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Chapter - Shades of Love and Death

“I’m telling you, he’s amazing,” Malissa talks while she completes her math homework, “I’ve never met anyone like him.”

A voice from a holographic screen, answers back, “If he’s sooo amazing then how come you two haven’t met yet?”

Malissa’s writing utensil presses against the smooth glass-like surface of her desk. Numbers and equations appear. She looks over to another part of her desk to where her math text book is. She places her finger on the desk’s surface and then swipes left. This action causes the page of her math book to turn. While reading the next mathematical problem, she talks to Janet, “It’s because he’s so busy. He wants to take the councilor exam before he’s thirty. So, he’s always training.”

“No way! And beside everyone know it’s going to be you, Adrian, Luke, John, or Sarah that is going to be the next councilor.”

Still focused on her homework, she continues to talk about this guy she has met over the world-net, “I’m telling you he’s already began developing.”

Janet becomes intrigued, her voice shows her interest, “He has?! How so?”

“He can fly for short bursts. . .”

Her best friend becomes skeptical, “So you haven’t seen him do this—you just take his word for it.”

“No, I believe him, and also, he can read minds. I know he’s telling the truth because he reads my mind all the time.”

Janet’s brow scrunches up as she thinks over the information. “Damn that’s crazy. Is he a lot older than us?”

“A little older. He’s twenty-one.”

“Have you seen him?”

Malissa stops what she is doing and looks at the screen—bestie looking back at her. A big smile appears on her as she reminisces about her love interest, “We live steam every night. He’s very handsome.”

Her most trusted friend’s mouth drops open with this new information. Her voice shows a hint of injury as she speaks, “Why am I just learning about all this right now!”

Messila becomes a little coy as she gives her reasons, “Because I wasn’t sure at first. I was like you. But now I know him, and I can tell he is who he says he is.” She returns to her homework.

Janet believes her bestie. She knows Messila has a good head on her shoulders and is not one to be fooled. Her confusion comes out, “It just doesn’t make sense.”

Messila finishes up her last math problem. “What doesn’t make sense?” She presses an area on the desk’s surface and a new pane opens up. She performs a few executions and then her homework is sent to her teacher’s inbox.

Janet shrugs as she speaks to her best friend in the whole-wide world, “I just don’t understand it—“

Messila interrupts, “What do you mean?”

“He’s this dreamy guy yet he doesn’t want to have sex with you?”

She defends her man, “He does to. He’s just very busy. He’s trying to build his future as a councilor.”

“I know but I’ve never met a guy that doesn’t want to fuck as soon as possible.”

“He’s not like that though.”

“There is no guy that just wants to hold hands forever-and-ever.”

Messila tries to poke holes in Janet’s logic, “What about John.”

“Well John is different—“

With her friend’s concession, Messila pounces, “See, Leo’s different too. He really cares about me. And when the moment is right it will happen.”

“I guess you’re right . . .”

Messila nods in agreement to her friend’s words.

A thought so outrageous and farfetched crosses Janet’s mind, “Maybe he isn’t from Morin.”

Messila starts busting out laughing.

Janet chuckles a little that her own crazy suggestion. “I know but think about it. We’ve never heard of a player who was a higher level than the people in your group, and it would explain why you have never bumped into him in All-World.”

Messila’s laughter stops as her friend’s thoughts make sense, in an odd and weird way. While the two young ladies talk, somewhere else in town of Mrli, John and Sarah are also having an important discussion.

Large dark-green almond-shaped eyes study with admiration and famine mind thinks: Damn he’s so hot!

The source of her affections, speaks, “I had a great time last Friday on our date. I would very much like to go another date.”

She smiles back at him: You say that every time. I need more though. “I had a good time too.”

Sarah and John have known each other since they were very young kids. These two have gotten along very well. You could say they are a very good match for the other. They’ve been dating for as long as anyone can remember, but lately Sarah has been craving more than emotional fulfillment. She cares deeply about John, and so, she’ll always stay around him—it’s just that sometimes things don’t work out as you would like them to.

“Then why don’t we go out again tonight,” John urges his woman, “We’ll go where you want. Do what you want.”

His thoughtful words warm her heart, yet she makes excuses, “I can’t, have to watch my sister.”

“I’ll come over to keep you company.”

His words further expand her heart, causing her to struggle with herself: awww—damn it John! “I have to go, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

“Bye John.”

