Beyond Stars

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It's not just about space travel anymore. There are living breathing creatures up there beyond the stars. Ones that the human mind couldn't comprehend. However, not all of them are good or evil, and someone out there has to protect the universe from the greatest evil of all.

Scifi / Fantasy
Charlie Jupiter
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“What if I told you aliens aren’t what movies or TV shows tell you they are? What if I told you, we have always known what they are and what they may look like but we call them something completely, absolutely, downright different? What if I told you that aliens look exactly like us? What if I told you I could be one and you might not even know it? Or that your neighbour could be the super alien spy working for a top-secret organization set on the destruction of the universe while you were sitting on your couch reading cliché, science fiction novels that are there to lead you in the wrong direction?

“Aliens. Aliens. Aliens. What are aliens? Who are aliens? What do they look like? Why do they have the classification of alien when we ourselves are aliens? We live in the same universe and on a home planet. But we, as humans, say we are a completely different species. Does this remind any of you of previous events over time? When the ‘white’ people tried to erase the culture of the ‘other coloured race’s’ by stripping them of all and any titles and putting some in schools to be taught the ‘right’ way in life?” The young unmarried pregnant women asked, making hand gestures at the classifications she had pointed out to make a point.

The older brother and his younger brother watched from the back of the auditorium as a human tried teaching the small-minded humans that there was more life outside of their world. Somewhere far away in the unmapped territory was life and the answers to all their problems. Luckily none of the humans believed the women Sarafine of her adventures in the sky.

But this woman Sarafine would be a problem to the Seekers and their world if the humans found out. The humans were like an invasive plant. They were smart and kind until they found a bigger territory in which the man's side would come out and destroy everything to reach their goal. That was why the brothers were there. They were told by their father, one of the Seekers, to wait until Sarafine gave birth to the child she was carrying then restart the human planet with the new story of the creation of Adam and Eve and their creator God.

“How much longer?” the younger brother whispered to his brother.

“Not much longer,” he replied as the crowds of people laughed at Sarafine’s crazed idea of aliens. Of course, all the people knew about aliens because humans only made them up. Humans had spent the last hundred years spending spacecraft’s in space only to find nothing. And that was what the Seekers wanted. They had once tried letting the humans be part of their society but that had gone all wrong and taken almost a millennia to clean all the damage. Although the brothers were only a few hundred years old at the time, both could remember the scared faces of their parents when they asked why the humans were treated as outsiders and only used to cover up secret organizations.

By now all the people had gotten up and were walking out of the building, talking about how stupid Sarafine was for believing in such ludicrous ideas. Sarafine, meanwhile, stood on the stage tears threatening to come out.

Once all the people were gone except Sarafine who was now sobbing on her knees and the brothers who were hiding away in the shadows, the younger brother leaned over and whispered; “Time for plan remove and erase to begin.”

The older brother nodded his head. He knew what he had to do. He slowly got up from his seat and walked down the aisle to Sarafine.

Sarafine looked up from the position of her head between her bent knees, crying her heart out. “Come to make fun of me personally?” Sarafine grumbled, wiping the tears stains on her shirt. The older brother noticed her makeup had smudged and mascara ran down her cheeks, but he said nothing as to not embarrass her further.

“No,” he answered softly, slowing his pace as if approaching a wounded animal.

“Then why are you here?” Sarafine hissed.

“I came to ask why you would tell such stories?” the older brother asked. Once she told him, he would make sure it wouldn’t happen again to have to reset earth again.

“First, they aren’t stories. Second, how do I know you are taking this to make me look like a bigger fool?”

“I guess you’re going to have to trust me.” The older brother was only an inch or two away from the stage and a couple of feet away from Sarafine.

“I can’t trust most people so what makes you think I will trust you with a snap of my fingers?”

“All I ask is for you to explain to me more about how we got aliens wrong?”

“Aliens are what we think are supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires and many more. I believe that some aliens had exposed themselves and then needed to erase their minds but their subconscious couldn’t get rid of the idea so they made up stories about their species. When the alien higher-ups figured out what was going on they planted the idea of made-up aliens to through us off the trail,” Sarafine explained.

