The Emparian Threat

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Chapter 13

Pure white space set a tranquil environment, no physical structure, rather an emptiness existed. Walking on no solid foundation, Louisa had left the physical realm. Glowing orbs of all colours floated past and hovered some distance away. A sense of calmness settled upon her.

‘Where am I?’ Louisa asked aloud searching this unknown world.

‘Louisa,’ a gentle familiar voice said.

Startled by the voice, she spun around. ‘Grandpa,’ Louisa said shocked. ‘How I’ve missed you,’ unable to hold back a stream tears, ‘...and now...I must be,’ Louisa said drawing away from a warm embrace of an elderly man with kind eyes and soft smile.


Suddenly the white tranquil environment evaporated and Louisa walked into a room where her body lay. Not that she could see much of it. The room was crowded walking past the many lively beings. She stared down at her lifeless body, tubes coming out of every orifice that was attached to many machines. Her chest covered with wires whilst a machine centred on her upper chest jarred her body on a repetitive pattern. To each corner of the table, her body lay under a plantation of bags dripped their content into lines that were buried deep within her neck. Holographic projections of her research floated to one side.

‘What’s happening to me?’ Louisa said with much panic.

‘You’re body is dying the longer your soul stays separated,’

‘My soul?’

‘Yes, your immortal self, the part where your abilities derive from, but, you don’t need to end your life this way, you have a choice.’

‘You mean I can live?’

‘Yes, if you chose to return to your body.’

‘Why should I? The way they treated me ...leave them to the Emparians I say.’

‘What about our family?’

‘I...I want to go back home,’ a single tear escaped as she returned to her grandfathers embrace.

’I know you do, and this is not your time to cross over to the afterlife, you may be able to reunite with our family if you chose to go back.

’I may go back? I don’t want a may, I want to definitely go back home.′

‘You will have a lot of challenges ahead of you if you return. You will be up against the might of the Emparians. The road will not be easy child, but you are strong my girl, you have it within you to bring this empire down if you so wish to,’ Louisa’s grandpa said.

‘What should I do Grandpa?’

‘Only you can decide, it is not my place to direct you onto whatever path you choose.’

Looking up to her grandpa, her hand was taken and she was led through the crowds that surrounded her body. The scene was much the same, her body was being shocked, those working around her worked with trembling hands. Others shouted instructions, whilst the holographic team members watched the scene as ghosts; pale and stunned in shock.

‘Come on sweetheart, you must decide your path. The universe will not give you any longer to decide.’

‘Grandpa, please tell me what to do?’ Louisa begged as he began to vanish in front of her. ‘Please, Grandpa don’t leave me again,’ she stretched her arms out as far as she possibly could and yet he drifted further away. ‘Please...’

‘I will never leave you my girl, but you must decide.’

‘I choose you, Grandpa,’ Still he was too far from her. ‘No Grandpa, please come back,’

His figure vanished within the white space.

Turning around she gave a sob as she faced her body that was dying. Overwhelmed by the desperate pleas of those working on her that got louder and louder. A loud sob echoed from the white scene before her, it was a familiar sound of her parents’ anguish. Her heart strings burned with greater distress. ‘Mum, Dad,’ Louisa said clutching the spot of her heart which burnt. Her vision blurred from that tears of grief. ‘I don’t want to lose you again grandpa’.

‘You won’t, I’ll always be watching over you, my precious girl,’ his voice glided around her.

Raising a hand she touched her physical hand with a single finger. At once excitement built within the scene, someone was pointing to a monitor that showed a tracing of a weak heart beat.

‘Your body needs your whole soul.’

‘I better get home Grandpa, or else...,’ with a sigh Louisa climbed onto the table and aligned herself with her body. Cheers already were being shouted, Miya’s holographic projection jumped up and down as she grasped hold of Rufus’ hand whose smile had begun to grow.

She looked up seeing her Grandpa smiling, but many others behind him - not just human. Dario was there standing to her Grandpa’s side, bowing his head as a sign of thanks. She sighed and returned to her human body. Where the machines she was attached to - sung the harmony of life with a strong heart beat.

‘We’ve got her! stabilise her vitals, and keep her sedated she will not tolerate the airway if she comes round. Then bring her back to the base with her research team, they will have to prepare the medical facilities. And as for security swarm Askar with as many war ships as possible, as long as she lives we have a chance against these Emparians. As for us, I suggest we question these friends of Louisa and see what we learn from them.’

‘We have tried sir, but they disappeared in the same manner as Joive, they have vanished.’

‘What technology is being used? How can they; just vanish? Do you think they have some sort of transporter?’

‘Will Louisa be of any help with these people?’

‘You expect Louisa to help or disclose information after we have tried to kill her?’ Miya shouted agreement sounding from most people present. ‘No, she is going to see us a threat or/and as the reason why she cannot go home.’

‘Well not in this state, how long do you think she will require life support?’

‘You talk as if she is going to make a full recovery; we have brought her back from the next life. We shall aim to keep her in this life, but we do not know what, or if there has been any long lasting damage.’

