The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 3 of 3

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Chapter 6: Shadow Knight vs The Brain 2

He burst through the door to the top floor and eyed his surroundings.

It was an open air construction frame of the top floors of his company's building. He could see the chaos bellow in lunar city through the gaps in the room, the fires, the screams…it was all music to his ears.

But not as much as satisfying as it would be as the sound of the shadow knight dying, now that he had seen what kind of powers I had, he couldn't let me live to use them again.

He had to kill me now that I was in my weakened state, he wouldn't get another chance.

That was good, because I wasn't going to give him a chance at life at all either.

I dropped from the rooftop shadows, and landed a drop kick on Dorian before he could activate one of his powers.

I then landed a fist; Dorian caught it and used his super strength to send me flying back into an unfinished wall.

I barely had time to recover before Dorian lunged at me with his shadow blade.

I drew my shadow sword and a sword duel occurred.

If you've seen star wars, let me tell you something, the Jedi's and dark Jedi's had advantages to their duels, they were both evenly matched with their swords abilities.

I on the other hand, because of my power levels, my blade aura was weak and flimsy.

It took all I had to make sure that I wasn't toppled over by Dorian's shadow blade.

He took a slash to the side from my blade, but easily recovered due to his previous ingestion of the healing mutagen which still had two minutes time left before it ran out.

Though try as I might, I couldn't outmatch his shadow blade, and in that instant he disarmed my sword from my hand and sent it flying across the room.

In that second he plunged his blade at my head, I grabbed the shadow blade in my hands, gritting my teeth as it burned through my skin, cutting its way toward my head.

"You thought you could stop me?" Dorian asked me mockingly, "you control your darkness, I embrace it. If you really wanted the power you would too. But you don't, you have to follow a stupid moral code because of your poor sisters death and the others barrenness. I will admit to you… I did have fun watching from afar, blackie do all of that to you and your sisters… but not as much as did planning it all"

My eyes flashed.

Dorian smiled deviously.

"I destroyed all notes and data on the healing mutagen so no one could reverse engineer it, save for me… remember!" Dorian said smugly, "and I'm already aware of your failure to use the mutagen on your sister in the hospital to heal her womb… thanks to Derek Lensher. Too bad, because this is the only one of its kind left"

The brain couldn't help but throw my failures in my face, nor could he not out of a narcissist superiority complex brag about what he thought was safe info in front of my presence.

"As you know or don't know…The mutagen when it's concentrated into a certain function like this one, the first one I concocted save the gas, it can work on humans, normal humans like your sister, or the D.A who's being melted through his middle. You kill me, and the formula goes with me. Working from your blood would be close to impossible to re-create these because your bloods in a constant state of flux due to your Meta gene and healing ability. Your meta gene produces the Miasmic nodes from the mutagen that it absorbed and your healing factors hyper white corpuscles heal the tissue and remove the dead mutagen nodes as well as the chemicals left behind by the meta genes healing cells after they've done their work… so you can't even use your blood to reverse engineer the mutagen's healing properties. But the poison I put in you, can also be cured by this one vial. And you know that. So you're in a bind, aren't you? I wonder. If you indeed won this duel of freaks, what would you do with this?" Dorian nodded to the healing mutagen in his possession, "will you use the mutagen to cure yourself? Your sister, or save the district attorney…"

In a flash I did the smartest thing I did that night, I let my strength on holding Dorian's shadow blade solely rest on my right hand and freed my left hand, and before Dorian knew what I was doing… I grabbed his forehead; my finger nails digging into his skin via my torn glove.

And the skin of my fingers made contact as well through my damaged glove, and I saw his memories… not that I cared for them I only cared for one… I searched for it quickly… and I found it.

The coveted knowledge on the mutagen… everything I would need to know about it. The power mutagen, the gas mutagen… and the healing mutagen.

It was no longer a secret only Dorian knew, and I also through his memories found he was lying… I could use my blood to reverse engineer it… but only if I knew what to look for… which I now did.

I then released Dorian's head from my grip, and quickly put my hand back to where it was to keep the blade from reaching my neck due to my right hands dying grip on Dorian's shadow blade.

Dorian while still determined in killing me with his blade was taken aback for a second at what I had just done, "what the hell was that?"

