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Chapter - 11

“See, you didn’t know,” Zenny says with a rebellious tone.

Doc admits, “I didn’t foresee the Morin players having that much cash readily available.”

“Who we’re all the buyers?”

“I’m checking the log right now,” Zenny is stunned by what he sees, “Three people! Three people bought up all that Zinco!”

“No way! Let me see,” Doc says.

Zenny shows him the log.

What Doc sees shocks him even more. “Three people, more like one person. Show Majesty.”

Majesty looks at the sale’s records. “Okay that’s fine. We still got a bunch of money.”

Doc explains, “But our plan didn’t work.”

“What do you mean?”

“The plan was to make Zincos worthless by making them common. If only one person brought them all that still keeps Zinco a rarity.”

“Oh I see,” Majesty says.

Zenny your dark knight armor sold too: Echelon adds to the conversation—just as shocked as everyone else.

“Damn, he’s right!” Zenny looks at Doc and rubs it in his face again, “No one was going to buy them, huh.”

Doc smile. “Okay, you got me. I was wrong.”

Majesty speaks, the amazement in his voice is very apparent, “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Doc wrong,” he looks at the other guys, “What about you guys?”

Zenny and Echelon both agree, first time witnessing Doc being wrong.

While looking at the sale’s records, Zenny speaks to the others, “It says that some dark knight named True Blood brought the armor.”

Concerned with more important issues, Majesty talks to Doc, “So how much Zinco do we need to farm in order saturate this server.”

Doc shrugs. “I don’t know. I thought that would have been enough.”

Having a great business mind Zenny shares with the others, “Why don’t we just sell Zinco once a week here?”

“That’s a good idea. And I just realized we just made enough money for all of us to be able to afford to go to the All-World championships.”

Zenny laughs, “We made waaay more than that!”

Majesty keeps looking on the bright side, “Our plain didn’t work out as planned but it still paid off. Let’s go hunt some more whoopinggrillows.”

Echelon informs their leader: The player killer is still in the area.

The four Earth-boys head out of the east gate of Ashroth. Doc does his thing and the eternal snow storm lets up. That is when, True Blood and Endo notice the snowfall departing.

The dark knight looks at the sacrificial mage. “So there’s high times and low times?”

“No this is not normal. I’ve never seen it do this. When it was snowing so hard that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face—that is normal,” Endo looks around at the peaceful winter landscape, “I don’t know what this is.”

“Well whatever it is,” True Blood points, “It makes hunting a lot easier. There’s one.”

They chase after the whoopinggrillow. By now Endo has made blood-pacts with many whoopinggrillows, and True Blood, due to fierce battles he has had to endure, has learned the new skill Infinity Pain. Both Morin natives and Earth natives continues to hunt the whoopinggrillow. Slowly and unintentionally, the Earth-boys are nearing True Blood and Endo.

Zenny looks around. “There seems to be less whoopinggrillows then when we went back to town. I thought they didn’t disappear like other creatures.”

Doc enlightens his ignorant friend, “They don’t. The whoopinggrillows are one of the few creatures that don’t disappear. Back on Earth-server we were the strongest and no one else was capable of hunting whoopinggrillow. It is reasonable to assume that we are not the strongest on the Morin-server and that there are others hunting the whoopinggrillows. And simply the whoopinggrillows are being killed faster than they can spawn.”

Echelon talks to the squad: Yes, there are others hunting the whoopinggrillow—two of them, but they are not killing the whoopinggrillows. And one of them is the player killer.

Majesty speaks on his confusion, “What do you mean they are not killing them?”

Echelon shakes his head in puzzlement: I don’t know exactly. I just know that I don’t seen the life flow of the whoopinggrillows they are attacking die out and then return in new form somewhere else—the life currents of the whoopinggrillows they attack just disappear.

“Well can you find the missing life currents,” Majesty asks.

I’m working on it: Echelon points: The closest whoopinggrillow is that way.

