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As She Fell

By Way_Out_There All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Scifi

Chapter 1

As she fell

She thought of ways that it all wasn’t enough.

As she fell

She wondered how it had all ended like this.

She could remember earlier in the day, when she had been laughing with her friends. Sure, they were spies, but for once, she had felt like a normal teenager. In the cafeteria with them, discussing the mission that they were going on later that day.

“Come on, Laura!” she laughed, giggling over something Laura had told her about her roommate.

“I’m serious,” Laura grinned. “She actually said that.”

“If you think yours is crazy, then you should meet mine,” Fallon grumbled.

“You don’t have a roommate,” she pointed out.

“True,” Fallon replied.

All this she remembered

As she fell.


They weren’t normal kids.

Well, duh. They were spies. Of course they weren’t normal.

They had been in an orphanage, until the Agency had come by and decided that they were somehow special. The Agency had taken them in, and trained them in languages, math, the arts, since they were four. When they were eight, combat training, hacking, escape artistry had started. They had been shaped into perfect agents.

As she fell

She wondered when it ever would be enough.


As she fell

She thought about her life

As she fell

She pondered exactly how she had managed to go over a goddamned cliff in the first place.

She was the driver

And she had been in the car

And that was how.


She had gone back to her room a few weeks ago. Her roommate, Marxie, and been there. She had been lying on her bed, reading. “Letter for you,” Marxie had said.

The letter was inside of a huge manila folder. It was heavy, and cream-colored. For her, Manila folders had always been symbolic of a new opportunity, something special and hard to put her finger on. She had torn it open.

Addressee: Agent 45-01

From: Headquarters

Your next mission is to recover a flash drive from the Omidella Complex. This drive contains vital information to making our next move in this war. In addition to being a good training opportunity, this will be an excellent chance to bond with other agents. Meet at Room 071 at 0800 hours.

Her eyes had automatically translated what was written on the cold, flat printer paper to what Headquarters actually meant. Recover a flash drive meant steal it. Good training opportunity meant that it was a harder than normal mission. Bonding opportunity meant that she wouldn’t be going alone.

The Agency was known for its secrecy, so it was no surprise that the letter didn’t tell her who her fellow agents were. She had simply gone to room 071 at the specified time, and there, she met her partners in this endeavor. Agents 05-21 and 43-19. Laura and Fallon.

And this she recalled

As she fell.


In school at the Agency, they had been taught about how humanity had lived in a benevolent state for a long time. Then, of course, the Disasters had started. No one knew what had happened, but suddenly, the environment was messed up, resources had become scarce, and humanity had divided itself into smaller factions.

Then the Agency was instated, and things started to look up. Food was mass produced through cloning and greenhouses. Humanity was taken to live in safe domes, and the outside became safe again.

But then, the Omidella had declared war on the Agency. The Omidella were horrible, horrible people who wanted to be in control of the earth. That’s why they had attacked the agency. So the agency had withdrawn and started training its own troops. And spies.


Don’t look down.

It won’t hurt.

Just a small impact, and it’ll all be over.

Wind rushing past her ears. Rough rock face to her front and left, the open sea to her right. Ocean spray hitting her in a brilliance of mist. Body tumbling, rolling in the air. She was being tossed around, and would eventually fall prey to gravity.

At the Agency, there had been training for this. Agents had learned how to fall from up to forty feet and still land safely. She still had a chance, then.

She looked down.

Why did I do that? she wondered. I’ve seen that there’s spikes of rock sticking up from the ground. I’ve seen that the ground is still over a hundred yards away. Now I know that there’s no surviving this, and that I will die in pain.

And this she considered

As she fell.


For a brief time, she had wondered about the truth of the teaching of the Agency. They might have been lying. She had always been confused about what the Disasters actually were, and why she didn’t know more about the Omidella agency.

She had always assumed that it was a phase all Agents went through. You can’t have trust in something without knowing that there are some secrets that it has that will turn your world around. She eventually got over it.

But it seemed that her life was slowing down, so she had a lot of time for thinking

As she fell.


They had gotten in.

They had used laser pointers and x-ray vision goggles to get through a wall into an empty room. From there, they had used the chameleon suits that they were wearing to sneak past a few guards. Fallon was certain that their heat signatures had been picked up, but they were making it along fine, and they were all starting to wonder why Headquarters had called thought that this mission would be difficult.

Hell, they had made it all the way to the records room. Headquarters had stayed silent, but that was because the signature of an earbud or any other communications device was ridiculously easy to pick up, and from there, the location of the Agency could be pinpointed.  

They had made it in, and they had found the drive, and it was just so easy that she had wondered if they were being set up or something, but no, that couldn’t happen, as the agency was good, and they were excellent Agents.




And as soon as they had had the flash drive and were making it out of the room, it turns out that they were caught.

And this she remembered

As she fell.


Ground getting closer.

Laura and Fallon screaming her name.

It was kind of like that stupid Beatles song the Agency had on file: “Falling, yes I am falling, and she keeps calling me back again.”

There was no going back now.

The car that she had managed to get out of had already hit on the ground below. It was burning, burning, burning, and the heat was so intense that she could feel it from here.

They were leaving the Records Room of the Omidella agency, when suddenly every alarm in there went off and made a cacophonous noise akin to a thousand cats being sat on by a hippopotamus. And suddenly, they were surrounded by Omidella agents in face masks, all with guns pointed at them.

The lead agent had lowered his face mask and smirked. “It was a brilliant try,” he had said, “but we always knew you were here. In the end, the Omidella always win.”

Laura had pulled out her gun and started shooting. A few of them had been wearing bulletproof vests, but the rest of them were almost laughingly unprepared for this. For a brief moment, she had wondered if the Omidella agents had really thought that they would just give up, and that gave her a twinge of sadness. But the sad had automatically been replaced with the familiar numb that happened when she and her friends were in danger, and she was willing to do anything to get out.  

It had seemed ridiculously easy to get out, and once again she was forced to wonder if the Omidella were letting them out for some reason, and that’s when she realized: she still had the drive. She had made it in and had the object of the mission, and for a second, she felt almost happy.

There were still Omidella chasing them, though, and they had climbed back up through the skylight. They had made it to the car, and got in. They had driven, and driven, and somehow, with all of her years of training, she had lost the way.

How could I have been so stupid? she wondered,





They had gotten to the cliff, and Laura and Fallon had gotten out, guns at the ready. She was still buckled in, though, and she had the drive. Laura and Fallon had told her to keep driving away, because she had the flash drive, and all that mattered was getting it back to headquarters. They had essentially sacrificed their own survival for the benefit of the Agency. They were loyal to a fault, and they were only her friends to a certain point. And what about her? She was abandoning them to get the drive back to the Agency. Or maybe she was abandoning them for her own survival? She didn’t know. But she had gotten suspicious of the Agency. Why were they so mindlessly loyal? The Agency had rescued them from the orphanage, and given them an okay life with food and education and maybe a few friends. But in her last moments, she had to have that stunning epiphany that maybe she shouldn’t have devoted her life to this.





Because maybe it was for the best that this flash drive was going to be destroyed.

She regretted the fact that she had abandoned Fallon and Laura unto their deaths. She was sorry for that, at least.

And that was the last thing that she had thought of

As she fell. 

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