"Now I know everything about the mutagen, thanks to memory browsing and the fact I was born with a photographic memory… so it's up there in my mind forever Dorian. I know how to make and reverse engineer it now… I CAN use my blood" I spat.

Dorian looked surprise for a second, but then regained composure "but that resources you don't have AND it will take time to master, years to perfect the substance, knight! Time you don't have at all to use. The D.A is dying, the city is tearing itself apart under my control, the poison will shortly take you over and your bomb raid via the military will be here in five minutes to destroy this place… you don't have any time to rectify any of that!"

I didn't say anything; I gritted my teeth against the pain of Dorian's shadow blade, slowly cutting through my hands.

Then my enemy makes his second mistake of underestimating the drive that makes me the shadow knight.

"Once again, I rise on top due to my intellect. You can't fight me, you have no strength left. The mutagen is still mine and you can't do anything about any of this…just like the alley" Dorian mocked.


The images from my nightmares returned.

The alley.

The gunshots.

The screams.

The rapping of Rachel.

And everything else that Dorian had a hand in.

"ARGGGGGGGGGG!" I screamed, my inner anger taking over.

I broke his shadow blade with my charged hands, and grabbed Dorian by the lapels and threw him out through the wall into an open air catwalk.

Seeing his shadow blade was destroyed, seeing it vanish into vapor…he summoned his shadow gun.

Only to have it taken from him by me in a flash of my hand, and have its barrel placed squarely at his heart.

"Go ahead, kill me…become a monster" Dorian mocked, thinking I wouldn't, that my code of morals would prevent me.

He saw the look in my eyes and realized his mistake.

He felt the gun go off, but instead of feeling death…he felt extreme pain in his left knee.

He looked down to see a miasmic bullet had been shot into his left kneecap and was burning at it like it had done to Salvador Hardy downstairs.

He looked at me askance.

"You're a monster, and I will kill you, but not this way!" I yelled, slamming his shadow gun to the floor, shattering it.

"Arggggg!" Dorian screamed, "YOU!"

"Thought you had me? Thought you had pushed me to embrace the influence of your poisoned mutagen you infected me with? Think again. A gunshot is not a fitting death to a monster" I chastised him for his attempt to make me do what he would do, and kill out of anger, hatred and revenge…with a gun.

No, I wanted him dead for what he had done to everyone; he was not a criminal, but a monster. He kills with no remorse and he was going to keep on killing, until someone stopped him… I was the only one who could do it and every bone in my body told me that I was right about that.

I had an idea how to defeat this monster once and for all, and all I needed was the proper stage for the final curtain.

Thankfully Dorian fixed that problem, because he then lunged at me sending us both off of the catwalk onto a construction crane bellow the catwalk.

We landed hard; I used my super senses to guide me where to put my shadow blade, and I lunged it into the cranes metal arm using a bit of my power, burning it into the metal where it became lodged.

I looked down at the long drop down to the chaos sieged streets bellow.

I didn't know if I could pull this off, but if I didn't, at least I would die doing the right thing with my dark powers, saving lives from evil men.

I saw that Dorian had landed beside where I was, he had landed badly and had broken his right arm which he had landed on.

I saw that his wounds weren't healing and I realized his artificial power given by the healing mutagen had worn off, unless he ingested another the wounds wouldn't heal.

I could hear sounds coming from Dorian.

But he wasn't moaning in pain, no, he was laughing….then I saw why.

In his hands, glowing was a power that I had never seen before, in his hands was a ball of brightly glowing miasmic energy.

"you see this?" Dorian asked, spitting blood from his missing teeth "it's an upgrade to that shadow blast power you had during your temporary power overload and power granting from your immersion in that crate of liquid miasmic before your new powers and your recently acquired powers went into power down for genetic synchronization. Too bad you won't live to use it, it's a whopper. This is a dark bomb. Its light sensitive, meaning light can trigger it, as can a sudden violent shock to its surface…like hitting a person's body for instance. Now like anything that's gotten from the mutagen, the powers attributes vary on the personalities of the user, while yours would probably be a simple trapping harmlessly of the target…mine is much more bomb like."

He made is intentions clear by getting up and getting ready to throw his bomb at me.

"You can try and shadow walk away like you probably were going to, but that would trigger it anyway, and the shockwave of the bomb would still hit you in the shadow realm, bring you out of warping and…down, down, down you go! You have been a worthy opponent but now its checkmate. Goodbye knight" he began to throw the bomb when suddenly from behind him appeared Clairice.

