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Chapter-16 Oasis

“Ech, what is this place?” Majesty asks as he looks around.

I’m not really sure.

Doc adds insight, “From what I learned. Oasis was made by Tim Benus, the creator of All-World. It was a way for him to enter the game, so he could test things about the game. It wasn’t meant to be accessible to players. If you give me some time I can read up in the library.”

“Sure, me and Zenny will just wonder around and Ech will . . .” Majesty looks around for Echelon who has already vanished in to thin air, “. . .do whatever it is that Ech does.”

Exploring the town, Zenny and Majesty realize that the merchants in the town offer every item the game has to offer—even the ruler crown that they are still questing to get. But Majesty doesn’t buy it. He wants to earn it fairly. There is one thing that they do buy—potions. They buy all kinds of potions.

While they wait for Doc to finish reading all the knowledge the Oasis’s Library has to offer, they log out.

Leo, Zenny, and Zack get into Leo’s car and go to Zack’s parent’s place so he can get his stuff. They took Leo’s car because Zenny is paranoid about his car getting stolen while in the hood. Zack uses his key and all three of them walk in. Zack’s dad is at work. His mom is home.

She greets the three young men, “Hi boys. Had I known you were coming I would have fixed snacks.”

“It’s okay mom. We’re just here to get my important stuff. I’m going to move in with Leo.”

“Hi Mrs. Dawn. I’ll take a snack,” Zenny says.

His voice makes Mrs. Dawn realize that this large young man who had to squeeze through the doorway is Zenny. “Zenny, that’s you?! My—my you have grown from the last time I saw you. Sure, I’ll whip something up for you boys.”

“Mom it’s okay. Don’t do that,” He looks at Zenny, “You don’t need to eat. You’re already as big as a car.”

Zenny says in a gloomy voice, “Alright—sheez”

The three childhood friends start grabbing stuff from Zack’s room. While they are taking things down to Leo’s vehicle, Zack’s mom comes out with a plate of cold-cut sliders. Seeing the sight, Zenny rubs his hands with anticipation. Zack keeps taking stuff down to the car. Zenny and Leo take a small break to enjoy the sliders.

Item by item they get all of it in Leo’s car. With the packing done, Zack goes back up to his parent’s condo and hugs his mom goodbye. Leo and Zenny say goodbye to Mrs. Dawn too. It took a couple of hours to get all of Zack’s stuff into the vehicle. Leo’s starts the nearly hour drive back to his place.

When they get back to Leo’s place, they notice Jeff is still logged in.

“Damn he’s still logged in?” Zenny says as he rubs his stomach, “I’m getting hungry.”

Zack rolls his eyes. “You’re always hungry. We’ll give him a little more time.”

Zack, Zenny, and Leo surf the internet. Zack is looking up information about the All-World championship. Zenny is looking up cars that can go into outer space. Leo is writing an e-message to Melissa.

Twenty minutes pass and Zack stands up. “I’ll right I’m going in to get him.” Zack tells the other two. He logs in and goes to the library. He walks around the massive library for a little while until he finds Doc. He sees the scientist at a table with books stacked all around the table.

Majesty walks up and talks to Doc, “It’s getting late on the outside and we’re getting a little hungry.”

Out in the real world only a few hours have passed while in All-World hundreds of years have passed—if not thousands.

Without breaking from his studies, Doc speak to Majesty, “I still have so much to go through.”

“You’re not done?!”

Doc explains as he reads pages upon pages like most flip through a book, “There is a lot of information to go through.” Finished with that book he sets it down and start another one.

“Okay, I understand. You can get back to it after we have dinner.”

Doc doesn’t say anything. He just keeps reading at a speed only he can. A few seconds pass, and just when Majesty is about to say something again, Doc closes the book and stands up. “Okay let’s go then. I just had to finish up that book first.”

They log out. After taking off his neuro-gear, Zack looks around at the other guys. “So what do you want to eat?”

As usual, when it comes to food, Zenny is the first to speak, “I want a big fat greasy burger.”

Zack searches for other input, “What about the rest of you?”

Leo shares his thoughts with the group: I want French-fries.

Jeff shrugs, “Burgers are fine with me,” he looks at Leo, “And stop getting in our heads!”

“Okay burgers it is then. We’ll take Leo’s car.”

Jeff speaks up, “No offense Leo but I would like it if we took Zenny’s car. His is nicer.”

Zack looks at Zenny, already knowing the answer to the question that he is about to ask, “Zenny it is cool if we take your car to Greasy Tony’s?”

At the revealing of where they are going, the rest of them get a little more excited.

Zenny throws his hands in the air as he exclaims, “I LOOOOVE Greasy Tony’s!,” his voice is filled with energy and excitement but he calms down as the next words leave his mouth, “No—we’ll take Leo’s car.”

They leave the condo and squeeze into Leo’s car. Greasy Tony’s is a neighborhood favorite by where Leo and Zack grew up. When they were younger Zack and Leo introduced Greasy Tony’s to Jeff and Zenny. And ever since it has been a group favorite among them. They get into the place.

Zack is the first to order, “Let me have a Tony’s single with bacon and an order of fries.”

Jeff orders, “I’ll have the same.”

Zenny is the next up, “I’ll have one Greasy Tony’s favorite,” he looks back at Leo who doesn’t talk much. It would freak the cashier if Leo started talking in her head, “You want a Tony’s favorite also?”

Yes please.

Zenny looks back at the cashier and orders for Leo too, “Make that two Greasy Tony’s favorites.”

With their order complete they all pitch in their money to afford the meal—with Zenny’s and Leo’s food being more than half of the total price.

They talk mostly about Morin and the upcoming championships. These Earth-boys are in high spirits. They’ve spent their whole lives preparing for the All-World championship. Not really knowing it was going to happen—more like a child’s dream, and now what they have worked for this whole time is just a month away—give or take a few days.

On Earth life goes on as normal. Zenny works his part-time job. Leo visits Melissa in the Morin-server at least once a week, and all four of them continue to reach heights never before seen in All-World. In fact, the All-World A.I. starts making new areas, quests, items, and creatures—to accommodate Majesty’s, Echelon’s, Doc’s, and Zenny’s progression.

At the same time these new items start to appear in the inventories of the merchants in Oasis. They were strong before but now they are pushing the limits of the game—and they don’t even know it. But they are not the only ones striving to do better.

Back on the Morin server True Blood has teamed up with Spimvolly and Triumph. At first Spimvolly was suspicious of True Blood but as time went on and they faced death countless times together, Spimvolly, Triumph and True Blood became trusted allies.

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