They head in the direction Echelon pointed; and at the same time, True Blood and Endo are looking for another whoopinggrillow. It just so happens the closest whoopinggrillow to the dark knight and the sacrificial mage is the same whoopinggrillow that the four Earth-boys are moving towards.

Looking straight ahead, True Blood talks to Endo, “Where to now?”

Endo’s eyes turn completely red. In this state, he can sense the blood coursing through all

nearby creatures. His eyes return back to normal, and he speaks, “The closest one is that way.”

True Blood starts walking in that direction and Endo stops him. “Wait—there’s three players over that way too.”

“Cool maybe I can get my sword wet for real. And if they’re here they have to be strong,” He looks at his best friend, “Can I count on you to have my back?”

True Blood’s words make Endo’s face get serious, he’s not coward, “For sure.”

They waste no more time and hurry up to confront the other players. By the time they get to the whoopinggrillow, it is dead and the Earth-boys are long gone.

“Where are they at now?” True Blood looks at the mage for answers.

Endo speaks while his eyes are red, “They are moving fast. It’s as if the encounter with the whoopinggrillows are not even slowing them down.”

“Can you teleport us to them?”

Endo’s eyes return to normal and then he speaks to his friend, “I don’t know. I’ve never teleported two people before—let’s try it.” He puts his out-searched hand with his palm facing forward. Blood appears on his palm and then the blood expands as if between Endo’s palm and an unseen barrier. The blood forms a square. Endo removes his palm and blood stays where it is at. The mage grabs each side of the blood-square. He starts to stretch the square and strain comes across his face. Eventually the square becomes almost the size of the giant mage. Endo steps back and blows into the blood. When his breath hits the blood it ripples and the ripples cause the blood-portal to expand even more. He looks back at True Blood and speaks to the dark knight, “Alright it is as ready as it’s going to be.”

They both walk into the blood and when their feet touch the other side of the portal they are in a completely different area. Endo touches the portal and the blood goes back into his skin. The two best friends see a group of four players facing seven whoopinggrillows.

True Blood looks at Endo. “I thought you said there were only three.”

Endo’s eyes turn red to double check; and then, he confirms his findings, “Yeah I can’t sense that one guy’s blood flow,” Endo point at Echelon.

“You mean the guy with the bandana around his eyes?”

The two Morin natives walk to up the Earth-boys. Echelon, Zenny and Majesty turn around to greet their follow players. Doc stays focused on leveling up.

“Hey guys, you mind if you leave the area so me and,” True Blood turns and motions to Endo, “my friend here can level up in peace.”

Doc flips through his pages and makes quick work of the whoopinggrillows all at once. Doc turns around with the MVPx7 logo above his head, and he speaks, “What’s going on?”

Majesty informs Doc, “They want us to leave.” Majesty speaks to his squad: I think they are just trying to pick a fight. Be on your toes guys. Majesty steps in front of his group and stands his ground, “This is a hunting ground for everyone. There is enough for all of us.”

Zenny realizes something, “Hey that’s my—” before Zenny can spill the beans about being the one who sold True Blood his armor, Majesty stops him.

Beneath his helm, True Blood gets excited, “Well if you don’t leave. We’re going to have to kill you.”

Zenny, without thinking, instantly takes offense to the dark knight’s threats. His big hammer appears, and his voice shows his hostility, “I’ma fuck you up!” Zenny leaps into the air and starts to swing into action.

Majesty yells at Zenny, “Stop!” Zenny’s body is stopped in mid-air. Stuck in the air Zenny looks back at Echelon, “Ech, don’t do me like that.”

This one is not me: Echelon informs the bountiful merchant.

Majesty telepathically pulls Zenny back into rank, and now, Zenny knows he messed up.

“Sorry boss. I got carried away.”

