The Parallel

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Chapter 4

Sid stiffened for a moment as she listened to the sound of Kylie and Sydney talking, and frowned. She didn't want to go back out there. She wanted to hide and not face the fact that having that dark girl here was affecting her.

Because this Kylie had chosen this Sydney Phillips... and her Kylie had never chosen her.

She sucked in one deep breath before letting it out in an exhale and just rubbed the bridge of her nose in frustration. Frustration in the simple jealousy she couldn't seem to fight off.

But it was a stupid human emotion. If she was going to stay here she had to banish it. There was just no point in the end.

She froze when she heard the two laughing girls come out of the living room and bit her lip in fear as those happy voices penetrated her and she wanted to be away from it- almost wanting... to be soulless.

“I'm just gonna go to the toilet, kay?” Sydney said to Kylie in the hall, the two holding hands, and Kylie just winked at her, saying back calmly.


The two let go of each other and Kylie stood in the hall rolling back on the soles of her feet before she heard a creak in the room next to her and grinned. She pushed open the door and saw Sid sitting on the bed, frustrated. The blue haired girl looked with hateful eyes at her, and Kylie just smiled nervously as she uttered.

“Sorry, I thought I heard something.”

“You did.” Sid said back coldly and folded her arms in a stiff stance, muttering, “Me.”

“Relax, babe.” Kylie said with a wink and a click of her thumb, and all Sid could do was break a hopeless grin at that. Why was this girl able to have this affect on her... a girl she still hated that she loved no matter what version it was.

“Yeah...” she said back weakly with a small smile and looked Kylie in the eyes, seeing the life and spark in them. She swallowed nervously as she muttered, “Just... a bit tired.”

“Y'know you look and sound just like Sydney.” Kylie said with amusement and amaze and came and sat down on the bed next to her with a smile. Sid seemed to stiffen at the proximity and nodded back unsure if she should say anything or not- knowing deep down in her gut that she shouldn't.

“Well, cousins you know.” she said with a quick smile that fell as fast as it came, and Kylie just chuckled at this nudging her on the shoulder. Sid felt her heart hurt at that.

“More like one of you is an adopted out twin.” Kylie said with a big gleam, and Sid just laughed a little at this before the dark girl asked back quite daringly. “What's your name, Blue Eyes?”

“Blue Eyes?” Sid said with a smirk and Kylie nonchalantly rolled her eyes.

“Blue Hair doesn't said as nice.” she admitted with a grin. Sid just had to laugh again at this.

“Err... Natalie.”

“Doesn't suit you.” Kylie said back, leaning back a bit on the bed as she held herself up by her elbows, and Sid just gave a small, pretend gasp back in return.

“Well what would you call me?”

“I don't know... 'Sydney Junior'?”

Sid seemed to freeze a little when she heard Kylie say this and swallowed looking down to her own hands, uttering, “That's not funny.”

“'Kay, Junior.” Kylie said with a cheeky smile and wink, and Sid just couldn't do anything but laugh back at this- how was this girl still having this STUPID affect on her?

“Kylie?” Sydney said in the hallway, hearing Kylie shout from behind the room door.

“In here, babe.”

Sydney seemed to hesitate at the door knob... what was Kylie doing talking to her? She almost grew jealous- she did grow jealous and opened her parent's room, looking at the two on the bed, and her heart drummed quickly in beats as she saw Kylie quite relaxed beside her counter part.

“Oh- you two were talking.”

“Yep.” Kylie said with a nod and a grin. “Y'know, your cousin's quite interesting. Natalie, right?”

Sydney seemed to be frozen in worry and stress as she looked at the blue haired girl beside Kylie, saying back quietly at this new piece of hidden identity she had to keep. “Yep- her name is Natalie.”

“I know, sure.” Kylie said with a laugh, and gave the wooden Sid a nudge on the shoulder, grinning. Sid didn't move in response and just got off of the bed walking past Sydney and muttering to her.

“She followed me in.”

“Right...” Sydney replied back, also in a hush voice, and Kylie sprang back up on her legs as she said to the two pale girls.

“Right, ladies. What shall we do?”

The two Sydneys seemed to freeze at this- Sid not believing that Kylie was acknowledging her presence, Sydney just furious that Kylie did.

“I should probably-” Sid began, about to make an excuse to leave the two but looking at Kylie, her heart yearned for her. She couldn't help it, and she saw Sydney looking at her, still waiting for her to leave the two of them alone, but Sid decided to make a different choice. A choice for herself. “I don't know. What do you want to do, Kylie?”

“Video games?” Kylie asked the two, holding out her hands weighing the choice and Sydney just giggled at this, Sid looking with an inquisitive smile at Kylie, before saying quite calmly.


