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A wedding in a submarine and a honeymoon in outer space!The couple's new baby has paranormal leanings.All this happens in the ultra-modern city of Wakanaka, the city of super smart technology... A young male technologist falls hotly in love with a beautous young lady whom he finds stranded in the rain. This leads to a super wedding which is held under water, in a specially made submarine. For their honeymoon they spend a full week at a hotel in outer space, doing nothing but coition. They view life from a different perspective. On return to earth they settle down in a grand house in the city of Wakanaka. Wakanaka is a futuristic city with super smart technology, super structures, super rich folks and an ultra -modern way of life. The city uses green energy and there are oxygen, hydrogen, solar and water driven cars. No fossil fuel is allowed anywhere in the mega city. The city itself is privately owned by a certain family which ensures that everything in the city remains ultra-modern. The city defence systems make even world superpowers drool. The young couple needs a baby and they can’t wait to get one. They are soon blessed with a beautiful baby girl, but wait, there is something surreal about the tiny tot. At their tenth wedding anniversary something out of the blue happens!

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Chapter 1 The rain

It was a soaky late afternoon when this powerfully built young man of twenty seven got to Beetbank, a renowned financial institution in the city. Standing in the soffit of the bank was a brown eyed brunette, four years the young man’s junior. Her long hair flowed to her back and it was blowing elegantly in the gelid wind. She looked natural in every way one looked at her, no makeup and no tattoos. She was of middle height, slender and had flirtatious loins!

The two had just knocked off from their work stations and had decided to withdraw some dibs at the cash dispenser. It had been a blazing Friday since mid morning. The heat had culminated in the rainy showers that afternoon.

The benign looking young man had just parked his hydrogen powered sports car, Hydro Qv by the walkway, so he could take out a few bucks to oil him through the beckoning weekend. He was, as usual going to be off duty for the weekend.

The young woman had already withdrawn some cash from the automated teller machine when this young man arrived. However the young woman could not leave as the rains were pounding incessantly. Most people had been caught unawares by the storm and had sought cover anywhere homely, but the young lady decided to stay put by the wall of the bank despite the chill emanating from the heavy showers.The weather had suddenly changed from one that was boiling the mercury earlier on, to one that was freezing it.

The young woman watched this young man leave his expensive car and jump onto the sidewalk to stand in the eaves of the bank. He shook off his wide shoulders to rid his shirt of the cold rain water which was dripping down to his feet. Rain drops were also glistening on his short golden hair and neatly made moustache. All this time the girl was looking at him, thinking how doughty he was to leave the snugness of his car to come to the bank.

“Hi,” the young man said as he walked past the girl who was putting her hands into the side pockets of her green and white dress.

“Hi,” she responded with a half hearted smile.

She was pondering how she was going to leave the bank with such seemingly unstoppable rains blanketing the whole city. Her own car had gone for routine service only two days ago and the normal mini cab system had ground to a halt owing to the powerful storm.

The young man received the minty notes just spewed from the wall of the bank and quickly shoved them into the right back pocket of his dear black jeans. He stood about a metre’s distance from the cold lady as he watched the pounding rains whose intensity had trebled. He thought of dashing to his car but quickly decided against the idea.

“For how long have you been stuck here?” he asked as he looked closely at the girl standing quietly beside him.

“For about a quarter of an hour I’m sure,” she said and quickly went mute. She looked at her gold plated wrist watch and then at her phone.

The strong fragrance of perfume permeating from the girl swept past the young man’s nostrils as a result of the cool breeze which blew from the rain. A long minute passed. The two bodies standing next to each other remained silent, and motionless. The only one common denominator between them was that they were both looking more intently at the pouring rain than thinking of the person next to them.

A few minutes later the rains let up somewhat and the young man was about to dash to his car when he said,” Are you waiting for someone to come and pick you up or something?”

“Nope, she said,” I could have been home already had it not been for this deluge standing in my way.”

”Which part of Wakanaka are you from?

” Seventh Avenue, at Cosmonaut Court,” replied the young woman calmly. She found the young man acquiescent.

“Ah, fine. I know those classy apartments. Do you mind if I can drop you there? Surely you can’t remain here in this kind of meteorological condition. The rains may not even come to a halt.”

“Not at all, I don’t mind,” she said as she tried with much effort to conceal her glee.

The young man dashed to the driver’s side, quickly opened the door, got inside and then opened the passenger door for the young woman to get in. In slightly quick steps, the young lady got in and no sooner had they settled in did the heavens open their flood gates the more. And there was a heavy downpour which made Noah’s flood waters green with envy. The affable young man turned on the ignition key nonetheless and off they drove away. He turned on the stereo and Austin Mahone’s ‘Hold it against me’ began to play.

“I’m Ingram,” he said with a smile.

“I’m Hilda,” she said in a tone light like the breath of a butterfly.There was a long silence as both seemed absorbed in the soothing rhythm,

Hilda's phone rang, ’Disco love’ being the ringtone, it being by The Saturdays.

Ingram turned the volume low, as Usher’s ‘Numb’ played.

“Excuse me,” she said to Ingram as she answered her call. She spoke for a few seconds informing the caller on the other side that she was on her way home.

Cosmonaut Court was just a ten minutes' drive from the western side of the city of Wakanaka to its eastern side. Cosmonaut Court was a huge block of flats constructed using futuristic architectural designs. It was built adjacent to some of the most exquisite shopping malls in the city. Hilda had loved the place ever since she started living there, that was soon after securing employment in the city. She had a management position in one of the biggest and most famous supermarkets in Wakanaka City. She was at the helm of the cuisine division.

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