‘You listen here Askan, if you medics know your worth you will ensure she makes a full recovery. And if you’re struggling to look outside in one of the nearest windows and see what awaits us if she dies.’

‘They have backed down,’

‘And you think they will continue to back down if she dies? I have no idea what these humans and these Ascorts have arranged in peace treaties, but they seem to be powerful enough to make those Emparians go running. You saw how they were when they fought with Louisa and her friends. They used telepathy and telekinetic abilities, that is how they murdered my cousin and that is what we are up against. Now there is only one person who could possibly challenge an Emparian with similar powers. And she is currently attached to life support.’

‘Yes why, was nothing written on her abilities Puden,’

‘Sir, we had no inclination that she possessed such abilities, she is from a species that has not explored beyond their solar system, the human race is probably thousands of years behind us. And yet we possess no abilities that were displayed against Joive. But yes, when she recovers we shall look into her abilities.’

‘Hmmm, and she will have to be questioned by the military she is the only person within the Institute of Planets that have any idea of what is going on.’

’Sorry to interrupt, but do you think Louisa will even be willing to co – operate with any of us? Miya said.

‘We shall give her no choice, but, to co operate with us. I shall expect daily reports whilst she remains on life support. Other than that we shall leave Louisa in your hands, we shall be reaching Askar soon, and I shall ensure the base is ready to receive Louisa if they are not already - ready.’ A stampede of feet departed the medical facilities; silence was left with the harmony of life in the background.

‘Let’s tidy the poor girl up before she leaves us,’ a soft voice said stroking the loose hairs strands away from the airway tubes. ‘Do you think she knew about the Emparians and their plans?’

‘Whether she did or not the Emparians certainly had a use for her, the security camera’s footage will be shown across the Institute of planets tonight. Some of the footage is reported to reveal a few of the Emparian plans.’

‘Emparian plans – I think we all have a pretty good idea what their plans were, and had Louisa not gone on that school trip they would never have found out about her being present.’

‘I think they would have suspected something – the Ascorts would still have stopped them.’

‘Still, the Emparians were desperate to see her dead, and the lengths and effort they went to in order to frame Louisa.’

‘Enough of this grim talk, I’m sure Louisa can hear everything and is rather bored of the topic by now. Anyway, are we ready to take her immediately down to the base’s medical room?’


‘Good, because it seems the medical team are here all ready to transfer her,’

‘Louisa!’ Miya shouted as she came to her side.

‘Miya – you saw her being ventilated, now come we are here to assist,’ Puden said as he sighed reaching Louisa’s head and placed a hand onto the frozen body.

‘Why is she so cold?’

‘It’s to protect from brain damage, but we will warm her when she is not reliant the life support.’

‘Very well, she’ll be coming round to the medicine department,’ another voice said as dozens of people surrounded Louisa.

‘What’s happening with security?’

‘We have that sorted already; we just need a direct transfer from this ship to the base. If the Emparians were going to intervene, it is likely to be during our space travel, once in Askars atmosphere we shall be safe.’

Sirens sounded once again, ‘I think that is our sign to go.’ The transfer bed was brought to life and was guided to the shuttle bay. Passing windows fleets of ships tried to attack the ships surrounding Askar, but warships appeared from wormholes and fired upon the enemy ships.

‘Oh I do love these Ascorts, Louisa you really were selective in what information you wanted to share with us!’ Steros said walking along side her as with the rest of the research team.

‘Yes, Louisa we need to be a bit more open. But we’ll give you some time to get this poison out of your system but no longer – you hear me?’ Puden said laughing that died after a while.

‘She has good chance to make a full recovery, she is young, and has access to advance medicine.’ An unknown voice said.

‘Let’s hope,’

‘Yes, well why don’t we get her settled in the medical department?’

‘Not too settled, this is a brief visit!’ Miya said taking hold of Louisa’s hand.

‘She’ll need to remain on life support whilst we filter the poison out of her system and allow the effects to wear off. But, hopefully, after that, we shall have a better understanding as to how long her recovery shall be.’

‘Well whilst Louisa gets back to full health, I shall arrange a room to be made ready in my living quarters, Louisa cannot return to her original accommodation. She is a guest now, and deserves a few comforts after everything she has been put through.’

‘Yes, but Miya, what if she does not want to share living quarters with you and the others who live there,’ Rufus asked.

‘Well I’m sure she would prefer female company compared to the likes of you,’


‘Puden will you please quieten down your team, and take them somewhere else to argue,’

‘Yes, come on,’

‘Puden you have to see where I am coming from...Louisa is going to want female company...’

‘There are females that live in my living quarters; Louisa would have Futanus as a housemate,’

‘Rufus you forget that my niece lives with me, and she too is in the same year,’

‘Will you two be quiet, it will be up to Louisa who she decides to live with, but I agree with Miya, she will take up a room in one of research teams’ quarters. Then we can hopefully, build up her trust,′ Puden said as his voice drew quieter and quieter.

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