The Parallel

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Chapter 8


Sid glanced up at the door. She could hear Kylie's voice call for her from the distance before there was a rattle on the door knob, and she swallowed, listening to it shake. Kylie worriedly tried to twist it on the other side but it was locked, and the dark girl just called in.

“Sid, listen to me.” her voice was a little shaky as she said these words but had to no matter what, and continued with a worried voice.

“Don't listen to Sydney... s-she's, she's just mad. We-”

“Kylie, I don't care!” Sid just shouted back interrupting her and Kylie stood, shaken, away from the door at those words. Sid swallowed in a quaky breath and just yelled, “I'll do you all the favour and just go. I-I...”

The blue haired girl just felt a few tears roll down her face and just mumbled, “I didn't mean a thing...”

“No, Sid! That's not true!”

Sid just ignored her but she herself was still scared. Scared of what leaping would mean. Where it could take her. Where she would land... but it had to be anywhere better than here.

She began to align her thought patterns up with all the other Sydneys and saw flickers of different realities come into her view... before she chose the safest one. One which a Sydney had already been killed in.

Her reality started to change, started to flicker and shake into the new, before she heard Kylie say in a desperate voice, the girl's words laced with tears.

“Please, Sid... I-I, I n-need you!”

And that is what made Sid stop. That is what made her have to stop as she couldn't be in a single reality without her... without-


She stopped the process of entering a new world and landed back on the bed, just feeling hopeless at how those three words could stop her.

I need you”

And how she needed Kylie too. How she could do nothing else but need her.

Kylie stood panting on the other side of the door. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she leant against the wood and slowly slipped to the ground. A failure... not knowing what Sid did in there, but knew.

She had failed her.

The door was opened and she fell back as Sid came out and the blue haired girl just gave a weak smile, looking down to the ground. Kylie looked up at her from the floor, her back having hit it and just wiped her tears quickly, getting up in a haste.

Sid felt ashamed of herself. Knowing she was still the cause and the problem in all of this, but this all seemed to leave her head when she felt Kylie hug her in so tight a squeeze she couldn't breathe.

“Why is every Sydney I m-meet,” Kylie stuttered out as she hugged her in a squeeze, Sid just giving a huff back at the hold, “Always so stupid!”

“I'm sorry...”

“We both know you're not...” Kylie said, letting go of her and looking Sid straight in the eyes. Sid looked back at Kylie with a surprised expression, and the dark girl only responded, “Because if you were... you would stop doing this.”

“I'm sorry...” Sid just muttered out again, feeling empty at those words. She never meant to hurt Kylie.

Kylie just stared at her, looking deeply into her eyes. She didn't trust those words... couldn't trust them even though Sid had said them once before. The dark girl took a breath out and appraised her. She muttered.

“Then promise you won't jump in front of a train, run off, or give away your life.”

“How did you k-know I-?” Sid began, remembering that she had just nearly given away her own existence then, and looked confused and unsure at Kylie.

Kylie just stared at her, muttering.

“I felt it.”

Sid looked at her and just nodded her head, knowing she had to keep her word this time... Kylie connected to her in a way far deeper than what she had imagined before and just whispered in sincerity.

As much sincereness she hoped she would ever have.

“I promise.”

“I'm going to hold you to that, Phillips.” Kylie said in a warning and Sid nodded her head, shutting her eyes and giving a small smile as she breathed out.

Happy that this was not over yet.

The two walked back to the kitchen where Sydney sat on a chair in a hunch. The brunette girl just had her arms folded and stared at the ground, her eyes angry and scorching with unheeded heat.

“Everything is fine.” Kylie said as she pushed Sid forward and Sid stumbled on her feet before holding herself straight and looking at Sydney, “Sid promises things will be alright.”

“I just...” Sydney uttered, looking to the ground and not even wanting to face the two with her words, “I just don't get you, Kylie.”

“What do you mean, babe-?”

“Babe?” Sydney just uttered, glaring up to the dark girl that she had thought loved her... but from all she had heard in that hall just then... how could she really ever truly know this. “If I was your babe, you would support me-not some rip off of me!”

Kylie stepped back, startled to hear such words tear out of her best friend's mouth and she only said confused.

“Sydney, don't you get it? She is you!”

“She. Is. A MURDERER!”

Kylie fell back another step as those words slammed into her, and she looked at Sydney completely shaken by that slicing conviction.

“She never killed anyone, Sydney! She wouldn't hurt a fly just like you wouldn't either! Don't you get it?”

“No! Don't YOU GET IT!” Sydney just shrieked back and burned her teary eyes into the two, her face red, but her expression in so much despair, “Kylie, she's not me! She's a slip up in the system. A. Mistake.”

Sid only stood there, looking at her other self scream these accusations, but she could feel what Sydney's true reasons behind this was and only stepped forward, mumbling in such a little voice.

