The Parallel

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Chapter 7

“Shit.” Sydney cried to herself as she realized this fact, “Oh shit, oh shit.”

It suddenly seemed to hit her full force that her life really was in danger of ending. She swallowed and pulled back her brown hair from her face, feeling sweat pour down from her body and just began to helplessly cry.

“There's fifty million of us!” she cried as she sat down on a chair to steady herself. She cried out one more time, “Fifty million!”

Then how? How were they only forty dimensions away? Forty universes... yet if they were able to get into the quantum thought of this universe they could appear here in an instant.

Tears fell down her cheeks, rolling down in little wet streams, and she begged to herself. “Please let this all just be a dream! Please!”

When their lips broke, Sid and Kylie were gasping and holding each other tightly on the deserted road. Kylie took a few breaths before looking at Sid and stuttered in a shaky laugh.


Sid smiled weakly back, but it took her all but her mightiest strength not to break into a gleam of pure childish delight.


The two let go of each other, more Sid withdrawing as she was nervous of what to do next, and Kylie looked with shy eyes at her. A goofy smile was all too present on her lips as well, though.

“You act different,” Kylie said then, a little cheekily but curious all the same, and Sid looked a bit confused at her. Kylie just chuckled and added to her conclusion, “Different... to Sydney.”

“We are from different worlds...” Sid said back honestly, though her heart beat a little quicker under her skin, and she smiled nervously. Kylie could tell the lack of courage in that smile, and Sid sighed. She added back in a quiet voice, her words barely escaping. “And different outcomes.”

“Tell me,” Kylie said slowly. She looked at Sid who just gazed at her, her eyes hiding so many secrets. “Tell me what outcomes.”

“It doesn't matter...” The girl just replied, hating to even say of her pitiful past... a past she was ashamed of and wanted forever to forget. Though with death on the line in the horizon... maybe she shouldn't wish too hard. “I just... I made a mistake.”

“But what mistake, Sid?” Kylie had to know. Sid was keeping this all so secret, and from what Kylie could tell, she was perfect... maybe even more perfect than-

My Sydney... mine

The dark girl bit her lip, remembering that unconscious promise she had made... yet knew deep down she had already broken it.

“You're perfect.”

Sid just shook her head, balls of tears reaching the sides of her eyes, and she just looked back at Kylie, with hate for that simple praise, “I'm not... I'm probably the most imperfect girl in the world!”


Sid ignored this demand, wanting to hide from it, wanting to bury herself in the ground and just glared at Kylie, her body shielding herself in a protective hold.

“Because I have killed millions.”


Sid hated it, hated how the truth just poured from her mouth and looked at Kylie, with so much self loathe- self hatred.

“I leapt... and leapt again... and they said, 'stop, come. Or they'll die', but what did I do?” Sid seemed to fall on the ground as she crouched over, trying to just hide... to show she couldn't handle the fact; of how much of a danger she was to everyone, “I just... leapt!”


“I killed everyone and I'm still killing everyone because I'm afraid to just end it all and save all lives... all because now I,” She swallowed and looked at Kylie, hating how she was would never be worthy of her no matter how much she tried. “I won't leap again.”

“You didn't do anything wrong.”

Sid shook her head.

Shook it and just got up.

And ran.

Kylie watched dumbstruck for a second before realising Sid was running away and shouted, suddenly going into a sprint herself, “Sid! Wait, Please!”

Sydney caught her breath as often as she could, caught it and caught it again as she tried to breathe but the panic was too much.

Her death... such a cruel reality that could soon come to pass, and what would she have left?

Just the remnants of a life. Remnants of a soul that had been brought back to life only to be crushed again so unmercifully.

She heard the chugging in the distance... another train doing its errands and wiped her swollen eyes with her hands... trying to save face. Trying to save herself... from the truth that was right there.

Sid reached the hill and nearly stumbled onto the train tracks till she felt a hand grab her jumper and pull her back- a train zooming past her only inches from her nose.

She swallowed, frozen in fear before feeling Kylie pull her back and hold her steady in her arms, a few inches from the tracks. The two just stood there, watching the cargo whoosh past before the area grew silent again, and Kylie tightened her grip around Sid's body.


Hissing nearly.

“Are you insane?!”

“I-” Sid said but cut herself short as she seemed to come out of her panic and realised in that second... how close to the real Sydney of this universe she was.

Willing to face death and loose it all... over, over emotions...

She swallowed once more, her previous pale face pink with the emotions she had shown and not controlled, and she felt too weak to move. But was in too tight a hold to do so anyway.

She felt Kylie grip her tighter, almost too strongly as if if she loosened her hold for a second, Sid would get free.

The dark girl spun Sid suddenly around to face her, and before Sid could say anything Kylie just hugged her in an angry embrace.

Angry at the foolish act that the girl she loved was so stupid!

