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Chapter - 10

Endo and True Blood make their way to the north gate. As the four Earth boys are teleporting back into Ashroth; Endo and True Blood are exiting the north part of Ashroth.

True Blood speaks boastfully, “This isn’t so bad. From the stories I heard it made this place sound like it was an icy hell.”

Endo is standing there completely puzzled as he looks at pleasantly soft and fluffy snowfall. “Ummm it isn’t normally like this.” I’ve never seen it like this…

True Blood points. “Look! I see something.” Off in the distance there is a Whoopinggrillow.

They both run towards the sighting. They come upon a creature with long white hair on its back. The creature has a large horn on top of its head. The underbelly of the creature is encased in an armor-like cladding. It stands like a human and stands over ten feet tall.

“I’ll never doubt you again bro,” True Blood says.

Endo examines the creature in only the way he can. “The blood coursing through this creature is mythic blood.”

“NO WAY,” True Blood beams with excitement, “We’re going to be the first in hundreds of years to kill a mythic creature.” The creature spots them and starts rushing them.

“Do you think we can really take it with just us two?”

True Blood walks towards the aggressive creature. “Without a doubt.”

The Whoopinggrillow gets to the dark knight and swipes at the human; at the same time, True Blood unleashes an attack of his own. His blade swipes upwards. Endo joins the fight. He cuts wounds into his palms. The blood from the sacrificial-mage’s hands pulls up into the sky and descends upon the Whoopinggrillow. The two streams of blood latch on to either side of the beast. Once the blood is on the snow-beast it turns into large chains that attach to the snow-covered ground.

“Thanks bro,” True Blood says as he absorbs all the life force from the area around them.

Endo is focused. “Hurry up. I can’t hold it much longer,” his voice showing strain.

“No problem.” True Blood unleashes the strongest attack he has ever done before. The attack would instantly kill anything they have fought before. The dark knight’s attack leaves them both in shock causing them both look at each other. They have never witnessed such a powerful attack—not even close. “Did you see that!” True Blood’s voice trembles with excitement.

Endo’s mouth is wide open while he slowly nodes. “Yeah . . .”

However, the attack only seems to anger the creature. The mythic monster breaks from the bonds that hold it.

“Buy me some time.”

Without looking at him, True Blood answers, “Okay.” He summons little black-holes that surround the whoopinggrillow. The creatures swing at one of the abysses and its hand and arm disappear into the void. The creature pulls its arm out with minimal effort.

This feat makes it clear to both heroes that this will be more than a difficult fight.

“What the fuck! It pulled its hand out!” True Blood is rushing the tundra beast.

“I told you I didn’t think we could take it,” Endo’s voice showing his nervousness while his newly forming blood stamp is floating a few feet in front of him.

“Nah we got this man,” True Blood says this as he watches the whoopinggrillow leap into air, “Just keeping doing your thing.” The miniature black-holes follow the creature and coverage on to the snow-behemoth, forming one large blackhole. The void absorbs the creature. The one large blackhole slowly floats back down to ground level.

True Blood kind of looks over his shoulder as he speaks, “Told you. I got this.”

Just after those words are spoken the whoopinggrillow’s arm comes out of the void. The dark knight starts attacking the vulnerable arm. The creatures pulls its arm back into the darkness. Then the blackhole starts to shrink.

True Blood thinks to himself: That can’t be good; as he speak, a slight urgency in his voice, “Hurry up bro.”

The blood seal grows and then snaps in to two; and from in-between the broken seal, Lobo the legendary dire-wolf comes leaping out. All the while the blackhole continues to shrink up.

True Blood notices Lobo standing next to him. “I forgot you had that guy. He gets bonuses in the snow, right?”


By now the weather has returned to its typical nature.

Shielding his eyes with his hand, True Blood speaks loudly over the raging ice storm, “I can hardly see a damn thing!”

The blackhole is now just the size of a quarter, and then, something comes quickly peeking out of the now tiny abyss. Suddenly it become obvious as the horn of whoopinggrillow leads the charge straight for True Blood. It happens so quickly that the dark knight can’t react fast enough. One moment there was nothing, next a whoopinggrillow is stretching out into existence from nothingness. True Blood is reacting. His movements are too slow, and the tip of the horn starts to pierce his armor. Before the horn can stab into True Blood, the creature is pulled away by Lobo tackling it from the side. The two beasts roll around in the snow.

“Fuck, I can’t see them!” True Blood desperately wonders the snow in search of the battle.

Endo informs his friend, his eyes are completely red, “It’s okay I can see them.” A wave of blood pours from his chest. It lands and moves along the ground like a river. The blood reaches the brawling animals and engulfs the enemy beast.The red from the blood acts like a marker for True Blood. He homes in on the blood and attacks the whoopinggrillow, relentlessly.

