The Parallel

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Chapter 9

“What...?” Kylie said in barely a voice and Sid looked at her, quietly.

All she saw was Kylie's worry, Kylie's fear and she had to make this right. She had promised.

“Come with me.” she said in an instant, grabbing Kylie's arm and pulling her to the shed. Kylie followed as they rushed to the metal architecture and Sid pulled open the door, rushing them in but Kylie stood back amazed looking at all the equipment.

“What is this...?” she asked as she watched Sid pull out suitcases from under the shelves where they had been hidden, the blue haired girl quickly looked at her.

“Weapons. To defend us.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Kylie said waving her hands in the air, Sid pulled a gun into her hands, “You want us to shoot people?”

“Yes.” Sid said back in one word. Kylie gulped, nervously rubbing her head. Sid rolled her eyes and gave a small smirk. She threw a gun to Kylie who stumbled to catch it and pulled out another for herself. She hurried the two outside the shed and they hid behind a hedge as Sid pulled Kylie down to the ground as they both crouched on their knees.

“Why are we-?”

“They'll be here any second. Listen.” Sid said fast and showed Kylie the dials and buttons on the gun. “This is a futuristic gun. This one only stuns and paralysis. This button is for stun, the other for paralyse.”

“See” Sid continued grinning at Kylie cheekily, “No death.”

“And what about you?” Kylie asked with low eyebrows, waiting to hear what Sid's gun did and Sid only nervously grinned.

“I do what I have to do... this one only shoots lasers and bazookas.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Kylie said with a smile, even though she knew that was probably the worst possible gun to have in their possession, “Where'd you get something like that?”

“Other universes, Kylie.” Sid said blankly and Kylie blinked her eyes a bit dumbly before Sid continued. “We need to go warn Sydney.”

“Right... and Sid.”

Sid stopped herself from getting up and looked back at Kylie, seeing the worry in her eyes.

“Everything will be okay...right?”

Sid looked slowly into those scared eyes and nodded her head stiffly, not wanting to lie but also not knowing what the truth would be for this outcome.

“Yes... everything will be fine.”

“Okay.” Kylie said with a nod of her own and a small smile back, and as the two began to stand back up on their legs again there was a huge bang in the distance. The two froze. Sid looked over the hedge, quickly running to the house's corner and peering over.

She swallowed when she saw what would haunt her existence till she was free.

There was a giant crack in the air, seeming as if it was knocked out of the space between space, and through the crack pierced golden light. But it was what was standing outside the crack that scared her.

Three people, two men and a woman. Sid's heart beat a million seconds a minute. She watched as they looked around the area, the black man saying to the other two.

“Split up.”

But it was what happened next that terrified her.

They literally split. Split into two people each, and then the six of them, split into two more people.

Sid stared at it terrified, trying to figure out how this had just happened and went through the process in her head.

And then it dawned on her.

When she felt that tear in the universe hours ago, when Sydney was going to split off another parallel and make another infinite for a different choice.

What was the choice that would make a different possibility? A different you?

Sydney had wanted to kill herself... but there must have also been a part that wanted something so different it would tear the universe into two. But what?


She looked over and saw Kylie looking at her with frantic eyes. She swallowed getting her wit about her and ran back over to Kylie, whispering.

“We have to get inside the house.”

“But there's too many of them!”

“There's only twelve. They split off alternate versions of themselves, I'm sure.” Sid bit her lip, hoping she was right about that. She looked at Kylie quickly and said in haste.

“Get inside, I'll protect us.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I have something to protect now.”

Kylie looked at Sid silently, realising what she was saying and just nodded her own head. She had to trust her, and she ran in silent steps to the house. She went behind the opposite side of the building and slipped in through the back door, but just as she closed it behind her, a laser shot was fired at her hand. Kylie yanked it away, barely missing the shot but she could feel the burn of where it grazed her and quickly locked the door as the woman closed in on her.

But Sid had seen it all.

She had seen the fire, the chance of Kylie nearly getting hit and it, it tore Sid apart.

One part of her wanted to get in there and protect Kylie, save her from any fires that could kill her. Another part wanted to kill the woman. Shoot her a thousand times in the face. And another part just wanted to shoot all the alternate selves the people seemed to easily manifest.

She swallowed hard, all these things she wanted to do so much, and then it dawned on her.

As bright as day.

She could do them all.

All she had to do was change the way she viewed this reality... change her thoughts. Be enlightened once more and in that second she gave a grin, knowing her choice.

