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Chapter - 9

A very large wolf with wings collapses front of Endo. The gold letters show up and the MVP logo hovers above his head.

True Blood is on the sidelines watching. “So that’s why you logged back in?”

“Yeah—I was board.”

“I’m telling you she’s banging other dudes.”

“Dude, don’t talk about her like that.”

They start walking to another location.

“No disrespect. I’m just saying Sarah is hot. All guys want to bang her.”

Another giant wolf swoops down from the sky. True Blood make quick work of the creature with one deadly slice. The creature howls in pain as it is split in two.

“I know man. I see your point. I just don’t want to think about that possibility.”

“You have to claim her man. A girl like Sarah is very sensual. You have to appeal to that side of her.”

“Well, what do I do?” John’s voice filled with desperation as he talks through his in-game persona.

“You know her better than any guy, so use that knowledge to get close to her.”

Endo stops in his track with a helpless look on this face. He looks at his best friend for advice, “I just care so much. I don’t know what to do. I’m worried that if we have sex I’m not going to be good at then she not going to like me anymore.”

“Dude,” True Blood shakes his head but speaks from a best friend point of view, “she’s going to like it no matter what. You remember that chick with the big titties back in fifth grade?”

Endo thinks back, “You mean Ambar?”

“Yeah well I jack-hammered for like three minutes and then I was gone. She was pissed but do you think I cared? No I didn’t.”

“But I thought you and Ambar were still together.”

“We are. That’s my point. She was pissed with her girly feelings hurt, but she got over it. I was a dick and made mistakes, but I got over them. And now we stronger than ever.”

“Hmmm I see what you’re saying. I’m going make my move with her.”

While John is mustering enough courage to make his move with Sarah; Sarah is in her pajamas, about to go to sleep. She kisses a framed picture of John: Sweet dreams my love. And then, she goes to sleep.

Back in All-World the four Earth-boys murderous spree has filled the Gerrow mountain range with whoopinggrillows; and the two Morin-born are trying to figure out where they are going to go hunting next.

“Hey why don’t we go to the Gerrow mountains?” Endo suggests.

True Blood smiles for he already knows what his pal is trying to get at. “There’s no monsters! I’m telling you. Even the developers of All-Word have said there are no monsters in that area.”

“Well maybe not monsters but I know there is at least one because I ran into it by mistake one time—whatever it was.”

True Blood sigh with a smile on his face as he thinks to himself: Alright I’ll humor the guy. “Okay lets go there.”

The two teleport to Endo’s home town. When they get there, True Blood is already walking toward the town’s gates.

Endo calls to the dark knight, “Wait. I’m going to check the auction house to see if anyone is offering a good deal on health pots.” He walks over the auction house.

True Blood chuckles at the ridiculous notion, “Dude we’re not going to find any monsters.” He follows his friend.

Endo becomes frantic, “Hooolly shit!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Well I didn’t find any good deals on potions buuut someone is offering a BUNCH of Zinco. You have to check this out!”

There is a maximum number of one item a player can post up per offer. If a player wants to sell more of an item they have to post up another separate offer.

True Blood rolls his eyes, “I already have like ten Zinco.”

Endo looks at True Blood, “How did you manage to get ten Zinco?!”

True Blood answers, “I got lucky—“ he becomes freaked out with excitement as he sees what Endo is seeing, “Whaat the--?! There’s like hundreds of offers for Zinco—maybe thousands.”

Endo nods in agreement, his voice showing his giddiness, “But keep checking the recent offers.”

“I’m checking—give me a sec. There’s just so many Zinco offers . . .how did a player get so much Zinco?!”

Endo shakes his head, “I have no idea.”

“Oh my god!” True Blood’s body trembles with overwhelming joy; He is on the verge of tears as he tries to get out his words, “It’s—it’s the,” his voice become high pitch, “Oh my God!” His voice returns to normal, “Hold me up bro.” He lends on Endo; and he quickly without any more hesitation, he buys each piece of the True Blood armor set that Zenny has posted for sell.

The most powerful dark knight that All-World has ever seen has just become more powerful. He equips his armor and his dark energy surges and an unseen ripple is sent through all of All-World; while Echelon’s buddies wreak havoc on the hordes of the whoopinggrillows around them, Echelon pauses.

Always the mindful leader, Majesty notices Echelon’s disposition. He concerns himself, “What’s wrong Ech?”

Zenny and Doc are still whoop’n ass of mythic proportion.

