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Chapter - 6 Life Long Friends

Back to a time long since passed. Before the ambitions of money and fame—before they started looking up towards the stars to brighter horizons—before that all that there was two friends, Zack and Leo, just playing a game--just because.

A child-like Majesty is wearing tasteful clothes, but the attire is far from the extravagant flowings he wears now. And of course, his trusty right-hand man, Echelon walks alongside him. The two get to the wild boar springs. Any other day they would have the place all to themselves. Leveling up and getting loot until their inventory was full. But today is not like the other days. A wild boar lets out a squeal as it collapses. The golden letters appear in the sky: Victory!

Majesty looks around and notices the state of their favorite hunting grounds. He talks to Echelon, “It seems like there are a lot less wild boars today.”

Echelon talks, his voice: clear and calm, “You’re right.” He starts to meditate and his eyes that are ever changing colors turn white and how he can see the flow of life. Echelon points as he informs his friend, “There is someone else here. He’s aggroing all the wild boars.”

‘Aggroing’ is a term that means a player makes a creature attack him or her. This term “aggro” can also mean a creature will attack one without provocation. Majesty smiles as he speaks, “I guess we should go say hello.”

Echelon’s eyes change back to their normal ever color changing; and now, he views the world just like others do. Echelon points out the direction the person is in, and Majesty leads the way. They come upon the sight of dozens upon dozens of wild boars all concentrated in one spot, and one scrawny looking hero in the center of all these wild boars. The hero is wilding a hammer that is twice the size of him.

Echelon looks at Majesty, “Should we help him?”

“Lets wait a little longer to see if he needs our help,” Echelon says.

The puny hero slams his hammer into the ground. The ground cracks and rumbles causing all the wild boars around him to become dazed. He then lifts his hammer high in the air and swing it around him with one hand. The attack K.O.s all the nearby wild-boars and sends a mild gust of wind over the nearby vicinity. The wind causes the remaining wild-boars to become un-stunned. The feeble looking hero jumps high into the air to avoid the attacks. He quickly falls back to the ground and with the velocity from his free-fall and his own power, he smashes his hammer into the ground. The impact is so fierce that the devastation caused by the impact instantly kills most of the wild-boars. What wild-boars that are still alive are stunned. He swings his hammer one last time and finishes off the remaining wild-boars.

Majesty thinks to himself: Impressive, he used two different skill in combination. He taps Echelon on the arm as he speaks to his best friend, “Did you see that.”

Echelon nods and answers back, “Yeah, he’s pretty skilled.”

He chuckles at Echelon’s words, “Pretty skilled. I’d say he’s very skilled—what class is he?”

Echelon rubs his chin. “Hmmm, let me see. . .,” he quickly looks at Majesty, “he’s a merchant!”

These two have been looking for someone they could add to their party that could hold all their loot. This way they can stay out longer without having to go back to town to unload all the goods they got. Having finished off the last wild-boar, the pint-size hero is a little winded. He greets Echelon and Majesty in-between gasps, “Hi I’m Zenny.”

Majesty walks up to Zenny and offers a handshake. “I saw what you did. That was impressive using the High-Jump skill to amplify the Titan’s-Hammer skill.”

“Thank you. I’m surprised that you are familiar with both skills,” Zenny studies Majesty, “You don’t look like you do much jumping or wiled a hammer.”

Majesty smiles. “Let’s just say I’m familiar with many skills.”

Zenny motions with his head as he speaks, “What about that guy?”

Majesty looks back at Echelon, who hasn’t moved, and explains, “Oh that’s Echelon. He’s shy.”

Zenny explains, “No I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about his eyes. They keep changing colors.”

“Oh that—yeah,” Majesty shrugs as he laughs a little, “that’s just how Echelon’s eyes are.” Majesty gets down to business. “We’ve been looking for someone who can hold large amounts of inventory. You wanna join our party?”

Zenny thinks to himself: If I join them I can level up a little faster, but I’ll have to share the loot that I get. “I’ll have to pass.”

“Okay, if you change your mind we’ll be in the area.” Majesty turns around and walks to where Echelon waits. “Alright let’s go.” Him and Echelon leave and find a few of their own wild-boars to level up off of; after many wild-boars are laid waste to, Echelon’s heightened senses pick up upon a call for help. “Think someone is in trouble,” Echelon says.

“Lead the way,” Majesty instructs.

Echelon goes to the calls of destress, and they come upon Zenny running from the largest wild-boar they have ever seen. The wild-boar has a pink bow-tie on its head.

Majesty exclaims as he looks at Echelon for answers, “What the hell?!”

Echelon shakes his head, “I don’t know.”

Majesty smiles as a thought comes to him, “I know what that is—opportunity.”

