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Chapter - 15

A new day has come. Melissa is spending her after school hours talking to the one and only Janet.

“Well it is official. He is a Morin-born,” Melissa says.

“Well that’s good.” Janet is very relieved for her best friend.

Melissa is sitting on her bed while looking at the intangible screen with Janet’s face on it. “I didn’t get to see him, but his team explained that he was still taking the exam.”

Janet, not being one of the many Morin kids hooked into the All-World scene, she ignorantly asks, “You didn’t tell me he was also going to school.”

Melissa laughs, “He’s not. I meant he was qualifying to go to the All-World championships.”

“Oooh okay.”

The two childhood friends continue to talk about anything and everything under the sun.

While his friends are enjoying their teen years, learning who they are; Luke is on a different journey of self-discovery. He wants to see . . .

The icy wind swirls all around. True Blood is not fazed by the cold—it only awakens him.

Staring down the beastly face of a whoopinggrillow, all alone, he thinks to himself: That’s never going to happen again!

Snow beast and dark knight attack each other. The battle is fierce. True Blood falls to the snow. The endless down pour quickly covers his body. The whoopinggrillow already lays a lump of rigor mortis. The golden letters appear. His body is not moving. The snow covering his body starts to act like an igloo. But if he doesn’t move he will die—he only has one birth-coin.

He wanted to see, and that’s exactly what happened. He saw what he was really made of. He crawls out of the snow. He takes in a breath: I’m alive. From this moment things change for True Blood. He saw true greatness and it made him feel small. He will never feel small again—not if he has anything to do with it. He puts his hand above his brow and looks around. Then he starts to move forward on to the next whoopinggrillow. Unknown to True Blood this is the moment where he strikes out on his own and will befriend Spimvolly and Triumph.

Life is good for Adrian, Melissa, Sarah, John, and Luke. They were born to be important people.

Back on Earth Zack, Jeff, and Zenny are still waiting for Leo. Zack makes a call, “We can’t continue our quest until Leo’s back. We’re family and we stick together.”

They all agree. They wait. Another day comes, and Zenny takes the qualifier exam after putting it off for a day. He qualifies just like Zack and Jeff did. Back at the apartment Zenny, Jeff, and Zack wait to hear from Leo. They play board games to kill time—nothing too strategic because Jeff always wins those.

Back at the exam center, Leo’s final stage seems to be empty. That is far from the truth. The box that is void of all currents that are typical of the natural flow of life—no air, not anything; expect two currents. One current being the artificial intelligence, Echelon had first encountered when fighting the Gen-Hulk. The other current being Echelon. Through thousands of years of meditation, Echelon learned how to embrace himself in his purest from. Now Echelon battles it out with the A.I.

Even Echelon has limits, and he is coming upon those limits. His body falls out of the air and lands on the ground. Echelon for the first time has been defeated. He failed the final wave. If someone fails the final wave they fail the whole exam. Though the A.I. thinks things over and makes an expectation. The A.I. put all four of these Earthlings against the most difficult creatures All-World has to offer and they all passed. But Echelon passed all the waves with a hundred percent—except the last round. This feat is what makes the A.I. grant a passing score to Echelon.

Leo’s feet set back on the ground. He takes off the neuro-gear and starts to walk out of the exam center. The curator holds Leo up. “Here call your teammates. They’re waiting for you.”

Leo corrects the man, “They’re not my teammates, they’re my brothers.” He takes the phone the man is offering him and call’s his apartment.

Zack picks up, “Leo?”

“Pick me up. We need to finish up that quest.”

Zack grins. “Alright, we’ll be right there.”

Zack and Jeff get into Leo’s car and go pick him up.

Zenny stays at the apartment because he won’t fit. As Zenny’s powers have begun to develop in real life, his stature has begun to grown. He is now bigger than a car. His growth does not seem to be letting up. Still, Zenny’s gigantic size in real life is microscopic compared to his in-game avatar.

Zack and Jeff give Leo a hug. They get in the car and drive back to Leo’s place. Once back at the apartment everything goes back to normal. The first thing Leo does is call Melissa. A screen pops up in front of Leo, showing him her beautiful face.

“I’m so happy to see you. Glad you are done qualifying,” is the first thing she says.

Leo smiles back. “Yeah—it’s so good to see your face again. Can we meet?”

