The Parallel

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Chapter 6

“Kylie, I-” Sydney paused. She looked at Sid nervously, and her counter part just nodded. She gulped afraid and looked at Kylie who was looking confused back at the two. “We need to tell you something.”

“You're twins.” Kylie said. Her voice was pure seriousness, and Sydney and Sid laughed nervously. They shook their heads, and Kylie pulled a confused look, adding, “But it's so obvious!”

“You were close.” Sid said barely. Her voice was still and serious, and she looked at Kylie waiting for any reaction to this before adding, her voice weak, “We're the same person.”

“No FUCKING way!” Kylie cheered and stood up looking at them. She quickly hurried over and measured the two's arms and legs with her mind and said, “So... are you two... clones? OH MY GOD! Are there more of you! Sydney, why didn't you tell me you could c-”

“No, Kylie!” Sydney just yelled frustrated. She loved Kylie dearly but sometimes it frustrated her how clueless her friend could be, “We are not clones... we-”

“Are from different dimensions.” Sid said back plain and simple, and Kylie cocked an eyebrow up confused as she just uttered.

“Huh? Now that seems totally implausible.”

Sid just grinned at this, she quite liked Kylie's response, but Sydney was just boiling over in rage.

“Well it's true!”

Kylie gave a blink, then a smile and said in a slow grinning gleam, “Really?”

Sid nodded warily, and Kylie glanced back between the bluenette and the brunette. She just cracked a grin as she said in total ecstasy “That is so COOL!”

“Heh, heh... yeah.” Sydney said nervously and couldn't believe how well Kylie was taking this. It seemed whenever parallel universes came into the equation, everyone accepted it at once.

“So wait...” Kylie continued, walking back and forth and wagging her finger thinking, “If you two are the same and are just from different universes... which one, which one is my Sydney?”

Sydney beamed widely when she heard Kylie say that. Her Sydney. That Kylie knew the difference between the two and stepped forward. She put her hand on Kylie's shoulder and said with loving wet eyes, “Me, Kylie.”

“Seriously.” Sid said annoyed, more at Kylie and her words than the situation and asked, “How are you handling this so well? Oh and Kylie. That Sydney and me are the same, just from different outcomes.”

“No one could replace my Sydney...” Kylie muttered back quietly and looked at her loved one with warm eyes. Sydney smiled back, feeling she was about to break down in tears at such wonderful words, and Sid just growled.

What was she meant to do now? Tell Kylie that they could all be killed in hours or minutes? Tell Kylie that she wanted her just for today, and tell her that she had to love her? Sid couldn't do that... no matter how much she wanted to.

She bit her lip weakly, holding back the trembles of her bottom lip to show she was not upset. She was just lying to herself.

“But Sydney... why are you telling me this?” Kylie added getting back on track, and Sydney was about to answer, but Sid just said in a stern voice.

“Because I have to leave soon... and I just... I wanted to- to-”
“She just wanted to hang out with you...” Sydney answered for Sid, and the blue haired girl looked confused at her as she heard these words. “Just for a while... she has to leave tomorrow.”

“Aw that sucks.” Kylie said, her shoulders slumping disappointed, and Sid just nodded her head. She looked at Sydney a bit cautious, seeing Sydney nudge her head in the direction of the door. Sid looked at her confused but saw Sydney pat Kylie on the shoulder again, as she whispered.

“We'll be back in a second.”

Kylie blinked bewildered and nodded her head in reply. She watched as Sid and Sydney left the room and all Kylie did was lean against the wall in amazement, muttering to herself with a jokey grin.

“Would it be called a threesome or still a twosome?”

Sid already knew what Sydney was going to say as they reached the dining room, and she stopped before Sydney had, looking at her. Sydney sighed as she said with teary eyes.

“You have her... for one day. Then you go.”

“So you're not worried?”

“I'm terrified... but you should know that.” Sydney muttered and Sid nodded her head, knowing the truth of those words.

“Yeah, I know.”

Sid knew she should have said something to console Sydney... to tell her a 'thank you', to tell her she was sorry that she needed this, and just as she was about to leave to go back into Kylie, she mumbled.


Sydney looked up at her slowly, her eyes in pleading tears.

“I'm glad I saved your life.”

“I'm glad you did too.” Sydney only whispered back with a small smile and Sid gave her a nod.

Sid's eyes were silent as she went out to the living room and knocked on the door. She peered in and saw Kylie sitting on the ground against the wall, the dark girl concentrating on her thoughts, and Sid muttered.


“Hmm?” Kylie said back. She looked at Sid slowly, her eyes weakening a little when she saw someone she did not expect, and that pierced Sid in the heart.

Sid held back her hesitation however as she just mumbled.

“Do you... want to go for a walk?”

“With just you... and me?”


Kylie chewed her lip nervously as she thought about this. Something about this Sydney made her cautious... made her slightly wary. But she knew the fact of why this was. It was because a part of her... l-loved her.

She shut her eyes tightly, trying to shake off the thoughts of that and just got up. She shook herself down and said with a smile. “Yeah, sure.”

