy eyes on the whole cover up she was trying to orchestrate, and Kylie just smiled back at her. She touched Sydney's hand with her own warm one, and Sydney felt the butterflies in her stomach just explode.

“So how did you find out you... loved me?” Sydney asked back in slight worry of what the answer would be, but dying to know, and Kylie just grinned.

“The last week... it just... it didn't mean anything. I need you to give my life meaning.” Kylie said with sincere eyes and then did a cross at her heart, adding. “I swear.” sticking out her tongue as she joked and Sydney felt her eyes grow wet with tears of joy. She kissed Kylie then and there and the dark girl just giggled deliriously happy in the smooch as she pressed her own lips back into Sydney's, and the two embraced for a few minutes.

Sid sat in her alternate parent's room in silence as she felt the joy in Sydney's heart, how she had never felt this happiness in any other alternate hers.

And all it made her was sad.

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