Majesty shows sympathy: I understand it happens. Don’t worry about. “Okay we’ll leave.” The four Earth-boys start heading back to Ashroth; that’s when, True Blood unleashes his Infinity Pain skill into Majesty’s back. Normally, the skill would instantly kill anything or one, but Majesty has a passive skill that makes him immune to instant kill attacks. Instead the attack takes a few hit-points out of Majesty’s health—a lot less then True Blood was expecting. The leader’s hit points are back up to full just as quick as the damage was dealt.

Majesty’s voice showing his irritation, “What the heck!” He spins around and so does his squad. He starts calling out order, “Ech hold them.”

Endo and True Blood try to continue their aggressive actions but can’t.

“Who wants dips on the player killer?” Majesty asks.

Doc speaks up, “I’ll take him. I bet he’s worth a lot of experience.”

Doc steps up, and Majesty looks at Echelon while he motions with his head. True Blood is freed from the telepathic hold.

Majesty lays down the ground rules, “Okay Doc is going to dual the dark knight and the winner gets to stay.”

Dueling is different from player killing. Dueling the players are not killed and items are not looted from the killed player. Instead dueling is a way to have friendly player vs. player matches. Good rewards and experience can still be earned from dueling.

Zenny points to the buff mage, “I want a crack at tiny over there.”

Suddenly Endo starts moving of his own will.

Majesty looks at his right-hand man, “Ech, I don’t want that guy free yet.”

I didn’t. He changed his current. Don’t worry I got him again.

Endo freezes up again. Then Echelon, Endo, and Zenny disappear. They reappear in the same place each of Earth-boys were held while the Gen-Hulk tested each of them. Echelon communicates to both Zenny and Endo: You can dual here without interruptions.

But before Zenny and Endo can start their dual, Echelon hears Majesty in his head: Ech bring everyone back the dual is done. In an instant Echelon brings them back to where they were.

Without a word, True Blood start walking back to Ashroth, and Endo takes the hint and does the same. The Earth-boys walk off in the opposite direction.

Walking next to Doc, Zenny talks to the scientist, “Was it a good fight?”

Doc informs his friend, “Not really. Dude wasn’t strong—at all.”

Majesty with his head still in the game, reminds the others, “Don’t get cocky. There are going to be great dangers out there. Now lets go scout out the champion-stone.”

Unbeknownst to the Earth-boys that is the best Morin has to offer.

They make their way to the champion-stone; meanwhile, True Blood and Endo go over what happened during the dual with Doc.

Walking through the snow, Endo talks, “What happened?”

The freezing air hitting their faces, True Blood answers, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Come on man. We can learn from this.”

“I’ve never seen any player that powerful let alone a scientist. He could change the rules of All-World.”

Endo shrugs, “Yeah I know. All scientist can bend the rules—but it is very limited. And it takes a lot of effort just to do the most basic bending of the rules. That’s the reason the scientist is a weak class—a very weak class.”

“Well this guy wasn’t weak,” he smacks at the endless torrent of snow while he continues, “You know this snow? He’s the reason it wasn’t snowing.”

“You have to be kidding me! A scientist that can change the rules!?”

“Dude, he made my True Blood armor pointless,” he looks at Endo, his voice showing irritation, “But where were you? I needed you backing me up.”

“I was froze just like you. That one guy teleported us to a place where I couldn’t summon any minions.”

“Damn you mean that one guy who was floating and had the bandages around his eyes?”

“Yeah him.”

“Damn it, that asshole. Just thinking about it pisses me off even more,” True Blood chuckles, “And that one big-ass motherfucker called you tiny!”

“Do you think we should tell Adrian?”

True Blood shrugs, “I guess we have to.” They are nearing the gates of Ashroth.

“Yeah. Do you think we’ll meet up with them at the championships?”

They walk back into town. True Blood stops and looks at his friend, “And that’s another thing that’s been bothering me. Why haven’t we seen them at any of the World-server competitions?”

“Who knows. Look, I’m going to head out and get some rest.”

“Yeah me too.”

Endo walks to his house, and True Blood teleports to his hometown and goes to the safety of his home. They both log out and go to sleep.

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