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but worst of all the man who just stood present before me has etched his way in my thoughts. I know he is a part of Euphoria yet I find myself already attracted to him and hating him at the same time Euphoria, a state of intense happiness and self-confidence. That's what they were calling it. Their own personal bliss while the rest of society (myself included) suffered on a deteriorating Earth scavenging for resources and struggling to survive, if for only one more day. It was the new Atlantis, an underwater dome among the seas where only the rich and privileged lived like royalty and come to find out it was me not their money they valued the most.

Scifi / Romance
Mariah Sinclair
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From what my parents had told me, the world was nothing like the world I know today. My past, my present, so much different from the days I’ve lived, from the days to come.

So much violence, hatred, so much negativity ruled the world. None of us had any idea how it would come to destroy life as we knew it, destroy the people we had become.

I remember how I use to take my little brother Alfie to school. We were never allowed past the first corridor. Only Alfie was allowed to pass by, no books, only himself permitted to enter.

The students weren’t allowed to carry books, bags, even pencils. They were given tablets to take home. A solution to dissolve the violence, a solution that proved efficient, efficient for the time being.

Once the world became plagued with a terminal virus that killed more than 75% of humanity, selfishness, greed, violence, ruled the world once again.

An experiment gone wrong, an experiment to cure disease backfiring that took out more then half the nation with only the ones immune surviving or the ones who held wealth. Some sought shelter in Euphoria, actually we all did but the underseas cities built in preparation for the foreseen apocalypse didn’t allow us all. That’s where money came into play. If you had it you could buy your spot in Euphoria, if you didn’t you were left on the surface with a deteriorating Earth along with a dying civilization.

My parents died from the virus and so did my little brother Alfie, he was only 9. As devastated as I was, I was forced to go on, forced to survive along with my twin brother Devon.

Devon and I scoured for food, for shelter, living in abandoned homes. Unlike our family we seemed to have been immune to the virus having me question who was the lucky ones, my parents and Alfie or me and Devon? Which was better, struggling to live with the loss of the ones you loved the most or dying, being able to escape the dismal destruction of humanity?

For some reason with everything fucked up already it only got worse. Eventually patrolmen from Euphoria came to the surface taking survivors as prisoners. The reasons were unknown but it could only mean no good. On top of fighting to live with little resources, we had to fight and hide from the militia that had formed in the new world.

It had been two years since the outbreak, Devon and I were living in a lavish mansion with a group of other survivors. That’s when they came, when they took the only family I had left, me escaping.

I’ve gone on by myself for the last year alone evading the patrolmen, that is until now when I wake up being restrained. No memory of how I got here, my wrists and ankles strapped to a bed as my eyes peer open. I fight against the buckled leather straps that hold me down. Writhing and screaming in my place while I awake.

“Well Dalyah, you’re brother did warn me you were fighter,” A handsome stranger enters the room with a devious grin. He’s not just handsome, he’s gorgeous, about 28 years old. Only 2 years older than me. His hair is dark, so dark it might be black, his body well formed, muscles tightly pressing against the seams of his black v-neck t-shirt.

“Devon is alive! Where is he?” I scream out. My current situation being pushed to the back of my thoughts learning that my brother hasn’t been killed.

“Devon’s fine, you don’t need to worry about him. He’ll be in shortly but the doctors will be in first. They need to do some testing.” The grin has dissipated, a seriousness covers his face. He goes to walk out of the empty, white walled room I’m being held prisoner in.

“Wait!” I yell out again, having so many more questions but he ignores me. The sounds of the door being secured rings through my ears. Thoughts of Devon’s well being races through my head but worst of all the man who just stood present before me has etched his way in my thoughts. I know he is a part of Euphoria yet I find myself already attracted to him and hating him at the same time.

This is a work in progress and this is literally the very first part of the story. I don't know why Inkitt is asking you to write a review at the bottom of this chapter. Please wait until this story is finished before posting a review.

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