“You're just... you're jealous...”

Sydney stepped back, complete shock coming over her but Sid knew all of Sydney's thoughts... all of her intentions and motives and Sydney yelled back, denying it but it was as blatant as her lie.

“I... I'm not! I just want to protect me and Kylie!”

“It's always about us and Kylie... all of this!” Sid just said, not wanting to deny this any longer, the truth of this fight... of every word those two had spoken in conjuncture to each other.

“I only tried leaping originally because of Kylie. Every suicide that has been committed by so many of us have been down to Kylie. And even this now. My stupid reason for staying and yours for wanting me to go. It's all because of-”

“Kylie!” Sydney shouted in tears as Kylie left in a run and Sid alerted to this quickly. She sprinted after her and stopped Kylie opening the front door to leave the house, but the dark girl just had tears also in her eyes and she shouted.

“I never made you two do any of these things. I-I,” Kylie stuttered, wiping her face again from her helpless sobbing, “I never meant any of this,”

“That's what I'm saying!” Sid said back and pulled Kylie's hand into hers as she brought the dark girl back into the room and just looked at Sydney, letting Kylie go again, “Sydney, we've got to get a grip on ourselves. We can't just rely on Kylie's approval or disapproval! We need to step up our game... and- and fight!”

“I don't want to fight...” Sydney just whispered, her eyes lifeless as all she had seen was the two girl's hold hands, the two girls stand side by side and she only uttered out with no more strength, “I give up... you win. Kylie, I hope you are happy with her... she's a sitting duck, but hey?” Sydney joked, oh so cruelly at the fact, “So am I.”

She gave a weak grin, her voice dicing and precise in how much those words were meant to hurt and scare and just pulled out the high voltage gun, saying in a quiet voice, “Now get out.”

Sid blinked. She put her hand behind the back of her belt, realising the truth of the matter... that Sydney at some point had pulled the gun from her but when?



“GET OUT!” Sydney just screamed and the two hurried in a rush out of the house as they heard the gun activate. They tried to catch their breaths on the other side of the door as it closed behind them, before hearing the door lock a second later, and Kylie just slammed her fist into it, shouting.

“Sydney, please! Please don't do this! Everything will be fine! Please trust me!”

“Don't even try, Kylie...” Sid said back quietly. Her words were tired and just giving up on even trying to reason to her other self... almost swearing that this Sydney was like so many of the others.

Was bad...

And that she, she could have that possibility of being bad herself... no matter how much she tried to deny it.

“Why won't she listen?” Kylie begged in fear as she shook Sid, “Why is she acting this way?”

“Because she is a Sydney Phillips...” Sid only replied back and gave an exhale out, just so tired of trying anymore, “And every one of us turns bad... and I don't know why that is.”

“But she isn't bad! And neither are you!”

“I thought we weren't... but we have to be. Because what me and Sydney have in common is one thing neither of us will ever redeem.”

Kylie looked at her confused, just waiting to hear those words and they poured out shamefully.

“We are selfish. And we will always be selfish until the last one of us is destroyed...”

“STOP SAYING THAT!” Kylie yelled, hating hearing these words. She knew this wasn't true, it couldn't be true and she said, eyeing the door and trying to figure out a way through this, “You and Sydney are good people. Yes, you are a little selfish but you are also very brave. Heck you nearly ran in front of a train.”

“Emotions...” Sid sighed, hating to admit that, and continued while Kylie shook her head to deny that, “Purely emotion-”
“No!” Kylie yelled and stamped her foot, hating this sour reply and grabbed Sid shaking her to get some reality back up into that brain of hers. “You two can figure out a way to stop this! I know you can! You know you can, Sid! THINK!”

Sid just sighed again and Kylie slapped her in the face. Sid just looked at her startled and Kylie gave her one warning look not to answer with that again.

“I guess...” Sid said back weakly, thinking slowly to herself and turned her eyes to the shed, “We get ourselves some guns, just to prepare in case they do come any second.”
“Okay, and then what?” Kylie asked, desperate to have more instruction.

Sid took a breath out, trying not to sigh in case she got another slap, “And we find a way back inside, convince Sydney to help us and-?”


“Hold on.” Sid said, hearing her watch beeping and pressed a button on it, confused. A hologram popped out of device and a computer voice said.

A disturbance in the quantum particles has been located in this universe. The rightful authorities have been alerted.”

Sid held still, frozen for a second as she heard these words and thought back to the only instance where a disturbance could have been made since she came.

When... when she had nearly leaped only minutes ago.

But she hadn't... yet maybe she had leapt just enough to alert... to alert the tracker.

She swallowed and looked at Kylie, and the dark girl only gazed back confused at her.

“What is it?” she asked.

Sid gulped again, her throat dry and uttered the words... though they were barely heard with the pain that was in them.

“They found me.”

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