The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 3 of 3

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Chapter 5: Shadow Knight vs The Brain 1

Dorian's desk table lurched up in the air and from underneath it Dorian as the brain of crime leapt at me with his shadow blade, I held up my shadow blade blocking it.

But to my surprise the impact sent me through the floor to the floor 7 floors below, landing on my back beside a swimming pool.

I quickly jumped back before Dorian landed on my head, with a jump that left a dent in the marble floor of the swimming pool floor.

He then got a lucky shot and grabbed me with his shadow hand, transforming into his massive shadow form and slammed me against the pool room's wall, frequently.

"You have a healing factor huh…?" the brain asked jealously, "no matter how many times or how much I consumed from the mutagen. I never got that power…I wonder how much pain you can take!"

He then threw me back across the room, I had to fight against my body which now had several broken bones and exposed cuts, the healing factor doing its job, but not fast enough to keep up with the brain.

I then watched with shock as the brain grabbed a dumbbell from a weightlifting chair nearby in the exercise part of the pool, he quickly stocked on enough dumbbells to make the strongest man in the world to have problems.

He then leapt through the air and smashed me into the ground with it like a hammer.

He waited till the dust from the impact crater subsided, hoping to see his nemesis broken, bloody, and dead.

"Impossible!" the brain said when he saw that I wasn't dead.

I was broken, and bloody all right, but with superhuman strength, there I was holding the overloaded weights, with the very hands I had used to catch it.

My healing factor quickly healed my wounds, but at the cost of some of my energy that was left over, energy that I needed.

I then tossed the weights away where they clanked on the hard concrete, cracking the floor slightly.

"How…?" Dorian asked himself.

"I told you…. My blood was mutated by that mutagen in its raw form, that means everything in it was mutated, even adrenaline….and I've been doused with that mutagen in that form… twice!" in one punch I punched Dorian's shadow form with a miasmic charged fist, catching him under the chin, sending him flying backwards, he kept flying until he hit the back wall, reverting to his human form, a trickle of blood running from his mouth. He looked at me incredulous; I finished my sentence as I ran at him, "one from the tanker, and one from the tank over my father's office floor! All courtesy of you, brain!"

I ran right into him, pushing him through the wall, where the battle resumed.


Clarice began to feel a decrease in the tightness of her bonds as shockwaves from the battle bellow her rocked the room.

The shadow knight and the brain of crime were both out for blood and though she knew the shadow knight was the good guy she knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to be in the same building a superhero and super villain battle was being ragged in.

Suddenly her arm broke free from the cocoon and then the cocoon disintegrated, she fell to the floor.

She began to compose herself when she felt her father's arms embrace her.

"Clarice?" Salvador Hardy, District attorney asked his daughter "are you all right baby girl?"

"I've told you not to call me that dad!" Clarice sighed in disgust, "but yes, I'm all right I think."

The floor shook and outside bellow they could hear a shower of broken glass as the shadow knight and the brain of crime began their battle on the side of the building.

"Let's get out of here!" Salvador hardy said frantically.

Her father saw Dorian's gun, dislodged from its holster from the battle. He picked it up and carried it with him.

"Yes lets!" Clarice agreed, she followed her father to the stairwell, "what happened there? It just kind of disintegrated yours too!"

"Those cocoons or whatever they are that Dorian makes must be made to stay as long as he wants them…" Salvador paused, "I guess he didn't think our knight in shining armour would last this long!"

"I'm not even sure if he will last this long, but right now I want to get out of this building!" Clarice said to her father as she ran down the steps after him, "I don't want to be here if the knight ends up losing… Dorian made me do things before, he could've and might do worse if he gets me again dad!"

"He won't…I won't let it happen" her father said, fierce and determined, "and neither would our new friend either" he looked at his daughter, "I promise"

She smiled half-heartedly while running, she knew her father would do anything to keep her safe…but what good was that devotion against a super powered freak like Dorian?

"Now let's get out of here before that air strike the brain and shadow knight were talking about gets here!" Salvador said remembering what had been said in the floor above them.

They ran faster now.


Like something out of a matrix movie, there I was battling Dorian finch on the side of the building standing on the glass surface.

I was using my shadow form in order to do this feat.

Dorian was doing the same.

A strange sword duel was erupting on the surface on the glass of finch tower.

Our blades sent out bursts of energy when they clashed, it was like two unstoppable forces colliding.