She is thinking he means in the flesh when she answers him, “Of course, where do you want to meet?”

“The champion-stone will be fine by me. Is it okay if I bring the guys? We have a rule, never go solo.”

His response is a little disappointing to her overflowing heart; but still, she is all smiles when she answers him, “Yeah, I’m already logged in. I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay.” With that said, he ends the call with her.

Zack, Zenny, Jeff, and Leo all log into the All-World Morin-server. Being all in their own hometowns, Echelon talks to all of them: Hey I’m going to bring you guys to my hometown. All at once they reappear in Oasis.

Majesty looks around. “Where’s Ech at?”

Doc and Zenny shrug; and at the same time, Echelon answers: I’m here.

All three of them look around. Zenny is the first one to say it, “Where you at?”

Echelon answers again but this time vocalizes his voice, “I’m here.”

They all look around. “We don’t see you,” Majesty says.

Doc studies the town, “I’m not familiar with this town.”

Majesty says again, “Ech, where are you man?”

Meanwhile Zenny is being Zenny.

Echelon answers his leader: Maybe this will help. Echelon appears next to them. His eyes are shut and the cloth that is normally around his eyes is in the air floating to the ground. He grabs the cloth and puts it around his eyes.

They all are wondering the same thing. Majesty speaks, very impressed, “When did you learn how to do that?!”

During the qualifier.

Doc talks to Echelon, “What town are we in?”

It’s a starter town. It’s not on the Earth-server. I checked. It’s called Oasis: Echelon explains.

Doc thinks over the information: Hmmm that’s interesting.

Echelon continues: I wanted to show you guys something really cool about the ncp merchants in this town. Tell me what you find out. I’ll be around. Echelon disappears. While Majesty, Zenny, and Doc explore the city of Oasis, Echelon talks to Death Kiss: We’ll be there in a few.

She talks to the air, “Okay.”

Zenny is the first to find a merchant, it is a potion merchant.

“Hello good sir what are you selling?” Zenny says to the potion dealer.

The vendor answers back, “I got any type of potion you want.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Zenny says as he starts looking over the merchandise. “What’s this,” Zenny picks up a small jar of yellow liquid.

The merchant informs Zenny, “Oh that’s an artifact potion. It allows you to summon an artifact class creature.”

Not even knowing there was such a thing as artifact classed creatures, Zenny inquires, “I’m not familiar with that class.”

The vendor gives Zenny a suspicious look, “It’s the rank class above mythic class. Surely you should know that if you are here in Oasis.”

Zenny plays it off, “Oh yeah I know. I was just testing you.” Zenny pulls out the glowing gem while he talks to the fellow merchant, “How much would you apprise this at?”

The potion vender looks at the item, “Oh the soul of Gen-Hulk. That’s beyond my knowledge my friend. I’m just a simple potion dealer.” The item puts the vendor back at ease because clearly Zenny has had experience with artifact creatures. The two merchants talk business.

Majesty finds the weapons and arms dealer.

He walks into the shop and greets the impressive looking vender. The npc is a very large man wearing very heavy and strong looking armor.

“Hi I’m Majesty.” The two men shake hands. “I want to take a look at some of your goods,” he says this while looking around at the various items on display.

The weapons dealer, known as Tirus, studies Majesty. “Hmmm,” Tirus bows his head while he continues, “it is not often you get to see your class walking around, your majesty.”

Majesty doesn’t pay any mind to Tirus’ odd behavior.

“I got a weapon just right for you.” Tirus goes to the back of the shop.

Meanwhile, Doc, of course, found the library.

Echelon talks to the other guys: We need to get going guys. He teleports them all to champion-stone.

Tirus comes back to see Majesty nowhere to be seen. Zenny was in the process of picking out some potions. And Doc is angry because he couldn’t stay in the library. Echelon grabs his eye-wear that is falling through the air and puts it back around his eyes.

Death Kiss smiles when she sees them. The two lovers walk up to each other. They hug and keep in each other’s arms. They talk while still in the other’s embrace.

It’s so good to see you.

She nods as she thinks to herself—knowing he’s in her head: You too.

Hearing her thoughts, only encourage him, and his arms close the gap between their bodies.

They talk and talk, and game-hours pass. They finally say their goodbyes. Death Kiss teleports to her hometown and then logs out. Echelon moves them all back to Oasis.

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