Her choices.

She screamed, catching the people's attention as ten different hers tore out of her. The black man leading the group waved his hand around the side, signalling his team to follow the roar.

As one of the black men ran to the side of the house he got a shot right in the head, falling over lifeless and the other men looked down shocked and terrified. They quickly frowned and ran after the Sid that had shot them only to have another fire a bazooka at three of the men, as they split and ran.

“FIRE!” The black man called as more of them split, trying to fight the Sids but more and more of the Sids split every second. There were a hundred of them within two minutes as the girls shot and dodged and dived to the ground to escape firing lasers.

One of the Sids ran to the other side of the house. She quickly saw that woman who was shooting bullets into the door knob, shooting the knob off clean and Sid whistled at her to get her attention.

The woman glared at her, quickly splitting in half as one of her kept at the door, while another began to fire and Sid split again, three of her going different directions as they shot and fired crazily. Wanting her dead, wanting Kylie safe.

The woman dodged expertly till she fired a bullet into one of the Sid's shoulders, the Sid falling to her knees in pain. The woman smiled but another Sid who had torn from another one was just behind her and was about to shoot a laser in her head, when the woman heard the snap of a twig under the Sid's shoe and just tore again, one of her getting a hole in her head while another jumped to the ground to avoid the fire.

Meanwhile the Sids on the other side of the house shot at the men, all quick and fast at their fires and misses and by the time the men had a chance to make a different decision and tear, they were just shot again, several bodies lining the ground.

“STOP THIS!” The leading black man yelled. He had been away from the action, splitting off different ones of himself with every new choice that he could create, and a Sid just yelled back.

“No! You stop this! I just want to live!”

“You don't understand! Your power should not be! You cannot have this gift!”

“Why!” all the Sids yelled at once and the man glared at all of them, watching his alternate selves get killed and massacred no matter how much they fought.

“Because! You. Are. BAD!”

The original Sid stopped when this was said, but the other hers continued fighting as suddenly more cracks appeared in the air, and different people jumped out of them, coming to fight.

But these people were no match.

Three Sids pulled out their rocket guns and fired bazookas at them. There was explosions as the people burned up, and exploded body parts flung in the air. One Sid quickly noticed these cracks and that there was a universe behind them and as she realized this, the information spread to the others in seconds.

Twenty Sids split out of two as they dived into the cracks while the others killed off the remaining men, and the black man only watched terrified as his world came crashing in on him.

He hid behind Sydney's parents spare car, gasping and panting for breath.

The woman on the other side of the house had just burst the door open and escaped inside. She slammed opened Sydney's parent's room only to see Kylie on the bed, leant up against the bed-rest terrified and the woman just shouted.

“She's trying to take my life.” holding her gun in Kylie's direction and slowly pressing her finger on the trigger, “Then I just take what makes up hers.”

Before she could pull down the trigger she stood there paralysed in the spot, but her body jolted of electricity as currents of it rippled through her bones and she dropped dead on the ground. Kylie looked up. Sydney stood behind the woman with the electric gun in her hands and uttered back in spite of herself.

“No one harms Kylie... no one... but me.”

Kylie only jumped back on the bed-rest again as Sydney came forward with the gun in her hands, aiming right for Kylie's head and Kylie begged.

“Please Sydney! S-STOP!”

“You chose her, Kylie!” Sydney just yelled, tears roaring down her cheeks and Kylie shook her head panicky. “You chose the me I could never be! Because I'm just not GOOD enough for you!”


Sydney was about to press fire on her gun when a million shots blasted into her body. She just spat out blood.

Outside the open door stood three Sids, all firing as much as they could to stop the near murder of the innocent girl, and Kylie just looked at the three Sids when Sydney's body banged to the ground.


“Hey.” The three Sids said together, waving at her with a smile and Kylie waved back weakly, her own smile forced and scared and just plain bewildered.

“What the FUCK is happening?!”


“WATCH OUT!” a Sid shouted from the distance and the three Sids turned the other direction as their fired at someone away from Kylie's view, and the dark girl just blinked in horror before seeing the three blue haired Sids disappear.

Kylie just held tightly to the bed rest and she muttered to herself in disbelief. “What the fuck! Seriously! WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Before she ran out of the room and looked through the open back door, seeing hundreds of Sids shooting down hover crafts, armies of men and woman, all the while strategizing and ripping themselves in tens.

The black man was panting behind the car as he seemed to pray for his life, before he felt someone crouch down beside him and he looked at the blue haired Sid terrified, but saw the concern in her eyes.

