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Chapter - 14 Me and my baby

Melissa legs kick wildly, hitting the sheets; until, the blankets fly off her. Free from the blankets she bounces out of bed. On the go, she smacks her alarm clock; and the beeping noise stops. She is out of her bedroom and energetically walking down the hall. Today is the day she meets him—finally. She walks into the bathroom. The door swings behind her and wiggles out of pajamas. She gets in the shower and speaks, “Shower on. Warm water.” Seemingly out of thin air water, just above her head, starts to fall. As soon as the water hits her body, she commands, “A little less warm.” The water lowers in temperature. While lathering herself, she performs a wave motion with her hand. A see-through screen appears in front of her, slightly to the left. “Play morning mix.”

Music starts to play. The beat convinces her to move. She sings along to the lyrics. As far as she is concerned, singing out of tune is the best way to do it. Fully clean, she gets out of the shower, and while, she is drying herself off; that is when, she changes her mind. Today is not just any morning, it calls for something special. “Play meeting my baby mix.” She has been dreaming about this day for a long time. With a towel wrapped around her, she goes to her room and gets dressed. With eagerness, she puts on her neuro-gear and becomes Death Kiss.

Once in All-World the first thing she does is messages the rest of her group: Today I meet Echelon. I want you all there when I meet him. She checks who is already online and sees that everyone else but Endo is already on. She uses the in-game party chat to communicate with her group, “Where you guys at?”

SteadGuard answers her, “Were fighting gummy bears in the la-la lands.”

“Oh okay. I’ll be there in a few.”

While Death Kiss is going over to la-la land, True Blood is still venting about the humiliation he faced while in the Gerrow mountain range, “I’m telling you guys—that scientist was freak of nature.”

SteadGuard just laughs off True Blood’s far-fetched claims, “Alright man, whatever you say. Just like how you got your True Blood armor.”

“It’s true! Some dude was just selling it at the auction house—even ask John when he gets on.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Death Kiss asks.

Devil’s Kitten answers Death Kiss’s question, “Luke is claiming someone was selling the True Blood armor at the market and that’s how he got it.”

“You got the True Blood armor?! That’s so cool! How strong is it?”

True Blood speaks up, “Put it this way, I can now solo a gummy bear.”

Death Kiss is totally taken back, “No way!”

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Devil’s Kitten says, “My Endo can already do that.”

“Well I’m not Endo.”

Devil’s Kitten counters, “You got that right! My baby’s a beast.”

“Speak of the devil,” True Blood informs the group, “look who just logged in—it’s about damn time too.”

The white mage jumps up and down with excitement, and she speaks to the guy of her affections, “Hey baby. I missed you. I was thinking about you all night.”

Endo’s sturdy voice greets the group, “Me too sweetie. You’re always on my mind.”

Those words from Endo warm her chest up. A blood portal appears near the group, and Endo comes walking out of the portal. Seeing Endo, True Blood waves to him while he speaks to him, “Tell Adrian how I got my True Blood armor.”

Endo repeats the story True Blood has been saying all along, “It was an anonymous seller in the market.” Devil’s Kitten jumps at her man, and Endo grabs her out of the air and brings her into a hug.

True Blood points at SteadGuard with authority, and he keeps pointing as he talks, “See I told you!”

Their noble leader is left with few words, “Well damn . . .” SteadGuard strikes the last blow to the gummy bear. It falls and the golden letters appear.

Endo adds more to the conversation while he puts his sweetheart on his shoulder, “It was probably one of those guys we bumped into,” Endo starts laughing as recalls, “True Blood got beat by a scientist.”

True Blood’s voice is flat while he lets out a sigh, “They already know.”

Sitting, Devil’s Kitten stands up and points at the dark knight as she pretends to laugh at him.

True Blood points in Devil’s Kitten’s direction and informs her, “Tiny over there would have got his ass whooped too—any of us would have.”

Devil’s Kitten runs her fingers through her boyfriend’s hair while she defends him, “Believe me,” her eyes get very large, “my baby isn’t tiny.” She takes a step close to Endo’s head and bends down and kisses him on the cheek.

Forever the serious leader SteadGuard puts his foot down. “Alright—alright, no sex talk. Let’s keep it professional.”

Devil’s Kitten and Endo are kissing.

Death Kiss speaks up, “It may have been Leo and his guys. I know he told me that they have a scientist in their group.”

Hearing Death Kiss’s voice makes Endo realize something he didn’t realize before. He looks around as he speaks, “Where’s Death Kiss?”

“I’m almost there.”

They engage another gummy bear while Death Kiss gets there.

“Who’s Leo?” True Blood asks.

Devil’s Kitten informs the dark knight, “That’s her boyfriend, dummy.”

“Oh you mean the guy she’s never met. Most likely some old dude.”

Death Kiss thinks to herself: Luke you’re so dumb.

True Blood questions Death Kiss, “Is he a really buff dude with a large beard,” he motions around his chest and neck area, “has a really big gold chain and wears shades.”

“No that’s not him. He has a cloth around his eyes and his feet never touch the ground.”

Endo and True Blood look at each other.

True Blood thinks to himself: That mother fucker!

Endo admits to the rest of them, slightly amused, “Melissa’s boyfriend’s team whooped me and Luke.”

This new information confirms it for Melissa: He is real!

“I’m not going when you guys go to meet her boyfriend. Fuck that shit,” True Blood states.

SteadGuard agrees, “Alright whatever, do what you want. I don’t want you there anyways if you’re going to cause problems.”

