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Chapter - Earth

“I have a bad feeling about this, guys . . .”

“You always say that,” Zenny says

“And I’m always right!” Doc answers back.

This ragtag of heroes are in tight formation. No one is laughing here. There is no re-dos if they die. It’s the end and they been on this quest for months—many months. This quest has ventured them into lands never trekked. They’ve encountered never before seen enemies and acquired priceless treasures.

Though they have not attained the item that has brought them on this quest—the Ruler Crown. A fable item unknown to anyone who has ever stepped into All-World, that is until, one fateful day when Zenny was bartering with a npc-traveling-merchant. The fellow merchant was pleased with the items Zenny traded him and combined with Zenny’s very high charisma stat, the npc merchant told Zenny about a tale of rumors he has heard on his travels about an item that allows its wearer to control any non-player character or creature.

Upon hearing this Zenny told the fellow vendor good-bye and high-tailed it to the nearest town. Once in the safety of his home he logged out to tell Jeff, Zack, and Leo what he had heard.

The next month the four asked around. Any and every npc they came across was asked about this rumored item. Slowly bits and piece started to come together until they were able to figure out how to undertake a quest to get this one of a kind item.

And so now, Zenny, Doc, Majesty, and Echelon slowly and carefully search a temple in the sky on a planet they have never been on before this quest. They have spent the last month on this planet fighting creatures and taking side-quests until they found the temple.

Majesty looks at Echelon as he speaks, “Where do we go now?”

The forever quiet Echelon speaks to Majesty with his mind: We have searched this whole area. The only place is to go back to the main hall.

Zenny talks with a big smile on his face, “This place had sooo much unbelievably rare loot. One Zinco, I can get at least ten billion gold for!”

Majesty informs his pal, “Dude those things are everywhere here. Even the weakest monsters on this planet drop a few of those,” he motions with his hand, “lets head back to the chest in the main hall.”

Zenny gets even more excited as he speaks, “I know! It’s great! I’m going to make us so much money when we get back home!”

Doc speaks his wisdom, “You know, you don’t want to saturate the market with Zincos then it will be worthless.”

“Then what do you suggests?” Zenny looks at Doc.

They get back to the main hall and approach the chest Echelon has warned them about.

“Well,” Doc takes a deep breath and gets that look on his face that everyone knows all too well, causing everyone to look at him even Echelon who is in the process of opening the chest. Echelon has his mouth open and the rest of his face is in dismay as he thinks what everyone else is thinking: Oh god, not right now!

Majesty slaps his forehead as he shakes his head, “Damnit, Zenny! You got him started,” He says this while Doc starts going off on a long-winded explanation as to what they should do with the Zinco. No one is listening expect Zenny, he’s always listening when it comes to money. Echelon cries in his mind: Please make it stop . . .

Majesty cuts Doc off while he puts his hand on the scientist’s shoulder, “Alright we’ll talk about that later. Ech needs to focus.” Majesty gives Zenny a look like: dude, what the heck.

Echelon gives Zenny a mean look too.

“You too Ech?! Damn, cut a guy a break—sheesh.”

Echelon brings his attention back to the chest. With his powers he can see the abundant energy of something living in the chest. He speaks to the squad with his mind: Alright get ready this is one is going to be a tough one.

Instantly the three men take Echelon’s advice. An immensely large hammer appears in Zenny’s hand. Celestial swords materialize around Majesty and he hovers off the ground. Doc pulls out a small book from within his robe. Echelon opens the chest, and they all converge on chest. A key comes floating out of the chest.

“A Key?” Zenny looks in disbelief as he pauses his attack.

Majesty doesn’t doubt for a second. “Echelon said it is alive so it’s alive,” keeping on guard while he moves closer and speaks to his squad, “something’s going to happen.” He gets next to Echelon. He studies the key, and then, looks at his most trusted friend. Majesty doesn’t even have to say a thing—Echelon already knows what his friend is thinking and not because he is a mind-reader; so naturally, Echelon telepathically reassures Majesty: It’s alive—definitely with immense power but it is harmless.

Majesty relinquishes his summoned swords and touches back down on the ground. This cues Zenny and Doc to lower their guard—Echelon is always on guard. Majesty grabs the key, but it does not budge—at first. Then Majesty uses a skill he learned from Echelon.

The ability to learn other’s skills is extremely rare and usually highly limited. This is not the case with Majesty. He focuses his internal energy to move the key. It works. He takes the key and hands it to Echelon--who he knows will be able to handle the key with much greater ease. As soon as the key is placed in Echelon’s hand things become obvious. A door appears, and the door is only visible to ones that sees the world like Echelon. He walks passed the chest, further down the long hall. He places the key into a keyhole. To his three comrades it appears he is merely sticking the key in the air; that is until, he turns the key, and as he does so, a door materializes. The door spans from the floor to the ceiling of the forgotten sky-castle.

Majesty walks up to the door and pushes it open. A whole new place is revealed. With Majesty leading the way, they all walk in except Doc. He walks around the backside of the door and from his perspective he sees no door--just the hallway. He walks forward where the back of the door would be. To him, it looks as if he is walking forward through air; but as he begins to pass where the threshold of the door’s entrance would be, Doc stops in mid-step and looks back. He sees that part of his body and back leg are in the new area. He resumes walking forward. He turns around and calls out to others, who have already walked through the doorway and are moving on, “Guys, there is some trickery going on here.”

The three keep walking; and Majesty call back to Doc, “Come on—hurry up.”

Doc shrugs. “Alright whatever.”

They walk through the hallway and each side is littered with priceless treasures. Echelon has not said it is okay to take the treasure, so the small group ignores the wonderful temptation around them. They press onward for many miles. The seemingly endless hallway takes them lefts, rights, downs, and ups; until, they come to a dead-end. The wall has an inscription. Majesty walks closer to the wall. There is a plaque inside the wall. He reads out loud the words on the plaque, “If I had four dollars and bought five burgers at three dollars each, what is my dog’s name?”

They all look back at Doc who has a smug smile on his face. He starts to walk up next to Majesty as he explains, “That’s an easy one. His dog’s name is Roger,” as he speaks these words he continues walking forward. His advance would normally be stopped by the wall; but instead, just as his foot would touch the wall, his foot passes through the would-be barrier, and the wall vanishes. Without pause, Doc keeps walking along—as if he knew the wall would disappear.

Majesty scratches his head as he thinks over the answer to the riddle, “How did you know—“

Before Majesty can finish getting his words out, Doc starts explaining, “Well you see, when he was a little boy—“

Majesty immediately waves his hands in the air, “Okay--that’s enough! We get it.”

Majesty’s question makes the one person in the group that never questioned Doc’s answer to realize something; walking right alongside Doc, Zenny stops and halts Doc with a hand on his shoulder while he speaks to the scientist, “How did you know the dog’s name was Roger?”

Zenny has grown accustom to Doc saying things that he doesn’t understand. Half the time Doc says stuff that Zenny doesn’t get anyways, so he has learned to know that Doc is the guy that is always right even if he himself doesn’t understand why Doc is right.

Doc smiles at his friend’s question. He takes a big breath and then starts to explain, “You see when he was boy. . .”

Majesty shakes his head in disappointment as he thinks to himself: Damn it, Zenny!

The four moves onward, and Doc explains the answer to the riddle.

Meanwhile, on Morin the Friday night for our five future leaders continues to unfold.

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