The Emparian Threat

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Chapter 15

Wandering a number of corridors with Joyle and a few others following, Louisa began to recognise the route taken; corridors became busier as people went on with their own business their sight diverted to Louisa for a moment.

One group dressed in grey robes like Joyle passed, ‘Louisa, what are you doing out here?’ The medical practitioner asked, with her colleagues stopping as they noticed Louisa.

‘Louisa enjoyed our company for part of the evening, but we are heading back the medical centre now,’ Joyle said

‘Really? I’m not, I’d rather head over there, after all, we’re on a search for my only friends here,’ Louisa said escaping her company and merged into the crowd walking in the opposite direction to where she had been walking originally.

‘Louisa, come back now,’ Joyle ordered. A few of his fellow companions blocked off Louisa’s passage. Met with challenging eyes he reached out to take hold of Louisa’s shoulder.

Screams came from ahead, people in the corridors began to rush to where the commotion was. ‘What is going on?’ Joyle asked aloud the commotion seemed to be coming from the direction of the medical facilities. Then loud sirens sounded and lights flashed.

‘Louisa come with us now.’ Trienz said grabbing an arm with another guard who had closed ranks around Louisa, dragging her into in a growing crowd of Askans wearing black one piece uniforms.

‘Tell us where the fugitive; Louisa is being kept. You hand her over to us and we shall turn a blind eye to this trouble, if not well...’

‘I’m he...’ Louisa began but silenced with a hand over her mouth as she was squeezed into an ever shrinking spot. ‘Let me out, I don’t like this....’ Louisa said as Rufus wrapped her within his arms as she escaped further into the crowd.

‘Enough of this!’ A vicious voice shouted and more protests came as the crowd around her diminished, guards fell to the floor including Trienz. Their weapons useless, dying spontaneously.

‘Trienz, you better go to the medical centre.’ Louisa said as she ran to his side who now struggled up and used his body to protect Louisa.

‘Shush,’ an unknown Askan nearby said, trying to persuade Louisa to come towards him as he waved his hands towards him...

Rather Louisa, lost interest in the nearby Askan, and looked round and saw small grey figures with big heads. They had power over pictures, ornaments and furniture that floated around the room midair and crashing down like bombs onto targets of small groups of Askans and other peoples. One of the malignant beings circled around a single Askan grasping his neck as his legs kicked the air beneath him.

‘Puden,’ Rufus shouted running to rescue Puden, his colour turning white.

‘Give her to me,’ the malignant being ordered - building debris floated around the room.

Eyeing the situation, Louisa crawled away from the people who were trying to keep her from harm’s way.

Louisa focus on your thoughts defend yourself, we are on our way.

Who said that?′ Louisa whispered and looked round at worried faces - many waved their hands frantically. These people really are strange, but those over there have some serious anger management problems, let’s give them some of their own medicine. Louisa thought with a smile and saw a rock float past her, with a single finger tap onto the rock, she sent the rock shooting across the room - and knocked the short grey being who was tackling Puden to the ground with electric rays that shot from his hands.

‘She’s here, the lot of you split up and retrieve her,’ a voice echoed.

‘Oh dear,’ Louisa said hiding behind a pillar still standing. Dread filled the faces of nearby Askans. Yawning she focused on other debris floating around on their own accord. But, caught the attention of one grey being, a nasty grin developed, as he walked towards her. Not liking the look upon that beings face, she tapped another piece of debris floating past her. With a swirl of her hand debris collected together building a thick orbiting wall that began to sub-divide and began targeting the small grey beings individually forming orbits around them. Faster and faster they sped and gradually tightened their orbits.

‘What is the meaning of this, what powers are these?’

‘Joive?’ Louisa asked recognising his voice.

‘Louisa, I should have guessed,’ Joive said trying to tackle the debris orbiting around him but had no success. The hall filled with protests from other Emparians struggling with their own prisons.

‘What are you doing here? I thought you returned home, the invasion failed the Ascorts and the Galactic Federation are involved.’

