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I pushed myself roughly past him, and out into the deadly winter wonderland that waited for me, my feet burned with the freezing snow sticking to them as I ran blindly out into the snow. The first Lycan werewolf was revealed back then in Egypt by a Pharaoh named Ramses II, he claimed the creature said to be able to shift into a wolf when the moon turns full and new and said to appear human when the sun rose over the horizon, he only wished to live in sync with humans. No one believed the young man, not even the Pharaoh himself until he changed into an enormous wolf and slaughtered. That's when all creatures alike Samuel, began to show themselves all across the world, surprising humans of knowing that they were living among beast. The world wasn't big enough for two species to coexist, some say: So Lycans were hunted and killed by humans, though that didn't mean the Lycans didn't fight back. Years of death, loss, bloodshed, and war have passed and leaders all around the world have come together, Lycans included, to put a stop to the war and create a treaty. With great difficulty, the treaty of "Γούνα ΞΊΞ±ΞΉ δέρμα" was created; Lycans couldn't mix their genes with humans and humans couldn't hunt or kill anymore Lycans. For centuries the treaty has been followed, and slowly as more years past, humans have completely forgotten about it until the agreement was broken.

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I’ve never been afraid of death.

I’ve never considered how I would die, or the possibilities of me dying any tragic deaths. People come and go, either from murder, suicide, overdose, old age, childbirth, etc. You still die. There’s no way of avoiding it.

So, it wasn’t really a surprise to me when death came barreling towards me; they were ticking us off like bugs.

Killing us one by one
One after the other.

They wanted you to feel fear, the terror and the stages of you losing your mind of when they would come or how long it would take. The world as we know it isn’t what it seems, there’s darkness pouring from beneath the seams not yet visible to those around; this isn’t our world anymore, no, it's theirs now.

And killing me will be just the beginning of something greater.

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