The Shadow Knight Begins: Part 3 of 3

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Chapter 7: The Enemy Within


Clarice after watching Finch tower fall remembered her father, her father who had been shot by Dorian's shadow bullet.

The knight was standing there, contemplating something, while holding Dorian's glowing purple vial in his hand.

Then he turned around and said, "I can save him. There is only enough her in this vial to heal one person. I can heal him…But there is a price. Are you willing to let me do what it takes to help save your father's life?"

"Yes…please" Clarice begged, "He's the only family I have"

"I know…" the knight said, then he kneeled down beside the dying D.A and opened up the healing mutagen vial, "I need your father to drink half of this mutagen, it won't give him powers or anything but it will heal his wounds…trust me!"

"I trust you" she said, "I wouldn't be letting you do this if I didn't"

I held back a sarcastic chuckle, because regardless she trusted me or not I would be doing this…as it was the only way to save her father.

But like I said…there was a price, a price I would have to pay.

I let Clarice take the healing mutagen, and watched as my cure emptied by half down the D.A's gullet.

Clarice after feeding her father half the healing mutagen passed it to me, where I drank the rest of it.

I felt the effects, but knew I hadn't cured myself of the poison of the dark mutagen that had infected my mutated blood.

I had just bought myself two more hours.

But it was worth it.

The D.A, his wounds healed just as fast as mine did, the healing mutagen doing its job.

Clarice was so overcome with happiness that while she was embracing her recovering father she didn't notice me vanishing into the shadows with my last percent of power.

"You're going to be okay dad" Clarice said as her father embraced her back.

"I know I know my daughter. I will be alright thanks to you and our friend….wait" District attorney Salvador hardy then sat up, "where is he? I want to thank him too for saving us and the city. Where is he Clarice, where did he go?"

Clarice looked around, to her surprise the knight had vanished.

There was no sign of the knight save a note on the ground.

Clarice picked it up, and read it.

"Thank you, for believing in me and the future I believe in….and goodbye, and good luck. Good luck with the future after this night of hell and brimstone, because I might not be here to fight another threat to the city, it's up to you and people like you now. I tried my best by breaking the law to uphold it…now it's time for the law to uphold the law by just being the law. The future is in your hands now, go get it Signed, S.K" she read aloud.

"What did he mean "he might not be here to fight another threat to the city?" wondered Salvador Hardy?

Clarice then remembered something, something from the shadow knight's battle with Dorian…then it hit her.

"Oh no….DAD!" she gasped.

"What? What's wrong?" he grabbed his daughter, afraid she was going to faint since she had been through so much, heck they both had been through much.

"I get what he means now dad. He's dying!" she said horrified, "Dorian said he "poisoned" him with something. And the knight when he gave me the vial of stuff, the stuff that healed you dad, he said that by giving you it there was a price to be paid…now I realize he wasn't talking about a price I would have to pay, he was talking about the one he was going to have to pay by letting me use the vial to save you…." She looked out at the city, and felt like crying.

Because now she knew that the knight had given up his only chance at curing his poisoning, because he didn't want her to watch her father die before his time in front of her.


So that's where you the reader, catch up again.

I'm writing this journal as a way for the truth to be known about me, and the great sacrifice I made to save this city.

If anyone finds this journal, and I have been taken over by the influence of the dark mutagen…please take this journal to my family.

Mom, Dad, and Rachel if you're all reading this journal right now. Then you know everything by now.

I hope you all can understand that I did what I thought was right, and I never intended for any of you to get hurt…not even you Rachel.

Someone had to do something, and I wasn't going to sit around and do nothing…not when I had these superpowers.

Never again.

I hope you all can understand that, but if you don't it doesn't matter…I still love you my family.

I loved you all till the very end.

I can feel the Evil me getting ready to take over, I feel just like the character of Dr. Jekyll who dies at the end of the book and his Evil half takes full control.

I'm not going to go out without a fight, but I might be fighting a battle that might be one I can't win.

I'm going to finish this journal entry, and then I'm going to confront my corruption in the one place I hope can help me… at S.T Michael's Church.



I still can't believe I managed to do it.

They saw that when you go to church for answers you get some answers in ways you never expected.

I owe it all to my family's love, and the help of someone I'm starting to call….Friend.

When I ended my last journal entry I went to the top of the Church bell tower until I was in the belfry.