The mythic beast’s movements are strained severely by the red that encases it. While Lobo and True Blood work on the whoopinggrillow, Endo starts to summon another of his blood-pacts. Jag appears in the snow. Orcs are highly resistant to the cold. Most creatures would almost instantly die from the harshness of the weather, but not an orc—let alone the king of the orcs.

Jag breathes in the cold air and then lets out a growl. The orc runs into battle and starts triple teaming the whoopinggrillow. With his two allies that are most suitable for this weather called forth, Endo is now ready to jump into battle.

Miniscule droplets of blood sweat from Endo’s pours and are pick up by the snow-storm; until, all the snow in the area is red. Endo controls the blood-filled snow. He transforms the snow into a swirling tornado. The blood raging winds surround the breast; and while in the whirlwind, the little flaks of snows that make up the blood-tornado repeatedly stab into the horned snow-beast. True Blood, Jag, and Lobo continue to attack the foe. The whirlwind is not affecting any allies. With all their combined efforts, the whoopinggrillow collapses. Lobo and Jag halt their attacks. True Blood takes the opportunity to unleash the final blow.

“Wait!” Endo calls out.

True Blood holds his attack back just in time. The red snow all around them parts, causing the area to be temporarily calm and free of the raging winter just outside of the red barrier. Endo walks up to where his three battle-companions are and begins the blood-pact. Even with the creature on its last hit point, Endo knows he is not strong enough to subdue this creature by brute force. He talks to it in the language of the whoopinggrillow, “Hi my friend—”

The whoopimggrillow attacks Endo. True Bloods lunges at the creature and Endo motions with his hand for True Blood to call off his attack. The dark knight does. Endo sits in front of the beast and continues a conversation with the whoopinggrillow, “They’re going to kill you. I really do want to be your friend.”

The whoopinggrillow growls out, “Yeah right! I’ve seen how you attacked me.”

“What’s your name?”

The creature snarls, “I will never tell you. All of you humans are full of trickery.”

“I am different. We were enemies but now we can be friend. I can heal you and bring you back to your full glory.”

“I don’t want any help from you! Kill me.”

Endo stands up and then his blood begins to leave him and sinks into the nearly dead animal. Endo falls to his knees, in-between gasps, his voice is weak, “There is,” a pause and the sound of his breathing as he labors out the words, “no trickery. . . strike me down if you must. All I want is your friendship.”

The whoopinggrillow stands up and studies the behemoth mage for a long while. “My name is Sliv.”

Endo raises his hand, facing the snow-creature, and a single drop of blood pulls out of his palm. The droplet stretches out and turns into a stamp. Endo instructs the mythic animal, “Make contact with the seal.” His voice trails off.

The whoopinggrillow put the palm of his right hand on the blood-seal. The stamp sinks into the creature’s skin. With the blood-oath made, Endo smiles. He waves his hand and all of his pets go away. The blood-snow that held back the violent weather falls to the ground, leaving a radius of blood drenched snow on the ground. The unyielding icy elements, no longer held back, quickly turn the red ground back to white.

True Blood is left alone. The dark knight question Endo, “Are you okay?” He gets no answer back. After searching for a few seconds, he trips over Endo’s body. He reaches down and touches Endo’s skin through the snow that is already covering his body. Then the gold letters appear in the air, and they both go up many levels. The MVP logo is over Endo’s motionless body. This enough for True Blood to know. “Shit—fuck!”

He hurries up for he knows he has a very small window to bring Endo back to life before Endo is forced to use a birth-coin. Without hesitation, he uses his Phoenix-Drop on Endo.

Normally, True Blood would let the person die and use up one of their birth coins. The Phoenix-Drop is a potion that brings back a dead player with one health-point. This item is very rare and for True Blood to use his only Phoenix-Drop speaks volumes. In fact, phoenix-potions are so rare that True Blood was the only current Morin player to have one. Once Endo is back to life, True Blood gives his buddy a heal potion.

Partly healed up, Endo sits up and looks at his friend. “What happened?”

“You died.”

Oh well: Endo thinks to himself, “One birth-coin is worth a blood-bond with a mythic creature.”

True Blood shakes his head. “No, you didn’t use a birth-coin.”

Endo thinks about it for second. “You used your Phoenix-Drop?”

The dark knight doesn’t say anything, he just nods.

Endo gets back to his feet. He takes in a big whiff of air: It’s good to be alive. “Well, do you want to see if there are any more of those creatures?”

“Of course.”

Endo and True Blood go on the hunt for another whoopinggrillow; and while they are doing that, Earth’s finest are at the auction house. And Zenny is rubbing it in Doc’s face.

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