The Emparian Threat

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Chapter 12

A shower of ice water came, Louisa grumbled as she woke on a chilled metallic surface reflecting a mirage of figures.

Trapped within clawed grips she was forced up. Her face trapped within a frost ridden scaled hand, she faced a lizard-like face, whose yellow eyes stared with malice and hatred towards her. Several other reptilian faces towered over her and another clawed an arm.

‘Please, you have the wrong person; did you not see the Emparian ships?’ Louisa asked her voice trembled whilst her body shivered. ‘Where am I?’ Louisa was marched into a misty corridor, with echoes of footsteps all around her.

‘Shut up human,’ the guard said to her right as he tightened his hold to a painful locking grip.

‘Please, you’re hurting me!’ Louisa said, tugging at her arms to loosen their grip, only to feel them tightening as they dragged her down a darkened corridor.

‘It would have been better, if you had died in the crash landing!’ Another guard behind her said with a lisp.

‘Where are you taking me?’ Louisa asked in confusion.

‘To be questioned by Joive, your use of the wormhole was ... well perhaps we may learn something from you before you die,’ the guard sneered.

‘Sir, we brought in the prisoner as you ordered,’ one of the guards said and saluted whilst Louisa thrown to the ground.

‘Thank you, please leave me with the prisoner,’ Joive replied raising a hand, pleasantly smiling.

‘But...’ one of the guards replied.

‘Please, I can cope with one unarmed human,’ Joive replied continuing to dismiss them. The guards drew up in two lines and marched off.

‘Joive, let me go home, and then the Ascorts will be no threat to your invasion plans,’ Louisa begged as she raised her body, to a kneeling stance pleading with her eyes.

‘Oh Louisa...’ Joive said stroking her face a smile upon his face. ‘With all the mass interest on you; the Institutes of Planets’ armies and other military personnel are too focused on your case, or being used to honour the newly found alliance between Arinius and Gladiover. They did not even realise, that the small army that fired at the prisoner ship that you were in, was a fleet of Starians, a species that have been under Emparian control for over a decade now,′ Joyle laughing.

‘Please let me go, I’m begging you,’ Louisa said with tears rolling down her face.

‘Please, can’t you tell Emparians do not concern themselves with inferior species. I don’t care what they do to you, as long as they continue not to notice the invading armies, that are gathering a few light years away from here’.

‘No’ Louisa said shaking her head.

‘I might even recommend invading Earth next, and to launch battle with the Ascorts, we can’t have them interfering with our plans anymore,’ Joyle said kneeling right in front of Louisa smiling.

‘No you can’t do this,’ Louisa said throwing a fist towards Joyle.

‘Guards!’ Joyle shouted, ‘Now, now, I can’t have you getting angry,’ Joyle whispered into Louisa’s ear.

A mass rumble of marched feet pounded into the room, ‘have you finished sir?’ A guard asked.

‘Yes, take her away. I don’t want to see her again...unless she is dead,’ Joive said a smile developing.

‘No,’ Louisa said struggling against the guards grabbing her, taking one final look at Joive, who was filling his glass with a green drink, and rose it towards Louisa. Who was shoved forward, taking her sight away from Joive and was led off in arm lock. ‘You can’t do this,’

‘Of course we can, now shut your face,’ a guard said hitting her around her face and dragged her back to her prison cell in silence. It seemed that her only hope of escape had gone. A death sentence hovered over her head, but how long did she have? She was held in a Gladovian ship, would the Dovians come in time?

Consumed with the darkness that engulfed her cell, frosty air nipped at her fingers and toes. Cold yellow eyes watched over her with not a word spoken; only the echo of guards footsteps sounded as the sixth changeover of guards occurred. One guard carried a tray full of pureed food of various colours and textures and slammed the tray onto the floor; one bowl tumbled onto its side and leaked a grey grainy porridge like substance. Another spun on its rim whilst two others clashed together.

‘Enjoy, the council have re-evaluated your case, this time the judgment was unanimous. I doubt you shall have much longer to endure of this prison. But I believe you will be honoured with a visit before your departure from this world to the next.’

‘Who will that be -Joive?’ Louisa asked rested her head upon the black walls that enclosed her.