I locked the door behind me, and then I heard the mocking laughter in my mind.

"Can't wait to move in can you!?' I said to the evil me with contempt, "Now you're mimicking me"

"I am you remember" the evil me gloated, "What you will become after tonight".

"Let's get this over with…" I sneered with contempt, "You're boring me"

I then grabbed my head in pain as the battle for control over my body began between me and the corrupt, evil version of me created by Dorian's poison.

I wrenched myself against the wall of the bell tower, and then something frightening began to take place.

Tendrils of darkness erupted from under my skin and then began forming a cocoon around me as I fought with my Evil side.

In moments like a butterfly I was cocooned, while inside I was going through metamorphosis, while two personalities, me and my dark half struggle to control what came out of the cocoon when it was over.

Inside it was pitch black and I felt myself falling into the slumber as the "adjustment" effect took over combined with the dark mutagens little metamorphosis thing it was doing to me, while my mind retreated to the dark corners of my psyche and there…the fight began.

In my mind it was dark, and violent thunderstorms littered the area.

I heard the Evil Me's taunting laughter.

I then watched as the stormy world transformed into the familiar sight of the Far side.

I looked around, slightly confused at the sight of the Far side.

Twisted and distorted, like something out of Lewis Carols worst nightmares.

He heard the familiar sound of laughter, but then I recognized the laughter.

It was Mariko's!

I followed the laughter to its source and to my surprise I saw them.



Me, running down the streets

I then realized I was reliving my past, this was that night when Blackie attacked us.

I quickly rushed after my other self and my sisters, as I did; I slowly began to realize that something wasn't right here.

"No…no this isn't right, we weren't cheerfully running through the rain trying to get out of the Far side. We were running quietly, and we were afraid of running into trouble" I said silently.

I turned the corner that they had turned down and nearly had my jaw drop to the floor.

I was looking on to an alleyway that seemed to stretch on forever, the cheerful laughs echoing down the narrow space.

I then started running down the alleyway after the laughter's, their echoes ringing in my ears.

But after running down the seemingly never-ending alleyway for ten minutes, the laughter's were replaced with screams, knife sounds, and gun shots.

"No! Not again!" I begged to god, "Not again please!"

A blinding flash of thunder hits the area in front of me, the light blinding me.

When it vanishes, I can see again.

I look around me and find to my horror that I am standing in the middle of that very vacant lot.

I see Mariko over in the exact spot where she was killed; the blood seeping from the bullet hole in her head, put there was the deceased Blackie Nelson…The black Alley cat murderer.

Rachel was where she was when Blackie raped her and left her for dead. She was chained to that metal fence just how I remembered it. With blood pouring from the cuts that Blackie had inflicted on her with his knife, and a large amount of blood pooling out from…. I turn away in disgust at this memory.

But I find that was a mistake, as I now find myself looking at myself during the attack's end.

Strapped to an oil drum, helpless, powerless…weak as I was forced to watch Blackie rape my sister…. forever cementing my hatred for criminals like him.

I then hear a sound from this Projection of myself on that night, coming from his mouth.

I cautiously lean in to hear what he's saying, and then the projection looks up at me with dead black eyes, "this is your fault…." It screeches "you could have stopped this, if you weren't afraid…and weak!"

I back away from this nightmare projection and without thinking I bump into Rachel when she was raped, she then looks up at me.

"How could you Kagae?" the projection of Rachel asked, "I'm your sister, I loved you…how could you let them do this to me?"

I'm terrified at this sight and accusation, it's what I felt yes, but to hear those things coming from Rachel?

Then my foot catches the foot of Mariko who without turning to see her, I hear her plead with me "help us Kagae, don't let us die…again!"

I backed away in fear, then clutching my head as my mind began to swirl screamed in anger "YOUR NOT REAL, YOUR NOT REAL!"

I then watched as the apparitions around me then all got up and jumped me.

I fought with these "nightmares" as the grabbed at me, each time the grabbed at me a glob of darkness was left behind, sticking to my skin….slowly advancing up my skin.

When enough had been placed on my person, my double and my sister's doubles stopped and watched as I struggled to get the sludge off of me.

Like something out of a horror movie, the "nightmare" doubles opened their mouths and black smoke came out of them.

The smoke rose, and began to take shape.

Soon it had taken the shape of the corrupted shadow knight….the evil me!

