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Extraordinary by many identifiers of known intergalactic species, The Nordic are now seeking for a world that may be used to repopulate their species..... their travels have brought them quickly to a most curious place..... This world of machines bearing humanity's face.....

Scifi / Humor
Robert Alan Ryder
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Pitch

Zenon Zaffairius Zorn prime minister of Thong, scowled hard- on the all too obvious night time unidentified flying object; that was now visibly streaking, leaving trails of low levels in gamma radiation; across the planet’s outer atmospheres’ wake.

“..... Nordics again?! Give me a direct line to the world defense now!”

“.... Triple Z? The Nordics, they mean us no harm......”

“...... Nonsense..... Three of our new brood, were hatch napped last week.....”

“..... There was no obvious evidence condemning Nordic Prime Minister..... The footprints look almost to be Reptilian.....”

“..... Have you ever seen a Nordic’s feet?”

“...... Well, ah..... I must admit, of all I have noticed of them...... No, their, ah feet; is the last part of their bodies, they willingly actually chance to reveal..... Ahem..... of their species.....”

“.... Right..... They have do something to hide...... They were all warned..... Now, we must take the appropriate action....”

Bunkers slowly rose upon multiple hydraulic lifts from beneath the planet’s surface.

The planet’s main defense network to be used against intrusion by unwanted extraterrestrial alien invasion, now set and locked mechanically into firing positions.

“..... Fire- the main planetary artillery! the Nordics, they need- to be taught a lesson this day......”

Twelve cannons, now fired explosive shells upon the spacecraft cruising low into the upper planetary atmosphere.

The unidentified Nordic flying space craft, rocked and rolled in sequenced pilot dodging tactical actuated maneuvers; beneath- the retaliatory combat onslaught.

Sparks and smoke now erupted from the damaged vessel as the shells hit their mark.

“...... Right on target...... That will teach them to stay far away from Alpha Centauri Zero.....”

“..... Uh, sir?”

“..... Yes, what is it?”

“..... We have the High President E’ichonok ,of Alpha Centauri- prime on line two.....”

“...... Good..... Put him on the loudspeaker...... E’ichonok, Zenon Zaffairius Zorn here..... go ahead....."

“...... Upon innocent travelers, have you fired...... Of your rank in position, now are you lost....... Fired too, are you; Ex Prime- Minister Zorn.....

Ex Prime Minister Zenon Zaffairius Zorn, immediately handed the receiver to the one that was his one time subordinate.

The fallen half human Alpha Centaurian man, of a government official now walked silently away, his head hung low in shame.

“The Alpha Centaurians are firing on us again Serene.....”

“....... Did you not sign, the contract of safe upper atmosphere- gathering?”

“..... Yes..... About that.....”

“..... Forgot to read the fine print again.....”

“...... Yes...... Their script, it is so difficult to translate; when it- has been written so small....

“..... Get us free of the planet’s atmosphere.....”

“.... Princess, we are receiving message of apology from Alpha Centauri Prime.....”

“..... Tell High President E’ichonok, that he will get his flaming hot spice trail mix next month..... That, and a bill for star ship repairs.....”

“..... We now have a new destination shared by High President E’ichonok, on Face at Twitter Look Back lore.com.....”

“..... Good.....

Program the navigation computers for appropriate change in course, and send our thanks to High president E’ichonok....."

"..... Princess? The coordinates lead us to New Terra....."

The princess of the Nordic peoples, she now smiled wide upon- their growing fortune.

"..... Well, I did not see that coming...... Did you?"

Filming the Nordic bridge communication scene from an afar- system, onboard an outbound war class seeker vessel; The evil Reptilian crew was caught immediately by surprise.

"..... Sshut down the camerasss..... Cut, cut the sscene!"

The Reptilian documentary film director moved in closer to the last filming camera, its reptile-like clawed fingers; reaching for- the recording device's telescoping lens.

"..... Ssmart asss actorsss..... I ssaid cut! Cot the scene!"

"..... Act two?"

"..... Take one megacycle for lunch....."

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