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Friendship, love, money, knowledge. What's most important to you? And what would you do to get it? In a world not too far off in the future, the world has become a lot bigger yet smaller at the same time. Space is no longer the finial frontier. Worlds apart, soulmates meet during a chance encounter in a Virtual Inner-galactic Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (VIMMORPG) . Some play for their birth-rite. Others play for a chance at equality. Everyone has their own reasons for playing. *I'll be adding a chapter at least once a month.* ---- Photo by Udo Reitter on Honest reveiws welcomed--good or bad.

Scifi / Adventure
Joe Hinostro
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Morin

The young warrior princess, Death Kiss, stands poised to react to anything that may come her way. An extremely massive green-skin fiend stands before her. The legendary creature is known as Jag, the king of the orcs. He wears a full set of blood-born armor. Atop his head is an ornamental head piece worn by the chief of the orcs. The orc-crown, Claw, gives undeniable rule over all other orcs. No orc can go against the orc that wears Claw even if they wanted to.

Death Kiss uses her Analyze skill; and while, the analyzation is in progress, Jag swings his blade. The deadly princess doges the attack. Her purple hair gets picked up by the gust of wind created by the attack while she flips backward. While Death Kiss is still completing her flip, another vicious attack comes thrusting down upon her. With the top-tier reactions that have given her the reputation of being the most difficult to hit, her body disappears and reappears several feet back—the after-images of her are left lingering, for a moment, in the retreat she took. Without a moment to lose, she uses her assassin’s Vail skill. She vanishes, and while invisible, rushes Jag.

He sniffs for her. A few big sniffs, and he has a lock on her position. As Jag prepares to strike this sneaky assassin, an enormous metal shield comes crashing into him. The orc king is forced to contend with the mighty knight known as SteadGuard. The gallant vanguard calls out the shots as his transformed sword bashes Jag, “Endo slow him now!”

A male mage begins casting, a glyph temporarily appears around Jag, signifying a successful cast.

Both Jag’s and SteadGuard’s eyes lock, and the stoic leader knows. He calls out, “Everyone behind me!”

Endo and Devil’s Kitten get right behind their leader. SteadGuard sinks his shield deep into the dirt as he chants an ancient totem; a symbol appears briefly, and the danger the wise leader foresaw comes. In a movement faster than the eye can see, Jag swings his blade in a whirl-wind fashion.

There are two heroes under the leadership of SteadGuard that can out maneuver the ultrafast attack. Of course, Death Kiss is one of those members, and the other being True Blood; the darkest of the dark knights lifts into the air and proclaims as he rebels, “Fuck that, I stand behind no man!” Compared to True Blood’s speed the enemy’s attack moves slow. High in the sky True Blood looks down upon the battle field; and he sees, Jag’s whirl-wind attack sweep all around the majestic orc whilst the blade goes through Death Kiss—her being untouched by the orc’s attack. The dark knight has just witnessed Death Kiss’s Untouchable skill--it allows the blade to pass right through her.

The mind behind SteadGuard thinks: Luke, I knew you would say that. The face to the mind controlling SteadGuard smiles. His name is Adrien, and he is a junior at Eddle-High School. Adrien is a natural born leader, and he knows the squad he leads well—well enough to know his words of authority would make Luke rebel, also known as True Blood.

SteadGuard’s defense protects him, the mage, and the healer. While above it all, True Blood consumes the life force in the surrounding air. Black energy rolls off him like smoke. Charged up, True Blood shoots through the air like a bullet locked on to Jag’s chest.

Death Kiss shouts out as her Analyze skill completes, “His sword arm!” The creature’s vital stats such as hit points, level, weaknesses, and strengths become apparent to the whole team.

True Blood readjusts his target to Jag’s weapon-arm; and just before the dismal knight’s attack connects, Devil’s Kitten cast a buff-spell on the whole team causing everyone’s attack-attributes to be powered up.

Being the fastest in their squad, Death Kiss is able to perform her Death-Move skill before True Blood’s attack hits. The Death-Move is the ultra-advance move of the basic Back-Stab skill of the assassins. The would-be finishing move, scores a critical hit and paralyzes Jag and temporarily removes all non-armor defense. In this moment of weakness, True Blood’s attack is on point. Jag falls to one knee and lets out a cry as his weapon arm falls to the ground next to him. The death knight swings his blade. Jag quickly pulls his weapon from the grasp of his severed arm and parries True Blood’s attack with an attack of his own. Both blades clash into a dead lock. Meanwhile, SteadGuard gives out an order, “Endo do your thing.”

The buff mage cuts his palm. He closes his hand into a fist, and then, flings his hand out in front of him as he opens his hand. The blood he held flies into the air. Then the blood stops as if hitting a wall. The red liquid forms into a circle with an ancient script of a magical discipline long forgotten and only re-remembered by Endo the self-taught mage, and the only sacrificial mage. Endo appears in front of Jag. The orc-king clobbers at Endo, and the beefy-mage grabs the orc’s hand while holding the attack back with his own power. Endo raises his bloody hand and blows into his wounded palm; the blood is picked up and pushed along Endo’s breath until it hits Jag in the face. Endo’s eyes go white as he floats slightly off the ground and speaks in the language of the orcs, “Submit to me mighty orc and I shall spear your life from the ones around me.”

True Blood casually speaks up, “I love when he does this.” Luke presses the back of his right hand. A small device in the back of his hand glows. His feet set back on the ground and headwear covering his head and eyes goes away; at the same time, the dark knight known as True Blood disappears. An extremely large intangible floating screen shows what is going on in the game.

SteadGaurd notices True Blood’s disappearance. “Damn it, Luke. You can’t be running off while we’re in a boss fight.”