Its eyes were pure red, its sharp smoke like teeth in its smoke like mouth dripping the tainted mutagen poison.

It laughed as I struggled to get the pieces off of me, and I knew why.

These slime parasites consuming the surface of my skin were part of him, as a way of assimilating me…. of taking over!

"Goodbye Kagae…!" The evil me said to me, flying through the air and slamming into me, where he slowly began to enter my soul through my lungs!

I tried my best to force him out, but I was starting to lose this battle…I just didn't have the willpower to fight anymore!

"Stop Fighting Kagae…." The Evil Me chastised, "When you're a dark shadow of yourself you won't be weak or powerless again. You won't be hurt again. You will be free from Pain and weakness, from all that holds you back from reaching your true potential"

I asked defiantly, "from my family, from love Compassion, from my humanity? You think I want to give that up?"

"What good do those things do for you, but cause you pain… and you cause pain to others due to your love for your family and for humanity's potential for good. Besides" the evil me chuckled, "when you and I are truly one, it won't matter to you….none of them, and nothing will matter to you. Save Vengeance on Crime, you will be what you should be to TRULY eliminate EVIL"


"You have no choice Kagae, you manipulate darkness…." The Evil me smiled sinisterly, "therefore you are darkness as well, and this was all inevitable!"

Suddenly both of us, the evil me and I heard a somewhat angelic sound and rays of pure sunlight shone over both of us.

We both looked up at the ray of light coming from the storm clouds over the abandoned lot.

The "nightmare" versions of me and my sisters also looked up in confusion.

A flaming meteor of light plummeted down from the ray of sunlight, striking me dead on, pushing the Evil me out of my body.

The "Nightmare" versions of me and my sisters were sent back into their respective places by the meteor of lights impact, were they become dormant, immobile.

And the evil side of me you ask?

The meteor had struck him too!

Sending the one in question flying backwards, where he became embedded in the wall of the vacant lots adjacent buildings shadow.

Looking out at whom had severed his connection to my mind and soul, The dark me was taken aback for a second, then scowled in hatred at who had just saved me.

There, standing beside me, forming a protective circle around me. Were my sisters and the Real shadow knight persona…untainted by Dorian's poison unlike my Evil half of that persona I was at war with here in my mind!

I will be honest, I almost cried…seeing Mariko alive, hand on my chest, protecting her little brother.

Mariko and Rachel looked at the Evil dark shadow of the shadow knight persona, of me, with utmost contempt and determination.

"You stay away from our brother!" Mariko threatened, "or else!"

"You won't live to regret it!" Rachel finished.

"You're here?" I asked astounded, "how?"

"I told you Kagae, when someone loves someone else. Even when they're gone…" Mariko looked at me, smiling wisely "there are parts of them that will always live on in your heart, to help you and be there for you"

"That's your true power Kagae…" the shadow knight avatar said behind me.

"Truer words were never spoken…" Rachel said beside me.

I then muttered sarcastically, "a couple seconds earlier wouldn't have killed, and where have YOU been?" I demanded looking at the shadow knight persona, "I haven't seen you since I was last in here three hours ago!"

"We all were held back by the poison's effects, buried deep within the far corners of your mine. We couldn't get to you. But we got help from a…a new friend on the outside." Rachel said to me.

"On the outside?" I asked askance, "you mean in the real world!"

"Ask him the questions on the way out… the point is we are here now…." Mariko said to me, while looking at the Evil shadow knight still imprinted in the walls shadow, "and were going to give you the way to fight him and cure yourself of Dorian's poison… forever!"

The shadow knight persona then walked past my sisters and I, and confronted the Evil shadow knight.

"You have no purpose here monster!" the shadow knight persona said, pointing a finger at the Evil Shadow knight, "You are nothing like this boy. You are everything he hates, everything he is not. You have also been created by not this boy's darkness, but by the poison made by his hated enemy. Nothing you say has any truth to it. This boy is strong, and he is already an accomplished hero of great and extraordinary feats of courage and heroism. He has already fought evil and won. Just as he did here do an incredible act of bravery. He saved his sister!"

"Saved?" The evil shadow knight balked, "his refusal of his power. His fear, his weakness! His very outright blatant refusal to accept the responsibility of his superpowers because they were "forced" on him! Is what caused him to be so weak that he couldn't do anything to protect our sisters!"