Sid smiled back in return and watched as Kylie came out of the room to the hall. The two took the back door to the road.

Sydney was just in the kitchen, sitting at the table with her head in her hands as she cried. Tears streamed through her fingers.

Kylie and Sid walked the country road. There were hedges on both sides of them, cut off from the road by streams, and Kylie put her hands in her pockets awkwardly.

“So...” She mumbled nervously. She glanced over at Sid for a second before darting her eyes down back to the path and said in nearly a stumble of words, “You and Sydney... are the same person?”

“Yes...” Sid said honestly in reply and Kylie nodded her head. She gave a quick smile as she continued on.

“So you two... are one in the same?”

Sid looked at her with a grin, amused at hearing the same thing asked only with different words and cracked into a little laugh as she responded, “I guess so, yeah.”

“Well you know what they say.” Kylie said nervously, smiling at her and patting her a little anxiously on the back. “Two are better than one.”

“Try fifty million.”

“F-fifty... mil...million?” Kylie said aghast and Sid nodded her head. She gave a crooked smile to Kylie as she said, slowing down her pace a little so they walked in the same line.

“Yeah... and fifty million or more of you, too.”

“Wait?” Kylie said astonished and looked with amaze at Sid as she pulled the girl back with her arms, holding Sid's shoulders and asked. “There are fifty million of me?”

“Yeah.” Sid said with a devilish grin, and Kylie just uttered out in a daze.

“Oh my God!”

“I love your reactions...” Sid said, still feeling Kylie's arms touching her shoulders, and Kylie just chuckled back at this. She looked Sid in the eyes and said.

“So fifty million...”

“That's what I heard.”


“Don't worry,” Sid said before she could ask and released one of Kylie's hands from its hold on her, stating, “None of them are as cool as you.”

“I bet.” Kylie said with a wink and Sid gave a small smirk in amusement at this confidence. She felt her cheeks redden a little and Kylie caught this.

The dark girl gulped, realising in a second she was still touching Sid and released her other grip from the girl. Her arms fell back to her sides, and Kylie added on nervously, beginning to hurriedly walk again.

“So do you...” she said, her lips quivering afraid to get the words out, and Sid looked at her quietly. She could tell what the next sentence would be without even having to know, and heard Kylie splutter out.

“Do you love me too?”

Sid blushed deeper and looked away to the ground. She walked slowly back up to Kylie who was shaking in fear or anxiety... Sid couldn't tell, and when she reached her again she just muttered nervously.

“Yeah... I do.”

“So where's your Kylie?”

Sid shut her eyes. She didn't want to remember where her Kylie was... her Kylie in the ground... her Kylie gone.

And her Kylie never having the chance to even try to love her now... not that she ever would have.

“She's gone.”

Kylie blinked surprised to hear this and grabbed Sid, pulling her back by the shoulders to face her again and asked, “Wait, wait, wait...” she looked at her in horror as she asked in a shiver, “She's g-gone...?”

“Yeah...” Sid said back quietly and began to walk away back down the road but suddenly stiffened as she felt Kylie pull her into a hug. She lost her breath as she felt the dark girl pat her on the head in comfort and say as caring as she could.

“Sydney... I'm... I'm so sorry.”

Sid smiled weakly back at the embrace and put her hands between Kylie's chest and hers. She pushed her away gently and muttered back in near tears, “Don't worry... it's not your fault.”

No, it was herown.

She added back in just a bare whiff of a voice.

“And call me Sid...”

“Why would I call you that?”

“Because I don't deserve to be called that girl anymore...” Sid said barely, and felt her eyes lift up into Kylie's, as she whispered, “Because I did a terrible thing.”

“What?” Kylie asked, her voice so quiet as she looked at Sid worried. Sid just stared into Kylie's eyes, feeling tears nearly come out and just leaned forward and-

Kissed her.

Kylie held still for a second frozen at the embrace and Sid just pulled back looking at her, ashamed of herself.

She swallowed a painful swallow and tried to walk away but just felt Kylie hold her head softly, looking into her eyes. Sid held still as she looked back into Kylie's before feeling the dark girl trace her lips around her own and when their mouths parted... Sid looked silently at her.

“This...” Kylie asked, her words coming out as stumbles and she looked at Sid quietly needing to know, “This isn't technically cheating... i-is it?”

Sid looked at her silently for a second more and just shook her head. Adding back in a voice that was a lie to even herself, “No.”

And with that the two began to kiss.

Sydney looked over at the clock, seeing the time say three and wondered what was taking Kylie and Sid so long. But she sighed as she remembered what she had promised. To give Sid the whole day... though why had she?

She swallowed as she heard a small beep and froze looking around for where that sound came from. She soon spotted a small tab on the ground and picked it up. She saw a little button on it and pressed it in. The button flicked to different colours, going red, green, blue, as a sound came out of it in a utilized voice.

Fluctuationsin the quantum particles. Forty universes apart.”

Sid swallowed, not understanding what this meant, but it suddenly clicked to her.

Forty universes apart...? They were only forty worlds away...

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