She had in her hands her father's gun, the same gun he had tried to use on Dorian.

She yelled, "Hold it finch!"

Dorian didn't move, but looked at her and laughed mockingly "wow, Barbie's got guns this time?"

"You tried to kill me, you shot my father!" she starred angrily, holding the gun at Dorian.

"Oh gee is that all you think I've ever did?" Dorian mocked surprise, pointing to me below him "simple criminals don't get freaks like the knight after them for simple criminal acts now do they? You dumb blonde!"

"whatever you did to him, you deserve what he's done to you!" she said motioning to me bellow her, she then looked at Dorian again " and even if after tonight no one will know or care what he's done for all of us, you will not live to see another day. You've hurt people for the last time!"

She took a target.

"Clairice!" I screamed realizing what was going to happen, "Clairice don't!"

Too late, she shot her father's gun at Dorian, the bullet went through his arm, spurting his miasmic blood everywhere down his right sleeve, glowing radiated purple.

Since he didn't have my healing factor, or had injected the healing mutagen, the pain took hold and he dropped his dark bomb from his hand onto the cranes lift arms floor.

I barely had time to re-act before the explosion happened, I wrapped my cloak around myself and charged it with as little of my 2% remaining power to absorb most of the explosion I could.

The force however knocked me, Dorian and Clairice of the crane support and into the open air outside the building, plunging 400 stories down.

I saw Clairice falling beside me, and took no chance.

I used what I had learned from experience of leaping over rooftops and glided to her aid.

I grabbed her around the waist and prepared to shadow warp us to safety.

But then she screamed, "Watch out!"

I turned my attention to what she was pointing to, and saw Dorian preparing to slice us with his mind sword ability.

His evil eyes burning with blood lust, laughing as he made the swipe.

I covered her eyes so she wouldn't see it coming, as I moved myself around to take the full force of the blade, and send her away to safety before it hit.

But to my surprise the blade passed through us like a mist, not like a knife… didn't cut us, it just phased through us.

I realized why and took great pleasure in telling my enemy that his move to kill me was his final move.

"Looks like you have limits as well; you should have used what was left of your power to save yourself" I chuckled darkly, "now comes the fate that murderers like you who kill for pleasure and money so rightfully deserve… the meeting with the grim reaper!" I laughed my trademark laugh and used my remaining power to shadow walk Clairice and I to safety.


Deciding to cut his speech right there knowing I could never repeat the process as quickly as I could without the canisters or the notes (which Dorian had burned) or the mutagens (which I had destroyed in the explosion at the factory) despite my having acquired that knowledge from Dorian's mind, my enemy the brain then prepared to take the dosage, and come back and finish me off full powered and then complete his sadistic plan on the city and beyond.

He reached into his pockets revelling in victory, when he noticed that his pockets were empty.

He then realised that I had stolen the instant re-charge and healing vials of the mutagen he coveted so much, and now was without…and without, utterly defeated.

He then figured that they had been taken from him when the shadow knight and himself where tumbling off the catwalk to the crane arm up at the top floor of the building.

The knight pickpocketed them, this was what his plan was to destroy his monster… the only way to free the enslaved people of the gas linked with Dorian's thoughts was to kill him and he had let himself get fooled into making a mistake on the chess game.

He should never have revealed the link with his mind powers with the gas, which was his first mistake.

His second was for not keeping hold of his important chess pieces the mutagen canister.

Now the knight had checked these pieces and now the king was next to be checkmated.

Everything he had planned, all his hard work was had been undone, by one anti-dark shadow wielding vigilante that he had created.

The irony was infuriating.

Before he hit the pavement he yelled, "KNIGHT… YOU SON OF A B…"


Up on the 220th floor, safely in an empty executive room with Clairice, I looked down at the sight of Dorian… dead, by his own hand.

I listen as outside, just as quickly as Dorian's death had been, the screams and cries of the riots suddenly stopped and all at once the "affected" bellow away from the tower from as far as I could see, all woke up and fainted due to the effects of having had their minds free from Dorian's grip.

I figured the same was happening all around the city with the affected people becoming free of Dorian's mind control gas.

I had won…. This battle.