"His sisters, not yours!" Mariko corrected.

"Yes that was a mistake, but a mistake made out of love and fear for his family should anyone find out about his powers" the shadow knight persona countered.

"It doesn't matter his reasons" The evil shadow knight countered back, "he was still unable to stop this, if he had accepted his powers and trained them. He wouldn't be the one over there bleeding, while one sister has been shot dead and the other is dying…and made barren by a sicko serial killer who got scared off by the "real" guy who ordered both Us and Mariko dead, then raped Mariko's dead body before faking his death…and you know the rest!"

"Do you think I hate my brother for that?" asked Rachel, "because you're wrong"

"Really?" I asked askance, "how can you not?"

"Because you're my brother and I love you…" Rachel answered, hugging me "and I know that there wasn't much you could do to stop it"

"But he's right…" I said solemnly, "if I had accepted who I am I would have been…"

"I doesn't matter what happened Kagae, what you did or what you didn't" Mariko said joining in, "what matters is who you are and what you do now. Someday you will tell Rachel everything. Everything about that night"

"And I might be angry at you for a while, but I will still love you Kagae and understand that it wasn't your fault this happened to you and all of us. It was Bad men, and Bad men alone that traumatized you, killed Rachel and made me barren…none of those things you did…you know it, I know it"

Crying tears of joy I hugged the representation of my living sister's avatar, joined soon by the avatar of Mariko.

Then we both heard the mocking laughter of the evil shadow knight, "he still could have done something if he hadn't have been so stupid, look at what happened here. What did he do, what did he stop, and what did he accomplish?"

"He saved my life!" Rachel said to the evil shadow knight.

"How…?" the Evil shadow knight dared, "prove it!"

time around us all rewound back to the point in time where Blackie was chaining up Rachel to the metal fence rape her, and I with knife wounds and a bullet in my back was crawling the best I could toward Mariko, while in my hand…I was using my phone to… Of course, I remember now!

I was using my text message to send a message to Jeremy; I sent a message to help!

"That text message saved me Kagae, you saved me from death" Rachel explained, "your super powered, and your near death experience triggered your healing factor and super strength which saved you. I didn't have any of those things. I would have died by the time they found us without your text message. You did that Kagae; you did that in your low level state of power"

"I did…" I said realizing, "but I could have done more. But I never knew, I never realized…that I did save you after all!"

"And look what you've done…by making sure no one ever goes through this again on your watch!" Mariko said with a hand wave.

Like a flood of memories history flowed by us all, as everything I had done in the past five days passed by us.

It hurt me to see this again, but I bared it…not wanting my evil half to get any kind of pleasure seeing me hurt by what I was seeing.

I saw the gun shot killing Mariko.

The gun shot injuring me.

Blackie tying up Rachel to the metal fence in order to rape her to fulfill whatever sick desire he had in his head.

Then we all watched as he was soon coming back to torture me more… but not before crushing my hands stopping me from finishing the text message.

But not stopping me from pressing the SEND button and therefore sending it to Jeremy who would be informed of what was happening here and find us in time.

While Blackie tortured me more and then tied me to the oil drum in front of Rachel where He made me watch as he raped her.

I then saw the lights and the sirens come, and watched as Blackie fled, not wanting to get caught….fat lot of luck it did him in the long run.

I saw the new memory of events after I had passed out, given to me by absorbing the memories of the Man who truly killed my sister, and my life, the one who really caused my transformation into the shadow knight.

Derek Lensher, Corrupt cop. that's what he called himself then, no longer Derek Stevenson, High school drug pusher.

The man I had accidentally stopped with my powers from raping Mariko, he was expelled and placed in jail, going to be given the restraining injection order. The brain found a way to get him past that so he could still use him. Apparently, so did Derek in his way of finding a way to get revenge.

He paid Blackie extra to kill both me and Mariko that night.

They are both dead now, for deaths that I now know were of their own making, not mine.

I turned away, not wanting to see that sicko vent his frustrations on Mariko by raping her dead body; my only solace was that that man would never hurt anyone again!

Not he, not Blackie, and not the brain of crime ever again would ever hurt anyone again.

That was my victory, my only victory I thought…until now with this revelation.

