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Earth Warriors

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In a galaxy thrown into a war between the one who sought a new age and those who seek to protect it, it's fate lies in the actions of four individuals whose actions may change everything known for us. It is the year 2026, an alien race called the Zlocu are waging war across the stars, believing that the era of peace was slowing down the next step of universal evolution and now are determined to "awake" everyone to let them know how peace made them "weak". Planet Earth took one of the worst hits from their onslaught, given that they were recovering from a devastating global conflict. Despite the efforts of various governments, the Zlocu occupied 80% of Earth. Everything seemed hopeless until a group of celestial beings called "The Guardians" started to intervene in the conflict, as result of the discovery of the four physical incarnations that represent the principles of the Universe itself, all of them found on planet Earth. Now, these four heroes and other factions must work together to defeat the Zlocu Empire and Malgan's reign of tyranny. But more than war, they also need to know what is the meaning of being a hero and a warrior in the modern world.

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Credit for part of prologue goes to EternalDawning

In each universe and galaxy, there lie many mysteries for many to uncover, teeming with wonders and secrets alike; all filled with planets of hope, and some of despair.

Millions of lifeforms coexisting and cooperating with each other, while others live as colonies shifting into civilizations. Others live unaware of what’s going around because they’re not advanced yet. Take us, human beings, as an example.

Under the reign of the United Committee of Planets, entire galaxies prosper under their benevolent wing. However, such generosity can come at a high price...

On a distant planet called Zlocu, located far east in the Milky Way galaxy, a powerful yet savage general by the name Malgan Tormentradi advocated for the period of peace to end and took power through a coup in the kingdom. In his own words, it ‘hindered the natural progress of the universe itself and all lifeforms in it’. The peace had destroyed that progression, causing the newest generation of people to become soft and weak. Something to him that meant stagnation. Something that he was prepared to do anything to prevent.

As the Earth aptly licked its wounds of the 40-month war that ravaged part of the world, something not seen ever since World War 1 and 2, it was blissfully unaware of what destruction was heading its way. While the markets crashed, creatures were slaughtered. While the governments squandered for the creation of new laws, land filled with life was torn apart. How many planets and civilizations had fallen at the hands of a tyrannical species?

The dire year of 2026, one supposed to be of peace, now turned into war right when the Zlocu arrived.

At this point, it appears that nothing could stop them. Nothing could stop the Zlocu from their tyrannical and evolutionist ways.

Not the many governments of Earth, not the other space civilizations, not even the combined strength of the galactic community, no one could resist them.

Until at the last moment, four bright lights emerged...

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