The Parallel

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Chapter 5

As Sid entered back into the home she could hear sounds of the video game escaping from the living room. The two other girls were loudly playing it. Maybe Sydney hoped that by playing the game so loudly she would distract Kylie from the blue haired girl. But Sid could tell from the feeling she got from her other self it was just because Sydney wanted privacy. Wanted Kylie to herself.

After all, who was Sid to want her? Sid tried to ask herself this rationally for a second. Yes. She was just a stranger in this world that she knew so well. But she deserved love... if only for her time left alive, or not captured by those villains that kept her on edge and scared for her life.

She swallowed as she came through the dining room to the hall and peered in through the door of the living room. She peeked in at Kylie and Sydney playing the game. Kylie had her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she tried to win the round of Mario Kart. Her controls crashed all over the place as she took this game quite seriously yet was playful about the whole competition... a strange yet cute combination Sid just could not help but smile at weakly. A sigh left her lips as she looked over to Sydney... she competing against herself.

Why do it?

Why not?

She stepped into the room and Sydney gazed over curiously to her, thinking it was someone else but just frowned when she saw Sid and said to her coldly.

“What are you doing here?”

Her voice was laced with a hidden threat and Sid just pulled out the gun from her belt. She held it out before her in a firing position and Sydney just froze stiff in fear. The brunette girl seemed to tense up as if her braveness had vanished just like her earlier depression. Sid grinned and whistled to get Kylie's attention.

Kylie gave a glance away from the screen for a split second before jolting when she saw the gun in Sid's hand and just dropped her remote, standing up and saying.

“That is so cool!”

Sid gave a more crooked smile at this response, but Sydney jumped to her feet and looked at her blue haired counterpart, yelling.

“Get that thing out of my house!”

“Relax, babe.” Kylie said to her and then looked back to the gun. She took a step towards it curiously and said with a smile, “What is that? It looks awesome.”

“It's a high voltage gun.” Sid just said with a smile and mentioned after seeing Sydney's terrified face, “It's on stand by, but.”

“Where'd you get something like that, Natalie?” Kylie asked amazed and entranced, Sid just gave a bigger gleam as she mentioned.

“I have my ways.”

“Can I see how it works?”
“Kylie!” Sydney just yelled, hating how her crush was so bedazzled by her other self, and how much that hurt and infuriated her, “It's dangerous and Natalie, you need to get that out of my house!”

“I. Can't.” Sid said back weakly and eased the gun back into her belt. Sydney just had furious yet tearful eyes on her as she saw Kylie grin at Sid, and asked back confused.

“Why not?”

“Some new developments have come to pass.” Sid just said weakly and glanced in Sydney eyes as if to convey the message that whatever the development was... it was a bad one.

Sydney seemed to get the message, much to her chagrin and hesitated for a second before looking down and nodding her head in response.


“You two are so crazy.” Kylie said with a laugh, Sydney just swallowed nervous of how to reply.

All Sydney wanted to do was be with Kylie... but now she was worried. She wished she could just know what was wrong... what was always wrong.

First having to share this reality with her alternate self and secondly, feeling like something horrible was to occur... even though so much great had happened in the last two hours alone. She knew there was something eminent on the horizon.

“Can we talk 'cousin' to 'cousin'?” Sid asked quietly and Sydney nodded her head, not willing to fight this. Sydney touched Kylie's arm and the dark girl looked at her, confused.

“Sorry, Ky. I'll just... be a minute.”

“Something wrong?”
“I'll tell you later.”

“Kay.” Kylie said though her voice sounded worried. Sydney just smiled at her quietly before removing her hand from the arm and following Sid outside.

As the two reached the front door Sid felt a beep on her watch and pulled the door closed behind them, before pressing the button, and a holograph came up.

“Fifty Sydneys dead in the last ten minutes.”

“What...?” Sydney said in completely lost comprehension, and she looked away from the holograph to Sid who pulled a disgruntled look at the news.

“Is this true?”

Sid didn't say anything for a moment before touching Sydney's arm, clutching it in a hold at the wrist and pulling them both to the shed.

“Is it?!”

“Yes.” Sid said back quietly, hating to admit that and Sydney just began to panic as her breathing went in to complete hyperventilation.

“Why didn't you tell me this? Are they getting closer?!”

Sid grabbed Sydney's shaking arms to hold her other self still and sighed as she looked at Sydney, uttering.

“I over estimated. But still, it could take years for them to find us.”

“Or minutes!” Sydney just cried, and Sid clenched her eyes closed tightly at that response and nodded her head stiffly.

“Or minutes.”

“They could leap here at any second!” Sid cried again, and all that ran through her head in that second was not her life but-


The two girls looked at each other as they both said the same name. The two became quiet for a second before Sid muttered, a little nervous.

“Yes... Kylie.”