Fierce determination in both of the combatant's eyes, both determined to win this duel of the freaks they had begun.

The brain of crime made a strike with his shadow blade; I ducked, and managed to land a punch to the brains jaw and then sliced at him with my shadow blade.

Knocking him backwards as he barely missed the blade, landing a few feet away upward.

"You're becoming a dangerous nuisance, boy!" the brain of crime growled.

"It's going to get worse; you're going to pay for the deaths you've caused today Dorian…" I said lunging at him with the shadow blade again.

But I watched with shock when he created from his own shadow, his own shadow gun.

"Oh…Just for today's deaths? Don't lie knight!" the brain said smugly before firing his shadow gun at me.

I barely had enough time to jump from the building away from Dorian's shadow bullets, flying out from the building in mid-air and not willing to use shadow walking due to how much power that would use up, I transformed my hand into shadow form and made it stretch out like rubber and snag the buildings radio tower two stories above and like Spiderman or Quasimodo used my shadow hand like a rope and swung away from Dorian's hail of bullets and out of his line of fire, thinking up a new strategy.

"We both know you want me to pay for your sister's death and Rachel's barrenness… out of everything else I've done!" The brain called out preparing for when I was ready to fight again, looking at every angle that the vigilante could attack him from while here on the side of the building, "you already know that Blackie was paid extra by Derek Lensher to kill Mariko for rejecting his advances, and You for stopping his attempted rape of her as well as get him arrested, blowing one of the best covers I had for that wretch to sell drugs with. You have any idea how hard it is to fact someone's death and give them another identity as a corrupt cop?...hello?..." the brain found himself met with no answer by me.

"What…" suddenly the brain felt movement, footsteps going down the staircase bellow, he figured it was me at first, running off…away from him.

Which in reality I wasn't running away at all from him, I was hanging onto the side of the building opposite of Dorian, planning my next move.

I was using the fact that other shadow users can't fully sense each other to mask my position before I was ready to strike at my nemesis.

But I could also sense the movement of feet below, I realized who it was and hopped that the brain wouldn't be able to figure it out before I had my strategy in place.

"Oh…Did I scare the little wimp away?" wondered the Brain, with a mocking tone.

Then he used his own dark vision and found that it wasn't the knight fleeing the scene it was his hostages.

District attorney Salvador Hardy and his pretty teenage Daughter Clarice Hardy.

"I don't think so!" the brain said looking down the building at their location, his eyes then glowed red.

In both of our shadow visions I saw the brain manipulate his own shadow to make a hand that slammed through the glass bellow him and stretch through the building until it was snaking down the stair well were it stopped when it caught Clarice around the waist, like a human hand grabbing a handful of peanuts from a snack bowl.

I could hear Clarice's screams as she was pulled back by the shadow hand, back up to Dorian floor again.

Her father screaming her name as he ran after her back the way he came.

Dorian's shadow hand just simply released her onto the leather couch on Dorian's office floor. She was shaken but fine.

While the shadow hand after releasing her went back out the shattered window and back to Dorian in flesh and blood form.

"So THAT'S how he does it!" the brain of crime said in amazement at this discovery of a power he obviously didn't have before, I realized it had to have been the power mutagens that he had drunk that had done it.

I saw Salvador Hardy running up the stairs trying to get his daughter back, but I cursed inside, if the brain hadn't have done that snatch and grab he just pulled they would have had enough time to get out of the building before the air strike, which judging by the sounds was only ten minutes away from firing range….now there was no way to get them out safely, unless by shadow walking… and the shadow knights own clock was running out by about seven minutes.

"Enough playing it safe…" I said to myself, "this ends NOW!"

The brain didn't even see me coming.

I swung around the building then with shadow guns blazing, Dorian got clipped by a few of them, two of which I had perfectly aimed at his hands.

They exploded on contact, trapping Dorian's hands in the familiar trademark cocoon.

Dorian howled in pain, losing his grip due to his hands both being encased in miasmic crystal cocoons and began free falling down through the air.

"What? I can't use my powers!" the brain said in shock as he fell down, "what is this!?"

I jumped down through the air after him, watching as he tried to break the crystal cocoons on his hand as he fell against the side of the building, chuckling deviously as he did.

I quickly caught up with him, grabbing him from the lapels and placing a firm boot on his stomach.

