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Travelers seeking uninhabitable planets for terraforming operations..... They come across a planet now dead to the ravages of war..... The planet worth their time in immediate investigation.....

Scifi / Humor
Robert Alan Ryder
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Chapter 1: Touchdown

Slow burning, breaking- circular, rotary thrust engines; carry the alien vessel into planetary orbit. Anti- gravity emitters power down, as modular rotation slowly reverses.

The alien vessel slowly descends to the planet’s surface.Passing through multiple layers of natural atmosphere, three pneumatic- supports for landing, mechanically lowered and pressurized; containment locks automatically released by the planet’s gravity.

The alien vessel- a disk shape, with a dome centered atop of the discus. Air circulating beneath the gyro- rotation drive funneled slightly, as the vessel slowed its velocity to land.

Three tremor resistant landing supports pads beneath the metallic feat of the gear; absorbed the landing impact.

The landing support automatically depressurizing; the alien vessel powering down from all external ship functions. Clouds of dust arose from the landing impact.

All was silent….. Multiple lights surrounding the discus: a terminal- linked ring, for the processing of planetary information; powered up for scanning.

Spotted lighting from each individual radion sphere emitted beams of rapid sensory information data processing; slowly began to gather information. The sensor ring rotated clockwise, each scan probing the vessel’s surroundings, with differentiating rays; alternating through multiple degrees of continual scanning.

The planetary sciences terminal within the alien vessel, quickly relayed the planetary information to a silent observer. Magnification goggles, nested above the alien’s brow; the anthropological archaeologist, kept easy pace with the processed information.

His rating of Intellectual Quotient, much higher than that of his peers. Eyes, once wide with size, to conform to the curved- ovoid structure of his head; slowly grown to maturity in this place, this atmosphere of volatile conditions.

Their pupils, now shrink by perspective of the one; that now looks upon him.

“What do you think T’nah? Is this dead world, in phase for reformatting?”

“.…. Difficult, to discern it is; As’somein….. Traces, high of manufactured uranium. This is present in the soil, and in the air…..”

“.…. Uranium?! The beings, once inhabiting this world; they destroyed themselves?”

“.…. Yes….. Scans, they do support this; to be, of the greatest probability…..”

“Radiation….. This will leave us with no choice, T’nah…..”

“.…. If only, readings had potential of increase, beyond safety parameters; As’somein…..”

“You, not suggesting: planet- walk?”

“Planet- walk, necessary; for completion of scanning…..”

“.…. E’ichonok, will here of this; T’nah…..”

“Already, has E’ichonok; heard of this, from me; As’somein…..”

“In, ignorance; are you- of my rank, in high- caste development; T’nah…..”

“Work, As’somein! Must it now, be completed; only as directed by you?”

“Argh…… Jorone- da, patu’t!”

“.… Shameful, As’somein….. E’ichonok, he does not like of this; of these words, of this abuse verbal; from officers, or from sciences……”

“.…. P’tah!”

“Again? As’somein, T’nah? Work! Not need, has it; for discussions so…..”

“Yes, E’ichonok…..” T’nah, bowed to his superior, and returned his attention to his work station. “Understood, E’ichonok…..” As’somein too, bowed to the officer of higher caste in ranking order.

“Work- continue….. Talk, no!”

“.…. Pardon, E’ichonok?”

“Yes, to me; speak Nas’embria…..”

“The Roller…. Prepared, it is….. Adaption, Enviro- suit; necessity, it is…..” “Radiation protection?”

“Yes, E’ichonok…..”

“.…. As’somein? With- Nas’embria, work now; with T’nah, talk- over!”

“Yes, E’ichonok…..” “Pardon, E’ichonok?”

“Yes, to me’ speak T’nah…..” “.…. Remains, E’ichonok….. Found humanoid remains, our scans have…..”

“Is what, now Doctor?”

“.…. Bipedal….. Evolution, mid- stage; development in forming species…..” “.…. similar, it seems so; to be of our own…..”

“Disagree, I do- T’nah….. Small, its cranial development….. Limited intellectual potential, it would have had…..”

“.…. Comparison species, entity- biological; you now find Doctor…..”

“.…. Much time, taking; it will…..”

“To the Roller, assigned; have you been….. Medical and Sciences, for planet- walk; of exploration necessity…..”

“Yes, know; I do of this, E’ichonok….. Kits, mine; are they prepared….. Aid- J’onah, of them; placing in the Roller, he will…..”

“Work, Doctor Ve’indri!”

“Much, yes- work’ J’onah…..”

“.…. Enviro- suits, ready they are E’ichonok…..”

“Yes, good; this is, J’onah….. “

“Enviro- suits, upgraded; they are, adapted; the tanks, hostile radiation for environment protection; they have been…..”

“Yes, good; this is Doctor Ve’indri…..”

“Work, good E’ichonok?”

“Yes, testament- good; work of, Doctor Ve’indri….”

Pneumatic lifts, whine; as an external planetary exploration ramp lowers to the planet’s surface. The vessel’s vehicle launching bay opening automatically to external atmospheric conditions.

Six, over- sized multiple terrain wheels; axle-framed beneath an environmentally conscious sustainable vehicle carriage; powered by a hydraulic and pneumatic combine engine, motivate the Roller forward.

The bay ramp, automatically raising to a closed position; and sealing the vessel from atmospheric conditions.

For these alien explorers, the investigation of this strange new world has just begun…..

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