‘Louisa, we meet again one last time.’ Joive said the first to break his entrapment.

‘Oh I hope so Joive, I really do not enjoy your visits. Now, what were you doing to Puden, he looks bad.’ Louisa said facing Puden white patches appearing on his face, neck and arms, black bodily fluids staining his robe he groaned as he lifted his head up.

‘He would have escaped my fury had he delivered you to me, he deserved what he got.’ Joive said with electric sparks shooting off to destroy the debris pieces of rock trying to regain their orbit.

‘No he did not, now let his friends help him,’ Louisa said bringing her hands together causing the orbiting paths of the debris to narrow their orbits. Freeing Puden who struggled to crawl to the safety of the crowds - two guards came and pulled him away as medics came to see him.

‘Enough of this,’ Joive said and with a thunderous clap, the orbiting debris exploded onto the crowds.

‘About time Joive, no need to have violence, now you better leave because I’m sure the Ascorts are going to intervene....I hope.’ Louisa said looking outside ships were appearing in the orbit and fired upon some vessels that hovered around the base.

‘That maybe true, but don’t trust their loyalties we have already attracted a number to our cause, and with you dead, we will not have to worry about the others.’

‘What is your problem with wanting to kill me? Am I some sport? Because this really is not fun, I am trying to have some time out of the medical facilities you know. Can’t we do this another time, after all, I am still recovering?’ Louisa said itching her head with another yawn.

‘Oh this should be easy,’ Joive said and a blast of dirty grey light emerged from his hands his dozen colleagues laughed aloud, whilst worried voices filled the scene before her.

‘Hey, you do not play fair,’ Louisa said patting herself clean of the debris she had picked up from the initial impact of Joives powers. She continued patting herself and saw the pillar she had hidden behind.

’Look to your heart - you have all the strength you need,′

‘Hey, don’t you play mind games - you leave my granddad out of this!’ Louisa said angrily as she heard his voice in her head.

‘You’re hearing things, my dear, the voices aren’t real.’

‘Well this is, now you leave me alone, I don’t want to play today!’ Louisa said capturing sight of the pillar within visible grasp of her hand, and she pulled her hand away in one swift movement, sensing the pillar was within her grasp. The pillar broke away from the structure of the room on it on accordance and floated mid air and shot across crashing into Joive at once. More rubble came falling down, and people escaped to the edges of the hall. Noticing Puden to one side bandaged up talking to a few who stood nearby, all with worried faces. ‘Oh dear - it’s holding up though,’ Louisa said inspecting the damage to the hall she was in part of the floor above had fractured its way into the scene before her. ‘Um, don’t blame me, it’s Joive’s fault he wanted to play today.’

A few smiles appeared on those surrounding the hall crumbling away. Joives’ colleagues came to help Joive - who limped with anger oozing from his features.

‘Kill her,’ Joive ordered rubbing debris off from his gown.

Six small grey figures closed round on Louisa, many watching Askans tried to attack them but suffered with retaliation from the Emparians.

‘I think you guys better keep out of this. I don’t think they want to play with you today, perhaps tomorrow,’ Louisa said waving the Askans away with a smile. ‘You people really need to try to play a little nicer, or you’ll never make friends.’

‘Louisa, I would give up on them, they have no friendly intentions with you,’ A voice said coming from a luminous orb with two others following behind. Then three figures appeared and surrounded Louisa.

‘Oh it’s you, Nevis, I’m really starting to worry about hearing voices in my head, it’s going to drive me crazy. Mantine, Systea, you here to play as well?’ Louisa said embracing a hug from Systea, as the Emparians re-grouped and watched with nervous eyes as the window shattered from a weapon blasted from a ship that had appeared from a bright light.

‘Oh I like this game, we are going to win,’ Louisa said clapping her hands as Joive groaned with hatred his black eyes seeped hatred towards Louisa. A grey force appeared from his hands and targeted his powers upon Louisa his colleagues did the same and added to his efforts.