I glared at him through my mask, "were not immune to each other's shadow abilities remember! You pulled this trick on me at my father's building and I couldn't use my hand, let alone any powers I could use with it. I thought I'd give you a taste of that! So long brain!" I said reaching into his coat and grabbing the cure mutagen, "see you next fall!"

I began to shadow walk but then Dorian grabbed me before I full vanished into the shadow realm, "I don't think so knight!" he said before we both vanished into the shadow realm.

You have to understand when two shadow users, regardless if they have this ability or not, enter the shadow realm by way of the same teleportation jump; they both have leeway over where the destination will be at when they exit.

Dorian had a death grip around my neck as he struggled to get me back to the building in the real world, while I tried to get him off me and leave him to reappear where I wanted…either a shadow deep at the bottom of the ocean off of lunar bay, or the underside of the Goodyear blimp over Keystroke stadium hovering safely above the gas cloud, and let him plummet from there.

But I didn't have that much energy left, and Dorian had a good deal more than me left as well.

So he won the tug-o-war and we both flew out of the shadows under his upturned desk in his office, frightening Clarice who had just began to get up and leave.

She took off running but Dorian who had to my shock, broken free of the miasmic crystals holding his hands captive, he must have done it in the shadow realm…where that stuff must have transformed back into energy instead of the solid it was before.

Stupid, stupid.

Dorian couldn't shadow walk, I should have shot a miasmic cocoon around his face, blinding him before I pilfered the healing mutagen.

Shadow walking, and having an unwanted passenger severely weakened me…how could I have been so foolish!

Now I only had 4% power left.

I could barely get up from where I was, I was tired, worn…the Adaptation effect of the mutagen beginning to take effect, soon I would collapse into the coma while my new powers fully integrated with my body, and while that was happening so would the dark mutagen as well…and I would be dead and the evil me would be in charge.

I watched as Dorian then shot out two miasmic cocoons at the fleeing Clarice's ankles, they quickly trapped her feet to the ground.

She lost her balance and fell.

I saw in the distance hiding in the shadows of the entrance to the stairwell was her father Salvador hardy, he had a gun ready with him… Dorian's gun!

"Sit down… I'm not done with you yet!" Dorian said, licking his lips as he walked toward the helpless Clarice.

I could see Salvador getting ready to shoot Dorian when he got close enough to his daughter.

Knowing he didn't have a chance against the Brain I with difficulty reached into my pocket for the healing mutagen.

It may not get all my powers back up to 100%, but it would stop the Mutagen poison and the Adjustment effect which was starting to take effect, since I was having trouble keeping awake.

I felt around my pocket, and to my horror found no mutagen.

I then saw the mutagen in the pocket of the brain of crime, and realized he must have pilfered it from me during the flight in the shadow realm!

The brain chuckled, without looking back at me.

Knowing he had beaten me.

It was then that I did the one thing that lead to my victory.

"Dorian!" I called out, "leave her alone. I'm what you want! I'm the real threat, not the district attorneys daughter, think about it. Take my life, spare hers. "

The brain of crime froze in his place, and then turned back towards me.

"You know what knight….your right." Dorian said looking down at me with sadistic pleasure, "you're dying anyway and you don't have any more energy to fight either me or the poison I put in you. And you are boring me; I don't feel like waiting till your dead by the poison"

With a kick of iron to the mouth he sent me sprawling across the floor, I tasted my own blood.

It was Metallic tasting, warm, and sticky.

"Very noble knight" the brain said as he stood over me, "but pointless, when you're dead. Then I'll have my fun with the D.A's daughter, and then your sister up in the sky will have a companion to share murder stories with!" he kicked me in the chest, I felt the ribs crack, but I refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much hurt he was causing me.

My healing factor down to 3% efficiency due to the "adjustment affect" slowly draining me, so my wounds didn't heal as quickly as they usually did.

So I bit my tongue, wincing through the pain, but not letting out any sounds of pain.

"Then your family will be next, I won't have any of the "affected" kill them, no, I'll kill them myself, but not before I tell them who you really are. I'll hurt them so much that they be begging me to kill them…and your sister Rachel. One look in my eyes, and I'll have one of my future harem girls in my coming empire, and you'll be dead…watching this horror from up there in the sky with your sister. You'll be completely unable to stop all of this from happening just like you are now. All of your hard work knight, and you stopped nothing!"

Then Dorian grabbed a metal bar and began chocking me with it, his grip like iron on the bar that crunched against my neck.