‘No, some Gladovians have some unanswered questions, it’s only right to put to rest their sorrow.’

‘I have nothing to tell them, nothing for them to gain...’ Louisa said dropping her head as she stared into the grey grainy like porridge that seeped towards her. Another change of guards occurred, and still the porridge held its place on the floor, but the area was flooded with echoes of footsteps. Glancing up dozens of guards marched to the prison cell entrance.

‘Louisa of Earth, you are hereby subject to the termination of your life as per subject of the council’s decree. You shall be escorted at once to your final place of rest, where your sentence shall be carried out.’ Reptilian guards said, his golden uniform out simmered his colleagues.

‘But... you cannot... I have not had a,’ Louisa said moving away from the Gladovian guards who invaded her prison, wearing smirks.

‘Well you do not have much of a choice, now Joive has invested much time and effort in bringing your case forward. I’d think he wanted you dead more than the Gladovian royal family. Yet I guess he feels somewhat responsible... wants to ensure you get what you justly deserve.’ The guard wearing the golden uniform said as he directed two soldiers to capture Louisa and began her final journey.

All hope leaked out of Louisa, the Dovians were going to be too late to rescue her, and a single tear fell from her eye as her head dropped down, hair hung. Her body now was directed by the guards who marched her down one corridor after another and past many guards that lined the corridors. Into a carpeted area Louisa entered and a mob of paparazzi invaded the guards. But, like before were held back by guards. Further down the corridor she was marched and away from the numerous voices that carried over the air. To a door that lay ahead with several other guards that stood guard.

As the door opened a large homely room they entered a cushioned chair by the window with a few sofas sat to the side. It was to the chair that Louisa was marched too, and with restraints she was tied down. Her heart heaved, as fear pumped around her body, eyes skating across the room several guards paid one last look all wore smiles as if justice was to be done. Then one by one they left the room.

Silence filled the room, and left alone to her own thoughts, Louisa was unable to stop the tears, she was afraid ... afraid if her death would be painful, afraid of what was to come - was there an afterlife. Terror filled her soul, as with loneliness - she was never to see another human again, she was to die alone and far from loved ones and worse she was to die a murderer - even though she was innocent.

Her breathing heaved, as her face simmered from the tear stains. To the several doors Louisa glanced towards fearful as to which one would open. Her feet skidded against the leather like fabric beneath her as she panicked tried like a frightened bird trying to escape from what fate had dished out.

But, a creak from the door furthest away sounded and two dark olive green figures with golden robes stood. One raised his hand to the other’s shoulder, ‘are you sure you want to waste your time with this excuse for...?’

‘I do not have to explain myself to you or anyone for that matter, now leave me alone...’

‘Very well brother, I’ll come back with a few drinks,’

Louisa watched one of the figures give a nod and leave the other alone, who turned towards her with narrow eyes and made his way to her. ‘Human,’ he spat out.

‘My name is Louisa,’

‘And my cousin who you cruelly murdered was called Dario, now tell me why, why him?’

‘I...I,’ Louisa began.

‘Well,’ the reptilian said tugging Louisa’s chin towards him so she faced his own face mere centimetres away.

‘It does not matter, not anymore you will learn the truth and I am truly sorry for your loss,’ Louisa said with a sigh, and sympathetic eyes.

The reptilian’s eyes flared as his nostrils puffed with outrage, ‘enough with this...I’ll inform those in charge of carrying your sentence out; that you’re ready. You have been alive too long,’ with a bang of a door Louisa was left alone.

‘Oh dear Louisa, you really need to improve your social skills,’ Joives voice travelled in the air.

‘What do you want? Is this not enough,’

‘Oh Louisa, I thought you would like some company, no one should have to die alone.’ Joive said appearing in front of her from thin air.

‘I’d rather die alone than with your company thank you,’ Louisa said.

‘Oh that’s a shame, well smile to that camera over there make sure you have a lovely smile. After all, this video will be the most importance video footage that shall be replayed for all people within the Institutes of planets. And remind them why your friends the Ascorts will not come to help.’

‘Leave it Joive; you have no right to need to drag me or the human race into this.’