I watched as fifteen minutes passed by and then Jeremy's cop car, not Lensher's, appeared on the scene, where Jeremy alone saw us in our horrific states, I saw as he called the medical services, the guilt of having had a small hand in this by being blackmailed by the brain…clear on his face.

But I had forgiven him, and no one else knew about that save for me.

But despite my failure that night, I had indeed…had one success in saving my sisters, I managed to save one.

Rachel then looked at me, the scene of that night fading behind her, "you may not have been able to prevent my barrenness, or Mariko's death…or your damaged psyche. But one fact remains….your one action in a state of near death…saved me".

"I still could have done more…" I said, but then I smiled "but I never ever thought I had actually saved you that night"

"You did…" Rachel said as she hugged me, disappearing into my body like a ghost…I was taken aback for a second, and then Mariko hugged me as well, "Remember Kagae, the darkness isn't your true source of power or your true being. Your heart and the people inside it are" I watched as my dead sister vanished into me, into my heart and soul.

I then saw that the Shadow knight personality was the only one left, and he was standing in front of me, with a hand extended.

"Do you understand the secret of power and control?" he asked me, "and the way out of this poison spell now?"

"Yes…" I smiled knowingly, "I now know what to do, what I must do to conquer this demon inside of me"

I shook the shadow knight persona's hand, "remember, we're all here. All of us, we are all here for you…you just need to ask for us, and if you can't… or wont. We'll still be there for you…guiding you"

I nodded and watched as my shadow knight persona absorbed itself into my being, and then I turned around to face the Evil shadow knight.

Now knowing what to do and what to become to avoid this from happening in the real world again in any future battles…I had to come out on top to win this battle of what I would come out as when the cocoon was done.

I refused to come out as living darkness; I chose to be both dark and light, to be anti-darkness.

The Vacant lot vanished around me and the Evil shadow knight, we were both of us returned to the violent storm realm.

Both of us faced the other, ready to fight for dominance of my body and soul.

I raced at the dark me who vanished like smoke when I swung my shadow blade into him.

He quickly reformed and appeared behind me, I quickly turned to face him, all the while drawing my shadow guns.

I opened my guns, and blazing fire and shadow bullets flew through the air after the Evil shadow knight.

A couple struck the Evil shadow knight, but it didn't stop him.

He quickly leapt at me, claws made from his hands made easy due to his shadowy smoke like body.

I leapt out of the way, barely getting cut, keeping my shadow blade up as the evil shadow knight kept slashing at me.

I kept strong, keeping the shadow blade up protecting me from The Evil Me's assault.

After two minutes of blocking, I decided to go on the offensive.

I leapt at the evil me, trying to grab its neck, to strangle it.

With a good kick he countered me, and then returned suite by garbing me in mid-air with one hand and began chocking me.

While chocking me with his right hand, he grabbed my shadow blade with the other hand and threw it away, far from my reach!

I quickly drew my back-up sword, and plunged it deep in the Evil Shadow knight's Giant smoke like hand, but surprisingly it did nothing.

The dark me taken aback for a second afraid my blade would actually do some damage, smiled deviously when it didn't and continued to strangle me.

"You see…you will always be the weakling!" The evil shadow knight chastised, "When I take over it will be better for both of us!"

I struggled, hard, not wanting to give up…but I couldn't find any way to best my evil side…there had to be a way, but how….how do you beat pure darkness?

Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar voice coming from all around, it was a kind, concerned and strong voice.


I thought about what I had just heard and then I realized it!

How do you beat pure inner darkness?

You cancel it out with pure light!

I then focused all my thoughts on my Morales, my code, my family and my friends…and the future I fight for.

Suddenly to both the evil shadow knight's surprise and mine, I wrenched myself free of his chocking grip with superhuman ease.

I then notice I'm glowing with both Dark and light, but the light is the one that was the brightest shining from my body and I could also see it was causing the evil shadow knight pain!


The evil shadow knight then laid a well-aimed shadow blade at my head, I blocked it easily.

The evil shadow knight struggled hard to get the blade to cut through my hand and then my head, but the blade refused to move.

"What is this?" the evil shadow knight said in disbelief, "how can you be resisting me? Your pure darkness, pure darkness can't suppress pure darkness!"