I struggled to fight, fighting for my life.

I slowly began to black out; I knew I was going to die.

Like that time in the alley and ever since, I've known deaths presence.

But at least I'll die for what I believe in, what my sister believed in…I did make a difference with many people.

I would rather die to save a life then die out of trying to get vengeance for my sisters murder, the others rape and the damage done to my family and to me.

I'd rather die saving a life, if that was my penance for my inaction of using my powers to do the right thing out of fear… then at least I'll do doing what I should have done long ago…the right thing.

I just hoped my family would understand that when the time comes…that I died as a hero trying to do what's right.

But suddenly I heard gun shots, and I snapped back to reality, cocking on what air I had left.

The gun shots had struck Dorian, who due to the pain by the gunshots let me lose.

Then turned around in a fury and shot a shadow bullet at the source of the gunshots….district attorney Salvador Hardy!

The brain left me alone as he walked over to see his latest kill.

I sat there on the floor, looking at Salvador hardy, who had a burning miasmic bullet in his chest, looking at his wound incredulously.

"DADDY!" Clarice screamed.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed after her.

Dorian picked the dying D.A and tossed him across the room. He landed next to me, grimacing in pain as Dorian's bullet, which unlike mine was deadly and corrosive, slowly at away at his insides.

"Why? Why?" I asked him, "I was trying to save you and your daughter, why?"

"Because you've saved my daughter twice…" Salvador said looking at me, "and I wasn't going to let a man like you die for my daughter and me, not when I could save you as well…" he then added coughing, "call it a fathers payback, for the man who selflessly sacrifices himself for a strangers Childs life"

"You could have just taken Clarice and run!" I said askance, "You didn't have to pay me back, I never asked for payment from you"

"That's what good people do…." District attorney Salvador Hardy coughed blood, "they follow what they know is right, no matter what the cost" he then muttered, "You and I have the same principles knight… I'm proud to have known and saved a real superhero… I believe you can change things kid… what's better to fight for than a bright future for my daughter, knowing there's a knight there to help fight for that future…"

"Where people no longer live in fear of the ones in the darkness…" I finished, "my own words"

"It's a dream worth fighting for kid… so FIGHT for it" The D.A said, with determination.

It was then I made my ultimate decision, but first…I had to get the mutagen!

My adrenaline surged, my energy returned, maybe it was a second wind because I turned round and sent a blast of dark energy at the brain who of which easily dogged it.

I used what was left of my shadow clone power and created four doubles.

I got up and charged at Dorian while I made my shadow clones run separate ways drawing fire from Dorian's shadow gun with the clones. Dorian shot at, and slashed at my clones trying to find me, causing them to dissipate.

With only two clones standing, I absorbed their energy back into me, not wanting to use that power up entirely even though I could only create two shadow clones till I recharged.

I leapt at Dorian, ready to unsheathe my shadow blade, superhuman he may be… but he can't heal without a head!

He anticipated my plan.

He then shot again, this time I ducked, knowing that only my strength and agility and shadow phasing remained and my healing factor was barely working to a standstill due to the low levels or energy in my exhausted miasmic blood. I needed to recharge in the dark, and rest, but I couldn't… I didn't have the time or place for it now. I then ran to the stairs to the top of Finch shipping industries which was still under construction.

With Dorian's bullets flying behind me, I headed upwards at a fast speed due to my agility and yelled "Here's the game, you want me? THEN COME AND GET ME, BRAIN!"

I had to find out how to take this monster down forever, with only 3% power… and I had to find out how I could find a way to save Hardy.

"Running? No?… going to plan your attack with so little power left? Is that it?" asked Dorian finch walking towards the stairs I had disappeared up, grinning confident in his success, drunk on power.

He didn't pay no mind to the sight of Clairice running at him with a two by four from the unfinished executive rooms floor intending to stab him with it, "Dorian you…!"

Before she could finish her attack, the brain whacked her aside with a powerful slap, rendering her unconscious.

She landed beside her father who despite his dying, and intense pain let go of his wound and checked on his daughter hoping she was alright.

The brain continued up the stairs howling to the darkness, hoping his enemy could hear him, "good, I could use a bit of distraction; because once I've killed you shadow knight. Killing your family, Burning this city to the ground, Blanketing the country in total anarchy… will be all too strictly business and work… TOTALLY ROUTINE!"

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