“Hmm,” the older brother murmured.

“You don’t believe me do you?” she asked, crossing her arms and standing up.

“No. We do believe you. In fact, we are aliens ourselves,” the younger brother said, jumping onto the stage. No one had seen him turn off all the security cameras and walk down the aisle.

When the older brother saw his younger brother on the stage, he also jumped onto the stage. They had both cornered Sarafine. Sarafine looked at both men and started shaking. The older brother could see sweat forming on her glistening forehead.

“No. That can’t be. It... It doesn’t matter. I have already told the humans about you,” Sarafine trembled.

“Well, we’ll just do what we do every time some human thinks they can inform their invasive species about the ‘aliens’ as you call them,” the younger brother smirked.

“That’s... That’s impossible. There is... is no such technology. Even if there was, it’s wrong to do so,” Sarafine stammered, tipping side to side trying to keep herself balanced. The older brother noticed something was wrong when Sarafine’s face scrunched in pain. The younger brother did not seem to notice as he continued to scare Sarafine before taking her to the Seekers.

“Oh really. Then why are you so scared you’re shaking?” the younger brother asked.

Sarafine glared at the younger brother, clutching her swollen belly. “Jerk!” she snarled before falling down and groaning in pain. The older brother rushed forward and caught Sarafine before she fell to the ground.

“Hey. Are you okay?” the older brother asked. For some reason, he felt a need to save and protect the woman and her baby.

“Yes. No thanks to you,” Sarafine hissed before screaming through her teeth.

“What’s happening?” the younger brother asked.

“I’m having a baby,” Sarafine screamed.

“What? That can’t be. Are these your first contractions?” the younger brother asked.

“No,” Sarafine grumbled. “I’ve been having them for the last few hours. I shouldn’t be having the baby-ahhhh,” she screamed. Blood soaked through the bottom of her salmon pink skirt.

“Call 911,” the older brother ordered his brother as he gently rubbed her shoulders. “Why didn’t you go to a hospital when the contractions started?”

“What?” the younger brother asked.

“Call an ambulance unless you know how to give birth?” The older brother smirked. The younger brother’s face went white as he thought of giving birth. He quickly shook his head no and got off the stage to call 911. The older brother looked at Sarafine who was smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” the older brother asked.

“How you made a terrifying man terrified.” She screamed again as another contraction hit her.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” the older brother smiled. His smile disappeared when he heard the sounds of an ambulance. “This may hurt,” he said, picking up Sarafine and walking down the stairs. He travelled down the aisle towards the sounds of the ambulance.

The older brother kicked the door open and walked through towards the stunned paramedics. He rolled his eyes and placed the woman on the stretcher.

“Well?” the older brother asked. The paramedics nodded their heads and got back to work. A woman paramedic cut through the fabric of Sarafine’s skirt.

“We still have time,” the paramedic said checking Sarafine’s dilation.

“Into the ambulance,” A male paramedic said. Sarafine was put into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital leaving the older brother all alone in front of the auditorium.

The younger brother drove a 1980 blue mustang up to his brother in front of the auditorium. He stuck his out the window and yelled at his brother; “We are going after them right?”

The older brother nodded his head and opened the door to the passenger side of the car. “The girl hasn’t had her memory wiped and the baby isn’t in our arms. Of course, we’re going after them,” he replied.

The younger brother sped off down the road after the ambulance.

Hours later the brothers were finally let in to see Sarafine and her baby girl. When Sarafine saw the men her smile disappeared and she clutched the baby closer to her.

“What do you want now?” she asked.

“We want what we came here for,” the younger brother answered.

“The doctors will know if you kill me and you will become fugitives,” Sarafine growled softly as to not wake the sleeping baby.

“Is that what you think is going on here?” the older brother asked.

Sarafine didn’t reply.

“We aren’t here to kill you,” the older brother continued.

“We only want the baby and your memories,” the younger brother said as he approached the bed.

“You can’t have her.” Sarafine reached over the side of the bed and pressed the emergency button to call the nurses and doctors. It didn’t work. She tried all the buttons but none of them worked.