“Kylie, I-”

“You are a fucking idiot!” Kylie just yelled back at her, slicing Sid's ears with her voice and Sid swallowed nodding but didn't feel any loosening of the hold.

“Why, Sid?!” Kylie just yelled again, and stepped back from her but still held her so she wouldn't escape, “Why are you so stupid!?”

“I... I,” Sid stuttered and only looked to the ground, not brave enough to look Kylie in the eyes... not brave enough to face her conclusion, “I just... I-”

“You're just like Sydney!” Kylie said in anger and suddenly shoved herself away from her. She looked Sid straight in the eyes as she yelled, “You just try to run from the problem when you should face it!”


“Oh you know what I mean!” Kylie just shouted and nearly ripped her hair out in rage, “When Sydney told me she loved me, she demanded an answer and didn't give me time to think. When I said the first thing on my mind she literally ran away just like you did. I can't HELP it if I love you two. But you can help it by not tearing yourself apart!”

Kylie held her breath for a second, just glaring in pure anger at Sid. Before releasing an exhale and gave out bitter shallow breaths at all that had just happened.

Sid stood there, shocked. She looked in silence at Kylie for a few minutes before stuttering out, attracted almost to her angry row, “I'm... I'm.”

She really wanted to say, 'you are so hot right now', loving the concern Kylie showed to her out in the open. But she held still for a second, not knowing how to finish her sentence.

“You're... do you really l-love us, so m-much?”

No, genius.” Kylie said sarcastically in a scowl, putting as much emphasis on her words as she could and just grabbed Sid's hand, pulling her away from the tracks.

Sid blinked surprised at the action as Kylie forced them back down the hill they had run up and Sid just stared at her silently, feeling Kylie's eyes glare ahead.

Sid gulped painfully, her throat dry from nervousness... more nervousness at the fact she was holding Kylie's hand, and not at the near death attempt.

The two walked down the hill, Kylie keeping grudgingly silent, and Sid just closed her eyes.

But a small swooning smile was crawling across her lips.

It wasn't too long later that the two entered back into the house, that Kylie finally unclasped her hand from Sid's and just pulled Sid to her by the shirt collar, saying in her face with no pause.

“Don't ever do that again.”

Sid swallowed, nervous eyes looking at Kylie and just nodded her head... but her heart twisted and danced at Kylie's firm attitude.

The two arrived into the kitchen when there was a cry from a room a few doors away and the two glanced at each other, Sydney rushing in with her face as red as what Sid's had been minutes ago.

“Tell me!”

The two blinked confused, looking back at each other lost before Sydney yelled, needing to know.

“Tell me how many have died!”

Sid looked at her warily, but knew what she spoke of and sighed. She lifted her watch up in front of them and said quietly to it.


A holograph suddenly zapped out of her little device and Kylie stumbled back startled.

A million Sydney Phillips have been killed in the last forty minutes.

“Oh shit...”

The two Sydneys looked over at Kylie as the dark girl just mumbled these words out, as if she knew everything that had passed before. Sydney just glared her eyes into Sid's and spat.

“They are going to be here, any second, and it is all your fault.”

Sid didn't say anything in return.

It was all her fault, and she had been so utterly cowardly that she knew there was nothing to defend herself with, except.

“But I told y-you.”

“But you never should have come.”

Sid stood there, her soul breaking at those words. She closed her eyes, holding back the tears she had so easily wept earlier and as she opened them again, she just pushed past Sydney and went to their parent's room. She closed the door, leaving the two alone.

Sydney held her hands tightly in rage, her chest beating up and down in anger, and as she looked around she noticed Kylie... almost forgetting that girl was there.

“Sydney...?” Kylie just uttered out in disbelief, her words barely there and before Sydney could reply, the dark girl just held up her hand to stop her.

“That was not called for- she's,” Kylie held her words for a second, before saying in honesty. “She's yourself.”

“She is nothing like me!” Sydney just yelled and tore back from Kylie, a step away from Sid's defender. The girl just spat. “She's a murderer!”

“N-n,” Kylie barely uttered, not able to say the whole word but shook her head to display her answer, “No... she isn't.”

“Kylie.” Sydney said in so much vehemence and stared at her, not getting how Kylie could be this willingly stupid.

“I'm going to die all because of her!”

Kylie shook her head again, not believing. Not wanting to believe.

“And so might you.”

Kylie caught her breath in a gasp as she looked at Sydney and almost stepped back... this news suddenly registering fast.

“She wouldn't.”

“She's on the run, they are killing all of the me's... what's to say they won't kill one of you?”

Kylie couldn't understand the cold calculated words that left Sydney's mouth and just shook her head one more time.


“They wouldn't.”

Sydney just stared at her, waiting for her to get it.

Away in the room Sid looked at her hands... the hands that had the blood of all she loved on them and how she had tried to run from it, escape the torture but had just brought upon more.

Sid swallowed in a tremble and just thought of her choice.

Maybe she should leap.

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