"That's where you made you biggest mistake, I'm half dark, and half-light just like any other human being. So my powers are what I chose them to be and myself with them. I have always been anti-darkness. You are not a part of me, but a phantom made by the internal fusion of my darkest thoughts of vengeance in a time of suffering and Dorian's tainted mutagen. My powers were born this way when I was exposed by the chemical trucks mutagen supply, my mind decided to be this when it decided something had to be done against crime and apathy, I decided to be this when I refused to kill Blackie when I wanted to. I became Anti dark when I decided no one Criminal will die by my hands save but Monsters, people who can't or won't be redeemed and kill for the fun of it. That I would do everything in my power to fight evil, and evil alone to make sure no one goes through what I did again!"

To the Evil shadow knights surprise, a gaggle of people surrounded me…supporting me as I began to lay the final blow on Dorian's poison.

They were the representations of his family, his dead sister and departed teacher Ms. Darby, his friends, who reluctantly left him for a chance of life at Oxford College. Also beside him were his cousin and his family, The D.A and his daughter and the old beggar woman who he had given home, food…and her voice back to her again.

These people, these representations were what was giving Kagae's light so much balance over the dark inside his powers, and also giving him great strength and power over the Evil persona before him.

"This is my power, this is who I chose to be, a knight of shadows…and light!" I declared, letting my powers lose on the evil shadow knight.

A blinding light filled half the stormy realm we both were on, but the force of the light side was tearing the smoke like body of the evil shadow knight persona apart.

Blowing him away, piece by piece into oblivion

Realizing he was losing, the evil shadow knight glared at me "you can't destroy me…I'm the inevitability of what you will be when you lose control!"

"Then I'll fight myself as well as evil…" my voice, booming now at my defeated enemy "but I will never, never become you! Because I have what you lack…a heart, a conscious, humanity…love. I would feel sorry for you…if you hadn't almost turned me into you"

The last thing to go was the eyes as the evil shadow knight vanished forever, "I'll get you for this Kagae, I'll get free and then you'll…."

And just like that, scattered like ashes… it was gone.

The evil entity that had almost consumed me was gone…but not forgotten.

Looking back now I can say that I had hoped foolishly that that would be the last I would see of the Evil version of me…what I would be if I had lost, or if I ever went the other way with my powers.

But that entity came back to haunt me, in three different forms.

The third and the worst of them I would meet latter in my life before I ever met the first.

Back that night, I felt great joy when realizing I had won the battle over my body and soul.

The survivor's guilt was there, but something's I was starting to learn and live with about that night and my negligence about my powers.

But from this point on, I had my path set right in front of me.

I knew it won't be an easy path, but at this point, I was sure I could make it through whatever was ahead of me as a superhero…so long as I remember to never lose myself and keep the memories of those I care about to put extra protection on my dark emotions that I knew could control me if I didn't learn to control them.

I then see a light ahead of me, and I reach forward to touch the light.

Suddenly I awoke in the real world, and fall out of the shattered end of the cocoon I had made when the inner battle had begun.

Emerging from the strange metamorphosis stage that had occurred… I emerged as Kagae Kishi.

The shadow knight: the knight of shadows and light.

I could feel the new powers I had gained from the precious chemical bath; I had gained 5 new abilities, abilities I would have to train myself in using.

I would also have to come up with one heck of an excuse of where I had been during this crisis that had hit the city.

And also figure out how to deal with the power vacuum I had made by getting rid of the brain of crime.

I looked down at the tanks and army jeeps sweeping the area, looking for survivors, trapped people, and any Night skulls members.

I smile, knowing that that was one less gang in the city to worry about.

I look at the clock tower, I think to myself that this is a good place to hide…I could see big things with this place in my future as a crime fighter.

It was then that I heard the clapping sound.

I wasn't alone here in the clock tower; I instinctively drew my gun in the direction of the clapping sound.

And that was when I met him, one of the first in what I would call my "Friends in arms".

He wore the same black robe coat back then too, made him look like some kind of monk from old England.

Only this monk had visible ink black skin, and glowing, gold eyes which to my surprise…had no pupils.

He was clapping his hands, as if congratulating me….I was soon to discover that that was EXACTLY what he was doing.

He spoke to me, not by using his mouth, but through another means.


"Good, good Kagae!" the stranger said, saying my name. How? I simply then guessed if he could talk to me through the mind, then maybe he could read minds as well. But my main concern was he friend, or foe?

"Friend" the stranger answered me, "definitely friend. You don't have to be wary of me. I mean you and your family no harm"

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