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What will happen when you are convicted for being different? Alexis Davis will tell you how she survive when her world changes forever. In the post-acopolyse world, all the world communites united as one nation. They live in the faith of this slogan, "Freedom, Peace, and Justice." Alexis Davis once had belived in it until the world she knew turn upside-down. From the girl with the bright future, she became the Suspect of H01 case. How could she survive from the experiment? How could she surivive from the reality that hurt her the most.

Scifi / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Annoucement (Good News)

To my dearest readers, I just changed the rate of this book to mature which means, from now on, I will publish the full version without patron requirement. Still, the chapter will be updated later than in Patreon.

Every story I post will enter the edition and proofread processes after the last chapter and the edited version will be publish and sold as E-book on Amazon.

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For those who are interested in giving me the support, I still continue updating my story, other details, discount for e-book, and (maybe) illustrations on Patreon.

So now, please enjoy reading.

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