I looked back at the corpse of Dorian finch, the brain of crime, the scourge of my family and lunar city, and the financial provider of lunar city's corrupt city council.

Past the blood splattered over the pavement, my attention was drawn to his face which was still in that crazed, addicted, megalomaniacal grin of superiority.

"A gruesome end for a gruesome man!" I said looking down at Dorian's corpse from the rooftops.

Feeling glad that this monster could hurt no one ever again!

I looked around at the gas flowing from the top of the tower. Dorian's death may have broken all these people free from his influence, but I would rather have this gas and the canister bellow the tower blasted off the face of the earth…so no one would ever know about it but me.

Better its existence be kept a secret than have someone like Dorian get their hands on it, with that and that Dorian took the secret of the mutagen with him to the grave…the only one who would be useful in replicating it would be…me, my mutated blood.

That's why I had to keep the mutagens Existence a secret, and besides… I wouldn't be around to tell the secret to replicating it without a formula, not after tonight.

Seeing now the missile's coming to the tower to destroy it, this time they had marked their target correctly I used the rest of my power to shadow walk myself, Clarice and Salvador Hardy to the safety of a rooftop outside of the strike zone.

ALL OF LUNAR CITY: watched either with their eyes, camera's or their television sets in communion with everyone in the U.S.A who had been watching the news coverage on the crisis on one of their greatest city's…come to a fiery conclusion.

They saw the missiles strike a building in central lunar somewhere, they saw the building topple down and become a cloud of dust and mortar.

They all watched as the gas cloud that had been causing the city wide riots, suddenly comes to a complete stop and disappear.

Hundreds of people soon afterward when the city had recovered would have their own opinions on what had happened here this long 20 hours of hell. Many anarchists and conspiracy theorists had their opinions on it being a failed military nerve gas experiment used by the government as "population" control.

Many would attribute the sightings of a vigilante with powers as hallucinations brought on by the gas fumes, and the video evidence as inconclusive due to the object in question being a big black blur on the screen.

Only four people would really know who had ended the gas terror that had hit their city.


Sergeant Vanderez: who was heading home two days later after the military came in to help the city rebuild and recover.

He was met at his house in the Residential by his son Randy, his daughter Rene and his visiting sister Anna, with hugs and tears.

Thankful he was alive.

Then he watched with his family as Military and S.L.E.E.T army and medical copters flew over their house, bringing disaster aid to the various injured, wounded and hurting people who had ridden through the storm.


General Arcane watched as the gas surrounding the city slowly vanished, right after they had blown up Finch tower which was in the middle of the gas cloud.

"That punk was actually telling the truth" Arcane smiled, chewing on his tooth pick.

Suddenly in came one of his agents on their radio frequency, "general, come in General!"

"Stickle, is that you corporal?" asked General Arcane.

"General… thank god, I almost thought you had been caught in the gas or something. General I don't know what you did but it worked. The gas is gone."

"Are the citizens all right?" asked General Arcane.

"we all managed to get as many people here as possible to safety in the Residential, but some might still be trapped in the city" his agent said through the phone, "were all a little shaken up but were all okay over here"

"And the affected?" asked Arcane, almost afraid to ask.

"They're fine. A few gunshot wounds but they're fine. When you took down the source of the gas they all just stopped attacking. Not one of them seems to be seriously injured but I can't speak for the rest of the city sir" Stickle said through the radio.

"Rodger that, were coming in with the army and the national guard into the city right now so hold tight there you and your men. I already have confirmation that the M.A.S.H unit's from 100 different bases and 2000 of our own doctors are going to be sent in to help with the wounded…." General Arcane said through the radio.

"Was it F.E.I.N.D boss?" asked a concerned Stickle.

"F.E.I.N.D was involved yes, but they didn't do this. I'll debrief you all when I get there…but for right now…." Remembering what the mystery caller had said, "look around and arrest anyone with a tattooed skull face, they will need to be brought in for questioning"

"Rodger that sir, I'll get right on it" Stickle said signing off.

Arcane looked out towards the city, which had visible battle scars from the riots that had almost destroyed it.

The gas was gone, so now there were only the sounds and smells of smoke from the fires.

There was no way that everyone got through this alive, there would be dead.

There always was dead in war and terror.

How many, how many wasted lives… Arcane knew he was going to find out one way or another and find a way to pay honor to the fallen in this tragedy, give them the respect the fallen casualties of a disaster deserve…. To be remembered.