“You think that was going to work, sweetie?” the younger brother asked, reaching over to take the baby.

“No. You can’t have her. She’s mine,” Sarafine cried.

“Oh really. Do you know who her father is?” the younger brother asked.

“Her father was a good man,” she replied.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked.

“Yes. His name was General Liam Huntleigh. He worked for the government to protect this world. He died in battle months ago,” Sarafine cried. Tears were streaming out of her eyes.

“Yes, he did that. But was he human? You said in your speech that anyone among us could be alien. How do you know that he wasn’t human?” The younger brother smirked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“You’re lying. Liam was human,” Sarafine argued.

“Liam was actually named Layton. He was a hybrid fugitive until I shot him dead,” the younger brother marvelled.

“That’s not true,” Sarafine yelled. “That’s not true,” she said a bit quieter. It could have been true, she didn’t know. But she didn’t want to believe it. Yet it could all be true. Liam had never shared any of his secrets with Sarafine yet Sarafine told him all of hers.

“You’re right. But you are also wrong. Liam was named Layton. He was a hybrid. A mix of fairy and vampire. He was the prince of the planet Eclipso until he left because he felt he wasn’t worthy of the crown. That child of yours is the only heir to that planet,” I explained.

“You’re making up lies. My child is no princess.” Sarafine bounced the baby in her arms as she began to wake up. The older brother caught the eyes of the baby girl. When their eyes connected the older brother couldn’t look away. Her eyes were enchanting. He felt the need to protect this baby girl and he felt an emotion he hadn’t felt for a long while, love.

“Yes. She is a princess,” the younger brother said, patting his pockets, looking for something. “And we are required to take her.” The younger brother stopped patting his pockets as he felt what he was looking for inside the left breast pocket.

“What are you doing?” the older brother asked.

“Completing my mission.” The younger brother took out a knife and drove it into the heart of Sarafine. She didn’t make a noise, except for the shallow pants. The older brother watched the life drain from her eyes and her cheeks lost their rosy touch, but she wasn’t dead yet. The younger brother left the dagger plunged into Sarafine’s heart as he took off the leather black gloves as to leave no fingerprints on the dagger. Next, he grabbed the crying baby girl and left the room.

The older brother was too stunned to do anything. He had watched his brother commit a crime against the Seekers law and orders. Sarafine hiccupped and the older brother looked over. He wiped tears from her cheeks.

“Come,” she croaked and the older brother leaned down. “Protect her, please,” she whispered.

“Why? Why me?” the older brother asked.

“I... I can see,” she started then coughed. “I see evil in... in your brother’s eye. But you, I... I see good. Protect my baby, please,” She whispered. Her last breath was used to ask for protection for her daughter.

“I’ll see what I can do,” the older brother promised the corpse and himself. With that, he left to go after his brother. He reached the rooftop where the brothers had left their spaceship but it was no longer there. “Shit,” he murmured to himself. He took out his phone and dialled Lennox’s number.

“Hello?” The voice of Lennox echoed through the speakers of the phone.

“My brother left me stranded here on Earth. Where is the closest available spacecraft?” the older brother asked.

“Two buildings West and one North. In the basement. It’s an old spacecraft from back in the day. The day almost a hundred years ago.”

“Thanks. Keep me updated on my brother’s ship's progress.”

“See you soon,” Lennox said then hung up.

The older brother didn’t waste time as he used his vampire powers to get as fast as possible to the ship. Nor did he waste time getting the ship ready and off into space. It only took a few minutes using light speed to get to the Seekers planet.

The older brother parked the ship next to Dawne, the brother’s ship used to fly to Earth and got out. He checked the ship for any signs of the baby girl but she was gone as well as all of the younger brother’ stuff. The older brother thought back to his brother’s plans. He must have gone the council room, the older brother thought as he rushed off to the room. He bolted past servants and beings looking for advice and ran down halls. He only stopped when Darius, the younger brother’s best friend and second in command, stood in the middle of the hallway with his hand reached out.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You should have known better than to turn evil and kill Sarafine. You even tried to kill the baby and still forgot to reset planet Earth. Or did you forget?” Darius asked.