‘Drag the human race? Why, the last time I checked there was only one human present being; you. Now how do you suggest we reveal the truth behind Dario’s death? Have the video footage replaying in this very room when they come to recover your body. Or should we launch our invasion fleets first and once we have the institute within our Empire we can reveal the truth. What do you think is best, I prefer the first and to think with you they had the potential of gaining an alliance to keep us at bay.’ Joive laughed out drying tears from his eyes.

‘Who cares, what are the invasion plans which planet is to be invaded first?’

‘I don’t know, we have started commissioning several of our fleets they will arrive in hour or so. Enough time to ensure you are dead so your friends have no reason to stop our plans or offer protection.’

‘Enough of this leave me alone; please have the decency to allow me a peaceful end.’

‘Oh Louisa I thought we were friends...’ Joive said grinning.

Louisa’s eyes rolled and she turned so her back faced Joive, towards a doorway she faced and in the far distance three shadowy figures stood transfixed. Glancing back to Joive he stalked up and down the same path.

‘Let me get the all important video footage that shows how innocent you truly are, your sacrifice will be most appreciated by the Emparian Empire...truly it will.’

‘Tell your friends to come out from there shadows over there,’ Louisa said.

‘What? My friends... no, no I have left most my colleagues back on our mother ship they shall be helping to co ordinate the invasion and then I shall join them. Once you are dead.’

Confused for a moment Louisa focused on her sight and the figures had disappeared, shaking her head she yawned most tired and hungry. Yet she would not have much longer to worry about, her mind must be playing tricks on her perhaps her nerves affected her to that degree. She was unsure, turning round she saw Joive vanish into thin air.

With a great a sigh, Louisa’s eyes rested to the window where she watched the occasional ship pass. But a door opened and soft footsteps sounded soon after, turning her head she watched two Gladovians walk towards her carrying a tray. Closing her eyes she focused on silent prayers, and felt a sharp prick on her arm. Roaming an eye in the direction of the pain she saw a scaly green hand which had attached a small silver cube onto her inner arm at the elbow.

A film dressing was applied ‘a medic will come soon,’ a soft voice spoke.

Louisa faced the back to this reptilian as he marched out, as soon as the door closed shuffling sounded and then hushed voices sounded in the near distance. Turning towards the hushed voices Systea, Mantine and Nevis each bore grave faces and ran towards where Louisa lay. Unbuckling her limbs, Louisa pounced at the chance of freedom. ‘You came,’ Louisa said her voice trembling.

‘And we will get you out of here, the Federation are alerted, and have sent word to the Ascorts. Now we need to get to the shuttle bay which is located one level up. We will have to get there by foot. Which shall be a challenge, but not impossible, but remember the way we lit that fire Louisa, try to harness that power for you may need to use it. This will not be as easy as escaping the moon, but still we have no other option.’

‘Why can’t you orb me out of this place?’ Louisa asked as she walked towards one of the doors.

‘Only the person can orb themselves, we cannot transport additional persons, which is why we are restricted to space travel.’

‘Sush!’ Systea said opening the door to a corridor and faced the backs of three guards blocking the entrance. Three balls of yellow lights shot past and hit each guard knocking them to the floor unconscious. ‘Come,’ Systea said in a hushed voice into the corridor they went and surrounded Louisa. Each Dovian raised their hands and thin see through blue walls climbed up from the floor and formed an igloo around them. ‘Let get started with this,’ Systea said as she took Louisa’s hand and ran down the corridor occupied with people. Some fired at once, but received fiery orbs flying from Nevis knocking any obstruction away that may pose a risk.

But with the commotion, sirens sounded as people came pounding towards them. Commands were shouted across the air, and weapons were fired. The protective igloo stayed strong however, and glimmered against the constant firing.

Into an open hall they entered, stacked full of people but access to lifts or stairs were blocked off. Guards shouted orders and formed a barrier to gaining further entrance to the hall way. One side of the hall was a window looking out to space.

‘What is the commotion?’ Joive shouted entering the hall with a dozen colleagues standing behind him; his eyes glanced at the mass build up of people and tension.