Majesty takes action. He uses the Provoke skill that he learned from a knight, him and Echelon came across. Instead of chasing Zenny, the giant boar changes its attention to Majesty. The boar charges Majesty, and Majesty leaps into the air using the skill Double-High-Jump combined with the Dazzle skill. As Majesty flies over the boar, a rainbow is left in Majesty’s path. The boar is mesmerized by the Dazzle skill quelling the angry beast for a short while. As Majesty nears the other side, a translucent hammer appears. The temporarily hammer crushes into the ground as Majesty touches down. He has just used Titan’s-Hammer after only witnessing the skill once. The mighty attack is enough to kill or stun most creatures with in their level range but not this one. The boar only becomes angrier and rushes down Majesty with more intensity.

Without a second to lose, a ghostly sword appears. The sword swipes upward and as it does so rose petals fly into the air. The boar succumbs the attack collapses in a slumber. Though in just a few second, the boar is awake gain. Shaking off the drowsiness the boar rushes Majesty; but in those few seconds, Majesty’s feet have begun to hover off the ground and his eyes have started to change colors the way Echelon’s do.

The Momma-boar rushes Majesty, and the future leader of Earth’s greatest heroes pushes his palm forward. The raging boar’s snout and Majesty palm meet. On contact the boar’s advance stops as if hitting a wall. This last move he learned from Echelon. The boar falls to the ground, its eyes rolled backwards and its tongue is hanging out. Soon after, the giant beast disappears and in its stead is left a bunch of loot. The golden letters appear in the sky: Victory! And the letters M.V.P. appear over Majesty. He has just killed the boss creature Momma-Boar.

Zenny stands in awe: These guys must be like level 30 to be able to fight like that. He speaks on his curiosity, “What level are you guys?”

Majesty points to Echelon as he speaks, “He’s level sixteen, and I’m level fifteen.”

Zenny is in complete shock when hears these words come out of Majesty’s mouth. “You just soloed Momma-Boar!”

Majesty ignorantly ask, “What’s Momma-Boar?”

Zenny is even more shocked by Majesty’s ignorance, “You don’t know?! Momma-Boar is a Boss. And you just soloed it!”

Majesty looks at Echelon, “Did you know there were boss creatures in this game?”

Echelon shakes his head as he speaks, the tone in his voice showing his honest surprise in this new knowledge, “No I didn’t know.”

Majesty explains, “Sorry, we’re still newbis. This is only our second day playing.”

Zenny is left perplexed, “How are you level fifteen?!”

“We played all day yesterday.”

Realizing Echelon and Majesty are complete beginners, Zenny helps them out, “You were reward the M.V.P. Check your inventory. You could have gotten the M.V.P. loot.”

With Zenny’s advice, Majesty checks his pack. “Hey, I did get something. It’s called Momma’s tusk.”

Zenny eyes widen as he informs Majesty, “I can use those to make the super-strong hammer ‘Beast Crusher’. It gives a thousand percent damage bonus against all beast animals and it guarantees push-back and greatly increases odds of stunning.”

Majesty hands Zenny the Momma’s-tusk. “Here take it.”

“I can’t take that. It’s too rare of an item. You can only get them from fighting Momma-Boar.”

Majesty insists, “Join our team and we will help you get the materials needed to make the Beast-Crusher.”

Teamed up, Zenny shows them how to increase the odds of making a boss creature spawn and which bosses spawn in which areas. Each day after school Zenny logs on and Majesty and Echelon are waiting for him. And each day, Zenny talks to his best friend Jeff, outside the game, about this one guy he met named Majesty. Jeff is the one that taught Zenny about all the rules of the game, but he rarely gets on. He mostly studies, even though he’s only seven, so he can get into a good college and then make a good profession for himself.

After a week of playing, the group of three has slayed an unheard amount of boss creatures in the history of the Earth server. They are the first in Earth server history to do what is known as boss hoarding; and as a result, they have collected fifty momma’s tusks, thirty unbreakable hides from Greko--the iron hide boss rhino, and thirty prefect alloys from Big-Slicer, and one wild feather from any bird creature.

Having all the things needed, Zenny forges the Beast Crusher right in front of them.

Normally, anyone less than a legendary blacksmith would have less than a one percent change of crafting such a fabled item. However, the first-time bonus allows an item that is being made for the first time on the server to have an immaculate outcome regardless of skill.

Zenny stands triumphant with the massive weapon in one hand. The setting sun's rays highlight the vicious lines that are the Beast Crusher. Majesty and Echelon stand in silence with mouths open, gawking like: Daaaang. And this is the moment, Zenny knew he wanted to help Majesty achieve his goal of him and Echelon becoming the first council members from Earth.

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