“What are you talking about?” the older brother asked. “Let me through. I have matters to discuss with the Seekers and the council.”

“I am afraid I cannot do that,” Darius smiled.

“Move, Darius,” the older brother ordered. Darius didn’t budge. The older brother tried moving around but Darius moved in front of the older brother.

“Nope,” Darius smirked. The older brother moved again and so did Darius. “Not going to work,” Darius said. They both moved again. “Negative,” Darius smile. Again, they moved. “Just give up already,” Darius asked. The older brother shook his head and something over Darius’ right shoulder caught his eye.

“Darius, my man, how are your girlfriends? Have you told them you were seeing other girls as well?” the older brother asked as he saw the Princess Lyra of the world of elves and her handmaid Esca. Both of them were dating Darius yet neither knew they were seeing the same person. Each had been told by Darius to keep their relationship a secret.

Darius turned around to see the two shocked faces of his now ex-girlfriends. Princess Lyra slapped Darius across the face then Esca did the same thing.

“Ladies,” the older brother said, bowing his head.

“Hi,” they said in unison before walking away down the hall. Darius ran after them, asking for their forgiveness but they ignored him. The older brother took the opportunity to get to the council room. He was going to tell the council the truth about what had happened if only his brother wouldn’t tell anything that would get him banned.

The older brother took a deep breath before pushing the doors open to the council room. He opened his eyes to scan the room for his brother. He hadn’t realized he had closed his eyes to open the doors.

Nobody in the room had noticed the older brother enter. Everybody but the younger brother. He had noticed. He had sensed his brother. It was a brotherly connection they shared. The younger brother, however, had learned how to harness his powers while the older brother refused to because he felt the powers would control him. The brothers had argued over the topic for years until the older brother decided to slowly learn how to use his powers.

The younger brother watched his brother stride forward in a manner that always got on his nerves. The stride reeked of confidence and arrogance. Two things the younger brother felt were overused in the world. He preferred to have scientific calculations so he would always know the outcome of any given situation.

“ I was saying, he is a danger to us all,” The younger brother concluded. He looked around the room, observing the terrified faces that were judging him and his older brother.

“That is a lie. This man is lying to you. A crime of the utmost disrespect.” The older brother climbed onto the small stage in the center of the room. He pushed past the younger brother to the microphone.

“What evidence do you have against your brother?” Takaggan, one of the six great keepers asked.

“He killed Sarafine and stole her baby. The baby you wanted,” The older brother exclaimed.

“I killed her fast and less painful then you were going to,” The younger brother said, stealing back the microphone. “You were going to steal the baby and kill the mother slowly and painful.”

“You did all those things. I wasn’t going to harm a hair on the baby,” The older brother growled.

“Of course you weren’t. You were going to take the baby and train her to her full potential. Then you were going to use her powers as your own personal weapon to take over the world.”

“She isn’t a baby with superpowers. She is the daughter of the prince of Eclipso and should grow up with her family in her own world.” The older brother made eye contact with the six seekers as they all sat upon their tall thrones.

“No. She should grow up here where she can be trained to harness her powers as a hybrid. You all know what happens when a hybrid grows up without proper training,” the younger brother said. Murmurs of agreement rang around the room. Everyone knew if hybrids didn’t get proper training for all the species within them, then each species will try to become more dominant then the others leading to the person becoming crazy and uncontrollable.

“What about her family? What about the kingdom of Eclipso? Who will lead them and keep the peace of their world?” the older brother asked.

“Prince Layton’s younger brother also trained for the position so he’ll be the one to take over until she’s trained properly,” the younger brother said.

“It’s settled then,” one of the Keepers said after a few moments of silence where the rest of the Keepers discussed the matter telepathically. “The child shall be trained then returned to her family when she’s older. Until then she shall be trained and taught the ways of Eclipso.”

“That’s not fair! We all know my brother will train her to become his personal guard!” the older brother yelled.

“Calm your nerves boy. You’re too young to understand this now but you shall later,” The same Keeper spoke.

“No!” the older brother thundered as magic began to pour into the room through him.

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