But I could have been worse, much worse.

If it wasn't for that mystery caller they would have been taken shots in the dark at trying to fix this in time.

Arcane knew they would have found something, some way to stop it.

He had no doubt in his organization and its soldiers and tech think tanks.

But they might have come up with the solution too late, but one unsung hero, some civilian or unknown soldier had gave a selfless guiding hand through the smokescreen in front of them and lead everyone to where they were now…. at the end of the disaster…alive.

When news media had to ask the army and S.L.E.E.T General arcane and the officers in charge would have to tell the media some cover up to quell the masses.

Standard protocol for cleaning up from terrorists, tell the frightened world what the "people" want to know, before the true news, and it always did, get out and everyone know as much as S.L.E.E.T or the government wanted them to know.

Sometimes a lie can be just as helpful as the truth in times of crisis, especially with the paranoia that in some way still existed in the country Post 9/11.

He would have to plan ahead for something like this happening again, maybe another S.L.E.E.T outpost, one placed inside the city perhaps?

But who was it that done it.

Who had saved the city…and possibly the world?

Arcane didn't know, but he had a feeling he might find out someday.


My family stood in front of the board of missing and lost people set up in the makeshift M.A.S.H and Refugee Camps that S.L.E.E.T and the Army had set up around the Residential and the outer side of the island.

A lot was happening around the city while they were standing there.

The remaining Police, led by the chief and his recovered formally "affected" sister and her S.W.A.T team were helping with relief and hunting down the night skulls.

The chief was never gladder that she was all right, that everyone who had been affected by the brains gas was all alright.

But he kept to himself the fact that he had ignored a warning about the gas attack, because it had come from a vigilante.

One more thing for him to have on his conscious, but he vowed never to be that foolish again… a hot tip was a hot tip, especially if his gut had told him that the vigilante was telling the truth.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was up for retirement next month, the chief would have quit his job out of guilt.

He just hoped whatever chief took over his job in the future would be more open minded than he had been in his term of office.

The army was setting up other relief camps around the city while at the same time working in tandem with S.L.E.E.T into finding any other survivors and also in hunting down the Night Skull street gang which by now had been charged as traitors and were going to be placed on trial for crimes against humanity.

The various street gangs who had been affected or not affected by the gas wanted their blood, especially since Dorian was gone; there was nothing to keep the gangs in line under the night skulls.

And they were all aware that with Dorian gone there was a vacuum that needed to be filled now that the crime kingpin was gone.

A position they were all ready and willing to fight for.

But the other gangs dare not move against the others when S.L.E.E.T and the army patrolled the streets looking for survivors or members of the Night skulls.

These guys weren't like the cities dirty cops, they started fighting against each other in the streets and these guys wouldn't think twice about fighting back to protect the people they had been ordered to protect until the city had been returned to normal.

No…better they all stay down and lie low until the army and S.L.E.E.T roll out, and then it was open season on the brains position of top dog and top gang of lunar city.

Regardless if those fools in office and the badges get upgrades like Technogopolis cops do… they were all willing to go to war for that position.

Just like Dorian had predicted.

Unless someone stopped them…. Unless someone… someway, scarred them into submission.

But that wasn't the worry on my family's mind at the moment…I was.

Kagae Kishi, the missing son.

My father had already applied my name in the list of people to look for out in the ruins of the city with the army and S.L.E.E.T.'s search and rescue squads.

But he also knew that his sons name was only the bottom of a very big list, a list of thousands.

He couldn't stand the idea of his son dead, or out there somewhere dying…but there wasn't much for him to do.

They were all pretty much quarantined to the Residential Camp until the city was fully inspected and searched and declared safe again.

But there was one thing he could do, he looked at my mother.

My mother nodded, trying to hold back the worry pains.

My sister then finished writing the poster and placed my picture on it.

It was a good picture, taken after my hospital stay after the mutagen bath… so as everyone would know that my hair was white.

Rachel posted the poster on the wall with the rest of the missing and lost, and then looked at my mother "if they don't find him, someone will or he'll find us mom…" Rachel said with assuring smile, "Kagae's tougher than he looks"

"He will be…" my dad mused trying to lighten the situation, "he's my son, our son"

He hugged my mother, and then led my family out of the M.A.S.H tent for home.

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