They end their live-chat. John goes to the state-of-the-art training room his father had built for him. John’s father is the CEO of the leading company of supplements and supplement paraphernalia. John senior is very strict on John junior. He went into All-World with only one birth-coin and through sheer determination and intensity, John senior turned his ambition into one of my most successful companies in all of space. He made his son sacrifice nine of his ten birth coins. He also makes sure John-junior does not take any of the enhancing products that his company makes or that of any other supplement company. He wants John to do it the way he did it—all natural.

Rex-tech offers the highest quality supplements. Any and all of the Morin youths serious about competing for a future spot on the governing council, take Rex-tech. It gives them a serious advantage over anyone that is not on Rex-tech. Even before they enter All-World, any Morin-born child that is being groomed to be a councilor takes Rex-tech. Less expensive, watered-down versions are sold throughout all the various planets.

Sarah walks out of her house and is greeted by a young man. They walk to his motorcycle that is hovering in wait. They get on the vehicle and go on their date.

Speaking of dates, Adrian is preparing for his date with destiny. He wakes up ,works out for two hours non-stop. He eats a breakfast, designed to meet his exact biological needs, which is prepared by the best chefs. He then is tutored by the wisest and brightest scholars for the next six hours. Then he does his homework. On every on Friday, he is given an exam made up by the scholars that guild him. After this part of his day it is three hours in All-world—real time, not game time. After All-World, he spends an hour studying and getting ready for tomorrow. He then works out for another two hours, and then, has his dinner that follows the same rules as breakfast. Of course, he has two hours in the day allotted to recreation—these two hours he can spend however and whenever he wants to spend these two pre-allotted hours. He mostly spends these two hours of recreation at the end of his day just before he goes to sleep. He sleeps in a recovery chamber that allows him to get fifteen hours’ worth of the highest quality of rest in only a few hours—just in time for his new day. Right now, he is in the study, a holographic tutor helps him get ready for tomorrow.

Adrian has been born into the most prominent family on Morin. His family tree represents the oldest money in all the galaxies and are the founders of the governing body that governs over all of space. Adrian just like every male in his blood-line before him was born to be the next ruler.

Finally, Luke or as he rather be known as True Blood. Luke was born into a rich family. Truth is his parents were not born on Morin—at least his dad wasn’t. In his younger days, Luke’s father went under the radar while he cheated the system. He gave himself just one birth coin. He used this birth-coin to gain access to the Morin server; here is where he met his wife. He used his charm and wit to get into her panties but also her heart. He used her feelings for him to gain access to the vast amount of money she was heiress to. He used these funds to make the largest and most well-respected security firm in the cosmos. His antics as an All-World criminal remain unknown even to this very day. Though, due to him and his company, he makes sure no one can repeat his success. James, Luke’s father, is also on the council.

At this very moment in time, Luke is still logged into All-World. He is lurking in the shadows as he stalks prey.

A very large group walks through the forbidden city of Crux with purpose. The massive group is made up of numerous parties. The biggest a party can be is ten members, but parties can link up to form a larger group in order to take on more viscous monsters. The whole group gets a victory reward and one hero could get the MVP award--if All-Word deems that the player has met the criteria.

One of the group commanders looks at, Spimvolly, the group’s leader, “I thought you said this is the spot.”

Spimvolly reassures the commander and the group, “This is the place.” He thinks to himself: This is the place—I’m sure of it! Deep in his own thoughts, Spimvolly gives out order, “We got any skilled huntsmen in the group?”

One young man comes forwards. “I’m an adventurer class but I do have the ‘track’ skill.”

“Scout the perimeter for any tracks.”

The inexperienced adventurer smiles proudly as he informs the famed Spimvolly, “I check the area out as we were coming into it. I didn’t see any tracks—“ the young adventurer hesitates, “but . . .”

Spimvolly urges the subordinate, “But what?!”

“I saw something that may have been tracks but it was only from one person for sure and one person wouldn’t be able to make it out here by themselves, so I dismissed it.”

The seasoned Spimvolly puts his hand over his mouth as his forehead wrinkles up. “Hmmm…,” after some deliberation he decisively makes the decision; he points his finger in the air as his hand makes smaller circles in the air, “Alright everyone, lets pack up. We’re leaving.”

The rest of the commanders question him. “I don’t have to explain. We move out—now!”

As Spimvolly says these words, Wretched the Cursed spawns. The appearance of Wretched confirms his foreboding. He hastens his retreats as he calls out, “Come on men, retreat.”

His words are ignored by all but one. The group engages the legendary creature, and Spimvolly gets far away from there. A little while, after the noise of the battle is out of ear-range, the lonely hero hears something unexpected. “Wait up—slow down. I can’t keep up. And I can’t be in this area by myself.”

