The Emparian Threat

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Chapter 17

Frozen in silence, Miya, Rufus and Joyle gaped at each other. They blinked on occasions as they each stared into the clear violet skies above them. Until the tremor of China echoed at the dining table, with Louisa tucking into her selection of food. Glancing up to her companions with a brief smile. Rufus nodded and shook his head toward his colleagues. Miya tapped her fingers, as if she had a most urgent matter to attend to. Joyle wore an amused grin watching Louisa tuck into her meal with no care in the world.

‘Don’t mind me, if you need to head back. But, I’ll finish off here,’ Louisa smiled, and at that Miya shot up and sprinted off out of sight whilst Rufus followed not that far behind. Joyle sat back as he picked at his plate of food, his eyes gazing back towards the Bronze pyramid that dazzled in the sunlight. ‘You needn’t bother staying if you would rather head back,’ Louisa said.

’No, I think we better start heading back Louisa, we can take you back here for another occasion.

‘Fine if we must, but take me back to our quarters. I don’t want to witness all the commotion following the Dovians visit. ’ Louisa said finishing her glass of water and got up to walk through the open dining area, where the other diners sat frozen, their eyes followed Louisa as she made her way out.

‘What if Puden needs advice in regards to who to send tomorrow?’

‘I’m not a member of the Institute or of the Federation, so leave me out of this,’ Louisa said as they hit the white path that led them back to the base. The corridors were ablaze with gossip, passerby’s took notice of Louisa, hushed voices travelled all around her.

‘Louisa,’ Steros shouted as he travelled behind Miya, Rufus and Puden each looking bewildered.

‘Hello, have you decided who is going to the Federation?’

‘Nope, we need your help, now what is this Federation? And what sort of representation - do we need like the heads of Planet - say a Council Master of Askar? Or will the bases’ head representative be enough?′ Puden asked.

‘I don’t know... can’t you refer the matter to some diplomat?’

‘Getting hold of any head of state is near to impossible, Dopian has tried to get hold of the necessary people but...’

‘Whose Dopian?’ Louisa asked, feeling the intense gazes of the gathering crowds.

‘I am Dopian, the Commander of this base. I am most certain that we shall be going to the Federation together, and unless I can get advice from those above me, I think members of the team, the head of security and a few others shall be escorting me to be representatives of the Institute,’ an Askan wearing a black robe lined with gold said, creases at the corners of his eyes as he smiled and glanced at Louisa with interest . ‘In the mean time, we need to become more acquainted Louisa. I along with everyone in this base, but more importantly heads of departments need a little more information on the situation we have and information on the alliances that are allied with your people.’

Numerous faces smiled, agreement shown on every face, many nodded their heads as another wave of hushed murmurs sounded. As the crowds grew in size, people shuffled to the front.

‘Can’t you wait till tomorrow?’ Louisa said turning around so her back faced Dopian, and pushed herself through the crowds.

‘Louisa, you need to explain the situation that we find ourselves, please come join me and a few others in say one of the cafeterias?’ Dopian said with a raised voice, his voice full of power as it echoed over the dulled voices of the crowds.

‘Look, I have no idea what is going on. One minute I’m here for research and the next I’m fighting for my life, whilst the Emparians station their invasion forces a few light years away. Unable to proceed because of some alliance that I have no clue about with us humans. I have no idea why we have this alliance, what we have done, or what the government has agreed to gain this alliance. I’m afraid I am in the dark about this as much as you are.’

‘Well Louisa, perhaps you know more than you believe you do. Let us help you draw what information you have it may relate to the alliance,’ Dopian said planting an arm around her as he walked along side her.

‘You will not rest will you?’ Louisa said throwing his arm off her.

‘Louisa, please understand from our perspective, we need your help, come you haven’t had a proper lunch, let’s have a casual discussion hey?’ Joyle said as he caught Louisa’s arm.

‘Help? I think you people have had more than enough help from me. Your planet is still free.’

‘Please Louisa,’ Puden said standing to Dopian’s side.

Fine, come on what are we waiting for,′ Louisa said with a huff and found a route cleared out before her, by the crowds that had gathered. She soon entered a cafeteria being engulfed by the masses of people following.

‘Take a seat with Joyle and your other companions. I’ll grab a selection of food with some colleagues,’ Dopian said.

‘Your idea of a casual lunch Joyle?’ Louisa asked, looking around at the once empty canteen to one that was stuffed beyond its realms. Voices that muttered and a queue spun the diameter of two sides of the canteen as people sought to learn about the situation in hand.

Joyle gave a disjointed laugh, his head hung as he shook it. Glancing up, he looked towards Rufus and Miya who planted smiles upon their faces as their other colleagues came with trays of food to snack on.

‘Right...’ Dopian said noticing the crowds that grew, silence falling upon every ear as the attention shifted to Louisa and her table.

Relaxing back Louisa took a cup, full to its brim with a red drink, raising an eyebrow at the research team whose mouths gaped as they struggled with what questions to ask. With a yawn, she eye rolled, ‘You obviously can’t think of any questions... and to be honest I can’t think I’d be much can I go?’

‘Louisa, I’m sure you know much more than you believe, now have you heard of any rumours or stories about any alliances with other races?’ Dopian asked as unknown colleagues sat beside him, including Gladovians, Aranians and other aliens unknown to her.

‘Nope!’ Louisa aid slouching back into her seat with a smug look on her face.

‘Come on Louisa, no stories or films?’ Trienz said as he sat beside Joyle accompanied by Centyl who winked to Louisa both wearing their one piece military uniforms.

’What, ‘The Men in Black?’ Louisa laughed, shaking her head as she took a sandwich from a tray.

