Not a Hero

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The Villain of Our Story

Night had only just fallen leaving purple hues across the cloudy skyline. A harsh wind blew through the city, swerving through the towering buildings that met the low flying clouds spilling an icy rain upon the streets below.

Rain splattered upon the clear glass that lined every hall and passage way linking the impossible structures that formed not a forest or an urban jungle but a city in the air. Two cities really. The one above and the one below. As the one below is currently irrelevant, we shall focus upon the city in the clouds.

Every wall was white-- bright white and sparkling without a single crack. Here a harsh line was never seen and every piece was curved. Up here the only things that weren’t white were the impossible, bright green plants hanging from the gardens in the sky. The city was pristine. No dirt and debris covered the walls of every structure, not a rat or pigeon to be seen-- only birds of prey and the occasional bee. The rivers strung between buildings carried fish and lilies only to please the eye of the residence of this amazing world.

For miles around you could watch as canopies moved over every path, those still running about darting inside and to the indoor streets all around. Those who preferred to fly had all left the air, not wanting to be blown about by the strong storms that the settlement experienced.

Well, all but one idiot.

Electromagnetic boots with an air propulsion system, they were all the rage right now and he found them to be particularly useful. They had been being developed for years-- each building already lined with metal, allowing the floating cabs to move about. And now this individual was tossed about by the strong winds of the storm, cringing as the rain pounded against him. The hydrophobic goggles he had created were now proving completely useless, attempting to wipe the water from them so he could actually see.

His long coat flapped angrily in the wind, only working like a sail. With a groan of disgust no one would hear in this wind, he threw it off, watching it whip away, powerless in the weather. Lighting cracked, striking a building and dancing over the surface before finally bursting into blue sparks. God, he had such little time! If he was here much longer he’d either be struck by lightning (which he knew damn good and well was more than unpleasant) or simply crash into a building, hit his head, and die still whizzing around on the disappointment that was these pathetic excuses for transportation.

Pressing the button that should have launched him further into the air he found himself powerless, barely able to move against the wind. Okay, he wasn’t going anywhere.

He turned to the building he had to enter. The slowly rotating globes moved steadily, floating with the use of electromagnets. Excellent design, very strong, very expensive. Initially he was to enter through the garden but that had proved to be impossible. The young man sighed, grumbling with frustration as he glared at the wealthy businessman’s home he should have been inside fifteen minutes ago. God-- he hated being behind schedule.

Baring his teeth as he growled into the wind, the man touched a small earpiece, barking, “FELIX! How the /hell/ am I supposed to get in there in this storm?”

Now to most everyone this sounded more like complete and utter gibberish muffled by the high speed winds surrounding him, but lucky for the nit wit who thought this would somehow be a good idea, whoever was on the other side understood him loud and clear.

“Well, sir, due in part to the-- please excuse me-- poor planning, these conditions are nearly inevitable given the clima--”

“MY GOD, FELIX! You useless sack of pure and utter bull shit, just tell me how to get in the damn building! I only have ten minutes before G--”

“You really think that about me, sir?”

“YES, I THINK THAT! You are completely incompetent and if I had any sense at all I would have deactivated you the day after you demanded to live in my house-- now stop getting all touched and tell me how to get in this building!” the wind beaten man bellowed into a microphone.

On the other side of the radio these two communicated on, there was an audible sniff-- not one of sadness but one that sounded so incredibly touched he could have just been proposed to. “Th-- oh dear, I’m so happy! Th-thank you, si--”

Groaning, he hung up on the strange man on the other end, growling about how completely and utterly useless he proved to be. Well, he was not going to get in nice and neat like initially planned so he would have to find another means of entry. Examining the building he found the wind blew directly at in, more specifically it wound blow him straight into a window. The metal bottoms on the boots may just be strong enough to break the glass at a fast enough speed.

Sighing he began fidgeting in the air, messing with the settings of the boots and compressed air that allowed him to float. Taking a deep breath, he aimed his feet to the window. “Felix,” he growled, touching the piece upon his ear. “Turn the boots off of repel. I’m going to rocket in.”

“Are you sure that’s the best ide--”

“It’s my /only/ idea, and I’m not dealing with Gus coming to the rescue again. I need to get in there pronto.” He crossed his arms over his chest taking a deep breath. “Turn them on attract in three.”

“Alright,” the other voice breathed, the clicks and clacks of a keyboard sounding through the device. “Launch in three, two-- OH SHIT SORRY! MY FINGER SLIPPED!”

This of course the young man ignored as he hurdled towards the window screaming, unprepared for the sudden, high speed, horizontal fall. In under a second his feet his the glass, shattering it upon impact and sending him tumbling onto the floor, still soaking wet and coughing, trying to regain his breath as he wiped a line of blood from his cheek.

The lanky young man got to his feet on legs like jelly, wincing as he brushed shards of glass from his clothing. He ran a hand through his wet, tousled copper curls and placed the quite frankly ridiculous goggles upon the top of his head, marching over the broken glass and ignoring the sound of expensive vases and furniture being tossed around and pulled apart by the storm. He merely rolled his eyes as he tracked dirt on the white and black marble floors. Clearly no more than twenty, the apathy was almost expected but not quite to this degree.

His name was Tertius-- at least that’s what he was called and had been called for the past four years. I’d say there was nothing that made him remotely remarkable but this would be a lie. He wasn’t quite attractive but had a face one could trust and the appearance of someone who was anything but a threat. After all, curls and freckles were bound to make people feel safe, and the combination on him was by design.

“Felix,” he grumbled into his ear piece, hawk like silver eyes trained upon a door at the end of the hall. “Download the blueprints. I need you to guide me to the safe.”

“Blue prints, blue prints..... ah! To the Birdcage?” Felix chirped brightly, making Tertius cringe, able to see that stupid cheerful, ready-to-help smile on that overly benevolent face. Lousy bionic. “Strange name for a place, apparently it derives from--”

“Never mind that-- the blue prints, Felix! How do I get to the safe?” He questioned, lightly pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Ah! Yes! The safe, of course! Alright, I’m accessing the body cam-- okay, sir. Do you see the painting on your left?”

Tertius glanced to the left and saw a painting of a variety of water lilies. Priceless. He knew a young bank robber who’d give an arm and a leg for that.

Sadly, this particular young man is notorious for rash decisions and ripped it off the wall, tossing it to the side and ignoring it as it was sucked outside, revealing a small key pad upon the wall. Alright, codes codes....

Like any very official individual he had his codes on him. These codes were very important so he most certainly had them safe. Using his teeth, he removed the glove and stared at the smeared blue ink, punching in 3489. There was a loud, steady click click click that sounded. Tertius slowly stepped back from the wall, watching as the wall slowly opened up with a thunk, revealing a long, dark passage. With the wall open, the lights flicked on one by one by one.

There, back there upon the back wall was a heavy medal door
standing right there ready for him to open. A door with piles upon piles of money. Money for him! MONEY. Money that would be his and put him in the papers as a villain! A villain who is evil!

He marched down the hall.

He turned the handle.

He slammed it open eyes sparkling as they say the riches.

Gaping, he ran to it, giggling like an idiot and he began filling a satchel with it, oblivious to the young woman staring at him, shocked, as just saved her from a thief who passed out behind the door.

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