‘Perhaps I spoke too early?’

‘Concentrate Louisa,’ Mantine said as the Dovians launched their own attack.

Louisa distracted for a little while eyed the damage to the hall. ‘I don’t think these Askans will want me back, look what I’ve done to this room,’ Louisa said and dusted herself off again.

‘Louisa, you wouldn’t fancy giving us some help?’ Systea asked.

‘Oh sorry,’ Rubbing her hands she looked round and then up as she rubbed her hands together. And hanging above them a chandelier-like light brought a spot light to them, ‘I guess that will do,’ and with a clap of hands she focused upon the chandelier until the individual crystals chimed together as if there was an earthquake going on, and then a squeak happened and a loud snap filled the hall and the chandelier came crashing down.

‘Mantine’ Louisa said waving to him, nudging her head up.

‘Shit,’ Mantine said and pulled the other two away from its path, being that of Joive and his companions who became buried underneath and motionless. At once other orbs came and other Dovians came into being, surrounding those who attacked Louisa, each Emparian taken as prisoners. Amongst the Dovians were other aliens and grey beings that looked identical to the Emparians.

‘Care for tea?’ Louisa asked brushing herself off again as if nothing serious had happened.

Nevis burst out in laughter, with Mantine pulling Louisa into a cuddle. ‘Tea is the first thing you think of Louisa?’ Systea asked looking at an unrecognisable hall; Askans huddled all around the edges in awe and silence.

’Oh! Perhaps I should tidy up before we have tea. I would hate to create tension with these Askans. Louisa said, picking up pieces of shattered glass from the window, and at once other pieces floated back up into the frame as if time reversed.

‘No don’t worry, you can help out tomorrow, let’s have some tea and a catch-up. Last time we saw you, you were on life support, and now your wrecking rooms.’ Systea said, as other Dovians began repairing the room and offered help to the Askans injured.

‘Why don’t Emparians ever play fair?’

‘They were not playing Louisa, they were trying to kill you,’ Mantine said.

‘Were they?’

‘Come let’s sit down and see if we can recover from our recent activities and perhaps speed your recovery.’

‘Recovery? I’m fine thanks,’

‘You’re slightly muddled Louisa, but it’s no wonder. Come, where can we go for tea?’ Nevis said taking Louisa under his arm.

‘Oh let’s go to my new home, I live with some really nice people, oh look there is one of them...’ Louisa said running towards Trienz who was talking to other guards as Joyle bandaged his arm.

‘Trienz can I invite my friends back to our home for tea?’ Louisa asked with a bright smile.

A few guards surrounding Trienz gaped in silence and looked to Joyle.

‘Of course, but you will have to go back to the medical facilities after the tea.’ Joyle said with a smile.

‘No, they can make me better, now what way?’

‘Come on back we go,’ Joyle said laughing, ‘so you want to live with us boys hey?’

‘Where was Louisa before this?’ Mantine asked with a smile.

‘In the medical facilities, until she followed Trienz home and joined us for dinner. We were heading back to the medical room but well..., Louisa was able to handle the situation - pretty well. Perhaps we could learn a few things from her,’ Joyle said leading the way back.

‘So she hasn’t lived with you,’ Nevis said with a soft shake of his face as he watched Louise drag Mantine along with her.

‘But, she could live with them, if that was what she wanted, they do have a guest room,’ Puden said joining the growing crowd.

‘Yeah that be fine Puden,’ Louisa said in her own world.

‘I guess you people have your answer,’ Systea said as she with Nevis and Mantine entered a central lounge. Behind them, all the housemates returned to their seats looking to Louisa and her friends with awe and apprehension.

‘We can go to my room if you want,’ Louisa said.

‘Do you know where your room is?’ Nevis asked with a raised eyebrow.

‘It’s down here...or is it that way,’ Louisa asked entering the circular corridor.

‘It’s this way next to my room,’ Trienz said shaking his head not believing the course of actions today.