Among the chaos of battle, Majesty puts a caring hand on the shoulder of his most trusted ally, and Echelon speaks to just his best friend: There was small fluctuation in the flow of life and death. It came from a player.

Majesty talks back in the way only these two can: Is it anything to be concerned about?

No not us but . . . the player’s current is murderous.

“Hmmm.” Is the player close?


Majesty takes his hand off Echelon’s should. He looks at his two other generals, and speaks to his squad, “Hey guys we may have a player killer nearby.”

Zenny looks at Majesty while he dodges an attack from one of the Whoopinggrillows and talks, “Wait player killing is a real thing?”

Back on the Earth-server while there are incidents of players killing each other, it is rare, and player-killers on the Earth-server don’t last long and a lot just never log in again.

Doc flips through a few pages of his book and then all the Whoopinggrillow turn miniature and then die of an unknow disease. Doc looks at Zenny. “Of course, pking is a real thing.”

“Can we go back to town? I want to check and see how many Zincos I have sold.”

Majesty informs his friend, “It’s going to take days if we’re lucky, months if we are not.”

“Well can we check?” Zenny insists.

Majesty smiles. “Doc is almost leveled up. We’ll go check once he levels up.”


The thought of going to town by himself never crossed Zenny’s mind. Rule number one: Move as one—always.

While the Earth-boy continues to level up one of their own, Endo and True Blood are making plans of their own.

“Did you massage him?” Endo asks, the urgency in his voice noticeable.

“Twice. I’m telling you that fucker never answers me.” True Blood is becoming irritated.

Endo is still his calm and relaxed self. He explains the likely situation, “He’s asleep. You know his life is all planned out to the second. Look, I’m going to call him.” John steps away from All-World while still being logged in. He grabs his phone that is laying on the bed. He dials Adrian’s number.

Adrian’s phone lights up and the ring-tone he has set for incoming calls from John breaks the silence of the room. Adrian wakes up. He moans: Damn it, John. Why are you calling me at this hour?! He gets out of his recovery chamber. “Receive call” A screen pops up in front of him.

“What is it John?”

“Sorry for waking you up. It is important though. You need to get in here NOW. Me and Luke are in Ashroth.”

John wipes the sleep away, his voice still showing hints of grogginess, “Alright I’ll be there in a few.” He gets dressed and goes down the hall to the room where his neuro-gear and system is set up. He logs into All-World and teleports to Ashroth. He sends an in game message to True Blood: Where you guys at?

True Blood response: We’re at the auction house.

With the information SteadGuard walks over the auction house.

Waiting just outside the auction house, Endo and True Blood see their trusty leader coming along.

“Finally,” Ture Blood calls out to the goody-two-shoe knight, “What took you so long?”

SteadGuard doesn’t recognize True Blood in his new armor but he recognizes his voice. “I like your new armor.” He gets up to Endo and True Blood. He eye-balls the new armor the dark knight is sporting, “That armor looks good on you.”

“Yeah it’s the full True-blood armor set!”

“No way!”

“Someone was selling it,” True Blood laughs, “Dumb fuck—whoever he was.”

SteadGuard is left speechless for a few seconds as he wraps his mind around the information. “It was probably some noob that didn’t know what they had.”

Endo speaks on his doubts, “I don’t know—maybe.”

“Well who posted up the offer?”

True Blood shakes his head. “We don’t know it was posted up anonymously. But it gets better. You have to see this.”

Endo opens the door to the auction house and they walk in.

True Blood explains, “Me and John bought up as much as we could. But it didn’t even make a dent in it.”

Once SteadGuard sees the situation he understands why True Blood and Endo called him. Not many players have enough game currency and having a grandfather that is the head of council allows him to access to the All-World treasury. The All-World treasury is a trust fund created for All-World and meant to allow players to have a way to buy things that otherwise would be unattainable. All players have to do is submit a request and the amount being asked for.

The truth is though almost every request is denied. And Adrian’s submissions are automatically granted. He submits a request to the All-World treasury and almost instantly the in-game currency shows up into Adrian’s in-game account. SteadGuard buys up all the Zinco. “Thank you for calling me. I’m heading out.”

True Blood invites their leader, “Me and Endo are going to look for his supposed creature he saw in the snow. You want to join us?”

SteadGuard chuckles, as he speaks, “Nope not tonight. I’m going back to bed,” he waves good-bye, “have a good one guys.” They wave back, and he teleports back to his hometown. A few seconds later SteadGuard is logged off.

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