“I love her, Sid.” Sydney pleaded though Sid did not know why she did, “I don't want her harmed.”

“I love her too...” those words Sid said back seemed half calculated but half unwilling admittance. Sydney seemed to freeze up in agony when she heard the blue haired girl say this and simply asked back in desperation.


“I just... I've always had.”

“And so you led those people to us even though you knew Kylie was here!”

“I didn't know she loved us!”

“Me, Sid! She loves ME!”

Sid didn't want to accept that... she knew that Kylie felt something for her... she just knew.

“So you know what you have to do.” Sydney said to her, catching Sid away from her thoughts, and Sid just looked in hate back up at her.

She had a feeling what the answer would be though she knew she would not accept it.

“You have to turn yourself in.”

“Are you a fucking retard??” Sid just had to say outright, Sydney coiled back shocked at that reply. Sid was having enough of her other self's idiocy.

“If I turn myself in, they will just use me to unlock all the universes and we'll all be doomed.”

“You don't know that! You don't know if they really want to control or destroy!”
“What else do they want?”

“Maybe they just want you to go to multiverse prison for impeaching the universal law?”

Sid just scoffed at that... how were the two of them from the same ilk?

She just looked at Sydney quietly for a second and muttered with barely a word. “No.”

“So what are we going to do then?”

“I want to spend my remaining time with Kylie...” Sid's words were quiet but determined... yet still she felt she needed the permission of the other her, though Sid literally despised her.

“What?” Sydney only cried back and Sid hated how hysterical this girl was.

“One day. If they don't find us today I'll leap somewhere else and they'll catch me in the teleportation... most likely leaving you two unscathed.”

“I don't believe you...” Sydney only muttered back coldly, and Sid just pulled an annoyed look from her resistance to her truth. “You were so certain of staying alive this morning... why would you risk it now?”

“Because she loves me.”

“Stop saying that!” Sydney yelled and at that moment she attacked her. Sid felt a slap in the face, but returned the gesture by pulling Sydney's hair and yanking the brunette girl away with ease. Sid guessed that was one advantage of having cut her locks short.

“Let me g-go!” Sydney cried. Sid just shoved the pathetic girl to the ground, despising her.

Sydney just looked at her from the ground, tears in her eyes. She wished that none of this was happening. She didn't want to fight... but she didn't want to lose.

“Do you think Kylie would even want to be around you! She doesn't know you!”

“She does!” Sid insisted. It seemed like a delusional hope to Sydney.

“Please... Sid...” Sydney just begged as she stumbled to her feet and looked at the pale alternate her. On Sid's cheek was a red mark from where she had slapped her. Sydney just stood there and muttered after a second.

“Please just give me... my one day with her... I-”

“I love her.” the two said at once again and before either could reply with anything else, the two just sighed.

“So what do you want to do?” Sydney asked as if giving up on this hopeless battle, and Sid just took a deep exhale out, before answering back as blunt and honest as possible.

“We tell her...”

“But-” Sydney began, and before she could finish she stopped herself and looked into Sid's blue eyes and saw... saw herself.

Her own self who was just as lost and scared and heartbroken. Her own self who just needed to know that it was all worth it in the end... just to hear those words.

I love you

Sydney sighed heavily and looked at Sid, her eyes silent. She nodded her head and muttered with barely any words, “Okay.”

“It will be alright.”
“If she doesn't think we're crazy...” Sydney said in truth and the two thought about Kylie for a second. The two laughed and said at the same time.


They began walking back towards the house, and all Sydney could say to Sid was.

“You are the biggest hypocrite.”


“Saying 'you shouldn't give it all up for just one girl.' Look at what you're doing.”

Sid just chuckled at this and nodded her head in defeat. “Yeah... I guess. But you and I are basically the same, just from different outcomes.”

“What do you think will happen when they come?” Sydney asked. Her voice sounded scared, but she knew it was inevitable what was to happen to them.

“I think they will kill one of us and take the other.”

“But which one?”

Sid took in a small silent breath at this, saying as they came in through the door. “Does it matter?”


To her it didn't... but she could see and understand why to Sydney it did. But they wouldn't take the original of this universe... they would tell the difference between the two.

Wouldn't they?

The two stepped into the living room where they saw Kylie playing with string around her fingers, making webs out of boredom. Sydney smirked. She began to come towards Kylie who hadn't spotted them yet but felt Sid put her hand on the brunette girl's shoulder, and Sydney turned her head to look at her other self.

All she saw was Sid's eyes plead to her to tell her... for them to be honest and Sydney sighed... knowing they had to.

She cleared her throat and looked silently at Kylie. The dark girl closed her hands together and looked up with a smile but seemed to stiffen it confused when she saw the two girls looking solemnly at her, and she simply said.

“What's up?”

Oh, how they were about to tell her.

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