‘It is Louisa trying to flee with some friends who shall be held in contempt for preventing the course of Justice.’ The Gladovian who had seen Louisa before her sentence was to be carried out said, as he too brought a large gathering of Gladovians dressed richly, with Askans, Aranians and other races that hovered in the back ground.

Stood central to a growing crowd that enclosed the Dovians and Louisa, Systea gripped hold of Louisa’s hand. Baring a look of nerves she stared toward Joive and his companions who had walked to where they stood.

Louisa, look to your inner abilities to defend yourself, we will be caught up with these Emparians. Focus on getting to those stairs ahead of us, at any cost. Nevis’s voice sounded in Louisa’s mind.

What do you mean? Louisa thought her hands trembling along with the rest of her body.

‘Give yourself up Louisa, and we shall allow yours friends to return to the federation once everything is in place.’ Joive said with a smirk.

‘What once you have invaded the member planets to the institute of planets?’ Mantine shouted cruelly, eyeing Joive and his companions with no concern for anyone else. ‘The federation have been alerted and once those recordings you have in your hands will prove Louisa’s innocence.’

‘You Dovians should not be involving yourself in our affairs; you will risk your lives for one mere human? What a waste. Hand Louisa over to us so we can ensure justice is done.’

‘Never, we know your invading fleets are on route. The federation has several fleets on route as well, and the Ascorts have been notified.’ Systea said, pulling Louisa behind her as Nevis and Mantine draw up behind and focused on Joives’ other colleagues that bore the same black eyes.

‘You plan to fight us, when you know already you are outnumbered and help is not so near,’ Joive said as he waved his hand and ripples flooded the igloo shield as the Dovians panted as they struggled with the attack.

‘Stop this, please do not hurt them,’ Louisa begged.

‘Give yourself up,’ Joive said.

‘Never,’ Mantine said as he sent of several burning orbs in Joives’ direction as the igloo shattered like glass and surrendered to the Emparian disguised efforts.

‘You cannot hold out for much longer, do not be a fool my friend you are not involved in our plans you have no need to interfere.’

‘Your species have broken from the Federations agreement; there is every need to stop your kind,’ Nevis said.

‘Systea look to the window...’ Louisa said pointing.

‘You’re too late,’ Joive said laughter spread amongst his colleagues. ‘Silence,’ Joive shouted and at once threw the security recordings towards some Gladovians who were stunned with shock from what was happening and the fleets of battle ships appearing- the same unmarked fleet that attacked the prison ship that invaded the window that took up one side to the hall. Red lights flashed and the sirens deafened. The guards, who had been so interested in seeing Louisa die, paled with dread at the sight before them.

One of Joives’ companions disappeared before everyone; screams came from some people as panic invaded.

‘The federation will be here soon, and shall put a stop to this invasion.’ Nevis said shooting flares from his hands only to be deflected by Joive, who smirked and drew his sleeves up.

‘You think the Emparians will stop an invasion for federation ships?’ Joive snarled, as he created black orbs that were ablaze and fired them towards the Dovians huddled round Louisa.

‘But the Ascorts, you will not proceed if the Ascorts intervene,’

‘Well they are not her yet and I believe the Gladovians have a death sentence to carry out,’ at that Joives colleagues split into groups of threes and targeted each individual Dovian, leaving Joive along with two others drawing up on Louisa. ‘Louisa what did I say earlier to you, your sacrifice would be greatly appreciated by the Emparian Empire, now I’ll be kind who would you rather have carry out your sentence - an Askan?’ At once an Askan from the crowd cried out as some kind of mind control took over and forced him to stagger towards Louisa. ‘You don’t need an Askan though, would you rather have a Gladovian or Aranian? Or one of the other species affiliated with the institute of planets?’ Joive continued again with members of the crowds being forced forward waiting before Louisa.

‘Why don’t you get it over with yourself and in your true form as well?’ Louisa said looking round the hall to many frightened faces.

‘What like this?’ Joive said as he shrunk in height, his skin became greyer and greyer whilst his head became too big for his body and black owl like eyes stared back towards her. Joives colleagues transformed as well with much distress brought to the hall. The previous colleague to Joive who had disappeared - appeared back next to Joive carrying a box. Taking notice of his colleagues his grin widened as he too changed to his original Emparian appearance.