“Please- Just- I can't fight anymore! Please!”

“What did you mean by...” Sid asked quietly as she looked at him and needed to know. “I am bad... how am I bad?”

“You are all bad!” the man just spat, looking her in the eyes with such hate and shouted, “All of you. Every Sydney Phillips since you were a small baby to now! You may be able to know every alternate you, but I am able to know every alternate everybody!”

Sid looked at him confused, scared of his words and the man just hissed.

“I would've let you have your little power, I would've. If I had not seen the hate in your soul, the coldness in your being. You are bad. You can not change that.”

“I am good.” Sid said back in quiet words, denying this claim... she knew it wasn't true.

“You are only good when dead.”

She looked at him, hearing those words and how much poison was in them, and she just shook her head with tears in her eyes.


“What have you done that has helped anyone?”

“I've...” Sid said, barely speaking another word as she just didn't know what to say, “I've helped... many... I've helped-”
“No one.” the man spoke for her and just glared into her eyes, “No one but yourself. Except that girl... and it was still... for Sydney Phillips!”

He spat in her face and Sid just wiped it slowly off her cheek. She looked down at the saliva in her hands... feeling that sick feeling in her heart at how accurate those words were.

And she... she didn't deserve to live. For she was bad.

The thought sprung through all her alternate selves as they fought and killed off the people that wanted them dead. But none of them wanted to acknowledge that thought. None of them wanted to believe that.

“We are not!” one Sid shouted as she stood on the driveway and looked at the original Sid and the man. The man just turned his furious eyes to her and waited for her to continue. But he cared not for their words.

“We just want to live like anyone else!”

“You're the ones that are bad!” another cried in the distance, and the man just scuffed at that, getting up and looking at the land around him. All he saw was the last person getting shot down... thousands of bodies on the ground, and he just stared at all the Sids that had won. The ones that didn't give up.

“You killed our family!” one Sid shouted coming right up to the man and jabbing her finger in his chest but he said not a word.

“When we had finally seen the truth of the world... of the UNIVERSE... you took away everything!”

“You didn't deserve the truth!” he shouted and the Sids shook their heads.

The original Sid just sat on the ground, thinking this over and heard another Sid say.

“You judge us on all the bad the other Sydneys had done... on our pasts! But not on the only Sydney who wanted to change.”

The Sids all looked down to the original Sid and looked at her with sincere eyes, Sid hiding herself in near tears away from their stares.

“The person she was, right then! The Sid who wanted to live... who wanted to do good! She had changed! And she hasn't changed back ever since.”

“But you can't CHANGE your past!”

“No...” the original Sid said and stood up. She looked at the man and hated to admit the truth... but it was the only thing she could do. “I can't change the past... I can't change the bad things I have done. But I can never do them again. I can be a good person! Not try to be but BE!”

“You have killed millions. Not just your other selves but their families.” the man only hissed and Sid shook back at those words... knowing he spoke the truth and took a deep breath, looking at him.

“I haven't killed millions.” she only said, looking at him and not faltering in her words, “You have. You have!”

“Enough!” the man shouted and pulled a gun to her head but before even a shot was fired from it, a thousand lasers exploded through him and he fell to the ground dead.

Sid gasped as she looked at the fallen man... the last in the battle and stared around her at all the lives she had taken, but one Sid shook her head.

“We may have killed thousands of evils... but we saved one innocent.”

Sid looked at the alternate her and just shook her head. She whispered. “I am not an innocent.”

The Sids all looked at her quietly, not moving to say a word, not willing to correct her, before Kylie walked away from behind the house where she had been hiding and just uttered in a scared voice.

“I don't think that's who they were talking about.”

All the Sids suddenly turned their heads around to look at the dark girl, and all said in relief that she was still alive.


“Kylie...” the original Sid just whispered, and looked at her as Kylie stepped over the dead bodies of the men and woman until she stood just a little distance away from her.

“What you girls just did just then,” Kylie said in amazement and shook her head. Not upset... not disappointed... but just proud, “Was amazing. You Sid, all of you... are amazing.”
A bunch of red cheeked faces spread through the crowds of Sids, besides the original who tried to fight it off as best she could.

“We just killed thousands.”

“Yeah, but you saved me.” Kylie said with a small smile, shyly looking at Sid, and Sid just shook her head... that shouldn't have been the reason why for that massacre. “And... you saved yourself.”

