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United Earth tells about a new era of mankind. It is five years since the IIIrd World War has been suddenly ended by the descent of a Saran Space barge and the alien ships landing in Washington D.C. A new era of mankind dawns. It is five years since the IIIrd World War has been suddenly ended by the descent of a Saran Space barge and the alien ships landing in Washington D.C. and the subsequent appearance of the Guardian of Earth. Earth is still in chaos, the forced erasure of nation states did not go as smoothly as the Guardian expected. Just before the war ended, Afghanistan Taliban nukes Paris,Seattle and Juno, Tehran nuked Tel Aviv and Israel turned Iran into a nuclear wasteland. Pakistani Nukes rained on India and India retaliated, returning both countries back to the most primitive conditions with huge areas of nuclear waste lands, millions of sick and dying people. Much of Africa in total chaos, as there is suddenly no aid or UN oversight over anything. Warlords and dictators fight each other, borders and nations change almost daily.Much of East Africa is completely depopulated as drought, hunger and widespread uncontrolled epidemics depopulate vast regions of the continent. Eight years of land war against the Chinese on the Asian and European continent has drained the resources of the USA and China faces the largest hunger catastrophe....

Scifi / Action
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The year is 2094, only five years had passed since the Saran War barge Nuifetoth descended from a bright blue sky and landed openly right before the Lincoln monument. What many had suspected for many decades, Earth was indeed not alone in the Universe.

That event created shockwaves of turmoil. The world already in the throes of World War III reacted with panic.

The Chinese and what was left of Russia feared that America would be the sole benficiary of the advanced technology increased their war efforts with an unprecedented ferocity.

Russia had been completely obliterated, with only small communities in the vast Siberian frontier surviving the years of war and are reduced to non industrial feudalism of the most primitive state.

China unable to feed its masses; deprived of the nuclear onslaught hoping for it to reduce their own population and thus avoid the worst hunger catastrophe. The nuclear boms never rained on China, but the effects f hunger and famine are equally horrendous and demand a heavy toll.

With the complete collapse of the Dollar, the Euro and other world currencies global trade no longer exists.

Adding to all this chaos are the religious fanatics who burn, blast and kill anyone not in line with their believes.

There are the Christians against Exoterrestials. Chatolics fighting the Anti Christ from space, denouncing life on other worlds and calling otherworldly vistors demons and hellspawn. Muslims fighting everyone who even acknowledges non terrestrial life and there are the Ancient Egyptian Revivalist who want Earth to be a Saran world and succumb to their queen and worship their gods.

Of course the Pan Saran Empiralists fight and kill to convince the rest of humanity to join the Pan Saran Empire and fight the Saran invaders.

One of the most violent groups is LEA, leave Earth alone. Spreading xenophobia with a truly fanatical conviction, daily bombing and suicide attacks.

While most of Europe and the liberal societies such as Canada and Australia seem to have little problem with erasing national states in favor for a world government. The former United States do not accept the idea of a world government and heavily armed militia retaliates and fight tooth and nail to restore what

In other words, even after five years the chaos on Earth had not really diminished, but solidified into new problems that keep growing.

Yet only a unified Earth, speaking with one voice would be able to take a seat at the great hall of the Galactic Council.

Something the Sarans, the Pan Sarans and many others openly support but secretly do not want. Something the Freons, Ferons and the Kermac openly oppose.

A membership the Xunx want to prevent.

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