While Luke opens his mini fridge, he reassures his leader, “Calm down. John gots this and beside I’m coming back right now.” He grabs a can of soda and then shuts the fridge door.

Events continue to unfold with Ture Blood logged out, but he can still see what is happening from his television.

Jag yells back, “I’ll never obey a human!”

Luke downs the soda as he keeps one eye on the game, and then, tosses the empty can in the trashcan. He presses the back of his right hand and the deceive glows. His body elevates off the ground and now he’s back in. True Blood reappears.

“Do I,” Endo’s voice booms, “SMELL like a human!”

The orc lord takes a sniff and with a single whiff of Endo, the Orc grows fearful. “Claw will not allow me to perform a blood-bond. But if you are like you smell then performing a blood-oath by force should not be a problem for a god.”

Endo starts to speak the tongue of his order.

True Blood looks around at the rest as he speaks up, “Oh damn, he’s never done this before.”

As the mage speaks incantations, the blood on the orc’s face starts to travel across his face and form lines. With Endo’s hand still held in front of him, blood lifts off his bleeding palm and clings to the orc ruler. Claw takes over, and the orc king starts to resist the pull of Endo’s blood.

The Claw-possessed Jag attacks the mage. Endo raise his arm and blocks the incoming blade with his forearm. The swords partially digs into his arm. Blood from his forearm crawls up the blade—slowly takes over the weapon. Claw tries to slice the sword further into the mage’s arm but slowly the compulsorily blood removes the orc-blade. More blood leaves Endo and sticks to the orc.

Jag’s whole body is covered in thin red lines that form an intricate weaving along his whole body. As if being pulled down by chains, Jag along with Claw are brought to his knees. The blood symbol that has been suspended in the air this whole time starts to move towards Jag. The blood-stamp pushes into the green flesh; all the while, Claw compels Jag to struggle. Deep within the skin, the bright red blood of the blood-stamp turns black—the branding is complete.

The red lines across Jag’s body go beneath the skin to join the orc’s own blood. Still speaking in the orc tongue, Endo commands, “Stand.” He glides over to the orc. The powerful mage puts his hand where the orc’s lost arm would be. His hand grabs on to air as if something is there. The blood trickling from his hand clings to air and rolls along until the streams of blood start to reveal the contours of an arm. Until, the shape of Jag’s lost arm is formed by Endo’s blood. The blood changes to the green of Jag’s skin and then becomes full-fledge skin. The orc king shows his appreciation, “Thank you master.”

He flaps his bleeding hand at the orc as he dismisses his pet, “Now be gone.” The stamp on Jag’s left peck glows red and then the creature vanishes. Large gold lettering appears in the sky: Victory! All the members receive some experience points.

This is more than a game. To all youths of Morin this is a rite of passage. The people of Morin use All-World to test their youth and to see who among them will become the future leaders of all the known inhabited planets. The neuro-gear, a helmet-like thing, stimulates one’s nerves while in All-World. The neuro-gear links into the person’s mind and genetic gnome. Based on that information; upon entering All-World for the first time, a unique character is made for them. Of course, there are always similarities among all people and that is why there are classes such as knight or gunslinger. But each player that is a knight develops differently. Meaning while people that are classed as knights start off with a lot of basic skills in common, for example, most knights have access to the Endure skill. Though some knights won’t start off with this basic skill and may never gain access to the Endure skill. While some knights may gain access to skills typical to a mage or gunslinger—it just depends on the person.

And every person has or will gain unique skills to them alone. Prolong interaction in All-World changes a person’s genetic structure. If one is successful long enough in All-World the person will start to able to do some of the same amazing things their character can do. In All-World when your character dies you can never step back into All-World unless you have a birth-coin. Birth coins are put into the player’s inventory upon character creation. Birth-coins are given to a character based on the status to which they were born into the world. Only people born on Morin are given birth-coins, and a maximum of ten birth-coins can be given. All others born on different planets must progress in All-World with only one life.

Our five heroes search through the orc city for loot and other valuables. Normally upon defeating the orc-king Claw would disappear to the strongest orc but because the orc-king was not slayed Jag remains the king.

“Hey guys I have to go,” Endo says.

SteadGuard calls outs, “Alright let’s get back to the safety of town,” He pulls out a map and examines it as he thinks out loud, “Okay. . . so we’re here. Looks like the closest town is. Dunelo.” He puts his map away and starts heading in the correct direction. The others follow.

“Damn, I got a bunch of good loot! I’m telling I’m going to make a killing at the market in Ludwid. Maybe I can make enough money to finally that buy those plans for forging the curse king armor set.”

SteadGuard informs his friend, “That guy is just trying to swindle you. No way is there going to a pamphlet on how to build the mythic armor of the cursed king.”

True Blood defies his leader’s logic, “You don’t know!”

His voice is calm as he tries to explain, “If all people had to do to get the curse king armor set was to buy an instructional booklet then every dark night would be running around with that armor.”

“Adrian, you talk too much.”

SteadGuard laughs at True Bloods comment, “Hahaha so I’ve been told my friend—so I’ve been told.”

After a leisure travel they make it to the town of Dunelo. They all say their good-byes and one by one log off. True Blood stays logged into do some soloing.

In the city of Mrli it is just a typical Friday evening. Adrian goes to his desk and studies. Sarah, Devil’s Kitten, lays on her bed as she P.O.V streams with John, Endo. Melissa, Death Kiss, finishes her homework that is due on Monday whilst she talks to her best friend Janet over a call. And Luke ventures to the forbidden city or Crux. Aside from Crux being a great place to level up but it is also great place to do other things too. Adrian disapproves of Luke going to Crux. But Luke is his own man and he does what he wants.

While these future leaders of all the cosmos enjoy life as teenagers; somewhere in a little backwater planet, four players are logged into All-World on the Earth server.

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