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Flora, the rarest of them all, finds herself in an unwarranted battle as witches and vampires vow to get her blood. She is one of the very few first vampires born, however, she is also a werewolf and has witches power. No wonder everybody is after her.

Chapter 1

The Year 1424

All I hear is my panting breath as I ran through the forest. Sometimes my mind would think about my dead mom, other times it tries to reinforce the memory of what happened to me.

Keep running Flora, just keep going. I am sorry mom, I left you but I couldn’t hear your heart anymore.

Passing through the tall trees, each had very few leaves hanging on the branches. I stopped running, I slowed my pace, and I reached a lake. I sat down by the rock that was there and I tried to recall what had just happened.

“Mom, what is going on? Please help me! MOM!” I screamed as I try to lose myself from the ropes that are tied tightly to my wrists.

“My dearest Flora, I do not know. I thought this was supposed to be for someone else, forgive me,” she cries from her knees.

“Quit your whining! Your daughter is a witch and a werewolf, there are only a few hybrids in this village. She will become truly special once this spell works and you’ll thank me for it, Annabella,” said Victoria, my once favorite Aunt, now my most hated person.

Victoria wasn’t really my aunt, she was my mom’s childhood friend. So killing her won’t be that difficult.

“Drink this blood, child,” she comes up to me with a bowl of red thick blood. I sniffed it, it wasn’t human, nor werewolf, or witch. It was salty, filled with iron, and something else I can’t put my mind to.

“Never you bitch!” I spat at her.

“You will, or your mother will die,” she swirls her fingers as my mother begins to choke. Down to her knees already, my mother begins to crouch on the floor.

“Stop! No! Okay. I will give it to me!”

I ingest the disgusting thing, it traveling through my body, doing something to it. I began to cough a lot, gasping for air. I felt my skin boiling, my mind racing, and my heart beating fast as Victoria casts some sort of spell. It is written in Latin, a language I am barely learning for myself.

Soon her encantation finishes and so does my body. My body still feels the same but something doesn’t feel right.

“Okay, I am going to let you go. Let your rage out Flora,” she smiles as she unties the ropes.

Oh, I intend too.

Once Victoria pulls the last knot, I lunge towards her, grabbing her by the neck and look at her dead in the eyes. I grab the knife that she had at her side and I proceed to stab her. She gasps and falls down, laughing.

“You fool, I knew you would do that. Shame it wasn’t me,” blood comes out of her mouth but then something weird happens.

Her body slowly dissipates, then it is revealed to be my mother. Oh god, I killed my mother.

“Mama, I am sorry, no I didn’t mean too. Mama, stay with me,” I sob out, getting onto my knees, pulling her close to me. How did I miss this? How did I miss her scent?

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It will be okay. Just promise me that you will never let them control you. Never let them, not a single opportunity. Please,” she coughs out more blood, her eyes slowly closing.

“Lo prometto madre,” I cry more as her eyelids shut.

{Translation: I promise you, mother}

My body began to crunch, bones cracking as I let my mother go. My legs began to crunch again, my back arches, and I let out a scream. My senses are heightened, I hear everything, I feel my nails growing longer, and I feel my canines growing. I know this process all too well. I had accepted it. Suddenly my neck snapped and I went black.

A few moments later I woke up, body healed. My senses are still dialed up, hearing everything. But this thirst, excessive thirst, oh dear it’s literally eating me up. Adding the fact that I am very angry at my so-called Aunt for making me kill my mother!

However, all the heightened senses and this extreme thirst is making me panic too hard. Then I heard some leaves being crunched by some heavy footsteps, startling me in the process. I look around, heard it again, then I left my dead mother’s body.

And I ran.

Running had kept me away from my thirst, now that I am settled I feel it coming back. I start to pant, oh dear, Ezekiel, my brother must be worried. I hear something, it feels far away but I hear a girl screaming, begging for help. I ran towards the direction, fast no less, and see that very girl tremble against a man, trying to kiss her.

“Oh no you don’t, my man,” I snatched him away. Surprisingly he went very far.

“Oh, my goodness thank you,” I hear the girl say but her pulse and her blood was calling to me.

“Go now, your family must be worried. Go,” I look into her eyes without breaking contact. I see her pupils dilate, then she stood up straight, leaving without another word.

She walked away at a normal pace, but I can still hear her heart beating and my mind wanted her blood so bad. I then became very angry, angry that I couldn’t taste the blood.


“Hey hun, now you are going to be with me. I’ll make your night worthwhile,” he comes back, still aching from that toss.

I guess his blood will make do, my mind thought.

He grabs my shoulders, twisting me towards me and he begins to kiss me. I don’t grant him access as I pulled my neck to the side giving me access to his neck.

“I like what you are thinking,” he grumbles.

I don’t you fucking turd. I, unknowingly, release my canines and bit down on his neck and he screams.

“You bitch, that hurts, stop,” he tries to move away.

I held my grip on him and I drink the blood, I never let go, I kept drinking him. My thirst is slowly going away and I feel so much better, lighter and different. He begins to fall, losing his balance as I let him go. I lick the remaining blood from my lips and the release a deep, satisfying breath.

What the hell?

Realization dawned on me as I don’t hear the man’s heartbeat, I checked closer and his breathing is nowhere to be heard.

“Ahh, my dear Flora, you have fed,” I hear Victoria call out.

I turned around and I see her with two other witches, all frightened but they hide it.

“What did you do to me,” I growled.

“Simple, you are, were, the first werewolf to possess a witches power. It is quite fascinating actually, so I thought of something else. A friend of mind created immortality and well I decided to test it out on you.”

“What do you mean were?”

“Oh, in order for immortality to work you needed to die, hence why I killed you.”

“Why was I thirsting for this man’s blood, why can I hear a hearting beating like your witches, why can I smell blood, why do I irk for blood,” I began to panic.

“They are calling it vampires, or vampire. In order to be immortal they need to die, when they come back alive they need blood to supply the heart as it is the only thing that is beating. There is still much too learn.”

I felt myself getting angrier as she continued to talk. I notice she was prepped and ready for a battle. I growled, showing that I am still a werewolf.

“Look, your eyes, they are burning with flames, a pinch of yellow to add to its magnificence. Just like a werewolf but also a vampire. So it works. Now let’s see if you still are a witch,” she smiles.

I turned to look at the shiny water that was reflected by the moonlight, I gasped at my transformation, no werewolf has ever had these eyes. Never.

As if on instinct I went to the two witches at Victoria’s side and bite their jugular off while sucking in some added blood. She turns around to cast a spell, but I said the only word that I trust that I know works.


“Ignis,” I whisper.

{Translation: Fire}

She bursts into flames, her screams did her no good as she tries to cast a spell to break it, but I hold my gaze.

“,” she croaks out as she dies in flames.

Rare indeed.

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