‘Oh look, it’s the same colour as Earth,’ Louisa said entering a sky blue private lounge surrounded by electronic gadgets. A lounge facing out onto an open landscape hidden under the shadow of two moons. A pair of curtains parted for an archway leading to a hallway, cupboards the length of the walls on either side. From the small hallway, two white wooden like doors stood closed. One led to a large sterile room, where more gadgets sat, and cupboards lined one side. Exploring what laid before the other door, a large double bed rested with further gadgets.

‘Is this my accommodation?’ Louisa asked with a hopeful smile.

‘If you want to live here, then...’ Trienz said hanging back in the background with few other housemates, who all wore smiles.

‘My accommodation,’ Louisa said eying her little piece of property. ‘Out you go the lot of you, my private space...’ Louisa said starting to shoo everyone including the Dovians.

‘Oh, so we are no longer invited for tea?’ Nevis asked with a smile and glanced at his companions both wearing similar expressions.

‘Ok for tea, this way,’ Louisa said excitement lined her voice as she walked back into the communal lounge. ‘How many house mates do we have Trienz?’ Louisa asked seeing the lounge packed much to the discomfort of a few housemates sat down.

‘It seems you have a lot of visitors for tea,’ Trienz said with a sigh.

‘Who do you think I am? Some charity case, get out the lot of you,’ Louisa said sighing as she shooed a large mass from the lounge. Returning to the lounge she recognised the familiar faces of her housemates each wore amused expressions. ‘Puden do you live here? How about you Rufus...Steros...’ Louisa began taping a finger upon her crossed arms.

‘They were our guests earlier Louisa,’ Joyle said smiling.

‘Not Puden...’

‘Oh come now, he has had a nasty evening let him rest,’ Centyl said passing a tea to Puden as Steros patted his shoulder.

‘Ok, if you lot are ok with it, now then drinks,’ Louisa said standing up and walked over to the kitchen surfaces.

‘Louisa sit yourself down, you have guests to entertain,’ Steros said as he helped Joyle bring another tray of cups to a central table.

‘Thank you ...Steros,’ Mantine said as he received a cup and a pleasant smile, the others too were handed cups.


‘Hmmm,’ Louisa said staring at a screen that had some break through news being read out. ‘Oh, lovely tea, have you got some Systea,’

‘Yes thank you, now how are you feeling Louisa?’

‘Rather annoyed, Joive didn’t play fair. Six against one? Never mind we showed him, where is he anyway?’

Laughter broke out, ‘Oh Louisa, you still think that was a game?’

‘Why yes, now where is Joive? I want to re - challenge him - to a fairer game,’ Louisa said sipping at her drink.

‘I can’t allow you to do that Louisa, I think you have done enough damage to this base,’

‘Hey don’t blame that on me, it was more Joive than me,’

‘I’d have to disagree with you there, Dopian was always fond of that Chandelier,’ Puden said.

‘We can repair it if you want,’ Louisa said getting up.

‘No sweat heart, finish your tea, we’ll tidy up tomorrow,’ Puden said.

‘Now then what are we going to do with you?’ Mantine asked.

‘With me?’ Louisa asked muddled. ‘I don’t want you to do anything with me thank you,’

‘Don’t you want us to see if we can speed up your recovery? So that when your back to your full health, we can visit you again and discuss the updates with the current situation.’

‘Hmmm, perhaps, well I’m finished,’ Louisa said walking up to a kitchen work surface where she left her cup ‘night night everyone.’

‘But,...’ Puden said looking from Dovians to Louisa. ‘Can we know what is going on? Why did the Ascorts not intervene straight away when the Emparians come, have we still got the alliance? Who are you people?’

Systea smiled, ‘of course you have their alliance, we will speak to Louisa first and then she can explain what happened to you later. But, let her recovery be our first priority. I shall do what I can do to aid her recovery,’ Systea finished as she walked off with Louisa who walked with a bounce in her steps.

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