“But, Kylie-”

“I don't mean you saved yourself just now... because that's an obvious.” Kylie said interrupting her and shook her head as she put her hands on her hips and looked at Sid, proud, “No... I mean, what you said before. You changed. You are not even trying anymore. You are just being.”

“Kylie, I-”

“Yes?” Kylie asked, folding her arms and waiting to hear what she had to say. Sid just looked at Kylie's smiling face and just uttered, not knowing what else her words could be.

“I... I love you.”

Kylie just gave a small smile... knowing that was the best reply that could be given and nodded her head, adding.

“Why wouldn't you? Kylie, F.Y.I, me, is awesome.”

“Sorry to break this up, girls...” one of the Sids said looking at the two and then just gazed around to all the dead bodies that surrounded them, “But what are we going to do with all... of this?”

“See those cracks in the air.” one Sid said, butting in as she pointed to the cracks and how they were slowly closing up to restore the universe back to its original state. “Me and a bunch of the other girls jumped in them and found a universe where it is nothing but gateways to others. It literally lets you tear a hole. We can leap all of these dead bodies there.”

Kylie shivered at the mention of the D word, and all the Sids just chuckled at this reaction.

“But what about... her?” one Sid said afraid to mention, and the thought went through all their minds in that second of Sydney Phillips who was deceased inside.

“Her parents are going to very upset when they find out she's gone.”


“I stay.” Sid said quietly, nearly a whisper as this realisation dawned on her, and the Sids all looked at her with small gasps at such an idea.

“Look.” one Sid shouted, looking at all the others with upset eyes as the thought passed through them all, “We can't just take her place! We can't just pretend this is our life... no one wants us here, we should-”

“I want you here.”

All the girls turned their eyes to Kylie as she said this and stepped forward, looking at Sid and saying the words. “I want my Sid.”

She walked right passed all the other Sids and stood in front of the original, lifting her hand to Sid's cheek as she looked at her with a smile.

“I want you.”

“But what about-?”

“She tried to kill me, and you tried to save me. And you did save me.” Kylie said in honesty and smiled at her, continuing, “I was forced into loving her... but you made me think, you made feel. And you are the Sid Phillips that I love.”

“Don't you mean, Sydney Phillips?”

“You don't deserve that name.” Kylie said, love in her voice and Sid blushed helplessly at Kylie's truthful words, nodding her head and felt the dark girl kiss her. All the other Sids looked away nervously.

It wasn't soon later that the Sids transported the bodies of the deceased and any of the metal from the crafts into universes that were empty or sparse. On the way, one said to another.

“You know... even though they killed tonnes of the Sydneys and their families in millions of other universes... I think we can still go to them, one each... and start again.”

“I think that's a good plan, Sid.” the other said and the thought passed through them all. All the Sids disappeared eventually into worlds where they could start anew, worlds where they could make their homes, and when Sydney's parents eventually arrived home the whole area was clear of any trace of a war.

The parents opened the door and called through the house.


“In here!” a voice called from far away and the two adults followed it slightly confused, as it sounded happy and relaxed, and they entered into the living room seeing Sid and Kylie on the couch. Their daughter donned a new blue dyed short haircut.

“Sydney, what have you done to your hair?”

“Don't you like it?” Sid asked with a worried smile, and Laura just looked at it for a few minutes before muttering.

“Well it's a change.”

“I love it, babe.” Kylie said to Sid with a wink, and Laura and Paul blinked their eyes confused to hear Kylie say that word, seeing the dark girl with her hand on Sid's lap relaxed and uttered.


“Me and Kylie are-”

“Together.” Kylie said to them with a wink and the two parents went pale before saying nervously, not even knowing their daughter was gay.

“Oh that's wonderful, sweetie.”

“I voted yes!”

“Just keep that stuff in your room.”

“Okay...” Sid said with a small laugh, but finished her sentence with a nervous voice... afraid to say the words but said bravely, “Mum, Dad?”


“I...” she said, not knowing if it was right to say this... not knowing if it would ever be right. But she had to follow her heart.

“I love you.”

“Oh, we love you too, dear.” Paul said with a smile and Laura nodded, before the two waved goodbye to leave the new couple on their own.

“Are you okay, Sid...?”

Sid looked into Kylie's eyes, seeing the love and comfort that was in them and just nodded her head, saying.

“Yeah, I'm fine... I'm,”

She swallowed and said back quietly with a soft, brave smile. Knowing the truth now... knowing her being.

“I'm...I'm good...”

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