Spimvolly turns around and sees the young adventurer chasing after him. He waits for the noob. “You’re not going to stay with the others?”

“No. I figured you had good reason for calling a retreat.”

With the young traveler caught up, Spimvolly continues at a slower peace. “Keep close to me there are a lot of dangerous creatures in these parts.”

“Yes sir!”

“Listen to me kid—never doubt your abilities.” The impressionable adventurer nods; as Spimvolly continues, “You saved our lives back there. It’s a miracle you were able to notice his tracks,” Spimvolly chuckles at the newbi-hero’s confused look, “Those tracks you saw were of the one known as True Blood. It has never been proven, but he is a player killer.”

“But wouldn’t the players he kills remember him when they respawn?”

“Some attacks are powerful enough to give people amnesia.”

The newbi’s mouth opens with shock, “I didn’t know that!”

“Yup, if you ever meet up with the one that calls himself True Blood never party up with him. Even if he comes off as a good friend—promise me!”

“I promise. How do you know this True Blood?”

“I met him once in Ludewid. It was a long time ago when I was fresh-faced hero. He was going to help me and my friends level up. I was all set to go with them, but my mom was calling me. I had to go. The next day when I logged on all my friends were down a birth-coin and didn’t remember how they die or the name True Blood.”

“Damn . . .”

Spimvolly smiles. “What did you say your name was kid?”

“I’m Triumph.”

“Well Triumph, it is an honor to meet an adventurer. Adventurers are very rare especially now a days.”

An Adventurer is the only class that will change into another class depending on how the person develops. The adventurer can have more than one transformation in his or her life, though it has never happened. Most Adventurers never get to the point where they transform into another class. Adventurers only have the most basic skills and do not receive class bonuses. Unlike the adventurer class all others gain stat bonuses just by being alive in All-Word, and the longer one lives the greater the stat bonus becomes. For this reason, Adventurers tend to be unpopular with others and are never invited in hunting parties.

Spimvolly and Triumph walk along in silence; meanwhile, the group that they left is enjoying the spoils of the boss fight. “Man, Spimvolly missed out. I went up a whole level and got a bunch of gold!” One of the men says; and another answers back, “Yeah me too!”

While the group enjoys the moment, an expected voice greets them, “Hey, guys. That was an impressive fight. Wretched is no joke. You all worked really well together.” True Blood gives them a round of applause. “Now, I guess it’s my turn.”

He strategically waited until after the boss fight to confront them. When they are weakened and lower on health potions.

The air around them starts to darken until everything around them is pitch black.

Trimous, the group’s new leader, demands, “What is the meaning of this!”

True Blood has used his skills to take them all to a temporary dark-dimension.

In a cheery voice, True blood banters, “Shall we begin?” With that said True Blood swings his blade. A purplish blast is released into the air; and as it passes along the air, it incinerates a few of the weaker ones in the group. With lines drawn, both sides wage war. But he is not the darkest of them all for no reason. This place nurtures him; and as time goes on, the dark energy he embraces so well begins to evaporate off him like airy-flames. With every slice and every drop of blood, his body feeds off the madness. Soon enough it becomes clear and a few of the less heroic heroes try to run. The darkness swallows them up, and their screams are never heard again. True Blood lets out a maniacal laugh, bringing those few that remain--to their knees.

“Please don’t kill us,” is one of the many whimpers he hears. And he laughs some more. He walks up to a female white-mage. He puts his index finger on the bottom of her chain and lifts her bowed head until her eyes are looking at him. “So beautiful . . .,” the sound of his voice repulsive to her.

He puts his lips on hers. Her eyes widen in fear; whilst their lips touch, she begins to become ghostly, until, she is all gone. With the whimpers and pleads all around True Blood, he raises his sword. Little purple droplets fall from above. Upon contact, the remaining heroes instantly melt.

Satisfied with himself, he inhales. The darkness is beckoned to him, until, his feet once again grace Crux’s forbidden soil. For a second, he hears roars of the souls he took, and it makes him misty-eyed. With a smile on his face, he continues soloing.

Player killing is very rewarding. One gains lots of experience points and can get some great loot that the victims may drop. At the same time, it is very risky. If it becomes known a player is a pker then a bounty can be placed on their head. Or even worse, a Pentagon could be hired to arrest the player killer and place them in prison. Depending on the severity, the prison sentence can range from one day to life—game time. A Pentagon is a NPC who’s sole duty is to bring All-World pkers to justice. No one has been able to stand against a Pentagon.

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