‘Who is it to be?’ Joive asked rising a long twig like finger to the selection he had brought forward earlier.

‘None, Joive leave Louisa out of this!’ Systea screamed, but the three Emparians stationed with her shot out rays of electricity like volts and even with some resistance it was too much and she lost consciousness. In response Nevis ad Mantine attacked their own captors to try to help but, in the same way they were knocked unconscious.

‘Now that was not too clever of them was it now Louisa?’ Joive said as he turned round to face her along with his other colleagues who circled round her.

‘Shit,’ Louisa whispered looking to the three bodies lying unconscious, but attended to by some spectators trying to help them. Others rested fearful eyes towards Louisa and then the Emparians. Looking outside to the window the fleet of ships floated round in special alignments, and then one red flash occurred and a blast sounded. Causing the fleet to come to life, and began firing their weapons.

‘Kill Louisa now!’ Joive shouted and at once, the Gladovian staggered forward, screaming in protest where he picked up a syringe and started toward Louisa.

‘Hush there; you’ll be getting justice for your precious royal family, isn’t what this is all about?’ Joive said his eyes gleamed with delight.

‘No!’ Louisa panicked no exit for her to run too, only two footsteps sat between the pair; Louisa’s eyes were fixated on the syringe drawing closer to her. But the panic and overwhelming emotion, her anger boiled. ‘No!’ Louisa shouted and whisked her hand away, with that the syringe was flung against the wall and chimed away. At once she fled to hide behind a statue.

‘Enough!’ Joive shouted and sent several of his own colleagues flying, as he walked towards Louisa and stretched a hand out to where a statue sat where it began to float in midair and then went tumbling towards Louisa. Who was curled up into a foetus position her eyes closed with nervous mumblings, but minutes past with a cry of anger sounding.

‘Louisa keep concentrating, focus!’ Mantine shouted getting up onto all fours still panting and weak.

Opening her eyelids, three feet away from her was the statue that was ready to crush her if it was not floating in midair. A shriek sounded from her with such a discovery.

‘Enough!’ Joive said with venom lining his word.

‘No!’ Louisa shouted and the statue went flying towards Joives who then sent it smashing against the window that showed more ships attacking the invasion fleets.

‘This is not the way things were to happen,’ Joive said already a few of his colleagues had vanished in midair.

‘The Ascorts!’ A voice with warning sounded from an Emparian still present.

‘No!’ Joive said and rested his gaze on Louisa and disappeared only to reappear in front of Louisa. Grabbing her arm he twisted it round with the yelping of Louisa. The syringe that Louisa had flung away earlier lay a few feet away and so using his other hand he raised and the syringe flew into it. A few people that stood nearby tried to catch the syringe whilst it was on route, but it was too late.

‘Once you breathe you last breath Louisa, the Institute of Planets can say goodbye to any help from the alliances you hold and the Emparians will welcome the people of the Institute of Planets to become part of our great empire or they can be refugees whilst we take control of their planets.’ Joive said as if acid lined his tongue whilst he injected the poison into Louisa’s cannula. Once the last drop of poison was administered Joive chucked the needle away and rested his gaze carrying a smirk. ‘At last you shall not interfere with our plans,’ Joive stood tall looked around with a grin and then vanished.

Leaving Louisa starring into space, her arm panged with pain as every heart beat that echoed against her ear drum pumped the poison round her body.

‘No, Louisa No,’ Systea said staggering towards her still weak, Mantine and Nevis also joined her sitting round Louisa.

‘You going to be ok Louisa,’ Nevis said drawing her up into his arms; her breathing carried a nasty wheeze as she struggled for breath.

‘Let us help the poison is a neuron suppressant, we need to get her onto a ventilator before she stops breathing completely.’ A medic said as several people brought a range of equipment to Louisa’s side.

‘No you keep away from her the lot of you,’ Systea said clutching hold of Louisa who was barely conscious now.

‘Systea, we cannot help Louisa anymore but, they can. The Ascorts are still here if they can keep her alive then the Ascorts will stay and protect. Give Louisa to them they are the best chance she has now.’

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