Memoirs of Lost Oddysey

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From Rock to Rock

Security Chief Marc Auguste held his Par67M with an iron grip. It felt comforting, like a familiar remnant of days long past. The halls reeked of destruction, of death and were cluttered with debris of all sorts, both expected and macabre; in the low gravity, the lights cast their phantasmal shadows dancing over the walls. Somehow, all that was familiar too.

What day it was no longer mattered, it could have been a week since the attack began, catching the colony with surprise despite all their weapons and technology.

Battle reeled in the Tau Ceti system, as the small and outnumbered Terran squadron darted to break the siege, hounded by pursuers; as armies clashed on the colony, over the ruins in the desolate mountain pass; as the dwindling garrison of the Marathon III fought to hold onto the colonial Monitor at all costs - it being the sole thing that stood between palpable annihilation.

A few soldiers followed him, nervous and tense despite their training. He drew to a stop beside one of the terminals, not knowing why. Images, text, voices, orders flowing from circuit to circuit.

“I have known your kind well before, and you continue your task in this hour of need,” slowly pulsed the blue.

“And what? More the score, again, onward!” laughed the Green.

“If you think, dear sister, brother, that you were the only one to learn lessons there, to bring trinkets, trophies and pawns from that lonely rock... you are surely mistaken,” bit the red.

C:\ dest units


“Chief, are you alright?” whispered one of the troopers, a marine by the name of Dversky, as he put his hand on his shoulder. Marc twitched as he stifled a reflex that would’ve flung the man into the wall.

C:\ !threat;


He said nothing, shrugging the man off and pushed his way down the corridor.

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