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Song of Eden - Fraternas Veritas

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To live means to struggle, to burn bright knowing death awaits, to live means you must accept the uncertainty of tomorrow, but how would immortality change the view of our world? The age of immortality has come upon humankind who just have stepped into the realm of infinite possibilities. They are called Salvatores, the immortals who dared taking the step into the unknown, and the humans that remain unchanged. The cleft of equality has grown porous and those considered mortals are finding life harder and harder for each passing generation. The Song of Eden follows one of the first generation of the immortals called Salvatore, and the generation of a mortal family within the secretive Fraternas Veritas, and their philosophies and way of seeing things as the years go on and on. Julian believes he has the key for rekindling the spark that the Gift of Time or Donum Temporis took from them. Project Akna was Julian’s way of showing the world what they can achieve if they put their minds to it. The first generation ship to be built by humankind, but the road there is long ahead. It requires the combined effort of a united Earth, and then the patience to keep at it for two centuries. And with their four kilometres long ship with a weight towering the Pyramids of Giza, perhaps more than patience will be required.

Scifi / Action
A. E. Sten
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Prologue Part 1: The Generation of Immortality

Through each and every one of our past generations there were those born with the rare gift of insight and a questioning mind. From our earliest days we drew the mystical fires in the sky on our walls. And once our early empires rose to power we shaped stone to align with the stars.

We; humanity have always stumbled only to stand once more a wiser man or woman, and we are nothing if not slow yet steadfast learners. Waging war has always been our solution to our own ignorance. A sword in hand, a rifle, a dream—the height of our genius is none of those but our very own creativity. This can make anything a weapon.

The beginning of the 19th century fostered our first true society. We learned how to harness the power of the elements for our own benefit, schools spread far and wide, teaching the new generation the mistakes of the old, and of their paths to sow the way of the new.

And as our minds are of logic and emotion both, so too are the wars that always have plagued us. During the 20th century we could still not see past our nature and instincts, resources were a scarce thing and we took a long time figuring out a sustainable way for our world of nearly nine-billion people to co-exist. For over a hundred years we had barely looked at stars and wondered where they would take us. The men and women of science once more became famed like the philosophers of old, speaking to the people, yet it would take more before we became one people.

The internet sparked a cultural cognizance that gave us something we never had. Through this accidental birth we learned the worst and best in us all, we could speak and interact with people miles away with no delay, share our lives—but we didn’t come to understand it’s true significance until decades later.

All of our cultures began to meld together, our languages turned focused. We came to understand one another better for each passing year. Our humanity was never lost, but instead our goals began intertwining. Wars became obsolete as energy grew boundless through wind and sea turbines, and massive complexes to harness sunlight.

By the end of the 22th century humanity was working as one, and we were nearing a society of post-scarcity; a people not wasteful of resources, a people of combined cultures and scientific security, we had become borderless and a people of empathy. Our fears were no longer the extinction of our own kind by our own hand—but the dangers of facing a meteor or worse. That was far worse than anything we could do to ourselves. And there were no second chances would the event occur.

But we are nothing if not slow learners and it took us nearly fifty years of ideas and tests before we found our holy grail. However, it was only in the drawings at this stage – stuck in the middle debates about the grandest economic plan ever thought up. By the new year of 2400 AD a new type of income was to be given to each and every citizen of Earth. The Equality Fund was a type of universal income which set in motion an economic boom that far exceeded that of North America’s after the Second World War.

And finally had we learned our first real lesson, and it was one earned through empathy and logic in equal measure. But we are who we are and there are always those who rage against the machine.

The generation that lived through September the 13th 2247ad grew to be called the Omnium Hominum Salvator and was the first generation of any Immortals. For their bravery in going through the then experimental gene splicing, they were given the honorary title of Salvatore, . There was always a splinter from then on, us; those without age, and them; those who are without fear. That day we cured age, and yet we had no idea of what would truly come of it.

The mortals; those fearless who chose to live on until age and decease took their lives, became our Elders in time. They had that spark burning in their hearts, passion and a defiance that had left the rest of us before another generation took their place.

We became the embodiment of their dreams, and they in turn became those we looked to for wisdom.

And they became our Shepherds, and some as Vigils, living as the guiding hand of our science and history. We ruled the Earth and they were our pillars, generation by generation, unwavering in devout belief to our combined future.

But life is built out of chaos and set in order with nothing less than consciousness, and while the nations of the world had put war aside not all agreed on this new paradigm. The former nations turned into districts and while their militaries remained the abolishment of the United Nations led into changes. Districts had their own ranks and armies but all police forces consolidated under the govern body of The Silvered Decree; a world government ruled through democracy.
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