‘Yes, why don’t you tell us more about it, love a good story,’ Centyl said making himself comfortable along with Trienz who had taken a tray of sandwiches onto his lap gaining a few disgruntled looks from the others.

‘Haven’t seen the film for some time, I’ve forgotten the story line,’ Louisa said.

‘Well, where is their base?’

‘Area fifty-one ... no... it was underground somewhere in the film.’

‘Area fifty-one? What is that?’ Dopian shot the question.

‘Huh, oh... some military base,’ Louisa began as eager eyes and ears draw on everything she said.

‘And...’ Centyl said as he watched her with a calculating look.

′ Oh..., there was speculation over a spaceship that crashed landed in Roswell,′ Louisa said with a sigh, as she crossed her legs and arms matching the assessing gaze toward Trienz and Centyl.

‘A spaceship that crash landed?’ Centyl said glancing to Trienz as with everyone else and bore suspicious eyes.

Louisa nodded, ‘but it’s only speculation, one minute the newspapers reported a space ship had crash landed, the next day - it was a weather balloon that had crashed. Despite what was reported the surrounding lands was closed off to the public, still, is actually - not even recorded on the maps.’

‘Where is this base?’ Rufus asked.

‘New Mexico, near to where you abducted me, but if you wanted to go back to Earth I’m sure I could find a way to get onto this base, I’d have to use one of your spaceships though and one of you would have to be a willing subject...’

‘Louisa, you know that we cannot do that, not in the situation we find ourselves in,’

‘Oh yes, I remember ... the Emparians wish to invade your planet for their own gain to add to their empire I believe. But, they can’t. The Ascorts have intervened on my part for some strange reason and have along with the Federation stopped the Emparians ...for the time being!’

‘Well we know Earth has some alliance with these Ascorts, but why?’ Centyl asked.

‘Wouldn’t we all like to know! And no the Men in black nor any other film that I know off go into any details concerning the alliance we have. The Dovians know more than I do about this alliance, I would ask them tomorrow,’ Louisa said getting up to leave.

‘Not yet young lady, we still have things to ask you,’ Puden said dragging her back down to her seat.

‘What! What else is there ...nothing.’

‘There is plenty... we need an explanation as to why you people have such advanced technology for space travel despite how undeveloped your civilisation is,’ Puden said.

‘You worked that answer out for yourselves; we are scavengers of technology. You better be careful when you return me... we love our research in much the same way that you guys do,’ Louisa smiled and helped herself to another sandwich.

‘When was the earliest visit you had by space visitors then?’ Stereos said as many others shook their heads.

‘Depends on what evidence you look at.... some of our most ancient sites have carvings of space craft’s that date back hundreds thousands of years ago. There are some cultures that believe they originally came from the stars. I think some strange documentary theorised that an advanced civilisation may have occurred but, war broke out ... devastating and brought Earth back to the dark ages the survivors travelled to build the ancient wonders that have stood against time. Atlantis is a famous legend, but it’s a story nothing more.’ Louisa said trying to escape again with no success as Rufus and Miya brought her back down into her seat.

‘So what civilisations do you think were linked to these probably advanced civilisations?’ Centyl asked as he struggled to keep a straight face, and received a sharp elbow into his side from Trienz that rolled his eyes.

‘Civilisations?’ Louisa laughed, ‘come on it’s all just science fiction, ancient stories. You will not learn about anything to aspire to from Earth - for peak sake, we have survived two world wars .. a third one probably brewing,’ Louisa said shaking her head. ‘You guys were right about Earth... we are very barbaric in the way we treat our fellow humans, greed... all manners of evil take precedence over any good I’m afraid. Perhaps the Ascorts are worried that we would turn out to be another Emparian race if we managed to develop lasting space technology for space exploration.’ Louisa said on the watch out for any escape that was possible.

‘Hey, you have not answered my question,’ Centyl asked. ‘Ancient civilisations?’

‘Fine, look through your research, you took pictures of ancient monuments - pyramids - scattered around the world - Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Europe, some even say there are pyramids buried in China, USA and other countries.’

‘And what is so special about these pyramids?’ Trienz said also trying to keep a straight face with a few others of the team trying to maintain an unreadable face.

‘Hmmm...’ Raising an eyebrow to those around her, ‘I’ll give you a little research project and then I’m finished till tomorrow do we have a deal?’ Louisa asked focused upon Dopian who smiled and nodded his head with a controlled smile.

‘So what’s the research project?’ Rufus asked with a smug look.

‘Study if any collection of pyramids correlate to star systems... I believe you will be quite astonished.’ Louisa said helping herself to another sandwich as she got up to leave.

‘What do you mean?’ Puden asked curiosity lined his voice.

‘Take bird eye pictures of pyramids built nearby each other and see if you can match any pattern to star correlations,’ Louisa said, shaking her head. ‘I’ll see you guys tomorrow.’ Louisa walked past Miya who already had a flat screen where the screen had distantly matched a star correlation.

‘Look, she’s right...’ Miya said shoving her screen under Puden’s nose. ‘Louisa, hang on you can’t go. What, how can you people know about the Lokata star system ... it’s not visible from Earth... unless it’s a coincidence. Louisa, tell me more about these ancient civilisations...’ Miya said retrieving her screen from an astonished Puden chasing after her.

‘Nope...Dopian agreed that I have finished today... you wouldn’t want to jeopardise the value of Dopians’ word would you?′

‘Louisa... this is all your fault the lot of you...’ Miya’s voice echoed whilst Trienz moaned from his arm being slapped.

Leaving a silent canteen, Louisa came to the corridors packed with people. ‘Great... where do I live?’ Louisa asked unfamiliar to her surroundings.

‘Louisa, wait up we’re going back,’ Centyl said as Joyle and Trienz followed behind each wore smiles.

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