Death Kiss finally gets to where the group is at; in time to see True Blood slay the gummy bear.

With the whole group together, SteadGuard starts a new plan, “Alright let’s start a new quest.”

SteadGuard and his team undertake a quest; and while the Morin-kids are doing that, Jeff and Zack wait for Leo to call them to pick him up. An hour turns into hours, and daylight turns into dusk. They get a knock at the door. Zack opens the door thinking it is Leo, only to see Zenny.

Zenny notices as soon as he walks in, “Where’s Leo at?”

Zack answers, “He’s still taking the test.”

Jeff looks at the time, “It’s almost the time we should be meeting that high-born girl.”

“Shit you’re right,” Zack pulls out his phone, “I’m going to call just to make sure he’s still taking the test.” His phone rings a few times and then he gets an answer.

“Hello, this is the All-Word exam center. How may I help you?”

“We came earlier to qualify for the championships. I wanted to know if the guy we came with is still there.”

“Yeah he is still here. We’re already closed and normally I would already be home, but I have to stay as long as someone is testing. I’ll tell him you called when he gets done.”

“Thank you, bye.” Zack hangs up. He looks at Zenny and Jeff. “Yup he’s still testing.”

Zenny speaks, “Damn is qualifying that hard?!”

Zack shrugs while he looks at Jeff to back him up on his opinion, “It was difficult but noting that would keep Ech stuck for this long.

Jeff nods.

Zenny walks over to the fridge. He looks in the fridge.

Zack rallies his team. “It’s time to meet Leo’s girl. She at least deserves us telling her that he won’t be able to make it.”

Not seeing anything he wants, Zenny shuts the fridge. The three of them walk to the living-room and log into the Morin All-World. When they get to the champion-stone, Death Kiss and her friends are already there minus True Blood. The two captains greet each other.

“Hi I’m SteadGuard.” He motions to the sacrificial mage, “You already met Endo. And that lovely lady on his shoulders is Devil’s Kitten.” While SteadGuard is talking, Death Kiss walks up to the Earth-boys and introduces herself while she shakes each of their hands.

From the Earth side each man introduces himself. “I’m Zenny,” flexes his muscles, “and a sexy beast.”

“I’m Doc it is my pleasure to meet all of you,” he gives them a friendly wave.

Majesty doesn’t introduce himself, instead he gets straight to business, “Death Kiss I’m sorry but Ech can’t make it. He’s taking the qualifier right now and it is taking longer than expected.”

She is really bummed-out to hear the bad news; but she does her best to stay understanding, “It’s okay. At least I got to meet all of you. Leo talks a lot about you guys.”

Majesty gives a caring smile.

SteadGuard strikes up friendly conversation with Majesty, “I’m not familiar with you guys,” he looks back at Endo, “From what I’ve been told you guys are a pretty strong team,” he brings his attention back in front of him, “I Thought I knew all the top players. What city do you guys play out of?”

Majesty starts to speak in the manner he typically does—truthfully, “We’re from E—“

Before Majesty can get his full thought out, Doc interrupts him, “You’ll find out when we’re facing you at the championships.”

SteadGuard smiles. “Fair enough. You guys just better bring your A-game.”

Remaining serious, Majesty turns his head slightly towards his shoulder while he projects his thoughts to his squad: Always do.

Their leader’s thought effect each of them differently. Doc just smiles. Zenny whips out his hammer and swings it above his head as an uncontrollable outburst overcomes him, “Yeah!”

The seemingly random outburst from Zenny makes SteadGuard and his team think Zenny is a little odd.

Majesty look SteadGuard square in the eyes as he speaks, “It was nice meeting you guys,” his eyes move to look at Death Kiss; and his voice takes a kinder tone, “I’ll make sure Leo contacts you as soon as he is done with his qualifier.”

“Thank you.”

Being the great leader that he is, Majesty gives her something that will ease the pain of being stood up, “You’re all that he talks about. And I can see why.”

She beams with happiness.

Doc is smart enough to know what Majesty is doing, so he adds in a little of his own touch, “Yeah it gets sickening sometimes to hear him talk about you over and over.”

Zenny is looking at his two brothers in arms, a little confused, while he thinks to himself: Leo never talks about her. Oh well, whatever.

The two teams go their own ways. The Morin high-borns log out to their world of privilege, and the Earth-boys log out to Leo’s apartment back on Earth.

The first thing Adrian does is start doing research on these new-found rivals. John and Sarah interact over a live steam.

John has made the choice to take Luke’s advice and make his move. “I really do care about you.”

Her heart is dancing in her chest. Though on the surface she plays it cool, “I care about you too.”

“I want to hold you in my arm and kiss you . . .”

She is nodding like keeping going.

John make his intentions clear, “You’re the only girl I want to love, hold, kiss—doing everything with!” He stands his ground though, “But still, I want to wait to have sex until we’re married.”

His conviction strikes her deep, so deeply that it changes her right on the spot: I didn’t know he cared that much about me. From that moment, she made up her mind: He’s the one. There’s no one above him—he’s it.

Her emotions got her tongue tied; so John speak to her, “I want to take you on a date—like right now.”

The joy overwhelms her causing a big smile to form on her face while she thinks to herself: Finally. “Hurry up big boy. I’m waiting.”

Without another second to lose John ends the face-to-face chat. He runs out of the house and gets into his car. He drives to Sarah’s place as fast as he can without breaking the speed limit—too much.

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