“Sid-” Sydney said, glaring back at her other self at her response and said correcting herself quickly, “I mean Natalie. Don't you have some work to do?”

Sid looked at Sydney and saw the brunette girl's despondency, glancing back at Kylie and bit her lip, hating how she had to make the only decision that was given to her at that moment.

“Sure, Sydney...” she muttered in distant hate and just sighed. She came over to the bed and picked up her laptop. She bumped off of Kylie as she past and Kylie seemed to freeze when she felt Sid's skin contact her- almost sensing something she could not describe- like she knew this girl intimately.

Kylie watched as Sid walked out of the room, feeling bad at Sid's dismissal from her invitation. She just said to Sydney.

“Why did you tell her to go?”

“Do you love me or her, Kylie!” Sydney nearly shouted, and Kylie stood there, seeing Sid close the door behind them but knew that blue haired girl had heard.

Sid listened on the other side against the wood with closed eyes as she listened to Kylie say back in an unsure voice.

“You, of course.”

Sydney looked at Kylie panting quickly in upset breaths, trying to calm herself down and just said after a few moments.

“Then why does it matter, Ky? She's just my cousin. She doesn't matter.”

Kylie looked to the closed door and just looked down to the ground quietly, nodding her head. But a part of her felt that that girl was more than just a cousin- to both her and Sydney.

“Kay.” Kylie said back in slight melancholy, and Sydney just gave a nervous smile. She opened the door to lead the two out and noticed the hall empty. Sid was no longer there.

No. Sid was outside sitting underneath the veranda as she tallied up her results from the surveillance of the area, but all her soul wanted to do was leave this world, leave this breaking heart in her chest. For she knew. She knew that that Kylie loved her.

Maybe Kylie didn't know it but Sid had felt it. Sid had felt the connection, the knowing that Kylie had deep down that one of the other hers had hurt her badly. And all Sid was in was pain. Pain at the fact that she would never be able to explain this. It just wasn't-

“Fair.” she stuttered to herself, as tears started to roll down her cheeks, and she pathetically wiped her eyes but couldn't stop the weeps. “It's just not f-fair.”

She hated Sydney. Hated herself that she had kept her alive for this moment to come.

When she had leaped and had landed in this universe she was only a few feet away from Sydney on that train track. She could feel all that girl's pain and misery, that she had nothing left to live for, and all Sid had remembered was when she had been there and she had made that choice to continue. And that she would force that choice on Sydney.

But why had she?

If she hadn't pushed Sydney out of the way of that train then she could've taken her place and it would be her, Kylie would be saying she loved. It would be her, Kylie would be holding instead of the stupid, self centred Sydney that now had her!

Sid cried for minutes on end, so much hate in her, so much despise and took shallow breaths after a few seconds when she heard a beeping on her utility watch. She pressed it, and a hologram popped up saying in its robotic voice.

Four Sydney Phillips have been killed in the last five minutes.”

Sid looked at this with quaky eyes and just swallowed as she nodded and pressed the button to close it off again. The hologram disappeared from the air, and she took another gulp in her sore throat as she headed to the shed and looked over her dials and gadgets.

She knew she'd have to bring it out. This was getting too serious. She pulled out a suitcase from underneath a shelf where she had hidden it. She unlatched it. As she opened the case, her blue eyes gazed at the weapon in hand.

A powerful, thousand voltage gun which could kill fifty people in one shot. Something she had stolen in case she had to do it.

Kill... for her life.

She closed her eyes as her finger rested on the trigger but still knew she had time, it wasn't the end yet. It, in the end was just a precaution, to prepare herself for if the end did come soon.

Five Sydneys killed in fifteen minutes. In an hour maybe a hundred. They were getting through them quickly, and she knew now that she couldn't protect this Sydney in case they did come in the next few days, hours, maybe even minutes.

All she could do was protect herself and protect... her.

I don't love you, Sydney.” Kylie had said to her a year ago in her own universe, telling her the truth but then she heard this Kylie say.

I love you, Sydney”

And she could feel it, and she could know it because she knew Kylie did love this Sydney. And some part in her soul, in her heart, she knew this Kylie loved her too.

She just knew.

Her finger rested on the metal trigger, and she put the gun in a metal belt behind her back. She stepped out of the shed carefully and looked around the green countryside, the peace and quiet in this world that may in days, or even hours, be disrupted. And destroyed.

But she still had time. She still had time to be with the girl she loved.

And she would be with Kylie. Whether in her presence or even only just in her heart. She would not deny herself that on maybe the last day she had in this world. A world among worlds.

She nodded her head and headed back to the house. Her steps, cold and empty, but her soul not willing to give up yet. There was just too much left to accomplish.

And she still had time. She still had time.

She still had a life.

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